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Alison Sampson @alis_samp London, England

Draws/ designs. Now: Stephen & Owen King's SLEEPING BEAUTIES. Previously Winnebago Graveyard, HIT GIRL: MUMBAI Northern. alissamp(at)gmail(dot)com she/her/hers

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@SGirner It was actually my first comic since my teens, and the question was: is there any more like this? (answer… is amazing! Especially coming from Alison!
Retweeted by Alison Sampson @amyreeder I love it. Your design skills rock. @amyreeder It comes from @DCComics and your local comic shop. I was so taken up with the book I forgot to say anyth… just got to see an advance copy of Amythyst #1 by @amyreeder and it looks so, so good. Just brilliantly designed… this. Don't just skim it. Read the whole thing.
Retweeted by Alison Sampson @brokenfrontier @Arts_Foundation @Esther_McManus @MundyMorn @inksplattery @deuxdel Lovely work!Huge interview today at BF with the four shortlisted creators in the @Arts_Foundation Futures Awards 2020 comics ca…
Retweeted by Alison SampsonOk. I will try this. @julesscheele The art, the subject matter (less ppl take on politics than you might think), the intelligence, and a…
Head over to screenrant and check out this exclusive cover reveal for SLEEPING BEAUTIES by Stephen King and Owen Ki…
Retweeted by Alison Sampson'Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the funct…
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@gronbekk There's nothing wrong with Blocky123. Although it always *felt* like a war. @MahmudAsrar @jasonaaron @COLORnMATT Ridiculously good. @GailSimone I've seen it it nice? @gronbekk @BambiiRiiot Nonsense. Your amazing books and the art with them and all that stuff (I am a Thor fangirl)… @gronbekk @BambiiRiiot I've got to do it. Although how I will do better than what you have idk. But what a fun thing to draw. @BambiiRiiot @gronbekk Note to self: must draw Valkyrie for Torunn. @gronbekk @BambiiRiiot Both of you are magic. @gronbekk @MahmudAsrar I'm so excited too. This is awesome.How great is this goddamn @MahmudAsrar cover?! I’m so excited for y’all to read this book!
Retweeted by Alison SampsonArron Banks drops part of libel case against @carolecadwalla.
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At the beginning of The Personal History of David Copperfield i thought that it was a bit crap. By the end i had be…
Retweeted by Alison Sampson @MsPointy @alexdecampi But I was talking about a comic.More end-times drawings of @Davos , it’s been horrible being the #artistinresidence there. #Winwin indeed.
Retweeted by Alison Sampson @olliegerlach @StephenKing @Rio_Youers @Treestumped @IDWPublishing @peachchild @AnnieW @jenn_woodall Me too, and thank you. @missafayres @StephenKing @Rio_Youers @Treestumped @IDWPublishing @peachchild @AnnieW @jenn_woodall That's what I said :)SLEEPING BEAUTIES action over at @bleedingcool today, along with other April highlights from @IDWPublishing:
Retweeted by Alison SampsonComing soon.
Retweeted by Alison SampsonNews: SLEEPING BEAUTIES starts in April #1 of 10, adapted from @StephenKing and Owen King's best-selling novel, by…
Retweeted by Alison Sampson @e_charretier @StephenKing @Rio_Youers @Treestumped @IDWPublishing @peachchild @AnnieW @jenn_woodall Thank you!So I'm making my first foray into the wild world of podcasted audio drama, because 1: it's fun to try new things, a…
Retweeted by Alison Sampson @alexdecampi @prooffreader i think also SelfMadeHero published it - the adaptation technique is of interest... @alexdecampi Every Man Dies AloneEvery Man Dies Alone / Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada Rights are with @PenguinBooks but its my dream job to draw t… in April, here's Annie Wu's 'A' cover for our book #sleepingbeauties Art by me and Triona Farrell. @Treestumped is the best and she makes my art look so much better. #ColoristAppreciationDay
@AnnieW I love it xxxxxx @djeljosevic it is so awesomeNews: SLEEPING BEAUTIES starts in April #1 of 10, adapted from @StephenKing and Owen King's best-selling novel, by… in on this thread! Add yourself to it and find some new folks who are looking to expand their peer circle on I…
Retweeted by Alison Sampson @GailSimone @c2e2 @RocketSpouse you are going to have such a good time :) @GailSimone @c2e2 @RocketSpouse I took the train from Seattle to c2e2 last year (the Empire Builder), and can confi… @Biggletron @PiaGuerra And meGhosts. #AustralianFires
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@ClubSTEPHENKING @IDWPublishing @jenn_woodall That quite lovely art on the right is not by me. @EnglishmanSDCC Ouch! The Majestic won’t be our base this time if you wanted to have a look around at other options 🙂
Retweeted by Alison SampsonI've been taking a bit of a social media break, and it looks like I missed #PortfoIioDay! Oh well, my name is Robin…
Retweeted by Alison SampsonMore Handmaiden sketches
Retweeted by Alison SampsonI'm a guest at Thought Bubble this year! 💛
Retweeted by Alison Sampson @SaraAlfageeh @tulalotay See you thereGoya’s witches are the best witches.
