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COME ON YOU CLARETS .... what a good do!!!!! Whoop whoop .... @annatwigg Keep on keeping on love. You’ll get there. Soon be Spring. Xxx 🌹 @annatwigg I love this Anna. Thank you. Hope you’re ok. Big hug 🤗
@ej_mac 😂😂 well done you!!! X
@whiley_fox Nah I just love Radiohead!!! @whiley_fox I did!!!! I tweeted & then that Q. came up! Yay!!!Me watching Only Connect be like ...
@SamMcCartney ❤️I wanna say be kind, but folks aren’t always kind & saying be kind won’t change them. But hear this, being unkind r… Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm (Official Video) via @YouTubeThe tabloids pursue people to the fucking grave, with no thought or care for their wellbeing; then run front page p…
Retweeted by aliceonthehillThis street Musician was singin along in Berlin when suddenly Jimmy Somerville (the original singer) comes up and j…
Retweeted by aliceonthehill @DaleksGamertag Definitely him & not you love. You’re the better man here. Head up & onwards you go 💪🏻 xx
@bexxi @BukowskiBitch God that suits you ... 💪🏻😘
“All animals are equal, but some ....” @mrssallyjohnson @Mearcat655 Yes!!!! Hopefully ... fingers crossed. Shall we have a phone catch up this week darling? Xxxx @CathBax @missy_molly_mol Very true that!!! Good advice! @missy_molly_mol Gargling with soluble aspirin might help. Get well soon love x
@Stickytarts @WalshWrites No it’s @Mearcat655 😊I just said to Mr Walsh ‘I cant wait to pot up plants in our new back yard’ & he said ‘what with those penis plants…
Hope she’s got your tea ready ... 😂😂😘 @Mearcat655 Awwww you lil cutie xxx
@rochdalegirl @_MM1965_ 😂😂😂 I would’ve care but the worst, least interested chef ever! @_MM1965_ @rochdalegirl About 5 mins but keep an eye on it @rochdalegirl Yes spray with fry light then salt & pepper it xxx @ej_mac @cuckoojustine Yes you certainly do!!! @rochdalegirl Yes!!!! Much healthier tho! Xx @mrssallyjohnson Yes it’s all good ... hopefully buying a house!!! Squeeeeeee!!! What about you Mrs J? Xxxxx still loved up? 😍😍😍 @GreenfieldGreen Ohhhhhhhh 🙌🏻 @bexxi Well all I did was spread the kale on a baking tray added some salt & pepper & sprayed with fry light & put…
@cuckoojustine It’s absolutely lovely isn’t it??? XxxHave you tried baking kale in the oven? It’s WELL GOOD!!!! @mrssallyjohnson I have tried various things but I’ve recently been sleeping quite well so I’m hoping it’s a one of… @saropph Thank you so much I will try it! Xxx
@cuckoojustine @httywnthrp Thank you sweetheart xxxxx @httywnthrp Thank you very much. That’s really helped, bless you 😊 xxxCome on you Clarets .....Taking dad to t’Turf today. December 16th 1961 - Jimmy got married in the morning with Burnley playing Arsenal in t…
Retweeted by aliceonthehillJurgen Klopp disguise using a cap, shades and a train ticket
Retweeted by aliceonthehill @lexiland71 @BukowskiBitch @lesdawsonette Good luck Laurence!!!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 @BukowskiBitch Thanks love. I know you’re right & I will & thank you, love you xxx @ClareBeveridge The river sounds wonderful 😊 Old mill towns surrounded by fantastic countryside. It’s home ... I c… @ClareBeveridge Oh I’ve never been to Marlow. What’s it like? My best friends live in Shipston on Stour which is qu… @ClareBeveridge Did you?? How lovely! Where about in the country are you Clare? @ClareBeveridge @createstudiosuk Thank you very much. I am very happy thank you. He’s an absolutely lovely, wonderful fella xx @ClareBeveridge @createstudiosuk Yes October. Such a fab day!Anyways whilst you’re all sleeping (except for @ClareBeveridge thank you Clare 🤗) I got to see some photos from the… @ClareBeveridge Absolutely!!!! 🙌🏻💃 @ClareBeveridge Thanks Clare. I’m just looking at hotels/cottages for my 50th birthday later this year which is a l… awake worrying about work. So fed up of worrying about work. It’s not about the money in my job but I really d…
Happy Birthday Mrs J! Love you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @mrssallyjohnson @_MM1965_ @rochdalegirl @MillsterMum @Mearcat655 @Bluegirl_66 Yes please @GinslingerLeeds They are gorgeous!!! @GinslingerLeeds Just squeeeeeeeeee ❤️
The length of time between buying something to get it framed, getting it framed and then actually hanging it up is exactly 100 years.
