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Full time land surveyor. I live North of Seattle with my wife and daughter. I love listening to music, playing guitar, and reading science fiction and fantasy.

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@Super70sSports @ReturnofR Hole Hearted by Extreme. Boston- more than a feeling Heart- Crazy on you Zebra-whos behind the door Ski… @PopulaCultureTV Freddie Mercury @FoustBand Dokken Whitesnake Skid Row Slaughter @DavidHsu_ @WolfVanHalen Who's the 1st person you think of when someone says Van Halen. There's your answer. @wendeeluvz @OldSchool80s One of my favorites @Mikehomeseller Mostly hard rock, Heavy Metal. 70s, 80s, and early to mid 90s. I do like pop music from those eras… @80smusicmanKB Agreed @cynd75 Nice! When that came out I played that album alot. Unskinny bop, valley of lost souls, ride the wind were my go to tracks. @Frankie32110332 Cool! Mine is Fallin Angel @titletownusa73 The cars @ReturnofR Angus @OuchYOMH Love both. But, fade to black is freakin awesome. @OuchYOMH Crazy Train. Overplayed but its Randy Rhodes. @OuchYOMH Scorpions @ToeKnee_Sea Nice! Open up and say aahh... Nothing but a good time. @heavymetalfarms @ScreamsBehind 😂🤣 @ScreamsBehind MiseryWhich #Poison album is your favorite. And what #Song from that album is you favorite. #GlamRock #hairmetal @VENOM_NWOBHM @lofivampire Classic. Definitely a must see every year. @notbetty4ever @silly_boots @lofivampire @joeyconfrey668 @ShittersFull93 @FUNERALDRONES Thats only one band. He said 3.😂 @VENOM_NWOBHM @bwon35 @lofivampire @lofivampire Christmas Vacation Christmas Story Home Alone Elf Its A Wonderful Life @VENOM_NWOBHM Hit the lights @HardRockPolls @RockNRoLL_85 @ReturnofR Yeah. I love def leppard and I like Hysteria. But, aside from God's of wa… @FUNERALDRONES Metallica Van Halen Alice in Chains
@vinylfinds1 You too!🤘 @vinylfinds1 I just noticed the junkyard cd. Man that's a good band. Hollywood, simple man. Good stuff. @realDonaldTrump @OANN Hey Pinocchio. You lost. You're embarrassing the country with your baseless lies. Concede gr… @realDonaldTrump Your boy AG Barr confirmed that their was no wide spread fraud. Are you going to fire him? @vinylfinds1 @Metalmike3 My favorite lineup @OuchYOMH Rocket queen @IronMaidenSigyn Sabbath heaven and hell @OuchYOMH Hells Bells. @vinylfinds1 There is. Its the law if mom and say so.😂 @vinylfinds1 Nice! @vinylfinds1 @jasonbieler Awesome! @vinylfinds1 @jasonbieler Great song. But, that album rocks. If you have time, check it out. Hostile youth, pepper… @vinylfinds1 Great tune. Come again, high enough, bad reputation. Good stuff. @MusicManJ70 Lol! I agree that the debut is better. @m_fairbrother @Wizardofsteel Yeah I cant see them doing anything. I think both styx and night ranger were still to… @m_fairbrother Yes, both are really good songs. @heavymetalfarms My favorite as well @80smusicmanKB Agreed. I like the first a little better as well. Dont tread on me is a great tune. Where you goin n… @JeffHirsch12 Come again is my favorite as well. High enough, bad reputation, and coming of age are really good songs.Alright. In the spirit of the holidays Which #CharlieBrown holiday special is your favorite. And how would you rat… @80sThen80sNow Beetlejuice @MonstersOfRock Rust in pieceSuper group #DamnYankees released 2 great #Albums. Which do you prefer. And what #Song is your favorite.… @titletownusa73 No more tears. It was close next to living after midnight. But this is Zakks best song with Ozzy.… @BracketeersThe We were soldiers @Music__Mentor Bohemian Rapsody @TheCinemaTicket Shaun of the dead @RockRoll70Today Tom Petty @BigberthaC @mileshawks Love this album start to finish. @BrandenHaynes @mattrecch @iantheCROAT @brojohnrusso @VoxHooligan @titletownusa73 @kevdog2112 @Mikehomeseller @ReturnofR Fooling yourself(angry young man) @BrandenHaynes @mattrecch @iantheCROAT @brojohnrusso @VoxHooligan @titletownusa73 @kevdog2112 @Mikehomeseller @OuchYOMH Yes @ReturnofR Top 5 Still of the night-Whitesnake Unchained-Van Halen We were born to be loved-KingsX Man in the box-… @TommyDoyle47 @AtomicPunk4U Love is a battle field @PopulaCultureTV Keep yourself alive Under pressure You're my best friend
@TaranGuapo Yeah. I have death magnetic. I think its solid. It was nice to have them go back to their roots. I di… @Rockdecades 😂 @TaranGuapo There's good stuff on those post black album albums. But, I still prefer pre black album albums. @Rockdecades Hey, come on, all she wants for Christmas is you. Your gonna say no to that?😂 @DavidHsu_ Pizza. Garlic Chicken @turbokya Nice! Yeah, I like to throw Zebra out there once in awhile. They are really good musicians. Randy Jackso… @MusicManJ70 @jasonbieler Me as well. Good riffs, good harmonies. They should have been bigger. Matt kramer and Jas… @HorrorNostalgia @ShittersFull93 @HorrorNostalgia Definitely top 5 for me. @educated_educ8r 1 @OuchYOMH Motley Crue @OuchYOMH Bark at the moon @DavidHsu_ Green tea @OuchYOMH Queensryche @VENOM_NWOBHM @PopulaCultureTV "KILLER" album🤘 @RagDoll1103 @heavymetalfarms @jasonbieler I love that song. All alright and hostile youth are some of my favorites as well.Which #Saigonkick #album is your favorite. And which #song from that album is your favorite. Check them out if you… @E_Niclasen I highly recommend listening to the lizard album. It will not disappoint. And if you like it check out… @cynd75 Great VH tune. @RealJuanCordero Yeah. I played that Saigon Kick album to death. I bought it as soon as it was released. And kings… @RealJuanCordero Definitely. I'm happy to see a nod for kings x and Saigon kick. Those are really good albums by them. @Jovie1kenobi @lyss0619 It will. @Jovie1kenobi @lyss0619 Aint that the truth @lyss0619 Good oneHope Everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. My CD rotation for this week. #TheCars #Stonetemplepilots @lynchmob1414 Nice! Off the new album. I need to still go buy it. I'm behind the curve ball on that one. @CanadianCartoon Love that song.So, what #Song are you listening to at this moment. I'm listening to Take Your Fingers From My Hair by Zebra #classicrock
@AnthonyBonk4 Great song. Creepy video. Evil teletubbies. @BrandenHaynes @Wklawrence @MarzNova @VoxHooligan @Rockanroller71 @titletownusa73 @StephenMackey18 @Livefreak01 @Littleelvis40 @BrandenHaynes @Wklawrence @MarzNova @VoxHooligan @Rockanroller71 @titletownusa73 @StephenMackey18