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@katoi Butch was never welcome in my environ. Neither admired by girls nor desired by boys. It was by only encourag… @airbus63 Me too. We didn’t share. @katoi Jesus. Best school friends, eh? Those we first trust with our souls. I’m so sorry for that as your betrayal.… was called Son at school. Was beaten by boys for being a ‘poof’, and assaulted by girl-gangs looking for my cock.… @AngelcityIain 1977? Same couldn’t be said where I lived.Me, aged 16, 1977, before non-binary was a thing, when no ‘girls’ looked like this and were battered for it, and be… gig, that one with #Burberry. There I met the composer/arranger. @joeduddell and we wrote this together.… I sang for Burberry. Big Alf rarely in a wish-list for fashion houses, and that.
@PaulBurston Beautiful boy xx @lewispringle Xxx @1st5things They have no idea what it was to oppose the norms and have not one single media fucker stand your corner. @1st5things Brave New Horizons. I remember the first things people checked was if your trousers were straight or fl… @MikeFountain14 @KarenDovaston No. In those days it was The Highway (our local not so local) & Sweeneys. @Jeanseenseldom They worried less than they did for my sister who looked like a girl. @Jeanseenseldom So no. Assaulted many a time. @Sarcastit Monkey Boots. Know your overalls, light-weight. @EmmaKennedy I think this means he wants young unmarried men to be forcedly administered Phenoxybenzamine. That’s jolly thoughtful of him.
@julieworsley1 Happy Birthday. Lovely girl xx @julieworsley1 Xxx @Indra68 @blondsteve Not as an artist. Only in terms of front line media attention. Something I thank my lucky stars for. It is a zoo.I didn’t know her, but I can’t imagine what hideousness it is to be a front-line media figure and TV star in this day and age. @warrenb1173 Going viral is the least of my ambitions. Just behind doing a Rock Choir cover of ‘I believe I can fly’.#Brighton #WesFest #TheHaunt Invited up for the encore. Band here includes Daughter 2 on Bass & the Old man, in the…
Retweeted by Alison MoyetHow depressing. Young women, your future is brighter than this.
@Baddiel @FT Both eager to watch and appalled that the material facts need reiterating.As I have oft said. No woman about her daily business is ‘displaying’ or ‘showing-off’ her body. They take them wit… Feb 2019 Tears for Fears Special Guest ⁦@AlisonMoyet⁩ at #NottinghamArena. Methinks a good percentage of the c…
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@SLeclse You know it @laboriemarie @Paysan473 @Fils2Psy @LPJMexique @revistaproceso @MaiteOficial @rubavi @gaillardevelyn1 @Betyt000 @snolledolle No I didn’t. Other women say that for you.
@knowledgeisall It is of us, isn’t it. I too now live by the sea. Basildon as New Town was a brilliant place to be,… @knowledgeisall Love your Bas-Boy heart x @nader_almaani Have a quadruple :-) @suzanne_moore Me too! Albeit honourable :-) @Chris1966 @suzanne_moore I didn’t use the name I have. I wouldn’t want differential treatment.My BRIT days. Little-Big lass. Oh, but to have had a Pantalaimon. @alisonmoyetnews Is it possible to empathise with your kid-self witnessing your own discomfort and shyness? It seem… @suzanne_moore I applied for an arts course 2 years ago but they wouldn’t consider me as I have no A Levels. So lat… @angelmicki A man who will not take responsibility for the destination of his own sperm and hates abortion is a fool. @angelmicki I am saying the men who oppose & deplore abortion and don’t know the will of their sexual partner are a… @SaberGai Birth fathers, however, must accept their responsibility for a life. If they are not willing, they must t… @SaberGai Fathers,untainted by abuse,absolutely should have rights.I defend these men absolutely.A separation is no… Black in America This broke my heart 💔
Retweeted by Alison Moyet @Indra68 That is not an offshoot of reason. It’s an offshoot of faux-religious patriarchy.
