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Ali Lozoff @AliLozoff Minneapolis, MN

Director, Operations and Strategic Planning, APMG Technology. Public media, punk rock, biking, kayaking and noodles.

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One of the first events we created at The Current was Policy and a Pint; Justice Page was our first guest, discussi… of the perks of my neighborhood is spotting Justice Page on morning walks and getting a sense of happiness/peace. @mikerugnetta @MarthaYoung I did socks for my mom a couple years ago and they were terrible. LMK if you like your source!
This shop has the cutest designs i found, btw, if you need your pet on a shirt: nephew fell in love with my cat this summer so i had this shirt made for him; now i think i need one for myself. is the first woman and the first Jew to lie in state at the US Capitol. Politics aside, that that is true in 20… @LauraMcCallumB @1a @fi_lowenstein I'm glad they are focusing on this and not just death rates. Super important aspect. @LemanieGrace @AllAreWelcomeUS Oooh bought @amywebb @hbomax It’s simultaneously soothing and incredibly nerve wracking and the only thing i can watch right now. @philsadelphia You know what, that headline was right: that was exactly what i needed today. @pronounced_ing Do you think they’ve checked their bellybuttons?
@lindaholmes That movie is so atrocious, hot on its heels is Sweet November. @jadeisthename @TheCurrent i.... didn't know that was an option, and now it's the only thing i want to do. please send details.Apparently autumn starts at 8:30 AM CDT in Minnesota, so here’s what it looks like on my lake. Welcome. It’s going… @PicardiMPR I’m so glad Brancaccio mentioned it, I thought i hear wrong. Made my day. @KerriMPR Voting is like wearing a mask; it protects your community as much if not more than it protects you. Think… thread here. I no longer run any branded accounts but A, they are good people who are doing their best in a tr… @smcgee I tried to get empanadas after a very specific craving and got a slew of "Opening Tuesday at 11AM" responses.Oh nooooooooooo!!!
@JeffMPR @dhmontgomery @mattdelong @MPRsMikeMulcahy Considering my difficulty in procuring quarters right now, that… @JeffMPR @dhmontgomery @mattdelong @MPRsMikeMulcahy So like, i sort my laundry into piles long before I actually do the wash?In just a perfect metaphor of {all this} my cat was asleep in this basket so i just spent like 10 minutes talking a… @syntaxjunkie @MaryMorseMarti Anyway I could discuss ad nauseum but i have a presentation I’m ignoring! 😕 @syntaxjunkie @MaryMorseMarti Correct. I’m a huge proponent of ebikes for accessibility and getting people out of c… @NifMuhammad If you want something less blendery try a nutri-bullet. You can pulverize anything with that and make… @MarthaYoung I was not! Weather apps say sunny, chance of rain 10%. Now big rolls of thunder overhead. Yikes. @MaryMorseMarti @syntaxjunkie Well, I do think the nice rides contribute to an issue, frankly. i rode one when they… semi-permanent testing site going in at the DECC at Duluth. Folks... Minnesota is on the wrong part of the pendul… @PrincessSushi @MaryMorseMarti Just saw this after saying something similar. Agreed. When I want to go very fast, I… @syntaxjunkie @MaryMorseMarti May I ask why this is specific to ebikes? I ride an ebike and am regularly passed by… @PottersPasties i BELIEVE i was promised a chance to drive it... @coreyschreppel oh my god my weekend is sorted. @coreyschreppel didn't realize there'd be so many umbrella patios involved in the anarchy! @linneaawake @winnerbowzer segments two and three are helpful. she may not listen but can give you good info for th… @4otf @4otf @doubleasterisk That song is perfect and can be played whenever @leckybang relevant @Staciaann You can do it! @twiladang and they were all so gussied up! very sweet. @TweetsByCollin I couldn't hear it over the sound of my own sobbing.Watchmen deserves all the wins but if you're watching the #Emmys and haven't watched it yet, check out "Unbelievabl… #Emmys it IS the new year for a lot of people. just go with it. #RoshHashanah5781 @leahgaraas I like what Mark Ruffalo's wife wore, and what Regina King wore. Cool and interesting but not requiring… modest proposal: Keep this format for all award shows. @stephopitz She is awesome and I love him.Huh... @chris_steller @janashortal and a hooded pirate on Nicollet Island. This story has everything
How on Earth did Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald Publish and Distribute A Racist Insert For Months? My chat with the…
Retweeted by Ali Lozoff @violanorth @WentRogue @GenderJustice Hard to blow a shofar while wearing a mask @Deggans 40 years it took?? Give him another, he deserves a few.
