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she/her, high editorial illusion of “control"

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Due to the flood of support, MFF has asked that donations move to other orgs. Black Visions Collective…
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from Vicky Osterweil in “In Defense of Looting”:
Retweeted by alinegive what you can & pass it on! @basementscene unspeakably angry about thiszuko if he listened to carti
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"What we commend as 'real' in life as in film, and perhaps in Scorsese’s films in particular, we might call gritty,…
Retweeted by alineIn “Reverse Hallucinations in the Lower Delta,” @careforgotten considers New Orleans bounce music as part of a trad…
Retweeted by aline"If the argument is that witnessing this violence is enough or is necessary to galvanize action, my single question…
Retweeted by aline @porgemoji @_That_African congratulations queen!!!!!! love the ao dai pics
this summer is all about blasting carly rae jepsen while chopping a cauliflower with a big knife for the curry you’… recommend's online screening series of 90s Asian American film (May 29-Jun 7) highly…
Retweeted by alinehot girls use baskerville, garamond & minion pro @leeniebeanie08 truly the post economy is not what it used to be @arsepoetica francesco del cossa’s st. lucy??? (i love)
2020 @sayoyobae scrolling through my camera roll feeling absolutely disgusted thinking about when we could be in places… are obviously a billion things worth talking about in Peter Bogdanovich's debut TARGETS, but i've got to shar…
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@pokemonaghan please share your input w/ the class this is a safe space for intellectual inquiryaline's deleted tweets 5/24/20 9:52 AM
Retweeted by aline @pokemonaghan this website is free but the price I pay to be perceived on here is literally incalculable @pokemonaghan GOODBYE
growing up, I never got to see other pretentious, incomprehensible, & vaguely mean-spirited asian women represented… distrusting any listicles that claim to know the best coming-of-age media of all time if they do not include american vandal @leohdear coming to the conclusion that getting a roommate for content is just a more fruitful variant of fucking the text man for texts @mybrainshuge ok but the twists & turns in the gang leader harry one ... criterion collection release when @pokemonaghan imagine: one direction is bullying you but they don’t realize you have high-level psionic abilities ❤️ @asianvelma love the concept of “post-teen pop” & being exposed for being in love w/ so!yoon. the 1738 agenda strik…
obsessed w/ the post-apocalyptic survival horror video game vibes of these vacant pre-demolition alderman library p… if I was a disproportionately rage-filled child bc I just discovered this note I wrote for a catholic CCD… the deaths of the few loved left living I will Always love. I was a flint To bliss & barbarous, a bristling O…
Retweeted by alineThe Spring 2020 (free) issue of @FilmQuarterly, feat. a dossier on Asian American film at 50: articles by/about…
Retweeted by alineabsolutely formative album for me packed w/ back-to-back bangers & I love this interview! rill rill is still the so… @hyperballadmp3 this + after we collided ideal quar brain double feature
@againstcrushing omg great minds think alike let’s program thisyes, exciting news: this conversation on queer cinema that i filmed at the criterion offices with @reverse_shot las…
Retweeted by alineand if you want a lil appetizer of man meat and bones and blood, i wrote on her here: (warn…
Retweeted by alinececelia condit is a tiktok phenom (look it up) + vital artist of dark feminist fairy tales who twists traditional n…
Retweeted by aline @alyandaj @YouTube yeah I'm a film addict absolutely crazy about cinema! @marginalmarisa omg thao hive ASSEMBLE ... have you listened to templelove that aly & aj gave special thanks to some of the greatest cinematographers of all time in their new music vide… @getcerebral just trying to spread the good word!yes I’ve read the classics @sayoyobae when you know all the theory but have no texts to apply it to :'(convening the group chats to discuss the new carly rae jepsen
@theleenbean if you do both at the same time your cardiovascular system takes a screenshot :) @againstcrushing rip I only saw it for a second & she kept the drawing 😔reminiscing on how I lived the real-life version of portrait of a lady on fire & by that I mean I briefly modeled f… @leeniebeanie08 that & the impending lorde album too ... this summer we shall FEAST @afternoondelete it's 2020 & I love being a poptimist! @mermaidensblog tbh being able to sit deep in thought on a misty coastal cliff while wearing a matching bode two-pi… IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE’s 20th anniversary, some faded memories
