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dust @alisonkate___ Blacksburg, VA

VT ‘22 | biomed & psych | she/her | bi queen

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@andrewkentt If hot boy is there u better give him my numberhooking up with a girl who has a perfect body is so humiliating. christ you’ve perfected your aesthetic and i am a…
Retweeted by dustIf there’s one thing ab me that won’t change it’s that I will cancel every single date I agreed to go onAre you really friends if you don’t have a shared google doc rating all the guys you’ve hooked up with ??? @HoodieHades At least he apologized @HoesChiMinh I rly don’t think he is that’s why I was okay tweeting it lol @HoesChiMinh U know it’s bad if u gotta call urself mediocre smhI didn’t follow you cuz I think you’re funny I just wanted to fuck
Retweeted by dust @HoesChiMinh @HoesChiMinh So I will never hook up with a man again ✨ @HoesChiMinh Homeboy rly said “sorry it wasn’t great, I was off my game ya know” @HoesChiMinh I miss zombies @HoesChiMinh WhattttToday I learned Shannon got a phat ass 👀Hate it here ❤️
Retweeted by dustThe guy I hooked up w last night went home and literally messaged me to apologize for how bad the sex wasNot JR flirting with random girls on Omegle smhDamn Michelle rly is a lightweight 😭hey vt twitter i’m considering selling these handmade crochet bees (in any color) so please lmk if you or someone y…
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I hate when men stay the night after a hookup so I have to wake up at 8am to kick them out so I can finally sleep in peaceDamn they do be fucking me 👀👀👀 everybody has issues with you .... maybe YOU’RE the issue babygirl
Crazy how insanely fucking smart I am in science but I could not even begin to tell u how to spell reustrantSelling nudes in exchange for cannolisJR knowing all the words to every drake & josh episode is scaring meItaliano’s and drake & josh kinda night 🥰 @HoesChiMinh Cap @Prestonlastname Nobody here is interesting enough thoI really was not expecting this but apparently 3 days after it came out I had already listened to it 100+ times I-
@flow3rchild_tay Ayyy psychological psych @socc3rgur1ie We should get dinner together 🥺does anyone still have dining plan money that they want to get rid of
Retweeted by dustNo thank u❤️ hate group projects so much @kaaylafrinnk I know but I didn’t want him to feel left out :/JR and kayak pierced me 3 times tonight and urself I’m butt fucked in Boston 🥰✨💕 @anna_u_ Ty angel ❤️ I will be looking into thisWhere on campus is open all night so I can study
yes he is toxic but what if his voice makes coochie go brrr
Retweeted by dust @agroveofhar @hab1b1man My mom is 6/7 she’s insane
Dark hair, nose ring, full arm sleeve, AND he paints his nails ??? Maybe I do like menAll I want for Christmas is the chance to blow her back out 🥰Finally have voice tweets but my voice is annoying so no✨ @andrewkentt Being in Lynchburg is a good reason tho @Blorn24 U always do king
Yall might have a ps5 but who still got this bad boy
Retweeted by dust @kaaylafrinnk KAYLA STOPLynchvegas bitches @fleetwooodzach @alisonkate___
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I hate this holiday but love the food @anthony_ande7 Never
Getting nipple piercings is the single best decision a person can make @thelormax_ Ur yellow as fuck ((and pink)) @ovenbaylo FIGHT ! FIGHT ! FIGHT ! @baukhagen PIIINNKKKK @socc3rgur1ie This felt like a punch in the face but I love u regardless @mitchdavis_ Orange :) @AshimMoona Love u lots 🥰❤️❤️❤️ @socc3rgur1ie Yellow magenta and pink 😌 watch out Noah @camsims800 I’m scared of everybody fr 😭 @HoesChiMinh Dating is a scam“Dating to marry” at 22 is mental poverty please just have fun 😭😭😭
Retweeted by dustLike u can’t help ur beautiful and have a bangin body 🤷🏻‍♀️ @AlexaNotRobot Shit I can be 😭🥰 @camsims800 Wendy’s friend date 🥺👉👈 @AlexaNotRobot Please visit sometime soon 🥺 @Quiksilver132 Marry me 🥰❤️ @__sarahcruz Shit where we meeting up for that pink 👀🥰😘😘If you can’t wear smthn like this to family gatherings it’s bc your family is pervy and disrespectful - has nothing… @Blorn24 Mwah 💋😘 @camsims800 And red fr @camsims800 Blue @CiaraW210 She always gets the annoying characters lol @AshimMoona Cyan and magenta :) @catherineurton Our amazing president 🥰❤️✨Hiiii @Blorn24 Red pink and cyan (bc u always do)
Hello I am now accepting attention :)
I don’t trust ppl who wear low rise jeans
🥰🥰✨✨ with men is never good @hab1b1man But I’m convinced any others don’t exist @hab1b1man Right here @drewgouge Multivitamins idkI was dared to do this but Hannah knows me too well 😭😭 @Quiksilver132 Give me the covid I’ll take it ✨💕 @Quiksilver132 Gonna fly u down here someday soon frAlison stop tattooing/piercing urself challenge @CiaraW210 I mean ur not wrong but damn 😔 @JakeRussell28 Welcome to the club 😔
Spit in my mouth
Retweeted by dustCould somebody put some lights on 81 pls???
@floralflareon @__sarahcruz I wish I could retweet this damn @__sarahcruz I’m a top but I’ll be switch for u whatever u want bbgirl @__sarahcruz Okay wait please .... @__sarahcruz Damn @ me next time 😔