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Politics ranter/void-starer/writer from North Yorkshire, now settled in the Netherlands. Green social democrat. Beer-swiller. Book-lover. Friend to all cats.

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On the plus side, I did find a twix in my supplies/books cupboard that I'd been storing for a suitable occasion and… @Lucan_Mor Ah, I used to take trains, pre-Covid, for a good ten hours a week minimum. Seems crazy now! Did I really… @Lucan_Mor Mostly quiet and calm. Excitingly fast. Just a few wankers!Actually, one reason I had to travel was to pack up my office for the job that I 90% left in April and will fully l… @OrozcoS14 It really does! I hope he recovers, but I can't say I've got any stronger feelings than that.I was pretty anxious about taking the train. In the end, it was fine. But it felt like a massive thing. I was nervo… @orridge_anna Ditto Anna! I can't find any sympathy for him at all, I'm afraid. I suppose I hope he lives. That's kind of it.oh dear, I see Brazil's resident right-wing machismo lunatic-in-chief has tested positive for Covid. Along with so… @JohnEvansTW1 Coming to the Marvel Universe any day now!my destination nears. This has been an odd experience. Apart from captain ball-scratcher, all has been calm, quiet… @Stevelo27481202 I do feel that dragons may be nearby!just one douchebag plague lord in this carriage who has taken his mask down and is, in my opinion, scratching his b… is so weird. This vehicle is moving as I sit in it. I haven't done anything except walking for months. We are… @Liberalscribble but it is cool David, you must admit! Double decker trains!The train journey begins with idiots who are wearing their mask but not over their nose. Covid apparently can't get… @graham_morgan1 No one's ever wished me luck taking a train before. What a world! And thanks :) @Jamessteel2008 Mandatory, James! So I definitely will :)so if you are following me, please stay tuned for a dramatic telling of the epic narrative Alison Takes a Train. Ho… morning everyone. I'll take a train today for the first time since March 10th. I really do have to - put it of… Ayn Rand Institute received a PPP loan of between $350K and $1 million
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No 10 have since said: 'We sadly have to backpedal after we tried to blame our problems on care home managers, as… @LeaveHQ Ah, the bigotry of asking for a single plausible plan from someone who declares they have loads of plans.… @troovus Les MiserablesCome home from work. Partner is coding. Hello darling. Silence. Hello? Turns angrily. Mrr? Why human disturb co… @verschuurejk Total bliss! @BramFokke To my credit, that is true! @ZoeParamour Tra la la here we are in reception, it's a beautiful day, tra la la take off your coats, tra la la tha… @drphiliplee1 Don't suppose you've got any Spanish Flu back there, have you doctor? Quite partial to it myself.empty office = private office kick off my shoes put on Aphex Twin sip some ice cold water do some editing alone, s… @GSWooster Already sitting on the step of non-shame, reflecting on my complete lack of guilt. @alisonkatebr I don’t know about you but i’m going to stand in the corner and think about what i haven’t done.
Retweeted by Alison K. BrownReally not in the mood for Brexiteers today. Sick of their spurious arguments, poor logic, faulty memory, and endl… @DaveSThompson Oh I'm sure they'll blame the EU too! "EU intransigence". And if you point out that the EU's positio… @ripx4nutmeg It has just been set to private, presumably because members were getting locked into a shitstorm of TR… @TracyCul I'd go so far as to say I didn't believe in it at all. @GSWooster Yes I blame you too! And myself! And basically everyone I know on Twitter... we have collectively destro… suppose when Brexit all goes to shit (which, fairly obviously, it will) it will not be the fault of its true beli… @prixsalop @mikebutcher Err, I was relaying a set of personal experiences of healthcare in three countries - the mo… @JeremyVineOn5 Today on False Dichotomies, we ask: should we fund the fire service whilst children also need to go to school?If pursuing the arts ever starts to feel pointless or futile, I think of this picture from the Pericles rehearsal r…
Retweeted by Alison K. BrownThere never was a ‘good’, ‘clean’, ‘well-managed’ or ‘sensible’ Brexit available. That itself was a delusion. And we did try to tell people.