Retweeted by alinebitches will be reading deleuze while recovering from an appendectomy like girl you're worried about the wrong body without organs! @sayoyobae me after watching one toshiro mifune movie drinking sawayama in the bad friend music video (dir. ali kurr) + toshiro mifune in drunken angel (dir. akira kurosawa)
@runny__yolk @gutnone @beka_yang @runny__yolk this tweet has literally been haunting me I don’t even think I fully understand it but it feels like y… @gutnone I am Looking & thinking about this childhood intro to decolonialism Yuri Kochiyama & Malcom X's birthday today, I'm so excited to share this reading list on Black and Asian America…
Retweeted by aline @pokemonaghan ykw I will unlock just for you queencelebrating the birthday of Grace Jones. For all of her visionary brilliance, I'm thinking today of the impeccable…
Retweeted by alinewhat it feels like to be in a group of young women discussing one direction in 2020
chelsey minnis gets it
Retweeted by alineperhaps the most dystopian update i've been asked to make to a story
Retweeted by aline @moonprequel no covid but tested positive for emotional motion sickness 😔planning to squander my one wild & precious life on being a haterwhile the TL is inconsolable I just want to say this succession tom & greg edit set to a slowed/pitch-shifted versi… @sayoyobae we should try doing the crossword together @runny__yolk literally that one tweet that’s like “remember your immigrant parents will always be more interesting… @pokemonaghan vibe check! discovery borne from quar boredom-induced nosiness: found this issue of a dc punk zine from 1980 my dad ap… @sweetbbrach alderman café literally the inspiration for the panopticon & yet I would do anything to be perceived there one last time 😖 @kelpinmywater please tell me more! @bingo__dog graphic design is her passion of the christ! friends will photoshop you wearing tabis into their grad pics
my mom is telling me about how when she went to parochial school growing up she & her friends used to trade saints’…’ve posted this before but I don’t care; book dedications make me so happy and everyone is sad. Here’s my favorite…
Retweeted by alineReaction cards from a VIDEODROME test screening:
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@bea_roland lol it looks like him? also I’m like 90% sure this account is a joke but it’s still good
this was me at 12 years old being disproportionately cruel about strangers on percy jackson matters. we need more asian american female cyberbullies @gutnone no joke I have found some of the most elegantly unhinged prose ever in fragrantica reviews! 15: Nakba Day solidarity with Palestine, always always from the river, to the sea
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Retweeted by aline @runny__yolk omg I don’t remember everything but I think they closed w/ wake up? it was a moment
@runny__yolk arcade fire was literally my first real concert lol & ynw I am not afraid to admit that sprawl II still hits hard! @foucaultslut being an asian woman who likes poststructuralism & intensely abrasive music IS a substitute for a per… you had a DIY punk or aspiring DJ phase in your adolescence there’s like a 70% chance you’re now someone w/ doze… @misterminsoo this looks so good 😭now more than ever in the midst of this global pandemic I need to know if pavement have updated their stance on whe…"My Baby First Birthday" author Jenny Zhang talks to Roberto Rodriguez-Estrada about language and dreams, play and…
Retweeted by aline @heroickcouplet portrait of a lady who reads like a house on fireeating a hunk of warm bread w/ coarsely salted butter & feeling like a pure-hearted young hero of a distant age who… marks the 35th anniversary of the City of Philadelphia’s bombing of MOVE. I return to this piece that we migh…
Retweeted by aline @bingo__dog do NOT google “billie eilish brother’s girlfriend” if you do not want to be extremely upset!
We have been publishing pieces about marketplace feminism since at least 2016, and every week, there is another off…
Retweeted by aline @anomalisas truly obsessed w/ this tom/greg fanvid set to cruel summer, I think there’s another one w/ getaway car inaugural issue of IN THE BELLY is available for download! Please read and support this radical journal by inca…
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