Retweeted by Alison SampsonCreative Consultant @Tessredburn is back next week doing Portfolio Consultations from Somerset House! If you're a m…
Retweeted by Alison SampsonCan anyone remember the monumental Gerard Way queues at Thought Bubble 2017?! Pretty exciting to see him and the ga…
Retweeted by Alison SampsonWant to know what goes on behind the scenes of our exhibitor curation process? Well now you can find out in our lat…
Retweeted by Alison SampsonHead over to @screenrant and check out this exclusive cover reveal for SLEEPING BEAUTIES by Stephen King and Owen K…
Retweeted by Alison SampsonThought Bubble is go in mid November in Harrogate. Maybe you will see me there (to sign your copies of Sleeping Bea… at @mccreaman 's pencils from our The Spider story wot's upcoming.
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@sloanesloane out: that same city all the superhero artists draw, brown architecture, future design that has been d… @sloanesloane in: the real truth of modernism: color, abstraction and very good spaces made by hard work (modernism… I guess I’ll harp on this till the mentality starts going in the other direction. Books are by a writer. Comi…
Retweeted by Alison SampsonNB if any reviewers or retailers would like to see a pdf of this, please ask me. It is a standalone series by Peter… A deeply satisfying article on Triona's use of color in our book
Retweeted by Alison Sampson @route345art YupThat cityscape though.
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@JHWilliamsIII @mrmarkmillar @Rachael_Fulton @Treestumped @ImageComics @declanshalvey thank you xxxxxMy friend Kiron passed away last week and her funeral was yesterday. Her message she wanted to leave was "live on".…
Retweeted by Alison Sampson A deeply satisfying article on Triona's use of color in our book people think the past was like vs what the past was really like:
Retweeted by Alison SampsonThis is not a joke.
Retweeted by Alison SampsonThe beauty of #HitGirl in India thanks to @Treestumped
Retweeted by Alison SampsonSo, I’m writing Marvel Snapshots: Cyclops.
Retweeted by Alison SampsonAlso, I love these colors. coloring ever. Until our next job, that will be even better. Is even better. this at the weekend, and I could quite happily look at @alis_samp and @Treestumped working together forever
Retweeted by Alison SampsonSome extremely kind words here on my work with Hit Girl India. Guys buy this book.
Retweeted by Alison Sampson"In the latest chapter of the Hit-Girl world tour, where the Millarverse character hits the streets of India, Trion…
Retweeted by Alison Sampson @AdlaiM @DialHForHagai @Treestumped Thank you all. Triona is very good. I've said this before and the work proves it. @AdlaiM @Treestumped This is my fave work from Triona.... That I can talk about @AdlaiM @Treestumped Fine with meMy friend Kiron passed away last week and her funeral was yesterday. Her message she wanted to leave was "live on".…
@alexdecampi @SkyePatridge Weapon, yes. I'm helpless in the face of it (just been at a funeral- we all cried) @SkyePatridge @alexdecampi Is this that thing? I also sobbed. If it's another thing, damn Alex you are good at this. @AaronMeyers its really hard to get that kind of energy: its the kind of thing those DC YA books have. I'd imagine… @AaronMeyers a fun artistPeach Momoko is a good artist.
Retweeted by Alison Sampson @AmyChu @HeroConventions if you want to do something, let me know @AmyChu @HeroConventions flying direct to scotland or passing through london? @Wil_Moss a bit late but congratulations :)I feel uneasy when I see all these TV adverts for happy, jolly people being made happier & jollier by gambling. In…
Retweeted by Alison SampsonTMNT 101 is such a perfect point to jump into Ninja Turtles if you’ve ever been interested in the series. Sophie C…
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I’d take all my Toppi with these lovely flat colours
Retweeted by Alison Sampson @chthonicionic Really? That's... Something of a breakthrough Cc @leahmooreBBC4 are going to do Life Drawing classes? Bloody brilliant.
Retweeted by Alison Sampson You can get HitGirl: India from @Waterstones - you should contact your local one for them t… out this amazing cover for Sleeping Beauties #1 by @PrisonSuitCat! This book has been such a treat to work on…
Retweeted by Alison Sampson‘He was Middle-earth’s cartographer and first scholar’ We are very sad to learn that Christopher Tolkien, son of J.…
Retweeted by Alison Sampson @JeffLemire Awesome. Signed up.Never let *anyone* tell you that you can't be a Witcher! 🐺♿⚔
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Over halfway through this comic now and my brain's just like -
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