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@braxxxonetta thats not even the issue with it....... ur in for such a shock LDHDKRNFK please log out so i dont have to hear about it ✋ @braxxxonetta @fuglibetty this really isnt the same thing 😭 @braxxxonetta @fuglibetty the way youre going to hate it JSDJDKFKKF @braxxxonetta @fuglibetty and its a massive troll its so bad
@fuglibetty KDJDKDDKD okay spill 😞 @fuglibetty its so much funnier with the selfie you fumbled your bag guys follow my music account @AlienneMusic
Retweeted by ✩ ALIENNE ✩ @irratianal @ilovenosejobs THE WAY WE COULD LITERALLY BE EACH OTHER'S ALT LSJDODJDOFID @elijahaura :( @elijahaura :( @BjarbieDoll period... @flowerjanuary its so twisted NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO FUCK!!!!!! gay war criminals exist like can you imagine trying to live your life peacefully and the first thing the imperia…
Retweeted by ✩ ALIENNE ✩ @BjarbieDoll hi bae 😍
meatyhenri travels the world and exclusively eats mcnuggets on an onlyfans income thats so inspiring i think we should all be doing thatduring the apocalypse im more than happy to eat the flesh of conservatives to maintain a balanced diet in fact i look forward to it @DirtyBlondTexan yup! @braxxxonetta yes me in the back, you in the frontShits about to get real! 'Birthday Party'out this Friday thru the legends @palettes 😍😍😍@prodbymattu and i maintain…
Retweeted by ✩ ALIENNE ✩plastic surgery need it superbad yuh yuh need it superbad need it rlly bad yuh yuh
@BjarbieDoll we were bein too cutesy in private i needed to bring it back to our usual programming @BjarbieDoll and yet she does... every single day... @ratcrackhead @alcoholeic @fuglibetty period @quasimatt and also like u can read the article while u listen otherwise its just words about sounds and idc what o… @cephalonious @bjorkxchuu so ugly @CHARLlEZLUTZ exactly! @quasimatt @CHARLlEZLUTZ that's karma for purchasing the chairs in the first place this is why u should think about… @CHARLlEZLUTZ aus superior to both @quasimatt @CHARLlEZLUTZ doubt it @CHARLlEZLUTZ android quality photos because they spent all their money on ugly sparkly things and couldnt afford a…•)-(•) U Õ @CHARLlEZLUTZ i wish!some@people think "M" is a good letter but they are not smart people. they are bad people @putontheradio @AlienneMusic Sit ur uneducated ass down. You are too high on your high horse to realise that the le…
Retweeted by ✩ ALIENNE ✩ @putontheradio @charlixcxfan420 W literally exists........ @putontheradio @charlixcxfan420 calm the fuck downThis letter of the alphabet is amazing!
Retweeted by ✩ ALIENNE ✩ @irratianal PERIOD omg the onlyfans content twitter deserves @irratianal proud of u tho king keep at itlosing my FUCKING MIND!!!!!!! @fuglibetty @asukahomo and yet i did... @asukahomo even after all of your bad takes this is still the worst @alcoholeic @ratcrackhead @fuglibetty if he said he was attracted to pete buttigieg would either of you be surprised be honest @alcoholeic he seems like your kind of man @alcoholeic youre the last person im gonna let critique my taste in men go suck pete buttigieg's toes @braxxxonetta they're crocs @alcoholeic idc hes hot ???? @PHACCIA 🥰🥰🥰 @PHACCIA @silkyvoid who is this gorgeous woman and will she have my childrenlearning how to love oneself is such a journey
Retweeted by ✩ ALIENNE ✩ @putontheradio schoolies gonna get cancelled for sure @BjarbieDoll i cant stand you. @BjarbieDoll UR SO CUTEISHDKDNDKD IM GONNA SCREAM!!!!!!!!! @CHARLlEZLUTZ exactly... i expected her to be HIDEOUS @CHARLlEZLUTZ SHES BEAUTIFUL
@__SeanyBoy__ @DirtyBlondTexan can i get to know u better 😏🤤 @__SeanyBoy__ @DirtyBlondTexan youre disgusting. @BjarbieDoll fine... youre valid @slowthai i love you @BjarbieDoll you did not just compare me to this ug*ly ass pencil @whore4god who r u @braxxxonetta linkin park. @sneezegirl @elijahaura its festive @BjorkiMinaj hehehe @fuglibetty good luck bby im sure youll come up with something 💖u know the fucking vibe
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@BjarbieDoll the fattest of asses @SANAG0TH yaaaawwwwssss and the way hes so politically active and badass but i just KNOW he's sensitive and needs c… @SANAG0TH he's literally the hottest person in existence i think its his energy? like he transcends appearance @elijahaura is there like a medical reason or do u just profusely bleed for fun @AlienneMusic notchu quote tweeting me so your ugly crackhead friends can attack me for no reason and tell me I hav…
Retweeted by ✩ ALIENNE ✩ @elijahaura IDIDJFNFKFNNF @elijahaura i mean wow! wowhot @elijahaura oh pls im an amateur u would outwitch me anyday im sure @ratcrackhead @albtelebomb this is gay on gay violence @elijahaura omg ofc! i do tarot too but ive never been read by someone else i cant waitttttt @ratcrackhead @albtelebomb I HATE YOUSJDHDOJDODUDKD @AlienneMusic @albtelebomb
Retweeted by ✩ ALIENNE ✩getting my palms read over the interweb im so excited @ratcrackhead @albtelebomb @CHARLlEZLUTZ @quasimatt [slowthai voice] i said therez nuffin great abou brit'in @quasimatt @fuglibetty thats obituary serves... youre welcome @fuglibetty @quasimatt im down @quasimatt OFJDKDJDKDJFONDUDID well charlie's from shit britain but yes he is a cyberbully 💔set charlie up with a literal photo of my hairline and he didnt even respond hes scared of my power hes scared of who i know @CHARLlEZLUTZ 😞😢😭 @CHARLlEZLUTZ too far... @CHARLlEZLUTZ good. @CHARLlEZLUTZ SHUT THE FUCK UPSKSODNDODJLDJ they switch like glad im not balding lol
Retweeted by ✩ ALIENNE ✩ @AlienneMusic the @UN’s silence on this is deafening
Retweeted by ✩ ALIENNE ✩ @CHARLlEZLUTZ when will bald men be a protected category under international law i think its an important conversation @elijahaura ew... shes so grossggfjfyhh,????????? who says that @elijahaura oh idk i cant stand m*donna i stole this from another tweet KDJDKDJDKDK @elijahaura you have a strong hairline so this anti balding rhetoric is kind of problematic? yeaif a million men are balding, im one of them if five men are balding, im one of them if one man is balding, that on…