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الله يخرب چلاب صهيون
Retweeted by 𐩣𐩢𐩣𐩵العرب على اليسار والجرب على اليمين
Retweeted by 𐩣𐩢𐩣𐩵Guy dares put up Palestine's flag next to FSA's in his profile pic despite Israel aiding FSA Jihadists (and Palesti… aL isLaM in mind that Marib has been under the Saudi-backed Hadi's control for more than half a decade, and that Al Ara… Arabiya news reporter bursts into tears laughing as she listens to Saudi coalition mouthpiece journalist lying a… @JohannaBackup Ba'athism started off as a genuine socialist party until the Assads family came in, but yeah most pe… @JohannaBackup I'd definitely add Gamal Abdul-nasser there too in one of the better socialist leaders in the Arab w… @HoangMinhhNg Yes, and because Saddamists loathe Iran and by extension Houthis, it makes Tariq their ideal "Yemen guy".To phrase this in a better way, not a joke per se, but rather, very uneducated in the history of socialism in the Arab world.You're a joke of a Marxist-Leninist if the first names of Arab socialists that pop up in your head are Saddam, Bash…'t wait until Syria is liberated so that I can unfollow all of these IRI and Hezbollah blue ticked mouthpieces s… @JohannaBackup @BoughtTheRope Looks (and probably tastes) as disgusting as I expected.The glowing beach of the Arhar coast of Soqotra, Yemen. One of the many wonders of the Socotra island is this beach…
Retweeted by 𐩣𐩢𐩣𐩵 @MaxMcAdams @isgoodrum @CwisCoppertweet It's not mild. I remember when I first heard that when I was a kid in 2008… @C0INCELPR0 I recall reading that Americans are taught about Trotsky in school. I suppose it makes American sociali…سلطة علي عبدالله صالح منذ ١٩٧٨ وسيجرون نحو احضان الحزب لبناء اليمن الحديث الموحد، وتغاضى الحزب بأن شعب الشمال لا يف…خطيئة الحزب الإشتراكي اليمني هو بأنه تخلى عن نهج الوصول الى صنعاء بقوة السلاح والفطنة السياسية للإنقلاب، قام الحزب… @LockGang1 As an example, I do not believe that casualties are caused by Higher Power. I also believe that if “supe… @LockGang1 I don't like these cunts either. @LockGang1 I do know that many atheists identify as spiritualists. My lack of faith in religion has made me intrigu… @AssyrianSR One might argue that even the flags blur sometimes. @LockGang1 I am not atheist. @LockGang1 Religion has failed to satisfy my curiosity. @LockGang1 I believe in the theory that everything is matter. @LockGang1 Correct. @LockGang1 There is no "evidence" that consciousness is immaterial either, just theories that argue for either. @LockGang1 I assume that it is matter. @LockGang1 I am. @LockGang1 Probably. @LockGang1 I can't. @LockGang1 Undoubtedly. @LockGang1 Just a materialist. @LockGang1 Materialist. @HoangMinhhNg I did notice that many Saddamists in the Levant and Iraq support Tariq and his Resistance forces in the coast, though. @HoangMinhhNg GPC had no ideology, it literally just revolves around Afash family and getting them into power (Ali… @mutilatedmomoko She's right. The G in LGBT used to stand for Gamers before Gays hijacked it.Anti-zionism is not antisemitism. That doesn't mean that everyone who is an anti-zionist is not antisemitic though.…
Retweeted by 𐩣𐩢𐩣𐩵 @feezus2019 1. Your first mistake is assuming I'm a Houthi supporter to begin with. 2. Since late 2019 they've actu… country ruled by Marxists who already opposed Saddam long since the Iran-Iraq war (and even sided with… northern Yemenis liked Saddam, it's a very common story amongst Yemeni households that southern Yemenis were… @yemeniahr @realyemeniah -progressive country ruled by Marxists who already opposed Saddam long since the Iran-Iraq… @yemeniahr @realyemeniah Mostly northern Yemenis liked Saddam, it's a very common story amongst Yemeni households t… @impeachjad Guy is probably on some terrorist list in the US now and is trying to throw them off or something. @impeachjad "I'm not even Salafi"
@i_thesis11 Or German, Anarchist, Zionist.
