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Ali Lozoff @AliLozoff Minneapolis, MN

Director, Operations and Strategic Planning, APMG Technology. Public media, punk rock, biking, kayaking and noodles.

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@JesseWiza I will help. Please let me. @DJJasonNagel @patiomensch @neonbabel Apparently everyone I know was there but I didn’t bump into any of them! @DJJasonNagel 100% hippie on both sides of the family. @DJJasonNagel You can go down some rabbit holes on ebay; tons of cool/unique options. We have a couple handed down… with the play music option on my google mini device and the first song it launched was by the pretend drago…
@FishMPLS A great dane and some rescue mutt that needs a home. @noraborealis Next do 40+ and 50+. God speed. @mtgurtin @katalogued I’m sitting in Juut wondering how long they will hang around @rawales2 That store was busy alll the time. I don’t pretend to know what’s going on at MAC macro but good lord, ju…’m wearing my Uptown Bar (RIP) tshirt and just walked up to Lake & Hennepin to find yet another one of my go-to er… @Lukanen Just spent two hours on a lake. I’m good. @maxnesterak @noraborealis Following and please start this serviceCan I survive- nay, thrive- at the gym for an hour without my headphones or a book? We’re not off to a good start… @ExtraPaleMale @juliaschrenkler @JoceKennealy @HazelKennealy Kite fest! #outsideinmn @ObiWine_Kenobi It’s better than ever; worth a trip! @ObiWine_Kenobi Seriously? Yeah... it’s kind of a big deal! @dynamofire TOTAL chaos. Even when you select what should be the correct word some random unrelated word shows up. @nullrend I used to save everything but in a fit of purging threw almost everything away, and i donated a massive b… a small stack of memories; also a small timeline of concert promoters in the Twin Cities in the 21st century.… @JesseWiza @JesseWiza Yo i have 2, do it. @SalSwift Am I one of them? @ampersandria WHAT. you're not paid for that?? isn't that a critical part of the job?? @purenoumena Me trying to meet with one more person than normal:
Mike is one of the best people i am lucky enough to have known these past 15 years. MY SISTER!!! First of her kind, breaking new ground, doing amazing work! I’m a very proud big sister!!…! We're hiring a lead archivist to support our important work preserving and presenting content from across ou… @JeffMPR see you on slack, jeff. @coreyschreppel Goddamn that place is legendary. @n_yang Disinformation @stevemullis omg i watched it 4 times before i saw the one in the back. what a bunch of adorable weirdos. @carolineroyce ALLLTTHOOOOUUUUUUGGGHHH if this stops even one jetski..... @carolineroyce all those freakin' gas-guzzlin' bikes, man. @munsongs @coreyschreppel Really sad news; I'm also embarrassed to say while I know he was great at what I he did,… @kirstenbarta i could honestly cry a little with the niceness. @kirstenbarta ooooooh! damn girl, that's a generous offer! who doesn't like coming home to a plate of cookies?? @stpmpls this is how I find out about this? Congratulations buddy! You deserve it! You young punk you. Congra… to final group of 2020 #MSPBJ40under40 announced today by @MSPBJnews incl/ @witanddelight @skibum25
Retweeted by Ali LozoffOn the one hand, I think tiny, efficient Nordic bathrooms that are tiled top to bottom are ideal and we should make… h i s. Please evolve your language! @JesseWiza @mfloyd21 @petebasgen I got some bugs and there was almost a plant apocalypse that i am desperately tryi…
@case_face AHAHA!! Best autocorrect! @njerieaton @stevenelsonmn To be fair... all conversations with Nelson are like that. @case_face Not aries! @mfloyd21 @petebasgen I will get distracted by all the stuff I could be doing at home like reorganizing my closets… up: when you do leave do you spend most of your time rehashing everything you did today that could be percei… @tubes I spent part of the holidays unsubscribing en masse and i have a lot of thoughts @petebasgen Not a gin drinker and I'm Mother Hubbard food wise right now. Not even a kombucha! Other than that - i think you're right.Work-life balance question: Stay at work until you do all the things, or pick up your slim-line laptop, put it in t… @BlackPumasMusic @MJMcKean @TheCurrent can't thank you enough for being here!! @MJMcKean For your consideration, a full concert from @BlackPumasMusic last weekend for @TheCurrent. Spoiler alert:… @scullness You can do it. So many good NA options out there now, plus the bonus of feeling better, being productive…, no thanks. @OtherDanMurphy @YouTube TotallyThis is good news but it shouldn’t take a lot of negative media attention to get this outcome; think of all the abl… @katebrickman @lizzieohreally I mean, she’s definitely 40++ @DeRushaEats @samehwadi @gtd_global Take me take me!Holy moly just the intro to The Circle stressed me the hell out. @jtgriffith @tine_cms47 @eriktmpls I see what you did there. @devon_spier I love that shirt! @coreyschreppel @ThreadSound B O T H S I D E S @tine_cms47 @eriktmpls overall R&H isn't great but there are a few gems on there, and on each subsequent record. ha… @jtgriffith @tine_cms47 @eriktmpls This one? @tine_cms47 @eriktmpls Side 1 ends with me in a puddle on Running, then Red Hill is an epiphany; still full of pain… @tine_cms47 @eriktmpls I WILL PLAY THIS GAME @tomrloftus @catiyas Tom that is quite a photo @MarthaYoung Get the chicken wings! @BillCorbett This is seriously the weirdest @SlingshotAnnie @anildash So many stories in this town and beyond on Pachyderm and the legends that were born there @catiyas @AllieMpls @RSGAT My paternal great grandfather made a ton of money selling what is now Kraft caramels individuals from a truc… @RSGAT I actually know this story but your relationship? Crazy!!
2020 @RSGAT Ummmmm what? @AllieMpls @catiyas I got one of these to practice: @catiyas REAL TALK - i still want to do this. @EdinaMNguy I mean, in their defense: @Lukanen People think I’m crazy for going there in winter and I’m always like “uhhhh check your facts”Happy #mpr53! That’s my own little thing, not a brand new initiative.... Thread below!! the entire time I’ve lived in minneapolis my Miami-born dad has thought i was nuts and done the dad-thing of “y… @janiehaddad did someone say pettifogging live on tv and i missed it?? what a great word bingo opportunity! let me… @MAKeliher Have you not read any Stephen King? By god, man, this is how they all start! @kenpaulman There are more lists but I’m afraid to tell you about them now @CoachBois Truly thought i was looking at heroin for a second. Super disorienting perspective! V cool shot.Tried most the dry drink menu at @marvelbar (plus a bunch of cheetos) with @catiyas. Elixirs with salt, citrus, mus… @kenpaulman ITS INCOMPLETE!!! No liz phair!! @kenpaulman There’s a list for everything @kenpaulman Divorce Song is suuuuuuuch a great and painful example of this @humanbean @chris_steller Could it be no one has said 7th Street Entry? @JeffMPR @coreyschreppel @TomCrann Fine but I’m still pulling for hoover. Hoovering up the last crumbs of something… @akpix @JeffMPR @TomCrann Oh man. No but yes! @mfloyd21 @MuccisItalian Good thing none of them are on Twitter @coreyschreppel @JeffMPR @TomCrann PIERCE!!! @coreyschreppel @JeffMPR @TomCrann Ford, Trump, Grant and Hoover. Who else did you come up with? @JeffMPR @TomCrann I want to see the list if you DONT think Hoover is a verb.