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"im so horny for josef stalin!" "oh no!" you say, clutching your pearls. "he's a pisces"
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @rudemrlang I love those two day I think surely our Home Secretary cannot manage to be more horrific and cruel and evil and insulting... and yet and yet and yet.
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @rudemrlang YES PAUL! with crushed velvet sofas watching a tweet about how grim they are go viral every 2 weeks
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @agnesfrim He takes her seriously, believes her, supports her (even at risk to his job), isn’t weird when she takes… sad how much people have been conditioned to believe that not getting crushed by costs of healthcare, housin…
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@nickw84 I’m SURE I heard a remix of this on Gaydio years ago! It really works!Santa found rotting Wilson in Legally Blonde is the absolute model of a partner 💯I’ve run the science and it turns out the ultimate Friday night in = 🥂 champagne ➕ 🍣 sushi ➕ 🎥👸🏼 Legally Blonde👇🧵 #RainbowLaces
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @BertheNoujaim Not quite, we moved to Finsbury Park. But loved it there! Still cycle through on my way to places.For every WhatsApp group there is a similar group with one less member that was created because of 'the incident'.
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @BertheNoujaim ...Berthe I think I used to live opposite you?? Small 🌎 (with lovely sunsets)not only do i care about your spotify wrapped, i care about the little notes in your phone, what you had for dinner…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @Philip_Ellis It's all about the pasta bowl, perfect for sofa dinners, I have EMBRACED it. Dining table who? @eleanormorgan @EsquireUK Love this piece. My theory has always been that it's a bit like kawaii - people historica… @doraexploring omg the delays on house shit atm are mad. The time we waited on mortgage approval...I am doing an event soon and the organizers just asked me to email them an audio file of me pronouncing my name cor…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @CharityShopSue I also quite like the idea of giving a dog treats and asking "how many of those have you had, Sue?"The pet names app I downloaded is deranged and I love it?! is the only kind of national service I can get behind. Even if I won the lottery I would make my kids get Satu… stock photo choice
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @seanbgoneill Your mum's taste jumped out! @20thcenturymarc Do it!!My next level up will be special Christmas mugs and tableware... 👀I got mine from John Lewis, but M&S looks best this year, and there were quite a few on BrandAlley as well. If you… Christmas sheets are a game-changer 👇🏻
Classic ‘imagine seeing this in 2019’ headline @KiraOConnor Make it make sense!!Every time Val goes in with that camp magnifying glass 🔎 on the Face Off it cracks me up @TomekMoss have watched three (3) eps of Glow Up S2 and I would die for Ophelia 💘 never stop Torying do they!! @theYariBlanco Anything bergamot or citrusy 🍊🍋. For personal scent too!i have a v serious but also wild request - an amazing friend of mine in her late 30s is having a baby alone, but be…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerSpotify hitting publish on my 2020 wrapped
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @benjackthomas @WeeklyTrack this amazing 🧵 because December and January can make you feel hella crappy and weird about your body. Th… @HRFMichael Oh Baga is definitely going to be one isn't she @husseybyname @rudemrlang me when I saw Paul's Tweet this morning race is on… quite literally! Join us on Sunday at 2pm for a live 60th anniversary online event as four brave ca…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerI am really excited about this and can't wait to see how it goes down... #Corrie60 @RottenInDenmark They don’t do History Corner at all anymore, even for the U.K. :(Here are the costumes for the Masked Singer UK S2. I'm not going to lie some of them are terrifying.
