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Alice/26/Exeter ♡ I love Horror, WWE, Tattoos, The Script, Eminem, Paramore, Prison Break, Buffy, Doctor Who, Grimm & more. Music is my medicine ❤ #HorrorFamily

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Just a quick message to say sorry I haven't been on here at all for a few days, I'm really not very well at the mom…
Probably won't be on here much for the rest of the day as feeling really unwell atm :( I will try to get back to al… @slothrop420🎃❤ @TommyDoyle47 The Conjuring ❤Current mood: 🎃👻💀🔪😈
Retweeted by Alice Aldcroft ♡ @RachaelKHarper1 @DennisCattell @Car1975Los @mrwolf414 @OddjobServant @OgLucha @OddjobServant @DarkHorrorWorks @HorrorQueenJMC @PuzzelLinda @PerilousAchill1 @amie_marie75 @vampire_dreams @AliceAldcroft Here's the dice, your turn to throw.... 😲
Retweeted by Alice Aldcroft ♡ @DennisCattell Love it! Thanks for sharing ❤ @spookyflower94 Exactly! ❤
@JimboAlogo61 Happy birthday ❤️ 🎂 @GregMcNic #TheSimpsons @cordisbored I love these films! ❤ @ReturnofR @thescript #TheScriptFamily @abhorrently_urs @langis941 @wanttobeleavin 😂 @Horror_Disciple @RealTomHolland @HorrorLibrary_ @benedwardnein Thank you, you too 🎃❤ @HorrorLibrary_ Yes! @TommyDoyle47 Got to go with Ash! ❤ @Sproutlore99 That was me this morning 😂 to clarify I don't have a problem with naked bodies in general, I'm not going to block or report anyone who pu… @liquorstorewear @larissafrehley @AFizgig @themoviescribe @juda1313 @Slaughter_Fest @MassimTomas @SanctusEspirits @44horrormovies Haha thanks 👍😂❤ @deathtospinach What an understanding guy! 😂 @cam_junge Kane H ❤ @RickWrightNow Wouldn't wish a diet on anyone! 😂 @TacoKiller73 Still deciding 🤔😂 @44horrormovies @only53379062 Yes 🎃❤ @2FireyDre @MajorTakes74 @Shudder Depends how often you get time to watch a film really. There's some good ones on there 👍❤ @foREVerDeranged @foREVerDeranged Me please ❤Wishing @TheScript_Danny a very happy birthday 🎂 ❤ @McGuffinsHorror @MistressMalevo2 @HorrorFanRyan @Lilys_Lab @Ft13thBaz @DerCryptaxis @LovesHaunted @MaireGravesCLE @aivilomj I hold the door open for anyone who is behind me, it's just polite 🤷‍♀️ nothing to do with anyone being i… @ScreamsBehind Loved it since I was a kid ❤YEEESS!! 🔪♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Retweeted by Alice Aldcroft ♡ @KillerKlownEric Very attractive 😂 @ChaneysPunkRock Yes 👍 @authorjwhittle I think that is acceptable 👍😂 @slothrop420 That's okay, Sloths are exempt to this 👍 @OgLucha 😂 @LovesHaunted Sending so much love and hugs your way 🤗❤ @faceplant2k It's shocking I know 🤷‍♀️ 😂 @only53379062 Me too x @AndyVgr @ShadowCorp_DE @Living_de4d_grl Thanks ❤ Shame it even needs to be said tbh ❤ @rodamusr @filmstarbrain You don't usually get love for your looks? Your beautiful! You must be surrounded by blind people… @filmstarbrain You're so pretty ❤ @Miss_T1000 Me too! I've had 3 today!! 🤦‍♀️ @ArtTheCl0wn @Lisacaines841 shouldn't even have to ask this but please DO NOT send me photos of your naked body, I don't wish to see anyones… @Lisacaines841 I got the same thing 🤦‍♀️
@liquorstorewear @larissafrehley @AFizgig @themoviescribe @juda1313 @Slaughter_Fest @MassimTomas @SanctusEspirits @liquorstorewear @EmilyMarie82 @RachaelKHarper1 @Horror_Disciple @Synnamintwist @AlissaLaylax @teeganharlow @StaceyBuzzActor @GoalScorinMaria @Chrissy_Clarke @michelekwas @LilyBOW2 @Wrix2 @BarrySBrunswick @joanne_paulson @Megan6663 @jamieleecurtis @halloweengal @ecto_fun 😂 @tattooed_bee Shitshow @theCKBuchanan The Witches & Matilda ❤ @sasumt @CryLittleCisJen 🤦‍♀️😂 @SummerGhouliet @EmilyMarie82 @RachaelKHarper1 @Horror_Disciple @Synnamintwist @AlissaLaylax @teeganharlow @Mel_Ankoly @PLaForme @JillSixx @abhorrently_urs @LisaWayradio @SSeeley92 @MattHombreLobo I don't know what type I am but I kno… @SeanRossSapp That headline 👏 😂 do you remember that guy Trump that used to be on wwe? 🤔😂 @cam_junge Kane ❤That headline 👏 😂 do you remember that guy Trump that used to be on wwe? 🤔😂 @VoLinxx Yes @SSeeley92 Bloody beautiful 🩸😂 @Nacindia_family Jaws 🦈 @emilyselmstreet @HenryChivers @larissafrehley @AFizgig @themoviescribe @juda1313 @Slaughter_Fest @MassimTomas @SanctusEspirits @HenryChivers @larissafrehley @AFizgig @themoviescribe @juda1313 @Slaughter_Fest @MassimTomas @SanctusEspirits @graeme_yard Thanks, you too! ❤ @r_springall this look today 👍🌧 @daveroyaldj You're welcome 😊 thank you for the follow too ❤ @harshitdwivedi_ @spookshowbxby_ Beautiful ❤ will NEVER get tired of watching this performance! 👏❤ @Torn_Faction Lion King 😢