@gazzinator Hahaha @scalzi That requires more button pressing than my feckless arse can handle, John. I have but admiration for you.Mostly I delete tweets because I can’t be arsed to have the same conversation for more than 24 hours. I’m fickle like that. @funder @MadgeCiccone @realDonaldTrump Did he face-plant into an Ultra Always? I hate when that happens. @CamdenJonathan @Baddiel I loved Joker. Really did. Joaquin Phoenix is mesmerising in it. Splendid. @Baddiel Loved 1917, but the bit about the young, unmolested woman in hiding with a calm albeit starving baby was a…
@the_mysterypoet @Jeanseenseldom @mo04528689 Thank you so much x @FeministBorgia @ParasiteMovie Not seen that. A recommend?New to the party, but @ParasiteMovie ? Just splendid. @airbus63 Yes. It is going to be sorely challenged, I’m sure. @Xskix598 @eliistender10 Falconry. This was to be found at Herstmonceux Castle. East Sussex. The guy is simply fant… @JackieLeonard01 Spoil sport @journojoel I may just have shamed myself. I suspect I should delete and consider it mere art shared betwixt we two :-)Don’t drug women’s drinks. Don’t date rape women. Don’t target women who are on their own. Be a good human. Fuck s…
Retweeted by Alison MoyetThe bpas Finsbury Park clinic this morning. No problems with anti-abortion groups before and now there are 45 prote…
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@eliistender10 Today my youngest daughter, her Christmas present to me, took me Hawking. On account of the fact she… @Indra68 @David_Challen I have to understand us or be perpetually perplexed. @Indra68 @David_Challen I am far from condoning. Far from it. Trying to understand damage is just that. We can empa… @Indra68 @David_Challen Agreed. No argument made against that truth here. @Indra68 @David_Challen You are missing my gist. I am speaking of the judge and her conclusion. I am with you. @lordingit @David_Challen Ascertain! obvs ! @lordingit @David_Challen It hasn’t. I am merely shouting into the wind. @lordingit @David_Challen I mean to a certain their suitability . @lordingit @David_Challen Judges patently need councilling before they are raised to their seats. @lordingit @David_Challen The judge appears to be that womam with Stockholm syndrome. @lordingit @David_Challen Don’t be. It’s appalling in the extreme. I merely try to understand first. In this instan… @janeclarejones Curly was always my dream. I love your hair. I was gifted a halo of pubes. And I can’t be arsed to… @David_Challen That is the kindest conclusion I can arrive at. @David_Challen I can only imagine it is justification for accepting herself similar treatment. All else would requi…
And now I’m at your door. ✨♥️✨ Ohhhh... I just love this song #TheRarestBirds by @AlisonMoyet ... this part hits my…
Retweeted by Alison Moyet.@Schofe was ever kind and warm and welcoming to me these many, many years. Wishing him and his family every kindness. @BootstrapCook People who bring us down only want company. It can be lonely on that level xI am made far more ashamed of spelling a word wrong than tweeting a colossal swear. I’m such a Cnut.
@AlisonMoyet @guysigsworth in fact, FIRING IT UP!
Retweeted by Alison MoyetWorking with @guysigsworth brought about my erstwhile favourite albums. Thanks to those who endured long enough eno… @Philippa_Perry #BuyingIt @malprin I’m so sorry you’re poorly. May I wish you a happy birthday in abeyance of a better day? I hope very much…
@airbus63 Oh, André. I’m so sorry. I know too well that pain. I hope you have all the support you can withstand and… @hawlyou @unicornthejayne I know fiery matriarchs.Most often they were punching back. It’s not a competition.All of… @Classicalbanksy Sorry fella. You’ll know I write my own songs and those I don’t are tendered through management. Details on my profile x @Indra68 @hawlyou Indra. I’m so sorry xxx @hawlyou Middle classed? I come from Basildon. My gran worked in Woolworths, my grandad was a milkman. My dad left… @hawlyou You too. I only wish you well. @hawlyou I am confused by your reply. Lots of things hurt me. I am merely wondering what in my statement made you angry. @hawlyou A mythical oppression? Why does that fact enrage you so?Most women who flee domestic violence have nowhere to go @BowiePablo @EmmaKennedy I’m gathering they messed up your order. Forgot your Gammon?The guy who raped and abused me as a teen is up in court tomorrow for his 5th victim in the space of 12 years. Wha…
Retweeted by Alison Moyet @Jonatalie1976 Don’t be ashamed. He’s not polish. He’s merely playing ‘Knock Down Ginger’ and forgetting to run away. @john_boyne And makes it super special by taking the time to learn a new language. I feel blessed. <3
@sandyinsomerset @EmmaKennedy Ah. My mother’s favourite film x @EmmaKennedy Odd how it never bothers any of them to say ‘Egg, chips and beans twice, love’, in Tenerife. @Lachssashimi @TheOlifant @bikinatroll @fenzilward @PoliticoCryzis @The_Ouroboros__ @Greg_MarineLab @Mish_version2
@darrenhayes Shut your heathen mouth. #BirkenstockEvenWithSocksMmmmmmComfyAlison Moyet - Reassuring Pinches via @YouTube My first play of the day. Dancing with…
Retweeted by Alison Moyet @HoliH1 Where as I know I have. Sometimes it takes a while for our pennies to drop. x