Retweeted by Alison K. Brown @mikebutcher I've received treatment in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands, as I've lived in all three countries.…
anyway, now I will lose all my followers. I am good at that. I am glad that, for all their tosserdom, the UK gov ha…'s all a bit much isn't it? The whole world is a bit much.This guy has created a Twitter feed so unbelievably insane that you really have to go and look at it to understand… @Stop_Trump20 In my experience: women who don't pretend to be stupid to suit men's wishes.Blessing your timeline with Zen Cat
Retweeted by Alison K. Brown @blackbenzk Mauw mauw mauw! And love to Phoebe.I've muted JKRowling as a topic on Twitter. I'm done with it. Go and fight each other to death if you must about wh… @George_Osborne If that is true, it is very, very good news. But I'm not sure why it happened as the last and lowes… package of government support coming for the arts tomorrow - very welcome and just in time
Retweeted by Alison K. Brown @stepville sending love, not only to you but also to all the other women out there grieving the loss of their pregn… @TheAnnaGat Another favourite novel of mine is the one in which a young woman marries an older partially sighted man. @GerwinUtrecht What lucky kitties! @TheAnnaGat A kindly simpleton returns to Russia and fails to fall adequately in love with anyone. @GerwinUtrecht I somehow knew you would approve! @ChristienJanson Perhaps both - one for her and one for us!Also it was our cat's ninth birthday last month (we adopted her when she was eight). I am planning a lavish tenth b… would not be the person I am without the books and poetry I've read. All those authors have talked to me in my he… to be cheesy but I really believe that what you get from art, above all else, is empathy. You get to know wha… partner and I don't go to people's homes, or have people in ours. We meet outside at a distance / sit at outside… I wish that climate activists would not create doomsday scenarios that are not supported by any reputable r…
Happy 4th of July, American friends. I'm sorry about everything that's happening. Not from a smug outsider perspect… @Colin348089104 I've never found any humour barrier! Quite the opposite tbhMum informs me that they enjoyed visiting a cafe/restaurant terrace at a nearly deserted hotel. 'It has always been… sorry to Dutch people for stereotyping you as pragmatic and good-humoured in the last tweet. I do know that so… bars here in Utrecht have re-opened responsibly. Hand washing and sanitising abounds. Tables are well-spaced.… the UK will see what NL has seen: there will be at least one bar/pub that doesn't give a f*ck near you, and it… join me and add your name to the petition asking @RishiSunak to save UK theatre in this week's budget
Retweeted by Alison K. Brown @manwhohasitall It's very important we hear from representatives of minority groups though about what it's like to… confused here. Apparently there is a Men Poets' Prize. I had no idea men wrote poetry. What do they write about and who reads it???
Retweeted by Alison K. BrownBlocked The White House after being exposed to a series of their nonsense tweets that can best be summarised as 'wh… @TracyCul Yep! High octane wild life.God, all this talk about the greatness of British culture. The pride we should have in our long history of literary… racist, a misogynist and a liar walk into a bar And the landlord said "what'll it be Prime Minister"
Retweeted by Alison K. BrownPartner and I planning the day ahead, after sleeping for 10+ hours. Depressing weather. 'Let's go out and buy some…
@graham_morgan1 she is the same aunt who went on holiday to a stagnant caravan, so not a lot of chance of that! @itszilzalbytwo yes that is the joke.Maybe Super Saturday will be, in the (wrong) words of my aunt, a damp squid. I hope so but remain fearful. @suzanne_moore Hard agree with all that is written here. A very brave article in these times.We know this will not solve every problem facing our culture sector, and that more support is needed. But I hope th…
Retweeted by Alison K. BrownWetherspoons were granted 48.3mil. The entire music industry is asking for 50.
Retweeted by Alison K. BrownA play in three acts
Retweeted by Alison K. Brown @orridge_anna Hugs back, Anna! That's really hard, especially if she doesn't agree with your decision (but even if… @DaveSThompson Oh my. What will she/you do? @n03l0h Agreed. It is beyond belief, frankly. The discrepancy between what the UK says about itself and the way it'…, I'll just scream into the void that I wish some of these ratf*ck MPs could have heard the phone call I had… whole travel thing speaks to the arrogant and delusional mindset of Brexit, sorry to say. The UK's position se… sorry but UK gov's travel plans are batshit. People do understand, right, that on arrival in some of these coun… @Socialistdawn mum and I were talking just today about my grandmother's death almost exactly three years ago. We st… are you supposed to wrap your head around the fact that 44,000 people have died in the UK from this disease?… @emlynsshoes Definitely! It's not really okay to drink on a train here. You can, but it's... odd. I once explained… @Loumac60 Haha, I hadn't considered that angle! 6AM-8AM pub shift then back home in time for a hearty breakfast to… goes to a pub at 6am? Or 8am or even 10am? Unless it's somewhere lit by the transcendent beauty of an airport departures board: hell no. @lindseyvonn How do you feel about relationships is the real question, since in the end they're all the same, irres…
Looking forward a great deal to the rest of 2020. @JamesWoodfield awful thought 😕 @AdamNelmes Wales is a much more sensible place!Or get on a grungy overnight Eurolines to Brussels to start a job, move into a flatshare with a German bloke you me… @SaulAkerman Well, true I guess.