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Author of INK, SPARK + SCAR: What if your life story was tattooed on your skin? Rep'd by @jounwin. Lover of tea, naps + the quiet life. Uncool. She/her.

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@SlopingVertical Lovely!Subtle as a brick, love. #SpotifyWrapped @smoorns I've REALLY missed it too. Bring it on.The UK has one of the strongest medicines and vaccines regulatory systems in the world. I can say that with confid…
Retweeted by Alice BroadwayHaving a weep at the vaccine news. Goodness me, what heroic work. I’m just off for a full sob because hope feels so good.
@MandyBerriman Our 10yo is having a desperately horrible time with anxiety and sleep anxiety in particular. I’m try… @MandyBerriman It’s certainly worth asking for melatonin from Dr, esp given the circumstances. Obv no idea how anot… more 'courage, joy, ingenuity and hope' (and humour) than illness and pain. It's a beautiful book, and I'm so e…
Retweeted by Alice Broadway @LauraSteven @sainsburys Laura, I am so proud of you.Lovely Felix Hayes on The Long View on Radio 4 right now. BRILLIANT voice and a treasure of a human.Secret ice is out on the roads and a fella just came off his bicycle outside our house. Helped him while we waited… @JamesENicol Brilliant!!! @orangutansclass So cute!
While I appreciate the transparency, it feels like every year we see a report like this, or a variation thereof. Th…
Retweeted by Alice Broadway @NJSimmondsTPK I actually just did this @NJSimmondsTPK YESSSSSS! Oh my WORD, I love this so much!!!! @RachelBWriter This is the truest truth.Today is a bit of writing, a bit of therapy, a bit of resting, a lot of tea.If you haven't read this absolute DELIGHT of a book, let this be the nudge you need. It's a wonderful adventure wit… @LouiseNorgate I hear you. Well done for venting 😚Wow, these are BEAUTIFUL. @stephanieburgis Oh Stephanie, these are right up my street. What beautiful designs.Life is tiring.
@everydayjoyand1 Oh my gosh! That’s amazing!!! I def don’t have enough bells for trees yet 🤞🏻. Bet everyone looks super cute!It’s time to stop diet plans and weight loss ‘tips’ being cover stories on magazines. Diets don’t work and anorexia kills.
Retweeted by Alice Broadway @drsharie Oh my gosh. He is absolutely beautiful. @drsharie ps, J is going to SQUEAL when I show her this pic!!! @drsharie He's just wondering how long it's going to take for him to train you. @fraserlovatt @porridgebrain FRASER! This is the best! @KatAliceDunn Alexa does my homework for me now. @drsharie Ha! Love how Beau is giving you a witheringly disappointed look. @KatAliceDunn My brain hisses and the tears come. Numbers are awful.
Starring: Olivia Colman, Matthew Goode, Lee Mack, @paulkerensa, Adrian Plass, @harrybakerpoet, @sonorochoir,…
Retweeted by Alice BroadwayJoin us for an evening of entertainment, 6pm 29th November, to raise funds to save @Stroopwaffle. Big stars! Musi…
Retweeted by Alice Broadway @NaomiFrisby @willrdean Oh Naomi this has made me know without a doubt that I must read it!!!!“send a fleet!!” thanks twitter but unless the gods give me a hot wife and someone lures her off to Troy I think tf I will not
Retweeted by Alice BroadwayEep! There is snow on #PocketCamp! @LindsayGalvin It really is. I can manage to work for a set time but wordcounts make me panic! Hope you are feeling… @Kerensd @scholasticuk Wonderful!!! I’m very excited to read this.Very happy to show you the cover for my new book, What We're Scared Of, which will be published by @scholasticuk Ja…
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@bookloverJo It’s been a little saviour!Someone commission a Project Runway/Bake Off style show about writing. 10 writers in a cabin somewhere to work on t…
Retweeted by Alice Broadway @orangutansclass That looks amazing! @chrislongden Thank you for the solidarity xxx @transponderings I'm finding it so helpful - I have a reasonable ability to get places on time but actually judging… @transponderings Also happy to video it. May not pick up the ticking as it's so quiet but it would give you an idea… @transponderings If you hold it very close to your ear you can hear a little bit of ticking but I can't hear it whe… @under_blue_sky Yes, exactly that. Timed writing helps me so much but my phone does not help me at all!!!This little visual timer is really helping me. I don’t judge time very well so it’s great to be able to see how muc… @samatlounge Oh Sam, what a painful dream xxx @ldlapinski OHHHH YESSSS!My Grandad Ron would flick coppers on the ground ahead of us so we would find them as we walked. Every time we'd pi… @presentcorrect If you walk around a bit you'll suddenly trip over it. It's the only way to find it, I'm afraid. @daveyboydanger Boy with a beak 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The elves of the Christmas apocalypse are coming
