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Google Classroom: SHORTCUT to To-do - Some Poo ? to Your Spreadsheet - Microsoft Immersive Reader with Google Docs Microsoft Immersive Reader with Google Docs - About Teachers NOT on Twitter? - to Code Says @Jentechnology - The FREE Netflix of online professional learning - am using the #googleForms Certify'em add on to make a certificate when the respondent passes the quiz.… You’re It: Email Collaborators - the Doc to Slides Add-on #GoogleEDU! Genially: Create Interactive Graphics - have one Google Sites I use to make lesson tutorials. I just make all the pages hidden from navigation so I can j…’s Doing the Learning? - technology improves learning. It's the design of the activity and lesson planning that make all the difference!… Homework Assignments for the Thanksgiving Break - made my school email Green so I can stop accidentally sending emails to principal/parents from my personal email.… Matters – and it Makes a Difference! - #googleDocs on your phone? Click on the 3 dots and choose "available offline" #googleEDUTeach Students to Analyze Data with Google Sheets by @aliciamotter -
Creating #GoogleSlides #GoogleEDU now available in #googleSheets use the add-on menu to add. #googleedu Slides – Badge Maker - some help getting your Finals created quickly? FormRecycler can help with that! Eas…
Retweeted by Alice KeelerPlease tell me I am not alone in changing my evaluation of student work upon further consideration. Please tell me…
Retweeted by Alice KeelerCritique the reasoning of others #googleSlides template #googleEDUUse Macros in Google Sheets to Cheat Coding - Classroom: Duplicate the Tab - am determined to instill in my kids that math is mathematical reasoning not cranking out algorithms.Webcam record saves to Google Drive. This makes it super easy to add short videos to Google Sites… Slides: Add Your Roster - would your teaching look like if you didn't have to spend so much time reteaching material? Check it out!… @Dietrichucation Thanks Paul!! @Jutz4244 Thanks Jeff!!! @Wikisteff You can do it!! @robertkaplinsky @nikole_hunt Yes I'm awareMission accomplished!!!! I ❤️ @joboaler always a good day to hang with her and @chaoskeeper11 #youcubed"Tip from @oberonviking When going to #googleDrive click on RECENT on the left to see what to pick back up on.… E’s Lesson Plan – Explain Comes Third - @katybarrey @klloyd_edu @Kel_Sanders @Brit_Horn_IT @CarlaReisman @jmarti43 Yes. Try it @jenschnor Glad you like it!!! @MrsBeckin4th Follow @robertkaplinsky @brostromda Follow @robertkaplinskyHyperlinK Your Text - @katybarrey @klloyd_edu @Kel_Sanders @Brit_Horn_IT @CarlaReisman @jmarti43 No. It doesn't summarize. It filters. @teachsilverman 😁😁😁 @wmsmom2005 Thanks Linda!!! @DanitaCobble Thank you!!! @nikole_hunt It's based on math. What does that mean "based on common core?" Just that it maps the standards? @styraciflua36 Thank you for sharing @HansTullmann Thank you!!! @Goodson @spartacusmckay District computer, district account ... Doesn't matter if you do it at home. You're salari… @Goodson @LaidlawEm Downloads as office docs. Ugh. @Goodson @VCTechTalk That isn't a district setting that is how G Suite works. You can't change ownership outside the domain. @SurfcatJim @margreek It literally only makes tabs. You should have no problem getting it approved. No wacky permissions needed. @ddejong03 It's helpful but .. slow to load. I wish it would act like the stream and only load as I scroll. @teachsilverman Thank you!!! @MrMatlack Exactly. I'm all about finding more efficient workflows to make this more feasible.FINALLY GOT AN OFFICIAL #GOOGLESHEETS ADDON. Open any spreadsheet, add-on menu. Search toTabs. Sorts #googleFORMS @DoakShannon Thank you!!To-do page is BACK in #googleClassroom. I see I had a bunch of assignments students turned in and now I need to RET… Forms: One Form for All Periods - a TODAY topic in #GoogleClassroom #GoogleEDU! Genially: Create Interactive Graphics - writing is an art!!! Yes!! #googleSlides better than the overhead projector? Not if it's the same model of kids sitting in the dark taking… We Can and Must Do Better - Ways Google Forms IMPROVES Learning Ways Google Forms IMPROVES Learning - in Google Slides - Roll Dice - 20 is BACK - Your Text -"No other profession has this many external stakeholders either grifting or trying to get elected on the back of its work." @astillmanMaking copies of assignments in #googleClassroom makes a giant mess of your Google Drive. They are NOT attachments,… Your Text - @astillman The tail has to stop wagging the fog. You nailed it. How do we get the market forces to demand thoughtful solutions. @astillman Exactly @AutomagicalApps @joboaler You got that right!! I'll bring it to Ireland @Wikisteff Thank you!!!Talking with @astillman about making add ons for teachers. THEY GET NO BUDGET FOR SOLUTIONS. Yet IT and admins do h… Vocab Practices That Need Updating - Badges Add on for Google Slides by Alice Keeler #GoogleEDU can not possibly understand what a big deal this is for me. Afer 5 years of trying to get my Google Add-ons app… FORMAT OPTIONS in the toolbar when adding textboxes to add a drop shadow #googleEDU“I rewrote my rubrics to include ‘responds to and updates work based on feedback’”
Retweeted by Alice KeelerMy 9 year old just came in asking to use my computer to play "cool math games". DEFINITELY NOT! Try… Autopsy Feedback - Tasks Improve Learning – From #ISTELadiesRoadTrip - helpful for a kid to have a reading partner at a higher reading level to help the kids with reading.… Sheets: Check Multiple Checkboxes At The Same Time - you create sections in a #googleForm you can use the settings to shuffle questions... within the section… @Target tried to buy 4000 pairs of socks from you online through my charity to donate to homeless families in my co…
Retweeted by Alice KeelerTrying to connect fractions and isometric paper and @Minecraft with my students @NBFelem. TY @dailystem for the ins…
Retweeted by Alice KeelerLast week these students learned about holidays around the world. Today we went on a virtual tour to see just how t…
Retweeted by Alice KeelerWill we see you at DBC PIRATE Con? Great Learning and Face-to-Face Connections with Your PLFamily... What more migh… Some Poo ? to Your Spreadsheet - #googleSlides to GET information. Create an interactive inquiry activity in Slides and instead of telling the w… Middle Math Depth of Knowledge Matrices by @robertkaplinsky -
QUICKLY get back to the Classwork page in #GoogleClassroom #GoogleEDU we see you at DBC PIRATE Con? Great Learning and Face-to-Face Connections with Your PLFamily... What more migh…
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