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Oglala Lakota. Japanese rock/Visual Kei. Writer. Photography. IG: AliW117. Cashapp/Venmo: aliwatson117 @ntvtwt Enby/they/she Art: @igmuthankastore

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@OtoneClouds Her name is Mariposa Castro. She lives in Morgan Hill, CA and supposedly runs a yoga and tea shop onli…
Retweeted by Ali WatsonHoly shit. I want them jailed. And placed under the jail.
Retweeted by Ali Watsonsomeone owes me money for exposing me to this
Retweeted by Ali Watson @MadMvskoke Oh my gosh I hope you’re not in pain. Did you need to get stitches? Heal quick!Yts: I’m offended that your offended that I’m being offensive!!!
Retweeted by Ali WatsonFriendly reminder to the uncultured: Afro-Latinxs are the largest diasporic group for Black people. So to call the…
Retweeted by Ali WatsonI wish “Disabled people know what’s best for Disabled people” wasn’t such a controversial statement ♿️
Retweeted by Ali Watsonwhy do “allies” center themselves in everything to look good for other “allies”🧍🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by Ali WatsonAutocorrect change “board meeting” to “bird meeting” & that honestly sounds a lot more enjoyable.
Retweeted by Ali WatsonIsn’t far behind. Totally changed the context of that lol.I'm raising money for younger sisters coming of age ceremony! Myniah is so excited for her kinaałda and money shoul…
Retweeted by Ali Watsondon't tell indigenous people how to feel don't tell indigenous people how to feel don't tell indigenous people ho…
Retweeted by Ali WatsonThe dining room is basically our pantry and where we store dishes so Leonardo and I can easily access. I joked that… @acryland The team is going to assign us that specific spot with a sign and figure out why the tow truck didn’t com… @troutgirl His coloring! Omg! Extra squishes from me! @dystopialloon Omg I love your aesthetic so much, may I call you adorable? @quoth_the_rave “Or is everyone hoping to get back to the complacency comfort bubble?” This. This this. This is w… What’s the plan on November 3rd? These problems that have been here since Euro contact, are still gonna be here…
Retweeted by Ali WatsonSouth Korea has hundred of those "native" glamping grounds. they're ugly and full if stolen art misplaced to fit their "savage" fantasies.
Retweeted by Ali WatsonMy birthday is this week & I would love to get some supplements to help me sleep to celebrate, if anyone can spare…
Retweeted by Ali Watson @acryland If it would help, I’d be so down with that lol. @ValerieCJordan I wish 😩Apartment is freezing because the door hasn’t been fixed. Got ready to go out to get one or two space heaters and t…
@strqmul_iskwist I’m so glad your fam is okay! 🤎 @emilyisdeadd I did eventually but I am going to be more vociferous about the situation with the office tomorrow. T… @TaraTomahawk I was just talking to fam about this today 😳#settlerSaturday sponsor my scrunchie sales so i can gift them to people i care about.
Retweeted by Ali Watsonbuy my scrunchies! or sponsor them as a gift! links in pinned 🥰
Retweeted by Ali WatsonMy 8 year old made a survey: Halloween vs Thanksgiving! If you have a sec to take it, we’d have one happy kid.…
Retweeted by Ali Watson @aliwatson117 thank u
Retweeted by Ali Watson
@MamaPluto I told the office that I can’t get into my home and they said they’d handle it but it’s still parked the… @ValerieCJordan He rolls around, gets a little energetic and then then lays out all relaxed. It’s adorable for such a big kitty!ok if voting is sacred, i vote for the planet. dems & repubs sure aren't worthy of a sacred act.
Retweeted by Ali WatsonToday, #PumaWatson got catnip. #CatsOfTwitter #BlackCats @MamaPluto I don’t think I can be that confrontational. Mostly worried about what they’d do to me or my car 😩Same person parked in my loading zone and I can’t even get to my home now that I’ve returned. I am so very GRR right now.It’s #SettlerSaturday and I wanted to ask for my uncle, he really needs woods for the winter and it’s starting to g…
Retweeted by Ali WatsonFew things are worse than burping under your mask after eating. AGH. @aliwatson117 Trying to do the best I possibly can for kiddo, as always. 🙏 Yakoke
Retweeted by Ali Watson$10 rcvd thank you! @aliwatson117
Retweeted by Ali Watson @50shadesofDEG Dying 😂My latest article for is up, check in with artist & poet MAD (@atsenvdo), learn what's comi…
Retweeted by Ali WatsonIf we’re mutuals, add your #SettlerSaturday links here! If we’re not mutuals, DMs are open for you to ask first. Su… #SettlerSaturday, anything helps. We have about $300 in bills before the end of the month and we’re good. Kids… pay taxes that funds our continued genocide.
Retweeted by Ali Watsonshe deserved worse
Retweeted by Ali Watsonstop treating Indigenous peoples like google when they inform u something🥰 we’re tired
Retweeted by Ali WatsonThis is grammatically correct for, for example, AAVE and some varieties of FN English. -signed, Dr. Ingram, PhD, L…
Retweeted by Ali WatsonCOVID cases are rising in my area. I was told this at the IHS closest to me as I received my flu shot. If there are…
Retweeted by Ali WatsonThose slave ship names. The reproduction factory facts. Whew. Ima need white people to start randomly putting mone…
Retweeted by Ali WatsonBe kind to your self, children are listening.
