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CE of Accelerate, excited by the power social enterprise + ownership to deliver change, a wound specialist & champion of Compression.

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@gardamed @LegsMatter @DestinationShow @Leannejane1975 Hope you are having great conversations! @Martinfox2000 @CollegePodiatry @footindiabetes @MSKUK_Ooooo @SuzanneRastrick @BeverleyHarden @JamieWaterall
I helped expose the Mid Staffs hospital scandal – and I fear the NHS is about to repeat its worst mistakes
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @SolentTvns @AdultsSotonNHS @AdultsPortsmou1 @MoniqueRosell1 @TeresaH44724233 @elliethewelly Looking forward to hearing your plans 👏👏
And it shows wound care and what a leg ulcer actually looks like!
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @SolentTvns @SolentNHSTrust Excellent! Well done!
@StJoHospice And you have diverse services on site to support a range of people and their health needs. Including…’s going to be big folks! It’s going to be bold! Get the date in your diary and start planning your #legsmatter a…
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @suemcgi15702382 @WeDistrictNurse @TheQNI @AccelerateCIC @nhs_sct @hankin_louise Thanks Sue! Onwards and upwards..…
To my nursing colleagues, enjoy. You're welcome @arcolatheatre What a fabulous evening watching and really being part of Beryl. Brilliant, witty and moving. Just g… @CharlotteAugst @alf_collins I am jealous! I got to spend an afternoon in a workshop with him @AccelerateCIC
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @LegsMatter @AccelerateCIC Now I have to follow this through! #LegsMatterIntroducing LR Self Care Solutions - Our new dedicated online resource to support patients, their families & carers…
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @WeDistrictNurse @TheQNI @LegsMatter @TVSUK @NatWoundStrat The question we have to ask is, will our advice or focus… All these issues are known but not dealt with. We are in a mad world where risk aversion in assessment process… Listening to community nurses identify the system and people barriers to effective leg ulcer management. This l…
Exciting National role on the ground lymphoedema clinical educator leading programme of lymphoedema/chronic oedema…
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @WeGPNs @BrownNhsdeb Any ideas?
@LRmedUK Lovely legs but the left shoe is too big and loose.. Biomechanic colleagues may have apoplexy 😬😬 @Yawningchaos @fhussain73 @Projectsurgery1 @LettsomGrow @NewhamLondon @rokhsanafiaz @NewhamHospital @TJHalton @CatrionaRowland @NHS_ELFT ❤️👍👌2020 – Let’s make #legsmatter! Here’s some things our coalition members will be doing this year! @tracygood Doing e…
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @karenlowerlimb @AccelerateCIC @NCHC_NHS @LegsMatter And well done! #legsmatter @swinbee @karenlowerlimb @AccelerateCIC @NCHC_NHS @LegsMatter Such an impressive group of colleagues in Norfolk, al…
Great coalition meeting for @LegsMatter today. Fab conversations, learning and mutual respect shared with with our… for it @Leannejane1975 #legsmatter
@woundwitch63 Thanks Sarah! We are getting sorted... @AccelerateCIC @WeDistrictNurse @TheQNI @LegsMatter And here we have Julie in the new Accelerate uniform. Just the ticket!Hadn’t thought of that one, but it’s a good’un 😀
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@DrAmirKhanGP Thank you for highlighting the work of District Nurses Amir it’s much appreciated by those of us who…
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @StJoHospice Bandage 115 legs? @AccelerateCICCongratulations to every one of them! Extremely well deserved. Very proud of what you do in the name of our profess…
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Know what healthy looks like. Here are the SIX things you need to look out for on legs and feet #legsmatter
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @alisonleary1 Please tell me this is a bad joke?Sometimes our legs or feet can feel uncomfortable and swollen. This is known as oedema and it happens when fluid in…
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @RuthDymock @ShaunLintern @TheQNI @RoyLilley @AccelerateCIC This is frankly shocking and very sad to hear @elaineregenmed You will be very welcome!
@ShaunLintern I heard a new phrase recently when speaking with DNs. Deferral List. For people who could not be seen… and midwives celebrated in honours list ahead of ‘year of nurse’
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @johnunsworth10 @ManjitDarby @TheQNI @CrystalOldman Very well done! So brilliant for you and nursing! 🍾🍾 @johnunsworth10 @alderton_liz @TheQNI @CrystalOldman That is fabulous! Well done Liz and great for community nursin…
Thoughts and big love to all our staff and volunteers who are working over the Christmas holidays, looking after ou…
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins“Men & Books”, a beautiful song, beautifully sung, is the first ever single to be released by O'Reilly & Vincent ⁦…
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@lucylegslove @AccelerateCIC And what Stirling work was completed! Looking good!
12 Days of Xmas! On the ninth day of Christmas, my nurses gave to me, Nine weeks till next appointment...…
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @kath_toole @jclinnursing Congratulations. It is big step forward in a clinicians life! @caroleliztaylor @StJoHospice @AccelerateCIC You will have to pop in! @LegsMatter @WeGPNs @WeDistrictNurse @edrusling @woundwitch63 @AccelerateCIC @StJoHospice 0thanks Ed! @ogunso1 @AccelerateCIC @THCEPN @TH2GETHER @CityHackneyCCG @TowerHamletsCCG Haha! @StJoHospice Despite all the work, it feels a peaceful place to be. Everyone has been so welcoming 😊 @woundwitch63 @AccelerateCIC @StJoHospice Thanks Sarah. We will be planning out launch soon!
