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Laura @alicetragedy Berlin, Germany

Two-trick pony & aspiring designer 🎨 Past: @travisci/@travis_fnd, @RailsGirlsSoC lead & @viennarb organiser. ❤️s owls, NASA trivia, Ruby & Taekwondo ✨ she/her.

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One of my all-time favourite podcasts I discovered recently (sometime last year) is @DesignLifeFM by… @MichaelaWein Ich, weil ich kein Whatsapp habe 😂😇 @nbashaw You’re welcome, Nathan!
@ScribblingOn This dude: Therapy is for people who can’t deal with their feelings Probably also this dude: Must fin… @CoralineAda 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 @kpeters13 my eyes rolled so far back they fell out @nbashaw From having worked with her (❤️💔) I would highly recommend following @lrnrd & everything she does. She has…“Forgive me for wanting to find you attractive” ...This man is garbage 🗑🚮, this, this 💯 in: 🇮🇹🇫🇷🇦🇹🇳🇴🇩🇪 Born in: 🇮🇹 Parents: 🇮🇹🇮🇹 Grandparents: 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 I’ve been to: 🇦🇷🇦🇹🇧🇪🇧🇷🇨🇦🇨🇳🇭🇷🇨🇺🇨🇿🇩🇰🇪🇬🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇫🇮… @suzanbond I do think that oven/stove heat food up more evenly. My experience with microwaves is that the center of… @suzanbond FWIW though I think that if you do a lot of meal prep ahead of time (and freeze things) a microwave can… @suzanbond Things I portioned and froze I try to take out of the freezer early enough and pre-defrost in the fridge… @suzanbond I haven’t had a microwave for the last ~20 years. I’ve been managing with stove & oven — usually I rehea…
@lukeleighfield Honestly, as the owner of a small-ish (i.e. small to medium-sized) dog, I have a confession to make… do you fuel yourself in the morning? What's the one thing you need to start your day?
Retweeted by Laura @suzanbond Breakfast! I find it impossible to start the day without food. Second on my list is a meditative activit… @jesslynnrose @cczona That is super good advice! Also, being laid off (especially as part of mass lay-offs) says *n…
@jesslynnrose Unfortunately avoiding air travel for this one is difficult, but one of my favourite favourite confer…
@jesslynnrose If your cats lick it all from the tub, they will poop glitter which will effectively turn them into u…
I’m very much looking forward to reading more from this blog post series about mid-career challenges, from the pers… @rynchantress “The platforms that we use to communicate with each other do not encourage listening. Instead, they r… @rynchantress I can so relate with this! I mostly just open twitter and scroll around, get mad and sad, and sigh an… @bphogan 😂😂😂 #viewsourceforeverRT if you’ve been making web things so long you remember the days that Firefox didn’t exist 😁😂🙈 @kerrizor @alicegoldfuss [ALT: goats hopping around in a barn wearing pyjamas]
Hi, I'm Jess 👋 I've been let go in the Mozilla layoffs. I'm now free 2 days/week for contract work in developer re…
Retweeted by LauraYesterday 70 people at Mozilla were laid off in Berlin, RT or reply with job offers if you know of any! If any Mozi…
Retweeted by LauraYesterday Mozilla laid off 70 people. Excellent people lost their jobs. Sad to see these people go. Under…
Retweeted by Laura @radhikamorabia P&T: Grain of Truth (genmaicha), Sacred Emily (black tea, jasmine&rose), In the mood for love (jasm… @radhikamorabia My favourite brands are Paper & Tea (, Clipper/Cupper (…
@toggleModal @TAtanasoska @JMCQ87 No need to apologise for barging in with an excellent take! Thank you for offerin… be honest I think anyone’s mail-person or anyone’s ghost would do a better job at being a president than 45 (gra… thread. One of the comments sums it up perfectly - "choosing your diet is a luxury".
