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@DocPhoenix I’m really pleased to hear this ❤️
Loved Shang-Chi but would like a word with the costume designer who decided to characterise “woman who won’t grow u… @Jefflez @the__chez Wow that’s bloody fast! Well doneOkay so I love this @DocPhoenix Yeah I hate this argument so muchAunty Diane said it best ⬇️
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerLondon is now dangerous at night. After attempting to leave central at 1am last night I have never felt more strand…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmerokay so hear me out: Russell T. Davies comes back as Labour leader
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@jamesglynn Gherkins are an essential partner to the fatty meat and cheese!Thank you all for the concern and support ❤️ Feeling fine today - just angry that I don’t feel safe getting home wi… @miss_hannah_c Thank you for posting this important message, sending all my best wishes and good vibes to you both ✨This is such an important thread 👇🏻 My mum’s brain tumour (luckily benign, but could still have led to blindness)… @AndiMcLellan What time did you get there? I am sure we played it and diligently ticked it off!I know this is said endlessly but men, you cannot overestimate how scared women are. Especially right now in London… Uber experience last night; had a misunderstanding, driver got angry, but when we (two women) asked him to st…
When Old Town Road came out I was like nah I don’t think we’ll play that, the genre isn’t right. Which was SO DUMB… I hear Montero played, whatever the audience, whichever the venue, everyone goes OFF. Nothing but love for… @David_Chippa I cannot take credit, that was @robholley’s idea!😬 the reaction to a troop of firemen arriving … at a gay club … is as incredible as you’d expect #scenes @husseybyname @juliet_musical Wowwwwwwwwww#DragRaceUK continues to be, arguably, the best thing to ever happen to Drag Race
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerTONIGHT!!! 10 - 4 @thervt!
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @robholley Laptop riser and proper keyboard and mouse if you don’t have them already - game changer. Also a proper… @20thcenturymarc Bernard Cribbins did such amazing work in that storyline too 💔Will I ever recover from Donna or Colin???Cannot wait to have my heart expanded and broken repeatedly by the master of telly emotion ❤️ @TheTabbyLamb They do but they’re tricky if you’ll be in a heated office/venue! Jumper dresses are always too hot f…! who’s coming to @PushTheButton tonight and what do you want to hear? things I think might be productive would be to offer a comprehensive programme of sex, gender and relationship…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @LiamLambrini @kittyscottclaus Gay Twitter made flesh!
@MikeyCyrus @sillyolddaniel Omg the queens SHOULD unionise! It means Assigned Female At Birth which is a clunky but useful acronymWell, that's my winner for the series sorted. #DragRaceUK
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerIf you’re loving Choriza May you should go back and watch her season of Newcastle Drag Idol on YouTube (a competiti…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerA drag queen dressed as a cake stand chucking around fake sandwiches to the strains of Total Eclipse of the Heart i… at my rounders game a dog ran onto the field, started “helping” with the fielding, then went up to everyone… Especially this bit.
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerTo celebrate 10 years of FRESH MEAT I spoke with Zawe Ashton, Jack Whitehall, Kimberly Nixon, Joe Thomas, Charlotte…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @DocPhoenix If you build it, I will come! (This looks great, at Goldsmiths: @alimkheraj @zinovievletter Yes I spotted that, my dream course, but emailed them and sadly they don't have any dat… @andyetc Ohhhhhh I need itI'm looking at queer studies short courses and... think I live in a nice area and then go west (only under sufferance of course) and WHEW. Everything GLEAMS.’s two years since I used #BiVisibilityDay to come out in all parts of my life. And I’m so glad I did. Being prou…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerThe sudden darker evenings have me feeling nervous walking home from the tube again. Just like every year. Thinkin…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerSay “bi” to transphobic and biphobic MPs then?
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerI’ve been following this strategy for years and recommend it for a smooth brain and a happy life. Upset myself with… DRAG RACE DAY!!