@ogunso1 @AccelerateCIC @THCEPN @TH2GETHER @CityHackneyCCG @TowerHamletsCCG And everything all at once... New IT sy… @edrusling @AccelerateCIC Ha! Maybe Christmas eve..Definitely happening @AccelerateCIC. Movin on up! @ONeillCaitriona @ogunso1 @AccelerateCIC And actually moving and installing the coffee machine was a Top Priority! @ogunso1 @AccelerateCIC You will be on the invite list! Prob ene Feb or early March... 🤔It's the LM Advent Calendar, Tip 21! When did you last pamper your legs and feet? Show some appreciation - your fee…
Retweeted by Alison HopkinsThis is going to be nice! @StJoHospice, @AccelerateCIC new home new branding! tell you.. So much is happening @AccelerateCIC! And here is our new branding! Ta da! @THCEPN @TH2GETHER @CityHackneyCCG @TowerHamletsCCGAt our new home. They are still painting.. Removal firm on their way.. @AccelerateCIC @ONeillCaitriona @AccelerateCIC @StJoHospice @BritishLymph @kash4027 @Cazhug @HAYLEY0F @karenlowerlimb It is a very…
We are looking for a Community Development Worker. We would like to hear from candidates who are passionate about s…
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @HAYLEY0F @AlisonHopkins01 @AccelerateCIC @karenlowerlimb @Yawningchaos Who would have a back to front sign!
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @LymphTherapyMW @AccelerateCIC @StJoHospice Thanks Mary! @HAYLEY0F @StJoHospice @AccelerateCIC @karenlowerlimb @Yawningchaos Brilliant! @RodHulme1 @AccelerateCIC @StJoHospice It does Rod! Mad!And the final big clear out! What a flipping amazing @AccelerateCIC team. Prosecco in mugs. #teamwork #proud @AccelerateCIC fantastic treatment centre. As I buzzed to go in one of our patients said "I will miss that buzz… walk across the canal and through Meath gardens, past the Jewish graveyard and to Mile End Hospital… @HAYLEY0F @AccelerateCIC @StJoHospice @karenlowerlimb @Yawningchaos Can I point out that we did not have the signag… just happened to our store room? @karenlowerlimb what have you done?! We can walk in... @ogunso1 @AccelerateCIC @StJoHospice I am having a reflective day! @StJoHospice We are Soooo excited! @AccelerateCIC @ssohone @AccelerateCIC Thanks Sandip. Nothing like a deadline for clearing out your clutter! @johnnynash69 @AccelerateCIC @StJoHospice Thank you!Since June 1996 I have set out for my work as a specialist nurse from this house. Today is the last time.…
@HAYLEY0F @AccelerateCIC @karenlowerlimb @ONeillCaitriona And purple packing boxes! Amazing! @fhussain73 Exciting developments in store for those who want to see and develop change! I see our small but mighty…
@ogunso1 @FNightingaleF That is excellent news! Well done! 👏👏👏👏 @lkashworth1 @AccelerateCIC @LegsMatter @karenlowerlimb @Yawningchaos @woundwitch63 @SamanthaSHaynes And we enjoyed… @liznurse48 @AccelerateCIC @karenlowerlimb @Yawningchaos @woundwitch63 @SamanthaSHaynes Really glad you found the d…'s the LM Advent Calendar, Tip 17! Swollen feet and legs after shopping? Put your feet up, do some foot and ankle…
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Creativity required for complex legs. How can we do this better? Food for thought today and thanks to… @AccelerateCIC @Yawningchaos @karenlowerlimb 14 clinicians now keen to explore and ask 'what if....' . Brilliant #legsmatterIt's the LM Advent Calendar, Tip 16! NHS staff - Many of us work overtime to cope with winter pressures. Make sure…
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @woundwitch63 @karenlowerlimb @AccelerateCIC @LegsMatter @HAYLEY0F @ONeillCaitriona @Cazhug @kash4027 Looking forwa…
Happy Maternity leave for Wendy our fab physio! Baby shower time! @karenlowerlimb Good to see Fran cutting up the straps. Exciting day ahead tomorrow! @AccelerateCIC
12 Days of Xmas! 🎵 On the second day of Christmas, my nurses gave to me, Two stocking Applicators… 🎵 #legsmatter
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @DonnamarieTho14 @LegsMatter @DebEvans66 That would be a challenge in a home or clinic. So much respect for you and…
This is an important document to review. Please have a read. There are some important changes coming that will impr… @PostOffice @AmazonUK @dhlukfoundation @Hermesparcels
Silliness today on day when it was very much needed! And yes a turkey and a Christmas tree on our heads… @alischofield12 @LRmedUK @NHSNLaG @ellie_nursing @HinchliffeJenny @PtExpNLaG Well done Alison!Brilliant partners in our campaign! Listen and learn from them to be involved? We need your experience and comments! Christmas Stocking or compression socks may be hidden under trousers but creates warm, happy and supported legs!
Retweeted by Alison Hopkins @ONeillCaitriona @AccelerateCIC @BritishLymph Are these socks?