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Final Fantasy 7 drawings for no reason
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君 @jaykittens you are so so so inspiring jess!! def gonna look to this every time i draw for fun now 👀💕THE CHARACTER PORTRAITS FOR EVER CRISIS THO
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君 @LulzyRobot SCREAMS BC THAT'S A HUGE MOOD RN.. rooting for you!! 💪thinking about yoshida kenichi legs
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君aerith having fun playing dressup....!! loved the wall market chapter 💃👗
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cloud is gap moe. you cannot change my mind .WAAAHAhHHHHWAH WAH WAHHHHH NEW TETSUYA NOMURA FF7 ART !!!! PLAY AS ZACK!! ZACK ZACK AZACK ZAVK ZACK ZACK ZACK ZACKThe second mobile game we're presenting today is @FinalFantasy VII Ever Crisis. It's a chapter-structured single p…
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君We're taking full advantage of the power of the PlayStation 5 in @FinalFantasy VII Remake Intergrade. We've improv…
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Khaleel Seivwright, the carpenter being sued by the City of Toronto for building shelters for people in encampments…
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君
@TsubasaRClover1 omg Ghada I didn't know you wrote fics 👀👀👀!!it's kind of silly. there's a lot of scary stuff on twitter, so I think about the internet pre-socmed a lot, and ho… would take me so long to earn 10k in the ripe year of 2007, but now they just give out 10k a few times every day… thinking a lot about old games lately ;_; i logged into gaia online for the first time in a long time and .. i… do you guys rmb when Wii Fit came out for Wii and then a few years later Wii U came out so then ninty made a n… @dewymelo GJHDKJHJDFKDFJGD IT WAS THIS.. how about teach your child that they're valuable no matter their body type… ENOUGH 2 days ago i decided to boot up my copy of a link to the past, bc i was like oh! haha i miss classic S… @dewymelo BRO DO YOU RMB when some parent tried to sue ninty bc it said their child was overweight .. and the child… i had something to contribute to zelda 35th since i played a lot of the games as a kid 😭 @Syrva_art DONT BLOCC ME 😂😂😂😂😂 if you do make one ill hop in!!! i just talk about anime and school .. @Syrva_art r18 botw syrva content i seehabby 35th anniversary to The Legend of Zelda!!! Wind Waker is always going to have a special place in my heart
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unrelated, the amount of "current" anime i keep up with gets reduced to 1-2 a yr as i get older. ive seen a LOT of… wonder egg priority and so far it's GREAT, really well animated and paced <><> the emotions of the charact… @KLapinNoir O-OH... i shall be waiting eagerly then 😳 @Syrva_art you draw the best zeldas sam 😩🙏 @KLapinNoir h..hello... 👀😩🙏
Hi Everyone!🌱 I'm opening up comms to get drivers ed!🚗🚗 I'll only have seven slots open and probably won't do comp…
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君no i was not born in 1991, but y.. yeah. kinda wild how time flies.. and how long we've had such great games ...........almost cried earlier bc i just realized the very first zelda on NES will be turning.. 40 YEARS OLD.. IN 5 YEARS...…
got the BNA zine in the mail - thank you again to rollround for hosting!! the quality of everything is AMAZING, im… @whm_cat yeahhh the pressure of making a short film overwhelmed me >< I have so many regrets.. but I'm also trying… @whm_cat omg neil i feel the same way.. i just crashed and burned soooo hard this week T_T it's prob just pandemic…
For the first time in 35+ yrs, our emergency shelter & transitional housing have been completely shut down due to b…
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君[RTs 💕] The Luffy and Cat socks have dropped! Each pair comes bundled with a 3" waterproof sticker!…
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君I wanted to thank @alicenpai for the brush recommendations ^^ so I experimented and made Chloe with them for MSA! I…
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君 @Egg_Yok90 I'm happy that the brushes seemed to work out for you!! this looks amazing and I love the bright colours ;O;
Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY Debut Demo via eShop.