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @hamzajahanzeb @Wkhnage Yes but (according to my scientific research) gays AND lesbians are at it now!It’s a great song but I absolutely despise when everyone in the club starts “woo woo”-ing to it
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Just the exact combination of mediocrity of the intellect and meanness of the spirit that makes for a successful po…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerExtremely disappointed by the Taliban here
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmershe is risen
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerSabina Nessa was a 28 year old teacher, described as "kind, caring, and dedicated to her pupils". She was killed…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @thameswater hello, you’re doing work on my street and the water supply seems to have gone off. Please can you tell… @heidistephens @ArielBChapman 😘😘😘😘😘Great to be able to share this in #BiVisibilityWeek. Recording it was a lovely way to reflect on my ~journey~ and r… anyone have recommendations for language evening classes? There are just so many venues! I’m looking to do Sp… @msmichellegar Yesssss this season is all about finding an indoor hobbyHow does this man keep getting better??!? @junodawson Oh no how sad! Too young by half. I always found Stanford a bright spot of warmth and relatability on that show.
just thinking about this field on my vet's new patient intake form
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @rudemrlang Hahahaha I love that you had that picture immediately to hand @HaticeDenizAVCI I did my best 😂It’s like I’d never seen a female body let alone OWN one⬅️ instagram reality ➡️ @lucyj_ford May I ask where these incredible shoes are from @vampthebs restraint at ABBA Fan Club Magazine HQ, after publishing this year in year out for four ABBA-free decade…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerReally lovely, quick, chill explanation of Halsey’s pronouns by Clara Amfo on @BBCR1 just now. Love to hear it ❤️HOW IS IT OCTOBER NEXT WEEK? 😱 @jodieharsh in London?? @jodieharsh oh my god @robholley Fun fact: that was the first time I heard the song Purple Rain @alexeptable We had all the same questions!! If the objective is awareness: who is not aware of Visa. If the objec…’re gonna try something new - a #GBBO Sweepstake you can all take part in! 1) Tap the gif below to pause it 2) Tw…
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[thread] how BTS fans in indonesia, a "thank you" speech in spanish, and twitter data from around the world inspir…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @LindseyKelk This is actually a thing that’s rolling out! @darren_scott @PushTheButton @RobbieRinder Rob any time you want to come, let me know - you’re on the guest list an… @20thcenturymarc I gave in and did the same recently… 👵🏻I didn't even know you could do this and I fucking work here. Lil Naz is MAGIC.
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @CasparSalmon Yes! Hated this in Victorian novels, hated it in Normal People, grateful to Schitt's Creek for refusi… most people I have a respect towards older gay and bi people who dislike the word for personal associations an…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerA Labour MP! In Bi week! I absolutely hate where politics is right now! @CasparSalmon You’re feeling more generous than me today then @ellie_made I have a hunch that actually knowing a trans person makes it very difficult to be transphobic (includin… @jrawson I think you’ll agree a 2021 remake of Face/Off starring us would be quite the pictureWe’ve done 3 lockdowns and the Worst Christmas Ever(TM), we know what it’s like and I can’t face giving it headspac… approach to anything scary I hear about the coming winter: @youngvulgarian I did my best to pick my way through a response but was honestly taken aback at such an ugly take o… @youngvulgarian Seems like biphobia is increasingly a bedfellow of transphobia - I heard some shit from a GC-adjace… out of cities is the millennial equivalent of the boomers going stop drinking Starbucks, it sounds good on the…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @jamesglynn I wonder if the trouble is that there seems to be hardly any platform staff on TFL atm, and also not wa… like this are why I rarely use the tube now because I’m clinically extremely vulnerable. I could if people w…
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Wig? Did you just say… @MnWthtQualities Amazing.What goes into an average shift driving a lorry? Thought I would live tweet about my shift tonight. Might be inter…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @mattyfloyd @bettanyhughes Ooh what network is this on, sounds right up my streetBritain not having a late night cafe culture is one of the things I hate most about it.
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerWhy do we have Bond movies when this woman existed?