Retweeted by Laura @jna_sh @Lieke2208 Sending hugs to you both because you’re amazing people 💜 @holman @misprintedtype I would attend this DOGFERENCE @TAtanasoska @JMCQ87 Ideally I’d say that a multiculture can only exist in a framework where the different cultures… @TAtanasoska @JMCQ87 ... I think the point Tamara makes is really interesting: What does multi-cultural actually me… @TAtanasoska @JMCQ87 Yes, exactly this (what both of you said). I lived in several different countries where, as a…
@hola_soy_milk OMG @meowstations and I would always get stuck in that part that felt like the end where you go down… @porras Sad but true :( @bitboxer @AlizeNero You’re right! Though I’d imagine (but don’t know since I’ve never been in that situation) that… @AlizeNero Image description in the quoted tweet: screenshot of an email that reads (translated from German). “Dea… much as Berlin likes to pride itself on being multi-cultural, PoC & folks from marginalised groups still face di… @klappradla @amrAbdelwahab And in this context, their team page is even more bullshit: 🤮 @amrAbdelwahab @DocStefflbauer This is so fucked up. Especially since on the company “team” page, they seem to prid… I wrote a pretty badass (and necessary) keynote proposal. The title is ”Values over Value: Leading with I…
Retweeted by Laura @suzanbond Exactly, I agree with everything you said (you’re totally preaching to the choir here). I also really en…
@suzanbond Not that important meetings shouldn’t be worth my focus 😇 But mine were often 1:1 or “status” type meeti… @suzanbond Don’t have meetings these days (still in funemployment) but when I was still working I preferred having…
On Brand™: Once a high school band from Reno I found out about through a mixtape exchange on the internet in my tee… @suzanbond oh I’m so happy to hear that! Not only do they make lovely music, they’re also lovely humans 💚💚💚 @OhMiaGod Also, it’s difficult (but not impossible!) to do all this on a budget — maybe start by going on long walk… @OhMiaGod Are you spending a lot of money on eating out? Can you commit to redirecting that $$$ towards buying good… @OhMiaGod An example could be: make a list of some types of sports or exercise you might want to try out; I think t… couple of days ago one of my all-time favourite bands Team Me released a new song and it’s really wonderful. Go l… @OhMiaGod Years ago I was drinking and smoking a lot, not eating particularly healthy, and not exercising much. I t…
@suzanbond We don’t deserve dogs. 😭🥺🐕Me: “In 2020 I’m going to take it easy with the workouts” Also me: “Ugh, broke a 5-day workout streak because I did… @suzanbond You’re welcome! Good luck 🍀 @suzanbond I turned it up a little too loud and woke poor Milo up from his nap. “A dog? Where?!?” 😂🤣It’s so cool to see people openly talking about and sharing their salaries. Thank you Charli for putting yourself o… love and solidarity to non-binary friends everywhere 💜✊🏽❤️ Glad to see #IAmNonbinary trending. Read throug…
Retweeted by Laura @techevangelista Yes, multi-account containers (it’s a plugin)! I do this as well to switch between personal and wo… Hubble telescope, lyrics from an 80s post-hardcore song, and the Apollo 11 lunar module. Very good weapons, A++… @i_koon Geht mir genauso in Berlin, alle so freundlich... wtf Wien *old man yelling at clouds*∙ Cover travel+accommodation (it’s not a given) ∙ Speaking honorarium ∙ Professional portrait photos taken ∙ Free t…
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@suzanbond Example: improving my workouts or eating habits might be easier in spring/summer, when there’s more fres… @suzanbond I sometimes find it tricky to settle on a single one, especially given work & personal goals that might… @suzanbond Regarding the Gamechanger, I usually really look at the passion roadmap and think about what would have… @suzanbond Sooo cool to see you’ve joined the Passion Planner camp 😍 I’m still using a leftover passion planner I o… @cullophid Wow, if that was an ironic tweet dhh needs to work on his communication skills 😅 @lukeleighfield oh yay, I love “Hurry Slowly” and Yoga with Adriene <3Alternatively, you *could* attempt to have proper conversations about boundaries with your team and co-workers, but… @ninabreznik You mean women in Slovenia do something more than offering tomatoes to random dudes in suits driving a… @agisilaosts I guess we have one more thing in common now and next week we can talk about how anxiety-inducing driving classes are 😇🚗 @agisilaosts After my very first lesson I got out of the car and my legs were shaking! I promise you, it gets better 💚 @agisilaosts Did you start recently? Honestly my brain is the same, and I used to get super anxious before my drivi… @selfawaresoup I feel you! A Polish waitress once complimented me on my Italian when ordering food while I was on v… @buckdoyle @hiro_asari I ❤️ the Bescherelle!!!
@imcatnoone At my old workplace we used Jekyll (which is a static site generator). It’s definitely not the fastest… @firlefanzski thanks for the detailed “reviews”! That’s super helpful. 18-month would be overkill for me, too. My f… gratitude journal I used in 2019 is almost finished, so I’m on the lookout for a new one with prompts (to make… @firlefanzski I’m curious about the CDG London one because I saw ads on instagram for it... What do you like about… @firlefanzski (I wrote a little bit about my setup here btw in case this is something that interests you:… @firlefanzski Designing your own sounds like an awesome idea <3 I like the philosophy of bujo, but I would need to… @suzanbond That’s great! I think it’s a really good step in our “always connected” world, so congrats 🎊🎉 @suzanbond The temptation to check instagram is still great though, so sometimes I indulge in it, and stay in bed a… @suzanbond I try to just look at my phone for the weather, even though I’ve usually checked the weather forecast th… @firlefanzski me too 🥰🐕 @firlefanzski sorry to hear that 💔 I’ve been using the passion planner for the last couple of years and love it! I… and dads of twitter! was sind eure empfehlungen für die baby erstausstattung? bin vom unendlichen angebot überfordert. #knockeduplife
Retweeted by Laura @firlefanzski Not sure if this is smtg you’d consider doing, but my planner has a weekly section called “good thing… @firlefanzski One of my “people highlights” of 2019 was meeting you — not just because we bonded over dogs (the bes…
@kpeters13 yep. Also why are men? @kpeters13 TRUTH. (though it’s also often about their pride, like the dude whose gf photoshopped his penis with a p… Women: My bf keeps me locked up at home&won’t let me see family/friends. He also killed my cat but… @OhMiaGod ❤️💔If you don’t keep a journal, maybe this is the year to start. You can do it imperfectly, sporadically, messily—wha…
Retweeted by Laura @KatVellos Hope I don’t remember this incorrectly @rachelnabors but you were asking for recommendations of books or…