Retweeted by 𐩣𐩢𐩣𐩵How dumb can an American being possibly get? @husayn529 @BBassem7 You can hope as much as you want, Assad will be a hardline secular even more than he ever was… @husayn529 @BBassem7 If you knew *anything* about history you'd know that America would love nothing but more mosqu… glowing beach of the Arhar coast of Soqotra, Yemen. One of the many wonders of the Socotra island is this beach… B: moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes whi… In the morning if my face is a little puffy I’ll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do… leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an aftershave lotion with little or… crunches. I can do a thousand now. After I remove the ice pack, I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the… skincare routine. If you're having breakouts after reading the news of Idlib. Please heed this: I believe in… @mutilatedmomoko Ukhti please don't show up like this. This will show too much of your forehead.Holy shit. This is hilarious. @ProletariatRis1 Not Lenin's, I mean the definition of imperialism that predates it. @edgy199z @PTK959 He's far too entertaining to be blocked. @HoangMinhhNg Lol I tend to think of Stalinists as those crazies who think that USSR became revisionist after Khrus… @ultrawitchery Yemeni men and Facebook. Name a better duo.Yeah I'm Muslim. Marxist. Universalist. Socialist. Leninist. Idealogue. Materialist.This guy is shitting on how Yemeni women look when he looks like a clown who forgot to put on his make up. of this meltdown over Yemeni women taking off hijab? How fragile. @borntomub @acsofian White anarchists do this with the Black Panther party they're always gushing "omg i love the b… @hamoozmugharbel Idlib didn't fall. It has risen now. @BoughtTheRope This feels like one of those wacky conversations those robots from Westworld would be having.As you could tell from the date, this was one of the Soviets many satellite states as it fell down two years before the Union dissolved.Many of you have heard of several socialist states, but you probably have never heard of the Democratic People's Re… @sarhanabdelbsir @world_to_win LOL I shit on Muslims all the time on this app. Chill, it's a joke. @Arbaeenmedia1 @dancohen3000 @CNN Most Arab countries are ruled by US puppets lmao. They don't give a shit.I've always thought it was racist and American leftists always told me I'm misinterpreting him. Really goes to show…'s war has been cranked up to eleven. Mehris having a shootout with Saudi forces and Adenis protesting in fron…, Yemen📍6.20.2019🥺 (part2)
Retweeted by 𐩣𐩢𐩣𐩵Lmao at these alarm messages from my last semester. I was spooked of missing that algorithm final. Probably because… be real awkward when Assad sits with all the those Gulfie kings that paid good money to see his head chopped… @Salmahaifa77 Gonna real awkward when Assad sits with all the those Gulfie kings that paid good money to see his head chopped off. @Palimperator As someone who's allergic to sesame. It looks disgusting.Would I rather a country such as mine that was ravaged and destroyed by the west and Gulf to remain independent? Ye… the very definition of imperialism, both the Soviets and Chinese would fit it, but imperialism isn't binary, for… marks anniversary of Hashemite tyrant Imam Yahya's assassination. While Yemenis celebrate this date, many Hou… is Ali Nasser Al-Qarda’ee, the man Yemenis around the country are remembering today?
Retweeted by 𐩣𐩢𐩣𐩵Even though I'm not a religious person, for some reason I still feel sad when I read that someone left Islam.𝐎𝐥𝐝 𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐚'𝐚 💙
Retweeted by 𐩣𐩢𐩣𐩵Being a sarcastic person is a pretty good lifehack because people will always assume you're messing with them even… @Dinkidi They had a guy larping as MBS? Holy shit.Considering that Hadi has been in exile in Riyadh for 5 years, is it time for Houthis to finally assign Hadi as the… stop sucking up to Israel challengeOld images from Basra. Back when it was truly the ‘Venice of the Middle-East’. #IRAQesque #Mesopotamia 🇮🇶💐
Retweeted by 𐩣𐩢𐩣𐩵 @AndrewBritani How nice of Erdogan to give Idlib back to the Syrian Arab Republic!How funny that their socialist politics always perfectly aligns with US foreign policy 😂. @AlMuntherO_O What's even funnier is that I remember one of them in that convo being anti-USSR, now I find out he's… @AlMuntherO_O Oh yeah lol the Rojava fetishization never fails to make me laugh. This group is funded and approved… @AlMuntherO_O Are you sure that China funded Rojava? I couldn't find anything about this. @An00d_13 الاطفال ونسبة من سكان إدلب وحلب ادمغتهم مغسولة من الإرهاب، خلال الخمس سنين الماضية عندما كانت مناطقهم تح… @mutilatedmomoko I can't believe you made this a thread with my @ at the top 🤦🏻‍♀️ @MidEastWitness Are Lebanese having their MeToo? I've seen a lot of horrible stories on my TL.