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Broadcaster & Journalist. Sports commentator, lots of cricket. Charity Trustee. CWC Chair. Speaker/event host. ❤️ Guitars, wildlife, nature. Instagram too.

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Really like this from @benjonescricket 👇🏼 & bit excited to follow the draft for the Men’s Hundred. Tactics, time pressure, lower priced names who’…
@B_cookson95 This is awesome news Billy. Can’t believe it’s been nearly a year. Massive commitment from you to rehab the way you have 💪🏼When the natural world opens out below you, you’re truly reminded of your place on this remarkable planet...…
Hello ✈️ If I tweet anything in the next week or so it will likely be🦒 🐘 🐆 ...if I’m lucky. *Out of Office @AdrianHowes @Paulnico199 Thanks @AdrianHowes 👍🏼The many faces of @Paulnico199 doing his thang as warm, witty, engaging & entertaining after dinner speaker for… night, well done @pborotowncc Champs of the League again! Always good to be back on my home patch @NorthantsCCC @selvecricket Brilliant Adam, you did it!! 🙌🏼👏🏼💪🏼 @CricketersTrust @PCA @Ben_Brown26 @ThreePeaks2019 @SussexCCC @Gloscricket One more mountain to go - amazing effort - smash it! 👊🏼For the first time since our entry into the AFL in 1997, we will have one logo that brings together our proud past…
Retweeted by Alison MitchellLove the logo, and this film @PAFC #pafc150
New Eng Men’s Head Coach Chris Silverwood on winning back the Ashes, finding batters, finding spinners, Brexit, and… London Marathon champion Eliud Kipchoge has made history. He is the first man ever to run a marathon in…
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@LeachSpecs Wow, you get everywhere!! 🧐😆 @natsciver Massive congrats to you both! #mrs&mrs 🍾 @ChiaraCervasio1 @sanlam Thanks Chiara, glad you got a lot out of it :) @sthalekar93 @ACA_Players Brilliant support & policy for the modern sporting landscape (can we bring this in for fr… you @SanlamUK @performancecat for inviting me to share career broadcasting experiences on panel alongside Oly… to England Learning Disabilities team down under! Winning their 3 match ODI series with one to play 🏆… is a talented runner who has hemiplegia, which means the whole of the right side of his body is affected. Curr…
Retweeted by Alison MitchellJust listened to Adam on 5live, speaking with real clarity about his unease of running in public. People will be lo…
@Inkster_sport @Myriography @flipflytumble @TelegraphSport Excellent coverage @Anna_Kessel & team 👌🏼Just got stopped on the tube by a guy who noticed I was reading this book, and wanted to enthuse about it. I’m a bi… were amongst the first to use this technology, and mental health remains at the forefront of their player welfa…
Good chat with @timdavid8, who is following in his father’s footsteps with Singapore. More in the full prog, out la… forward to sharing learnings from sport & broadcasting this Thursday in London city. Event by former… signing this by @HeatBBL. Banton joins AB de Villiers there... Congrats @TomBanton18
@WomensCricBlog Tweeted again to clarify...To clarify, I’m told below are the min salary recommendations FOR 2019... not from 2019 onwards. The minimums for 2… @Ponty100mph Yes. Real stories will come from the significant decision current amateurs make if offered a pro contr… 40 domestic women’s contracts (5 per region) means, even with added Eng contracted players, domestic teams wil… games that aren't televised, but are streamed live around the world, county cricketers can currently wear smart…
Retweeted by Alison MitchellWorth noting, research methods & figures are presented throughout the doc. Qs about accountability & measuring succ… sections on the base of the pyramid: All Stars, through schools (@Chance2Shine continues to be vital here), thr… @andyfs3 @ECB_cricket Yep just been going through the stated aims on that front. Will post.The @ECB_cricket Women’s & Girls’ Cricket plan is an enourmous piece of work. This is only one page, but key for me…
@GeoffreyBoycott You haven’t told him about a high front elbow yet? Gorgeous photo. Love to the family!A coach reaching the top in his game. Massive, and well deserved opportunity for Chris Silverwood, with hugely exci…“I am thrilled & honoured to be appointed England Head Coach. “I aim to continue the great work that has been done…
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Ahhhh. Strictly was a bit of a challenge for Anneka, wasn’t it @shannonbyrne23 @WanderersNT @NFCTigers @SDFCCROCS @AFLNT @abcdarwin @abcgrandstand @AFL Great stuff Shannon!