Retweeted by Ali WatsonNot pay taxes that funds our continued genocide., showing up to the rez party like.
Retweeted by Ali WatsonWhat is this, protein for ants?
Retweeted by Ali WatsonWhy can’t you breed eels & eagles? Because it’s eeleagle 🥁 *but fur-eel don’t be shocked by my nerdiness 😬🤓
Retweeted by Ali WatsonLink to shirt: Check out this awesome 'Disabled Definition' design on @TeePublic!
Retweeted by Ali WatsonI made this shirt 🥺
Retweeted by Ali Watson @iamlakotak Ah nooo. I hope he goes. Prayers 🤎 @MamaPluto @TaraTomahawk Can I like this a hundred more times? @emmatsalageek For some reason, World War II. I don’t remember much now, but I had done -way- more research than a school paper needed.She spit on a Person of color during a pandemic in which we’re dying disproportionately. Wtf is wrong with you?
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There are too many examples of Europeans practicing cannibalism for them to always be wrongfully accusing Indigenou…
Retweeted by Ali WatsonA story in 4 pictures.
Retweeted by Ali Watson @MariahGracex3 Ahahaha! I can’t stop laughing. It keeps getting better and better (or worse and worser, depending lol).Report this piece of worthless trash for targeted harassment
Retweeted by Ali WatsonKevin Stitt, @GovStitt, the Governor of Oklahoma is an enrolled citizen of the @CherokeeNation. His ancestor on the…
Retweeted by Ali Watson @quoth_the_rave Omg that’s so beautiful!Hey @StephenKing - you’ve profited off of the Mi’kmaq peoples by using the tired trope of “Indian burial ground” fo…
Retweeted by Ali Watson @MariahGracex3 “I’m ignorant and don’t ~understand~ and wholly unwilling to educate myself through easily accessibl… someone have patience to respond to this because I’m about to snap lmao
Retweeted by Ali Watson I started a GoFundMe for my emergency dental care, I’ve tried all other avenues to get care…
Retweeted by Ali WatsonAs promised & recommended here is an early thread of my xmas merch (don't worry happy elves, there is some pro-xmas…
Retweeted by Ali WatsonDon’t contribute to the erasure of black people who were forced to come here as slaves, mark.
Retweeted by Ali Watsonnative men standing up for mark ruffalo online. go chop some wood
Retweeted by Ali Watsonnon Inuit going viral because of our culture while spreading misinformation then apologizing on my dm’s and got hun…
Retweeted by Ali Watsoni agree, cops should not be called "pigs." pigs are by many accounts very decent and smart animals. it is not helpf…
Retweeted by Ali Watsonplease report this account it is my abusers. this photo is FAKE. to my abusers: you've swatted me 3 times in 2 dif…
Retweeted by Ali Watson"I'm the least racist person in the room" is NOT the same as "I'm not racist."
Retweeted by Ali WatsonGlorious . I’d have done the same fucking thing.
Retweeted by Ali Watsonthis racist creep condescended to me for HOURS & then pretended to make nice when he got the attention he wanted fr…
Retweeted by Ali WatsonI had erased this info from my mind only to become haunted once more.
Retweeted by Ali Watson
Just "Man"? Not pedophile or terrorist despite being arrested with: Child porn on 8 different devices ID's from 3 s…
Retweeted by Ali Watsoncultural appropriation ≠ multiculturalism cultural appropriation ≠ cultural diffusion cultural appropriation ≠ cultural appreciation
Retweeted by Ali Watsoni'll always retweet "Indigenous people don't use twitter"
Retweeted by Ali Watsonnever forget
Retweeted by Ali Watson @kailfrances This is all so adorable 😭#ModerateLivelihood If things do go to shit and we need support from Indigenous Folx on the ground in Mi’kma’ki.…
Retweeted by Ali WatsonWhen I started this campaign, it didn’t occur to me that we needed to print a notice on the literature stating that…
Retweeted by Ali Watson @quoth_the_rave Very Silent Hill-ish today... @asimplepeasant Wow that may be the most disconcerting thing to wake up to. Ever. @xodanix3 Your words have been so important and you’ve been an invaluable teacher. Strong hugs or fist bump. I’ll h… report/block this account. it’s a fake profile using digital Black-face to harass Jews.
Retweeted by Ali Watsonmade a tiktok account. follow me!
Retweeted by Ali Watson @sagekeyah It’ll get easier! @iamlakotak Cosmic hugs 🤎
It is exactly this type of behavior that requires Native Americans to work in partnership with social media compani…
Retweeted by Ali WatsonPlease. please. please can we stop acting like accommodations are disability justice? They’re the bare minimum.
Retweeted by Ali Watson @uyarakq While you are at it why not leave them a yelp review?
Retweeted by Ali Watsoni'm unblocked too. let's goooo
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