Retweeted by Alice Broadway @nucosi YOU BEAUTY. Thank you so much! @nucosi Hello! Would you be willing to tell me your recipe? My most recent attempt at GF gingerbread was slop. @Louiestowell @RashmiWriting Oh my gosh, pleeeeeeeeeease. 'refer to the chart on p2 for who has what type of magic' @RashmiWriting And I like knowing exactly where I stand, so: BRING ME YOUR WORDS! @RashmiWriting Oh hi, I seem to have been to the 'why show when you could just tell?' school of writing. Would you like an info-dump?#CarersRightsDay
Yessss! Oh I love this so much! @ajpearcewrites Oh my gosh, that would be so amazing wouldn't it? Imagine: PT: so, what are your goals you: shows R… @mutablejoe That may be where I go wrong.i just want to be watching this forever for the rest of my life
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@drjudymelinek hellllllllpOh dear. This isn't going to end well. It's hard to believe that nearly a year into the pandemic, the UK government…
Retweeted by Alice BroadwayThree-fifths of COVID-related deaths have been of disabled people However disabled people seen as vulnerable to co…
Retweeted by Alice BroadwayPUBLISHERS. Since 2018 @TLCUK has been training up editors from under-represented backgrounds in partnership with…
Retweeted by Alice Broadway @ldlapinski LD!!!! What a dreammmm.Well. I did do some writing and I have had tea and various snacks but the words are not very useful ones. I think I… I'm going to do a bit of writing today. I'm scared to begin so I will set a timer for 20 mins and promise my… @nucosi phwoarThis is going to be SO MUCH FUN. Join us for festive knit wear, party food and Christmas chat. What could be nicer??
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@Bridgeanne It is just so wonderful in every single way! I feel so excited and happy for you... and so excited and… @drawingsara Sneaky buggers.I really need to bake something lovely. Gluten free snacks all think you're paleo and want to climb a mountain or s… NEWS AHOY!!!!! had the happiest time doing this interview with my beautiful Polish publisher @weneedya1. Have a watch with a cup…
@cultauthor I’m so sorry. And the denial by people must only increase the pain.Maybe this makes me a killjoy but imagine how many hats you could knit for homeless people rather than knitting 600…
Retweeted by Alice Broadway @notsotweets Oh Liam, that’s horrible I’m sorry. @Ruth_Norbury @jrsongbird Thank you, Ruth.Sad to see the excitement of those who long to consider themselves vctimised & pesecuted. I'm thankful for all peop…
Retweeted by Alice Broadway @jrsongbird Ugh, there is such a desperation to create a self-identity as the persecuted. It’s shameful.Oh look everyone there’s this. Please distribute far and wide
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@Magic_Kitten This has made me roar 🤣🤣🤣 @DrKowert Brilliant. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to help us. @DrKowert Thank you so much for your generosity. Which of your books would be best for me to read (feel free to say all 😂😊) @ashworthwriter @charlotteraby Yes - fascinating the difference between him (13, mainly plays fifa, fortnite, rocke… @DrKowert Currently asking him to take breaks, esp when he's raging. I think it's extra sad when he's horrid to him… @DrKowert Thank you, I love how that video reminded that play is so crucial. I think he's almost lost the playful s… @littlehux @DrKowert Thank you so much, Hux.Hey, can anyone recommend resources for a teen who loves video games but can't play without *really* raging? He's c…
@LindsayGalvin Oh shit. I’m sorry.
@porridgebrain It’s the strangest of times. Sending lots of love xx🎄Join us for the PERFECT Christmas treat next month... @bethg, @lauraclarewood & @sarahshaffi are doing a festive…
Retweeted by Alice Broadway @AmusedNonQueen @DigitalMapsAW @FinlaysonPalmer She is wonderfulYesterday: Happy anniversary to the revoking of Section 28! Today:
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Commitment to diverse publishing lists involves investment, development, long term commitment. It's not just buying…
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