@benjamin_craig It will be the premier dom comp for Women in this country, featuring international players as well.… @HTrub88 @hainba67 An answer is due to be forthcoming next week. Women’s dom structure being wholly revamped. @hainba67 @HTrub88 Hence why this comp needs to have a stronger, wider structure beneath it. That’s the big unknown… @Gareth129Gareth The Hundred won’t on its own. The whole women’s domestic structure is being revamped. Due to hear… @Gareth129Gareth Men’s Test players I believe will only be available for 3 group matches plus Finals Day. In their… Salaries. Disappointingly low for women, but recognise commercial start point is way behind. Need to see ho… Shirts: Liking the visible name across top of shoulder, rather than sponsor’s name there. Putting the fan first… Comp sponsors: Shirts do look like crisp packets. However, reading reports KP has promised ECB to cut fat & salt… Team picks - Once it starts, most importantly is top players v top players. Root is still a Yorkshireman, but th… on 💯: 1) Liked the joint announcement men & women (think msg is through that comp is for both, and needs…
Yessssss KJT!!!! 🥇 #Doha2019
Hugely important part of the night 👇🏼 #PCAawards50 know it’s the end of the season when.... Looking forward to this tonight! #PCAAwards50
Wow. What a lovely afternoon at the Cricket Writers dinner. Over the moon to have won this award. This ones for the…
Retweeted by Alison MitchellAnother award for Tom Banton as he is named Young Cricketer of the Year by the prestigious Cricket Writers’ Club 👊 #WeAreSomerset
Retweeted by Alison MitchellIt’s official: @GeoffLemonSport has done the triple, winning the Cricket Writers’ Club book of the year for his mig…
Retweeted by Alison Mitchell🏆 | BETH MORGAN WINS CWC AWARD! Congratulations to legend of @MiddxCCCWomen's cricket @bethmorgan22, who was today…
Retweeted by Alison MitchellAlmost last to leave and always a good sign when lunch finishes at night! Thank you to everyone who supported the C… you @LondonMarriott for the massive welcome on arrival earlier - literally huge!
@barneydouglas @TheEdgeFilm2019 Awesome Barney! @C_Edwards23 @chedwardes My dad after catching the end of an item on the tele yesterday - “Has Lottie got a column in the Sunday Times??”
@Sara_Orchard @5liveSport @PhilipaTuttiett @NHunt09 @Sonjamclaughlan Sounds like a few more Aussies in the stadium… is back on @7Cricket down under! So much action. Can’t wait to rejoin for the men’s Tests 🙌🏼🏏🎙 country’s most dominant sporting team @AusWomenCricket launch @7Cricket season at 2.30pm AEST today! Get around…
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@snedds91 Nice one, I will do 👍🏼 @nundah_xi @collinsadam I have an Aussie side to my family who did the deed 👌🏼 #pafc @collinsadam Knew you would be! xA one-sided GF wasn’t quite what I set the early alarm for in UK... but gotta admire this 🐯 rout. Also, they have t…
In 2006 my dream came true and I beam with pride at what I've achieved over the years, alongside the best players a…
Retweeted by Alison MitchellSarah Taylor has retired from international cricket, citing that anxiety has affected her ability to enjoy the game… @AlisonMitchell @CountyChamp @NorthantsCCC Championship has done lots of hard work to make it easier to access. Cam…
Retweeted by Alison Mitchell @AlisonMitchell @CountyChamp @NorthantsCCC County cricket fans dont always get to go to games due to scheduling. Bu…
Retweeted by Alison Mitchell @AlisonMitchell @CountyChamp @NorthantsCCC The live-streams have been such a brilliant gift from the county clubs.
Retweeted by Alison Mitchell @AlisonMitchell @CountyChamp @NorthantsCCC I've been to one day's play in the Championship this century - life and…
Retweeted by Alison MitchellNot bad bowlers to want to emulate eh @si610 @flintoff11 @shoaib100mph @BrettLee_58!! Mugh more from @SaqMahmood25 many friends from my home County who don’t/can’t spend time physically attending @CountyChamp been messaging to…‼️ PODCAST ‼️ On #BBCStumped we hear from: 🔥 England's fast bowling hope @SaqMahmood25 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 The 43 year old…
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Congrats @EssexCricket 🏆- and Taunton giving fantastic ovation for @SomersetCCC @Trescricket leaving the field...... on the field! What career. What a player. Immense on the field, and of course off it. 27 years. Much more than half my life.Ooooh Taunton could yet have a twist! Wouldn’t put it past season of 2019 #SomvEss @CountyChampSaqib Mahmood tells me of social media abuse after he couldn’t get a visa to tour India earlier this year. Happier…
@_hypocaust @RafNicholson @mroller98 I asked ECB for KSL attendances on Finals Day, to compare with previous years.…
i mean, things like this are happening. And again just now, albeit for 4
Retweeted by Alison MitchellWomen’s international v SA. Cricket crowds in India ❤️ @em_john @SomersetCCC @Trescricket Haha happy b’day Emma! We sure do spend birthdays in cool places!
The 2019 cricket season. When good times never seemed so good. And the Hollies Stand agreed. Congrats Essex!… @PamMelbourne Thoughts with you Pam.... Bet it will be good to be home indeed xFantastic evening @tofautitribe Conservation Ball. Founder @cristacullen5 passionate and driven to create change in… match overall, but this try was 👌🏼
New ep of #BBCStumped including, the Amazing Spider-Cam 🕷 🇩🇪 🎥 Ponting tells me on stage at @AusHouseLondon #Tasmania event, he believes Steve Smith will captain Australia… @jimmaxcricket in Ipswich, Sunil Gupta in Delhi, and me, well, here - we’ll take you into the beautiful German… @BBCNorthampton @AndyLambourne I wonder if he went down the Welly Road afterwards?Australia’s Don Bradman was one of the greatest batsman in cricket history- the scourge of England’s bowlers. Foota…
Retweeted by Alison MitchellIn a few days where some forms of ‘journalism’ have come under attack, #JohnHumphrys is the reason why I’m fiercely…
So much admiration watching #GarethThomas in his documentary, taking charge of his life & situation. Less happy a… @thomsc Hi Scott, great to chat :) I hope your daughters continue to love everything they do!Great stories but brilliant insight into leadership from Ricky in particular. Thanks for hosting a wonderful evenin…