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@BBCR1 presenter, writer & @themodernmann sex ed bod. @netflix @SexEducation script consultant. Decently indecent. A kind kinda humanshape.

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I've been on some of the latter that feel like the former... @anisahob YOU are always worth it. Love you AOB, the GOAT <3 @RKazandjian Haaaaa! And self-assassment is when you experiment with butt stuff on your own @anisahob I've got you one of the Ts <3 AND A STICKERAt least once a week I think about the usually sharp @anisahob genuinely asking me "What's a sturbate?" when I was… @angstcafe I hear your point of view. I agree with you that the defence was despicable - I would be irked to see th… @MrMorgy @evanrachelwood @albinokid A person who takes time out to explain their point of view and knowledge in a c… @MrMorgy No sweat! Hope the kids have magnificent dreams, and thank you *so much* for being an excellent person on Twitter. @MrMorgy I am obviously sensitive to this subject, though. Job or not, it's really hard to witness a woman accept m… @MrMorgy I do hear you, and understand lawyers have to defend clients, but her victim blaming & worrying approach t… @MrMorgy Is it the lawyer's duty to comment to Vanity Fair, "'I feel that women may rue the day that all of this [t… @MrMorgy Is the lawyer's duty to comment to newspapers, when asked whether she had herself ever been sexually assau… @DrNaomiSutton @E4Tweets @kevinvestig8s @SarahMuli54 @JessicaYabbit @intimacy_coach1 Love YOU! And miss you and your mane! XxxThe seagulls are having great fun (but think about where you toss your unwanted toys):
Retweeted by Alix Fox @E4Tweets Tune in to catch (wrong word...) me with @DrNaomiSutton, @kevinvestig8s, @SarahMuli54, @JessicaYabbit and… at 10pm, #TheSexClinic is BACK on @E4Tweets! Here's a horrifying vid of me wrangling a fake fanny behind t…
Retweeted by Alix Fox @angstcafe I'm open to hearing respectfully expressed counter opinions. Following this verdict though, I do hope Ro… @angstcafe I understand it's a lawyer's job to defend their client, but the approaches Rotunno uses have been widel… @angstcafe Why? I asked for **suitable** impact upon her life, e.g. perhaps not getting hired for enormous amounts… Weinstein found guilty. I hope his so-called "Rottweiler lawyer" Donna Rotunno doesn't get off without suita… won't PUNish you by continuing this thread. So many worthwhile, outstanding people and movements shortlisted for… the hell am I going to make a name-based pun about Jessica?! Kellgren-and-bear-it while I try... another one! Ruby by name, gem by nature! by name, bloody YEARS of work by nature. An excellent and deserving human. more in love with my @YorkshireTea after this classy, thoughtful response. Have a brew and have a breather, pe… wait is almost over! 😬 Tonight #TheSexClinic is reopening its doors to help young people get their sex lives b…
Retweeted by Alix FoxNew drag name: Norma Lyser., due to changes made by organisers, I'm no longer able to appear at The Guardian event this weekend,… quote marks somehow lend this sign in a corner shop window an air of dark menace
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I am living #LoveIsBlind myself, in that I spend a lot of time in a pod on my own, single, talking to the wall
I'm still waiting to show my National Record of Achievement to a potential employer
Retweeted by Alix FoxFollowed by cooling down with some argument avoidance cardio ...the Tread-carefully-mill
Retweeted by Alix FoxPitch: a rowing machine, but for actually having rows with, that hones you to become excellent at winning arguments See also: cross trainer @Poz_Woman87 Argh, WHUT?!
The audacity of some of the attempts I'm seeing to rip women off or get them to work under disrespectfully poor cir… @crunchysub Not really. Nothing that you wouldn't already expect someone who has worked writing & broadcasting abou… in, folks. There are strap-ons. how you can simultaneously feel really buoyant about what you ARE doing, but also physically nauseous about… @NaomiSheldon1 @VAULTFestival Actors @Beckshumps and #CiaránOwens do a brilliant job - I genuinely believed in thei… are you doing tonight? Sat? Sun? I urge you to invest an hour in @NaomiSheldon1's new play #VileActsOfLove at… @KatieThistleton ...and a GREAT smile. Love you, boogaloo! XxEvery time you think this story has peaked, BOOM! It levels up 😮
Retweeted by Alix FoxSo much joy and fun here <3 Watch and be lifted. @DecoloniseContr Hello wonderteam! Heads up in case it's important & your email inbox is flooded: Eventbrite is giv… you @CosmopolitanUK for listing us as one of the best Sex & Relationships podcasts out there 🙌 And in such g…
Retweeted by Alix FoxLong shot...but why not? Man with long hair & a long military-style coat on the spiral staircase at #scootercaffe o…
You know what words fit really neatly into the tune to Duck Tales? Book deal. A-wooo-ooo.Matt Damon giving me strong "hippie fuckboi who tells you how his tantric S&M skills *will* take you to new levels… this 25.6k threshold for the new immigration system - if you're earning less than that and you don't consider yo…
Retweeted by Alix Fox👭👬👫🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️⁣ Queer Kundalini⁣ - SAT 22 FEB 5.30-7pm with Ashley Jones⁣. In the spirit of openness & friendliness th…
Retweeted by Alix Fox @BibiLynch One day I will come to your house (for a stolen tea in a stolen mug, obvs), and I expect that every sit-…"Mobile won't let me dial 999" is the new "Screaming but no sound is coming out" in my nightmares. Tragically millennial
In the run-up to International Women's Day, I'm part of a day of workshops that really do look... empowering:…
Retweeted by Alix Fox @bodyform I defer to the Queen @JoanPrice for all things senior & sexy <3 @bodyform Haaaa, bless you - I thought it sounded hilariously sarky 'n' sassy! :D I'm a fan of Sex Spurt - more dynamic ;) XxBEST #JournoRequest so far - good luck @boardquiche I hope you find the case study you desire.
