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@GhostDSOTM Just gotta stock up on rechargeable batteries @LOTRonPrime Just in time for second breakfast @Aleetoomaan Long live LeChuck @ReigTempest We're counting down the hours! @Adrenalizenergy Don't forget the extra DLC to change the ending @MonsterGaming Prepping for the @back4blood beta with a little Left 4 Dead 2 πŸ‘Œ @TooooMuchAtOnce We'll have to consult the sacred texts @litzycodes Shoot a DM over to our support team @AlienwareTech, and they'd be glad to check on that! @5trawbeerry πŸ‘‹ @Palomsexy They'll be back, stronger than before. And we'll do it again! @TooooMuchAtOnce We're not going anywhere soon 🀷 @LxCommunity It's tried and true πŸ˜…You either live long enough to defeat the villain, or they are somehow resurrected in the next game. @ChelGujarati We can't share any specific details, but we're working hard to make it available quickly. Keep an eye… @CoachCWC 😎 @KingMarlexia We said not to tell anyone! @traderbuddy69 We'll share your feedback with the team πŸ‘ @ant_morales8 We can't give you one here, but check out for all our sweepstakes opportunities! @RedBeardHTX Coming in strong 🦾 @Vertex__GG It fits right in!
@gideon__01 They’re both more than capable of handling it πŸ‘Œ @go_fake_vs Right nowDon't tell anyone, cause these will go fast! Over the next few weeks, we'll have a new game to give out every Thurs…
@aerwidh Well, The Outside would have certainly smiled on us πŸ˜… @LxCommunity You spoke it into existence @LxCommunity Alright, alright, you make some good points. But have you considered the flying car from FFXV? @Sigils @Parad0x_Digital Today is always a great day to play gamesAn awesome reward for 100%-ing a game should be the ability to fly in a New Game+ mode. What games would be cool w… @FallGuysGame It'd be pretty hip if we got everyone to wear the costume πŸ‘€ @Sigils Here's looking at you kid @worldschanging POG! @TeamLiquid @Average_Jonas AWTF? @Xbox No internet connection found @Dawn_Trader1995 Every game makes us love them all even more! @LoLipopkidss Days that don't end in "y" πŸ˜‰ @NeoKuroTV Exactly! Now we just need to tweet it every day. @e_kwesi_ Ssshh, not here. Check out for our current opportunities 🀫 @fath2591 The only way we know how to close out the day πŸ‘Œ @brandon79094177 The list goes on!
@oldcuppa We won't tell if you don't πŸ˜‰ @nicovald It'll keep the place safe while you're gone @YourCanalien Nope, just like every other day πŸ‘Œ Never a bad day to game! @Mccracken74R There's always a little time after dinner, but before bed 😏 @great1701 Already got you covered, Master Chief Collection @hunniebeezer That's just how it goes. Vice City always made the hours melt away! @aaron_bruch Sounds good! What are you loading up? @Bonnie_Payday It's pretty nice πŸ‘Œ @A_i @HKdevblog Time to start working on our "pspspsps" @Storange4Mike It's a gem @Storange4Mike Our two favorite ones right now are Death Stranding & Hades, with a little bit of Astroneer sprinkled in there. @Storange4Mike We had a great thread a few days ago πŸ‘Œ @TeamPenster @XboxGamePassPC Sit tight. We'll prep a pokerap-style list for you @astroneergame @XboxGamePassPC Greetings comrade! @never2fall Oh yeah, you shouldn't have an issue πŸ‘Œ @gugaiPod You'll get there someday! @Losbullitt Well, we gotta play something 🀷 @JMynceTM @playziggurat @rxysurfchic We were there! @07_saptarshi No thoughts, just vibes @never2fall The perfect game is out there waiting for you @eishdbxuiwbskso We're rooting for you! @Hey_Drunni We said what we said 🀷 @XboxGamePassPC Yes, indeed 🧐 @DigeratiDM Well, we have some news for you πŸ‘€ @m1cha3lo0o Every day that ends in "Y" at least @chromigula The answer is always yes @LBecker1993 That's okay. They'll be there when you're ready again. @Cosmicplayzoff Well, that's 110% if we've ever seen it. Careful out there! @VTubeGaming1 There you go πŸ‘Œ What are you playing today? @Yagami2377 We're locked in now! @LxCommunity Sure does give us something to look forward to πŸ‘Œ @ChinNguyensgin What are you loading up today?Today is a great day to play games @Sniff_YT We'll always remember Reach @1LeeAdams We'll have to pass this time @notlehxu Congrats on the new rig!
@KennedyUchiha @back4blood @TurtleRock These are for PC only @007Langley @back4blood @TurtleRock We only have Steam codes to give out @solariapheonix @back4blood @TurtleRock Nice! Congrats! @assasin344 @ColorInvert It is only for PC @TyWerdel You're set up for success 🦾 @AKA_Wonder @TeamLiquid ❀️ @xzerokps We're working on a fix! In the meantime, keep at it. @ShaunRay14 Yup! Our team is currently working on a fix. Keep at it! You can also try clearing your cookies or using a different browser. @SoulAceSnipeZ Gotcha. Our team is working on a fix right now! These codes are extremely popular, so we've got a lo… @Major1940 Our team is working on a fix! Just keep at it in the meantime. @francO_apcho Our team is working on a fix right now! These codes are extremely popular, so we've got a lot of peop… @G4TV @streamlabs We're down for that. We've got you covered! @no_heroe Gotcha. Our team is working on a fix right now! These codes are extremely popular, so we've got a lot of… @ColorInvert Gotcha. Our team is working on a fix right now! These codes are extremely popular, so we've got a lot… @TrendTechBlog We're looking into this ASAP! @SoulAceSnipeZ We've still got some left! Try clearing your cookies or trying a new browser. @streamlabs @G4TV Can we push that back to High Noon? We need our beauty rest. @Call_me_Abe Hmm, there is a chance it may not be available in your location. We'll look into it! @TatsuWamma Now's your chance! @TrendTechBlog Hmm, in that case it may not be available in your location😰 @G4TV @streamlabs It was a misinput! @back4blood Glad to do our part! Now we just need a full squad. @xbryc3 Our team does their best to repair or replace depending on the issue. Always feel free to reach out to…