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@allahliker in an alternate dimension you’re a gay reply guy
Retweeted by The T Mankozinski clerk dinner
Retweeted by The T Man @thetrillbillies Pud Tugman don't understand this shit and he expects to be taken seriously as a real economist. St…
Retweeted by The T ManMy hunch is that a good chunk of the ppl that are working in grocery stores, etc. making it possible 4 ppl like Pau…
Retweeted by The T Man @brianlfrye @ThiefCoal @Cougar_milk @ALABSeries you asked for it, and i apologize in advance for crushing your spir… classic thing ALAB does: take ourselves too seriously. Anyway, here's a malicious, perverted version of Bert f…
Retweeted by The T Man @brianlfrye @ThiefCoal @Cougar_milk @ALABSeries brian please don't attack our listeners using an appeal to authorit… @arguendope @NguyenLuce @ALABSeries weird to glowingly retweet all the people saying "omg this is so epic" but sing… school works hard to instill the idea that the legal academy is to be revered. however, legal academics ,
Retweeted by The T Man @GafasGroucho @ComradeLuanne I been asking for feet for years and she just, ... tweeted it out @ComradeLuanne What the fucj @ComradeLuanne it's good
Engaging in ancient Slavic rituals (eating 14 sausages in a day) to be able to eat 15 sausages in one day
Retweeted by The T Man @diesersven @ALABSeries @allahliker this quest line was just fucking weird.
Retweeted by The T Man @taekmountain @ALABSeries I needed this picture and you delivered @RoseliaLescrime Lolit's shrimps birthday today!!!! happy birthday shrimp!!! I can't believe you're already a year old!!!
Retweeted by The T Manquarantine diary day 18: i have fashioned a poncho out of a dirty fleece blanket and wear only this and tighty whit… answering this one @BonusEruptus @allahliker
Retweeted by The T Man @taekmountain @arguendope I appreciate you toughening me up by showing me how harsh the world really is @taekmountain @arguendope This is rude @ChrisKnieste She's big into r/surrealmemeseg, i originally had it as "books" she insisted it should say "book"my daughter and i invented this meme together as a fun social distancing wednesday projectthis says a lot / I LOVE when #BlueMAGA spread around lies that are EASILY debunked. They hate Bernie so much they're…
Retweeted by The T Manhell dude @LitAnscombe i have never read a supreme court case in my life and im not about to start now @kyleleehufnagel @strong_sad @codyinmiyagi Correctwarband vtm bloodlines wow fallout new vegas kotor 2 @allahliker
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Retweeted by The T Man @yogaDGAF Lmaooo @allahliker Hand to god, I have heard this exact speech from every surgical resident I have ever met
Retweeted by The T Man @allahliker if you're not livin' on the edge you're takin' up too much space!
Retweeted by The T Mani only got one speed and that's how i live my life - overdrive. pedal to the metal. balls to the fuckin wall. look… @cushbomb it's incredible that they on some level must believe this works on someone @allahliker "does anyone actually believe this ... or is it just a con they're all in on" is a succinct description of the Democratic Party
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please stop replying to this unironicallydoes anyone actually believe this kind of phony outrage or is it just a con they're all in on here....... i’ll be honest ive just been jacking off
Retweeted by The T Man @saxdab @MyNameIsGriffon You're barred from any further replies in my mentions for 30 days, thanks @WhoUnionman792 that's right @Vanessa_ABee snatching bernie bro wigs and hurting bernie bro feelingsonce joe biden gets into office things will get back to normalevery now and then someone would wander into the something awful debate & discussion forum, get humiliated in an ar…
Retweeted by The T Man @alexhick3 @InternetHippo at least she leveled with the american people like a real straight shooter @InternetHippo hillary tried to warn us but we just didn't get a dang clue and listen!! 🤬😡😤😠 @eeberquist don't accuse me of it please emma @eeberquist why @InternetHippo the economy is just settlingbeginning to think this trump fella isn't shooting straight with the dang american people!! 😠😤😡🤬some of you quarantined horny bastards need to read this
Retweeted by The T Man @grylxndr lmaonice to see taleworlds quickly addressing the worst issues @allahliker
Retweeted by The T Man @ella_mayo_lmao @BugInsuranceMan @ComradeLuanne @mlwaex mosie is a wonderful person @websiteidi0t motherf @arguendope imagine being a yung gunna who hangs out in the volokh conspiracy commentsyesterday: America's leading legal podcast publishes an episode in which they recount how certain law professors lo…
Retweeted by The T Manmy god is there nothing the turks can't do @notreallyjcm Oh I don't work there, just saying, if biglaw is shutting it down already this is gonna be a ride @SymoneDSanders I know I look good, but I’m four years older than you. 😉 More importantly, principles shouldn’t be…
Retweeted by The T Man @SoTrue86 @thucydiplease @JasMoneyRecords rip @thucydiplease @JasMoneyRecords You did. Stop simping
Retweeted by The T Man @comrade_gritty @JasonSCampbell @allahliker And what about Mark "The Great One " Levin? His high pitched whine is t…
Retweeted by The T Man @OldrikJansen Jesus Christ @allahliker
Retweeted by The T Man @allahliker Helldude I thought the bottom already fell out of the lawyer grift, what's next????
Retweeted by The T Manwelp @allahliker Matt's people congregate in large numbers *outside* abortion clinics
Retweeted by The T Manincredible brains on here are almost ready to launch Common Cure, a radical mutual aid collective building a decommodified COVID-19 vaccin…
Retweeted by The T ManBen Shapiro thinks striking workers are the same as price gougers and should be fired, saying they're striking "not…
Retweeted by The T Man @T_R_0_V_3_R @Cboyle6245 It's my understanding that some quests or functions with factions may have some save destr… @T_R_0_V_3_R @Cboyle6245 It's got the usual warband sandbox, but I haven't got past wandering around killing looter… burger restaurant open in Seoul. That slogan at the bottom...
Retweeted by The T Manconsidering the possibility that miss baby thelma may have a tummy ache
Retweeted by The T Manmy boss turned herself into a potato on our Microsoft teams meeting and can’t figure out how to turn the setting of…
Retweeted by The T Man @dark_putout @theCCR We do have that effect, albeit only because we're stupid @banalplay yeah i haven't had enough time to get much past slapping looters around @banalplay was working fine for me for the couple hours I played @banalplay i had the launcher open for a solid hour last night afraid to click start @allahliker @theCCR
Retweeted by The T Manit would appear that fredo has caught a case of the 'vids @ComradeLuanne such a good boyPercy loves you
Retweeted by The T Manshould note again that if we ever make any profits over operating costs, those will go to @theCCR so you don't even… the self promotion but for those who were asking we have episode 10 shirts/hoodies up featuring… ready for an incredibly ghoulish push by Trumpist media to question the number of deaths attributed to coronavi…
Retweeted by The T Man @d1sc0urse We just released one! @Sticky_Llama It was 20% off coronavirus special because taleworlds are kingsthat's right @magicmagininja @ParSpec sadism and masochism @ParSpec we don't place a lot of demands on your time*laughs in "produces a podcast no one listened to in the first place"* @nickpantssss they've got a solid early access record and the best modding community in the biz, so i have faith it… gives us no pleasure to announce that andy is racist
Retweeted by The T Man @Brock_toon @PepenadorAVC Redoing the old music with a full orchestra was an inspired choice