Retweeted by Alix FoxYour arousal is your own responsibility, not of that which evokes it.
Retweeted by Alix FoxI pronounced the colour 'magenta' as 'magneta' for ages, like some kind of Marvel character! Do sing along if you know the words. #jackpot
Retweeted by Alix FoxWant to know more about PrEP?💊 -- Well then check out this @BritishGQ article all about the HIV prevention pill.…
Retweeted by Alix Fox @ben_brooks Hello superhuman. I just ate up Lolito. Thinking of tattooing around the bruise its impact left on my headspace. What a book!From 'Stranger Things' producers and 'It' stars.
Retweeted by Alix Fox @nickblackford Hey superhuman! Facebook's acting odd so I've sent you a message to your Gmail account re. that proj…
@Robbotron Hello He Who Was Born From The Womb of Boom. You're playing @VAULTFestival this Friday, right? Thinking of swinging by... @living_pr Hey superhumans! Heads up: my emails are bouncing back from Sabrina's address... XGlad I've just bought some squishy new sofa cushions. I'm going to need them to avoid a post-series-binge coccyx-tw…, I bagged two Bright Eyes tickets on presale for their Sept 1st gig! Who else is a fan, & who thinks they're audio conjunctivitis?!
I am recovered! And I've compiled a gastro bug-themed film playlist for anyone else who's sick: 10 Things I Ate In… @asexuality @kakapotrainer @theyasminbenoit @sexeducation ...but I know the team truly care about making a positive… @asexuality @kakapotrainer @theyasminbenoit @sexeducation Heya! I can't talk about storylines for S3 as I've signed… @SammyReiSchwarz @MissFoxxFD Fantastic! This particular job is sorted now, but always useful to have folks on my ra… may not have had the best of butts, but I surely have the best of buds. ♥️ Easing back into work tomorrow but(t)…
Shout is a 24/7 text service which offers in the moment support for times when life gets overwhelming & you want to…
Retweeted by Alix FoxReally tough stuff on my timeline tonight. If you need to speak to someone, call @samaritans free on 116 123 or, if… @jamesjammcmahon Oh bless you! Thank you so much. I'm on the mend now, thank god. Very glad not to have my colon ac… @jamesjammcmahon Cool! I'm hugely behind on mails after being ill for a week - just now getting back on my feet & m… @LilMissSushi I liked a lot about it, although my favourite fantasy series on Netflix is Dark - you seen that? I pr… spoiler) Binged #LockeAndKey while convalescing. Beautiful opening sequence & a lot of visually stunning fun,… @bigsi40 Ohhhhhh. That makes more sense. I still think bloody flesh hitting a wall is a bold image to choose to inc… it is. I think the idea is that his butchering mentor is displeased with his work, & chucks his chopped flesh… @PhilipNByrne I'm sure...but what I don't understand is why they'd include such ostensibly grim imagery in a paid-f… don't understand that Royal Navy ad where the butcher throws meat at the wall. The only implications I can think of are...really dark
@decadentmadamez @BandDare It's just a really awful gastro thing. I was a bit worried myself earlier as I couldn't… love to all who've sent well wishes while I leak unspeakable fluids like Beelzebub's colander. I'm on the mend… @DrLBiscuit I hope you also still fancy me and want to bone me like a joint of beef, Liz, as that is my utmost prio… @BandDare I'm on the mend (hence on the internet, tho in truth I'd rather not be - but self-employed, innit). It's…’ve heard about the benefits of Sleep Hygiene...but what about Sleep Dirtiness?! @eve_sleep have paired with… was sick in a mug just now, so if you've ever cared for me, please click on the (lovely) video I'm about to share… @HauteBooks @oneminuteman1 Sounds like someone I'd love to be connected with. Wanna drop me a line, superhuman? I'm on @peggyorenstein Hello superhuman! I'd like to put you forward for a well-paid video consultancy commission re. mode… @TomLeMan3 Pop me a line! @TomLeMan3 Potentially! I'm looking for thought leaders from a range of backgrounds. @nathanielacole Hey superhuman! I can't help with £5k, but I *can* potentially help with a paid job opportunity. What's your email please? @bodyform Love this vid. <3 Still don't know why my job title is in rather sarcastic inverted commas, but hey - I'v… your period arrives on #ValentineDay…sometimes you just have to go with the flow. 🤷 @AlixFox demonstrates how…
Retweeted by Alix FoxFor several paid projects, I want to connect with experts working with or studying young men in positive contexts:… Reggie. My primary worry over losing income & being doubled up in pain has certainly been whether a stranger… LIVING IT MATE @TheLadyNess I've been told nothing carbonated.