Retweeted by aliceonthehill @_MM1965_ @Mearcat655 @rochdalegirl @Bluegirl_66 Looks really good.
@rutherian So sorry xx
@TheOldJustice @BBCNews @Lilmissmorgs What a load of twaddle ....
Yes me too! @sallyedevlin NAME CHANGE!!!!!! & all the beautiful children. Oh it’s just so wonderful!
Grew up 15mins from Selhurst Park. BNP lived across the road. 25yrs ago Eric Cantona kicked a BNP racist who'd assu…
Retweeted by aliceonthehill @lexiland71 Taking your bra off ... @sallyedevlin Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! ❤️ @CathBax @Mearcat655 @seniorpro14 @EtsyUK I just used my Booths bag & thought of you. You’re such a kind lovely & t… @CathBax @Mearcat655 Bless you maybe we’ll have 2 trees next year!!! XxxHello tweetheart ... @CathBax @Mearcat655 😂😂😂 did you get two?? Xxx @sallyedevlin @_MM1965_ @saropph Oh my heart ❤️My great friend @PassionRadioGuy Gray is dedicating his section of tonight's 1st anniversary show to our friends. P…
Retweeted by aliceonthehillJohn and Jeanie at home in North Nesting, Shetland - late 70s. Photo Tom Kidd
Retweeted by aliceonthehill
The best of sheep spotting days ❤️ @Thebubblegunman Oh god love I’m so sorry.I don't do this often but please, please, please RT this as much as you can. My 2 best friend were killed by a drun…
Retweeted by aliceonthehill @ihavemostlybeen Excellent!!! 😘😘😘👍🏻 @ihavemostlybeen 😂😂 yes!! What a plan! Ask every handsome 20 year old you see if he’s Ella’s boyfriend. Have a lovely day darling xx @ihavemostlybeen Are you going to Turtle Bay? They do 241 5-7pm & my Ella’s boyfriend will be working. Have fun love xxxWishing @sallyedevlin & her JJ the bestest, most beautiful wedding day. Love you Sally Cinammon ... sent to me from…
Mark E Smith reads the football results via @YouTube ❤️ #MarkESmithErrol Graham weighed 4.5st when he died. His body was found by bailiffs who’d come to evict him after the DWP stopp…
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@ABrit96 😂😂 Fanku! XNot changed at all ...
I have a baby sling library in my room at work. I lend slings to mums who have colicky, refluxy, hard to settle bab…
Retweeted by aliceonthehillSweet dreams xx
@cuckoojustine Oh that’s good. Yes it’s wonderful thank you. I hope this year brings you everything you wish for xx @cuckoojustine I had a good day! Did you???? 🤗 @cuckoojustine Me!!!!! 😘
Young people. You who struggle with yourselves in the mirror. On the page. You who see flaw upon flaw. My goodness.…
Retweeted by aliceonthehill @sallyedevlin It surely is my darling xxxxx @knitboy Beautiful ...GAME ON! #UTCIn Memoriam. Today, we reflect on the loss of all members of the Clarets' family who passed away in 2019. A one-min…
Retweeted by aliceonthehillScenez
@BigGayShaun 🙌🏻🤗 @BigGayShaun It’s such a liberating feeling!!! @luckycow0 Probably!!!! Xx @luckycow0 🙌🏻😂62 🙃’m not drinking alcohol at the moment & I’m walking much more & the buzziness & the joie de vivre & the tingling h…
@BBCNWT Good. I hope they realise the distress they have caused. @thetradesclub @O2ApolloManc @Nath_Brudenell