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君i need a switchtake_oekaki/takegarou is such a HUGE artistic insp for me i love her art .. this is a 100% buy for meOMGGNGHGGNJMGGMGMGMM WORLDS END CLUBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBfort knight @chaosclownery IT LOOKS SOOOOO FUN ITS A 100% BUY FOR ME @bwdrg I CANT GET OVER THE WORKING NAME DKJHJDKIDKHDDGDGoh ? you say square enix?? i come runningIS THIS FE3H 8PATHbowser's furryGIVE ME SUPER MARIO RPG LEGEND OF THE SEVEN STARS PORT ON SWITCHcan someone ping me if they announce persona 6WAIT A MINUTE . THEY ALREADY MADE MARIO GOLF BEFORE FOR THE 64 IN 1999mario old people sport simulatorme right now: i dont know anything about video games and at this point im too afraid to ask1 more thing i forgot to add, study cast/drop shadows vs form shadows! i think a lot of people are afraid of making… i uploaded some tips on colour on my tumblr if anyone's interested! \o/ (the formatting might be a mess bc i… southern friends / people without power -- as someone who has lived thorough many, many power outages in negat…
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君ATTENTION EVERYONE - PLEASE HELP RT/SHARE THIS DOCUMENT: I've compiled a list of links of resources for people cu…
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@poyntermarcsman We can hope 🙏 since apparently the movie leads up to it? In the meantime I'm gonna watch the movie haha @dewymelo omg yeah DQ is actually so nice TT 2nd year is ROUGH. he would just tell us "hand in your tickle/tiboo &… WAIT WAIT WAIT THERES GONNA BE A VIOLET EVERGARDEN SEASON 2??????????????!!?!?! @bioneun_usan OMG.. these are so cute already...... 🤧💗 @liothymosfotia HDHDHDJJDJD HELP I WAS EXPECTING A BIG . WIDE OREO NOT LIKE.. A LONG ONE .. LIKE THAT
Happy Valentine's, everyone! I wish I could draw new stuff but alas no time -- share some love with your bird law f…
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君 @snail_png ill draw ur ocs for u . . as minions
@AzamiKoshiba oh my gosh!! that's nuts....... do you rmb what year? @miyolkie long enough to know we should be together for valentine's 🥺 @supereisunshine i miss a lot of content on twit but AAA i'll be looking forward to more of your ocs! to anything y… @supereisunshine definitely! internet etiquette is important but i feel like a lot of people overlook it, and see e… Valentine's Day!
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君 @supereisunshine yeah I can see that it doesn't feel genuine >< i feel like that's what "draw this in your style" c… has been with me for 5+ years please step up I'll give you a gold star for putting up with my embarrassing mid 2010s tweetsHappy Valentine...💛💙
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君curious, how long have you guys been following me? 🤔🙈😅 i always like to do these once in a while.. @ruemxu for sure! I've been online for so long, but I think I only recently learned recently how harsh fandom cultu… @ruemxu the drama is just too much for me 😔 I've mentally aged like 5 years since the lockdown started and g*nshin… YEAH??? 😳😳 HEY i'm kc! i like drawing fanart and using obnoxious colors :p
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君 @CutTimeComic -in the way of creating, and when we originally could bounce back after hours as teens, we need a lot… @CutTimeComic hi juby, I've been following you for 10+ yrs now and I've always been delighted by your work! your OC…
@kbulart dark blue not just for music but anime and games too :3 @anderk_aya this is so dreamy and beautiful sarah!! i can picture this in a storybook 🥺💕peace with the bull 🐮 have a happy #lunarnewyear !
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君 @ruemxu aw thanks Ru! 🥺 haha I hope you'll enjoy my OCs! (as much as I've enjoyed SFR over the years) 💕 @mistyspecs aw thank you misty!! 🥺💗 @luunabao happy new year joulie!! 💗 miss u broe.. the summer of 2019 where we met in mtl at complete random was so…
@klaiis_ kayden!! thank you, wishing you only the best for this year 🧧💰👐 miss seeing you in and around school like a gremlin 😭 @kayapouf aw thanks Kaya 🥺 we out here just making our thesis films snippets of our OC stories 😩🤙 @jumpydolls aw thank you !! 🥺💗 @treesighs congrats sam!! so hype for your film 💕Synopsis: "The tale tells of the familial bond between a healthcare android and his protective daughter, and asks t… is the first time I'm showing my thesis OCs - I'm busy working on it now, but hope you'll enjoy their story! m… cow year! 新年快樂!🧧🐮🍊 these OCs are part of my webcomic/thesis film project, stay tuned!
나이든 카고메 낙서 모로하 마마걸이면 좋겠다 #이누야샤
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君End of Evangelion
Retweeted by alice🍀余碧君
@peachfrosty i went through a friend's old tumblr recently and i saw "papming"/"mingplz" and i swear i reactivated… @liothymosfotia I WANNA ADD THAT LIKE I DIDNT KNOW THE POST WAS ABOUT SH*ITH I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST FANDOM ETIQUETTE… @liothymosfotia IT TRULY WAS A DARK TIME GHDJGJJHh i rmb when i got in trouble for rting sth from a sh*ith shipper… @liothymosfotia no.......... you were into vld..............
@braidcut omg i still have your '17 kanny charm 😭 crash keys 5ever.......almond tofu probably sounds so gross haha but it's actually quite nice ;3;! asian desserts are different than weste…