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Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FANYuck Kent State Literally unable to scoreCan’t brick these layups on OT Lol UVA getting pushed all the way to this @HomestyleHokies @IsaacWilson626 AbsolutelyRuss has a message for the #DCFamily 🔊
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FANOHHHH @IsaacWilson626 Every possession I’ve watched they’ve called a foul on Kent StateWhat are they doin....ACC Refs: shoot can't let UVA lose to another unranked
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FANUgh STATE??Virginia Tech-Clemson tomorrow:
Chance will immediately lose the lawsuit if the manager just plays “Hot Shower” in the courtroom
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FANIt's NBA Season in America! Let's go to @wolfblitzer and @JohnKingCNN for more. @CNN | @CapitalOne
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FANFrank Robinson is a baseball legend. This made him even more legendary. 🤣
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FANTHE IRON CURTAIN @AJ_Lich @HokiesMC @VMI_Basketball @AJ_Lich @HokiesMC @VMI_Basketball DC? Manchester? Both?hokies will be fine IMO. 4-27 from three? that will swing back next game. actually glad we got the bad shooting out…
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FANMike Young says that Cartier Diarra sat out tonight's game because he "slept late" and missed a 7:15 AM COVID test.…
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FANMike Young. Poppin' like Orville Redenbacher.
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FANA disastrous shooting night, still got the win.
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FAN @VMI_Basketball Shoutout for taking us down to the wire... @VMI_Basketball win is a win @FanAccountSzn KEVE Way to playWe are playing poopooBede 🥰🥰🥰 @HokiesMC Wait what the hell? He straight up just tackled the Ref??? YikesUM PANIC @chrishironsVT Also TrueHow about we just make good shotsThis is actually not okay @HokiesMBB
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FANTHANK YOU HUNTERI’m officially nervousOh there’s the score lolLets goooo they were just playing with us at startHES BACK AND HES PERFECT @bspillare Hell yeah @chrishironsVT 😂😂😂 I mean what else can you do when it’s 4-3 6 minutes inThis is a shootout 🔥🔥🔥We are simply getting all the misses early. Very smart by us @justcaem Pretty sure that song is why Gaga was my second most listened to artist....I would go full hazmat suit just to be in CassellAnalysts talking good about a sport at VT Pure BlissLets just show up and dominate early No funny stuffIt’s really wild that three guys who were viewed as Mega Home Run hires at the time (Herman, Harbaugh, Fuente) are…
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FANOhhhhh Well yeah this jersey officially rocks now be minor
@AJ_Lich True, I still think at this point there’s some things you gotta see on the big screen to get the full affe…’m glad my professor cooperated with me and moved my final, because I promise that exam wasn’t getting done on the 12th lol
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FAN @RealQuintonMayo Kelly Olynk responsible for the demise of the Wall-Beal era....Oh shit 👀👀 Seahawks getting better post trade deadline @thief1434 I miss coloring book @DonV757_ Aw hell @DonV757_ McRibs are essentialIn a strange way, I wonder if trading John Wall now preserves his legacy with the Wizards. The end wasn’t ideal, bu…
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FANSo theaters are gonna have it rough, I mean once this pandemic is over I’m probably going back to watch things in t… if the game is happening during my final.... 4 stateflags powerankings. -Final-: 1. Virginia (has a boob and a murder on it) 2. Arizona 3. Colorado 4. Texas
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FAN @RealQuintonMayo It’s bad...Am I ready to be hurt again? I’m not sure.... vs. Kong 🤤🤤 getting prob 2 more rings here soon. Unless they play the Wizards of course 😂😂 @Hokiepharm @FanAccountSzn Right, like that 12.5 mil isn’t showing up unless it’s to get rid of the coach? You can’… @BurakAVSky He’s not breaking the record.... merely because everybody couldn’t figure their shit out Unbelievable @dnrx01 @dnrx01 But our defense.... and their offense...All we know is pain Tech Head Football Coach is a fantastic job and I will fight anyone who thinks otherwise. Fuente has brain…
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FAN @FanAccountSzn I don’t wanna here Kirk and the guys talk for hours about how we used to be so good while Trevor Law… @FanAccountSzn I would do anything to not be embarrassed on national television like we are going to be👀👀👀👀this game @HokiesMC For the Movie? I can’t figure out if it’s the whole thing or not. @kyle_bvo Yeah that’s not great @kyle_bvo Very strange times hmm👀👀👀oh? Someone who wants to be here?* lol I’m not why it’s fucking everywhereI just feel like if I had done a 6 week lockdown coupled with continued travel restrictions/ testing we would of be… @dnrx01 Ah ok ok Yeah I’m not sure why it’s called coronavirus but Corona kinda gut screwed @dnrx01 Is there a bigger joke here besides coronavirus? Am I missing it??Can the NHL please get a new commish?The answer no one has said is keeping a guy who couldn’t figure out how to use a clipboard as head coach for four y…
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FAN @Tekblade360 Hahaha. If gang sign John Wall always showed up we wouldn’t be having these issues now @Larrylawww @ChaseHughesNBCS Comically Deprived. Probably less hyped now since Nats and Caps figured it outMight as well watch it one more time, Wizards fans...
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FAN😞😞 @BurakAVSky So many poopoo brains involved :(Thank you for everything, @JohnWall ❤️
Retweeted by BASKETBALL SCHOOL FAN @HokiesMC @DonV757_ What 😂😂Strip Club Brothers > Splash Brothers