@johnmoe It’s literally the only thing i can watch right now @coreyschreppel @RandBallsStu Cooler? hit on the news of the president learning about RBG passing... while Tiny Dancer played over the PA. @Donniemarvelous Killer light show, too.May her memory be a blessing, on this Rosh Hashanah eve. What a beautiful sentiment and one we can all aspire to. @joshshepperd L’shana tova. It’s all we can do.There isn’t a scream loud enough.
@nwquah Already halfway through. Couldn’t have arrived on a better day. Happy new year! @RickNelsonStrib I want to live there so badly.grotesque antisemitic conspiracy theories like this resulted in the worst antisemitic massacre in US history less t…
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Meanwhile my neighbor is moving all of his office furniture into his apartment, including the biggest free-standing… to Dr. Vivek Murthy talk about his book "Together", about loneliness, is really hitting hard right now, f… most disturbing trend on this eve of Rosh Hashanah. Survey: Almost two-thirds of millennials and Gen Zers don't k…
Retweeted by Ali Lozoff @catiyas Part of my grandmother is scattered in the Mojave, she loved it so much. @mrotzie Now singing 5781 to the tune of Grant Hart’s “2541”. my sister Sarah fulfilling a lifelong dream to be featured in Dance magazine, and also making stages a sa… @dbrauer @richneumeister @meg_e_martin @MPRnews @DPDREW @MarianneSCombs Not offering analysis, but to clarify that… am glad I visited a few years ago, a long-dreamed of destination. This is heartbreaking and eerie to behold. @juliaschrenkler @laurenhumpert ah, remember company kitchens? good times. @juliaschrenkler @RustyRay1980 @HrishiHirway Well, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes ... something about sig… @RustyRay1980 @HrishiHirway My love remains unshaken. And while she is incredibly busy right now, @juliaschrenkler
@HrishiHirway Also pimento cheese is excellent. This is double wrong. @EgyptoKnuckles that is the nicest thing I have heard today. truly. thank you. @kellybarnhill This is the best tweet of the day.Please read. I have no more insight on this, except that both Marianne and Meg are principled, extraordinary journa… two-thirds of young American adults do not know that 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust, and mo…
Retweeted by Ali LozoffOne of the hardest working people i know. Sees a lot of the worst, deserves only the best.
“Shana tova” doesn’t feel like it fully captures everything it needs to this year. Maybe... “Shana svira” Have…
Retweeted by Ali Lozoff @Matt_Brickman Your turn! @Staciaann @Twitter @PatinkinMandy 👎🏼Release the b-roll of all of Billy Crystal's improv that didn't make it to the final cut of The Princess Bride! #PrincessBrideReunion @jeyca97 especially as they get attacked?In @josie_huang 's own words and video, here's what happened last night. She was covering a terrible crime, but she… @pistachiobrulee @noahreservation Yeah I take it personally when my cat naps in the other room. EXSQUEEZE ME? my lap is RIGHT here. @fuggirls we are all shamed by our zoom backgrounds. @dessadarling Did you see Billy Crystal?? Talk about background goals. @joshnorthsouth @emilynussbaum that scene is one of the few from the show that pops into my head with some frequenc… @emilynussbaum I recognize two shows and two shows only. @emilynussbaum I truly, dearly, completely loved West Wing and Sports Night. I know there are deeply problematic is… @emilynussbaum Respect is reserved for the men, EMILY. @emilynussbaum There are not. It's the worst. I mean - in what world? I know some producers have egos but THE EGO.
@mrotzie Oh undoubtedly. Still horrifying. @mrotzie I’m horrified (but nothing is truly surprising anymore) that would happen and invoke the Holocaust as an excuse/example. @johnmoe @mo21floyd And therein lies the problem; for the creative community there’s really no substitute anymore.… @johnmoe @mo21floyd I have friends and family who range from mild conspiracy theories to “jet fuel can’t melt steel… @coreyschreppel My mom was really interested in the 🦚 app for the iPad i just got her due to all the adds touting f… @RSGAT Yes @violanorth @dbrauer @nicycle You could have gone to a Dick’s Sporting Goods or something with actual hiking shorts and made it into a PLAN. @PearlsFromMyrna @_cingraham I love her.The new contender for greatest, most poignant six-word short story ever written.