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Anti-Philosopher and Off-Beat Humorist; a Cynic of the Old School of Dogs

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Postcapitalist Desire — Sneak Peek via @xenogothic @infrafem the way of the world ... the great corporate trap: you can get fired, but you can never leave your job. H… @SadieHartmann I understand. We just had four inches of snow last night, and yet I want to so badly go for my walk,… @KenjiSiratori this awaits you too @KenjiSiratori quite the opposite in Sufi traditions... beyond the mountains of Qaf resides the Imaginarium of the… @LadyLiminal1 @KitesAndPylons now that's a mask ... a zinger! @KenjiSiratori tell that to my fake body then, it disputes such claims 🤪 @KenjiSiratori i regret only pain
@KenjiSiratori sorry to keep you waiting @KenjiSiratori so sorry we had such a great time @KenjiSiratori my familiar gathering party favors for the celebration @Y2K_mindset yea you can keep the cesspool cities... i love it in the mountains. @KenjiSiratori my brother smile too @KenjiSiratori my brothers have answered
@_MattCardin @_MattCardin Yes, evil has the smile of a CEO... or, a President. @NegarestaniReza Oh, I've always wanted an mmorpg with Fantasy Philosophers from various historical periods who mee… @turingcop Yea, the only death squads he's used are militia thugs and guys who dress up in candy Hawaiian shirts, o… @KenjiSiratori @rusdaboss 🤪i write my own and have all of literature and poetry at my fingertips @KenjiSiratori just part of life, my friend ... we all grow old and wither @KenjiSiratori orgies of the mind, my flesh has left the stage @KenjiSiratori yes death is different than we think
2020 @NegarestaniReza Enjoy yourself, Reza; you and your family! 🕺💃😊 @KenjiSiratori softly @CSlatsky @ScottDw83298659 It's a wonder you're still alive with your mind intact. But I'm glad you are, one of the great tales of the era.
@SeppVonWiese @EBBerger Have you read Ed's two previous blogs? Treasure troves... @BrianMSammons Laughter is the beginning of Wisdom! 🤣🤪🙃 @EBBerger @SeppVonWiese When Ed says some stuff... it'll be the Secret History of American Paranoia: An Encyclopedia Lost Events @tadkins613 Ah, instead of Fantasy Football we have Fantasy Philosophy: The Battle of the Giants! ... Good! What we… @EBBerger True. I mean if the guy truly is a billion in debt it'll be a while before he gets out of debt jail anywa… @CSlatsky Ah, yes, testing the algo's last defense perimeters of civilized inanity. May you live long and laugh the… being a part of wild nature are typical of the great festival of slaughter rather than the exception. Humans… is the only liberator, the only power to fend off the gloom and doom of the dark and moody blues of pessimism. @Slctvdplcate Yea, I mean. do you see me writing about this crap on here? No. I try to bring a little humor. Someti… @Slctvdplcate Listen to me Sakib: At 68 I have Diabetes, Kidney disease, High-Blood Pressure, Gout, Arthritis... an… @Slctvdplcate Sakib, you have no sense of humor at all! I was being ironic... do you know what irony is? Saying one… @LadyLiminal1 🥴 yea, doesn't bode well... @LadyLiminal1 One reason I've been studying horror and fantasy the past years is looking into the common mindset of… @LadyLiminal1 Everywhere.... it's as if a day of reckoning is coming, and our collective psyche knows it; so that t… @LadyLiminal1 🤣 The madness of our times... @turingcop The Barbarians have arrive, and we are They... lights out would entail full scale chaos and violence, ev… @KenjiSiratori OMG... you are! @KenjiSiratori @KenjiSiratori i'm an underhuman @Slctvdplcate I see this is one of your better days! 🥴 @KenjiSiratori of the Singing Dead
2020 @syndaxvuzz 🤣 @syndaxvuzz yea, the ancient blame game of scapegoating... let's find a culprit, natural or human to pin the tail o… @KenjiSiratori @bratton 🤣🙃🤪🥴 i was worried about you, too! @NegarestaniReza @NegarestaniReza but then again bedside reading for the sleeperThought of the Day: On Language… @KenjiSiratori love's formula only real question is "When will the alien in the wires abandon its superficial disguises?" @Outsideness @relicn0cer The only real question is "When will the alien in the wires abandon its superficial disguises?"
Most young people, at least on social media that I run across, don't seem to have that capacity of laughter one nee… I like about David Gemmell's writing is the sense of dead pan humor, subtle humor that most people would read… @turingcop I can imagine all those banks that up to now financed all this crap deciding to bail. What will happen t… @NegarestaniReza That fits the naysayers who say AGI will ever coming about, too. But instead it will be clear thin… @KenjiSiratori that must've hurt ... those head wombs can be troublesome @KenjiSiratori humans? what are they? 🥳🤖 @4Q248 No you don't, believe me it's a killer. Strung out for five days you become a zombie without even the ability to laugh. @EBBerger PI is in your blood... you're a Hunter! Only a Hunter can find its prey.
2020 the Weird… @NegarestaniReza Kleptocracy as a way of non-life. @Gabino_Iglesias he's a boring artifact of a forgotten episode in American dyspepsia - a mind so stuffed with trivi… @KenjiSiratori death is the final payment to life's accumulated atrocities
@Kr8cken Your fragment: "People who tweet fragments: why" As a question: Why do people tweet fragments? @LadyLiminal1 @osteoconnor now that's a new one on my things to do kick bucket list: eat chocolate chili ... sounds… @Kr8cken You just tweeted a fragment that looks like a question without the question mark, so I think you just answ… @SeppVonWiese at sixty-eight i'm game for anything heroic dose or not 🤣How many of us die before we die? @xenogothic Ah! Reality, such a world is a pure fantasy of fools and politicians. @Gabino_Iglesias i could see a series of interlocking stories by you now with this themewhat if all artistic endeavor was published anonymously? would we worry over the anon's political flesh hiding in the flesh of the art @LadyLiminal1 🙀🤣👈 @KenjiSiratori more like this Hulk... 🙀 @KenjiSiratori no wonder @colettephair Language, don't you love to hate it. 🤣 @SPMiskowski Glad it worked! You're welcome! @scherzogallery I'm not a religious person by any means. I remember long ago reading about this white stone stored…