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @yngvlgrn The brilliant @szechuan has a whole thing about this, and the power of owning it as an adult! @JonnElledge ...reading the replies to this, I think you might enjoy the novel The City And The City by China Miévi… a few tweaks to the BBC1 Christmas Day schedule
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @Sathnam Also Jamie’s Ministry of Food is great at covering the basics in a really clear way. I’m not sure how insp… @Sathnam Appetite by Nigel Slater is a bible with what to have in your store cupboard, seasonal stuff, and then gre…
Rachel Stevens says she’s decided you should treat yourself to a curry tomorrow night
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @heidistephens ONE MIND! 💞 @jessevekennedy Just gorgeous. The whole album is a balm.Lol I've been so indignant at that song all year every time it came on like "ACTUALLY Kacey the rain and wind ARE b… this song just came on my Spotify and I burst into tears?? The rainbow is actually here, pals 🌈 is such amazing news that I can't quite wrap my head around it?? @Remember_Sarah I love that you work with Blair! Her thread on body image and her dog pack changed my whole mindset on my body ❤️a lovely thread on warm clothes, feat. me in my adopted heart home of Wisconsin
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerOn ALL4 all month, if you’ve not seen it, it’s an AMAZING film
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @alandooney i mean for real thoWe can’t have a proper 🎄 this year because we’re moving house, so my mum sent this teeny tree 🥺 (it’s from… @hl_bowen Fame! ☺️ @katierpacker I really love watching you make shit happen ❤️ @chez @Spotify Lianne La Havas ❤️ did you catch her at Glastonbury last year?What can I say, I vibe with other thirtysomething women!! #SpotifyWrapped
@BListAtCapital @50ShadesOfMikee Me in April: "I'm sure we can loan out the rainbow for a bit. What's the harm?" M…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerBrits Recognise COVID Without Erasing Queer People Challenge 🙃 right now = the kind of gender reveal party you’d actually attend.
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerJust dropped my first 'Merry Christmas' in a work email. It felt goooooooood. raised Catholic has ever eaten all the advent calendar chocolates in one go or before the correct day....I a…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @jennaaaaaa YES JENNA YOU QUEEN!It’s #WorldAIDSDay. HIV now means long and happy lives, undetectable and untransmittable 🙌🏻 But there’s still work…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @rbrown @BAFTA Muppet hive assemble 🙌🏻 usual "this won't play well with the Red Wall" chat is so demeaning, so patronising and so offensive to the nor…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmermaking the zoom link...that’s leadership
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @ShanBelcastro @leonalewis that song IS Christmas to meONE MORE SLEEP @leonalewis 👑
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerCampaigning around this has caused the Home Office to (very quietly) remove people from the scheduled flight who ca…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @pennyb How grim.
@joshywillacy @slagwars @joegunn @SophieASlut omgThese people object to “identity politics” because they’ve been playing identity politics their whole lives and winning
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerThe idea that Banville would previously have won as a straight white male and not as a *writer* is really saying th…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @alimkheraj 😘i think this pretty much sums it all up.
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ben made another movie night for us with another set of pre-show trivia, announcements, and advertising
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerWe made a bonus episode where we discussed all the factual inaccuracies in this show and we're releasing it this we…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-Palmer @naomialderman Yes - I’m so glad for the Wesley and Cordelia and Faith character development. And another helping o… @naomialderman ...that was also where Angel fell down for me tbh. It’s a bit of a sausage fest and the finale showd… @naomialderman @joss We LOVE Parks & Rec too, so will give the other two a shot! @naomialderman @sarramanning I’m so intrigued @JLucas86 @husseybyname Seconded, I was actually in pain from laughing by the end of it 💘 @steveythunder @Maxjb I feel I’d like to learn martial arts? x @CharlotteMende1 @Maxjb Ohh I loved ER. And have been thinking about X Files! Or West Wing?8 months. 2 shows. 254 episodes. 182 hours (just over a solid week of viewing.) Countless opinions. Thanks for maki… just watched the final episode of Angel. What will me and @Maxjb do with our evenings now?? How will we get…’ve only ever watched it once before (with @Alice!) but am fascinated by Junior Eurovision this year because it’ll…
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerWhy Do Men Look So Hot Carrying A Christmas Tree Over Their Shoulder? : An investigation
Retweeted by Alice Beverton-PalmerCharles Dickens in 1843:
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