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Allen @AllenCayn

UE4 Indie Dev, Designer & Illustrator looking for work! Art & Renders -

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@_DontActYourAge Hope you feel better with the new glasses DA, I wish I could offer some advice. Please take care a…
@Sweeppah Thanks John, I hope your weekend is going well. Hope to send you a video using your music soon :) @Soundy777 @StaffsUni Love the variety and props you chose for each level Soundy, have to agree that they look amaz… @shawnporterz1 @LabsSkull Thanks Michael, hope you have a good weekend @EDEVOXgames Always delightful seeing the updates to this game, the style, colors and concept is really needed righ… @casul_scrub Thanks Josh, hope you and the family are doing well. @RojisRoomRPG Amazing style Roji, please keep it up @LabsSkull Thanks Skull, I hope you have a good weekend, can't wait to see more of your game projects. Please keep being awesome. @FatalExit Sorry to hear that Cillian, I hope things improve for you. Having a good plan is important. Hope you come back quickly @eno_games1 @UnrealEngine @MeekiGames Doing well all things considered. Hope the weather isn’t too hot where you’re at :) @rivalrebelsgame Thanks Rodol, hope your game progress has been good, it’s always inspiring to see it @eno_games1 @UnrealEngine @MeekiGames Thanks Eno! Hope you’re doing well! @AnnaMimik Thank you for being such a kind soul throughout my game devs Anna! You inspire me greatly, wishing you and your family the best @cSportDriving Thanks CSD! Hope you’re doing well @chasebethea Thanks Chase! You nailed it, it would be a way to make players explore different areas , and the drop… @UnrealEngine @MeekiGames Hope you enjoy this car combat inspired screenshot, the character is kitbashed from Parag… early level & merchant concepts, should orders drop to random locations once in awhile? Cast to your widget…
@DennisCraftshop @_Dr_Diablo Love the style Dennis, please keep up the hard work @Opaldune Thank you Opaldune! I hope you've been having a healthy year so far, please keep up the great work on you…
@BruteForceGame Amazing execution Brute Force, was already impressed and then the grapple gameplay took it to anoth… project bloat and check-out nightmares proactively! In #UE4 you can select "Other Filters" to tell the Conten…
Retweeted by Allen @companymangame Thanks Jim, hope you have a healthy rest of the year
@SoulKeeperGame @RylanderAndreas The hard work shows Soulkeeper, please keep it up, looking forward to seeing more. @dejotak Beautiful work Dejota, it looks so smooth and appetizing. Please keep it up.
@robtomroe Love the effects Rob, it looks like you're crafting a planet from the core to the surface, gives me nost… @chavaloart Love the style Chavalo, feels like it could fit right into Team Fortress 2. @ancalabro I think animal side characters would be great. Spongebob has a starfish, squirrel, crab, squid. Bomberma… @ancalabro One sacrifice is changing a project/passion to appeal to larger or stronger communities. I see a lot of… @ZKuerten Thanks for being so kind Zvezda, I hope you had a good weekend and have a healthy year! @HolomentoGame Thanks Holomento, they're free to use with UE4 projects, it's from UE4's Elemental , Hope you had a good weekend. @swimclubdunk Thanks for being so kind Cosmic Dawn, I hope you have a healthy rest of the year. @TortoRacoon @ancalabro Thank you Torto, I would need @ancalabro 's amazing netcode talents to help with that. It w… @hectorandrade0 Thank you Hector, hope you have a healthy year. @musicvsartstuff Thanks Nicole, you're amazing @AeroFTS Thank you Aero for being so kind, hope you had a good weekend. @FatalExit Thank you FE! Hope your weekend went well, please take care. @franklynd @SoulKeeperGame Thanks for your interest Franklyn, all of my game details are on
@SpaceGameStudio @UnrealEngine Thanks SGS! It’s supposed to be a character that’s laying on the star, sort of like… @DevlonSamuels Thank you Devlon! Please have a healthy rest of the year. @FatalExit Looks really cool FE, love the energy in the visuals, please keep up the hard work. @Mvisioning Really liking the camera angle Mvisioning! Gives me FF9 vibes. Looking forward to seeing more, please keep it up! @elbormes Thank you Elton, I hope you are doing well! @SayAllenthing @CobTheCreator This is going to be a wonderful game, love the wind effects, please keep it up Allen lol. @kaiden_zavier @elbormes Thanks Kayden, hope you have a healthy rest of the year! @JulsQQ Love all your different styles Juelle, hope you have a healthy rest of the year, please keep up the hard wo… @casul_scrub Thanks Josh, your progress inspires me, please keep it up. Wishing your family the best of health
@GrimmExus Thanks so much Grimm! Hope the demo doesnt disappoint you too badly lol. Hope you have a healthy rest of… @mars2000game After the CnC remastered I am craving this game even more, please keep up the hard work MARS! @casul_scrub Awesome to see it Josh! Keep crushing it @cherrytros Looking good Charli! Can’t wait to see you do more game dev, with your musical talents it would be a ma… @AboutFlame @UnrealEngine @medienboard Gorgeous AF! @furiousjackgame Why haven’t we seen a game like this from Marvel or DC in so long? Looks awesome FJG @RojisRoomRPG Love the style to your game Roji, gives me nostalgia for webcomics. Always a delight to see your updates, please keep it up @BlueBananaProd1 I like all the programming details you’ve added BBP ! It adds so much to the mood @PuddleheadC Looks amazing JMK, love the character design and detailed animations. Cant wait to see more. @Neurobew @ModusPwnin @pastasfuture @Khamelot_ Looks really cool Neurobew, made me nostalgic for Forsaken 64. Pleas… @melissamedinavo Amazing work Melissa, thank you for being such a positive support for all kinds of indie artists.… @gaming_nihilist If only I could make a selection screen as amazing as Twisted Metal Black’s lol. Thanks for the fl… @corey_annis Looks awesome Corey, gives me ff6 vibes, please keep up the hard work @ArcherVActor Thanks so much Matt! Would love to include outfit customization in the game, right now the saw blades… @AeroFTS Loving all the details to the level Aero, really gives off the lived-in vibe. looking forward to seeing mo… @alxmurur Loving the creativity so far Alex, it makes me want to dabble in top down space shooters right now. Please keep it up. @plug_world Loving how fluid it is haha. Gives me nostalgia for the old Xiao Xiao fighting animations. Hope you get… @roadtogamedev It's inspiring to see all the logistics you've put into your game Th3m3s$1 , it looks great so far,… @alex_batista @goodwargames @UnrealEngine Looks great Alex, gives me Mortal Kombat vibes. I envy your teamwork, please keep it up. @adv_chris_game Love the creativity and art of your game so far Chris, gives me a Wario Land vibe. Buzzkill is a gr… @ShrimpsyKate Amazing work Shrimpsy, I hope you consider releasing some of your work on digital marketplaces, it wo… @DeprecatedGames Congrats on the demo release DG, really liking the depth to the floor and structures, makes me wan… @CM_Games @StelloHexis Really cool idea CMG, the movement feels convincing too, please keep it up. I wonder if ther… @Sweeppah Looks and sounds great John, what a pretty looking drone you have. Reminds me of Redbull's drone races, h… @_andreschaaf @anshigame Really cool effects so far Andre, looking forward to seeing what you have in store for thi… @SylphArcade Love all the creativity you put into your work Sylph, Garlic looks like a blast of entertainment and a… @cloudm1 @wilkgames Seeing your progress throughout the years has been inspiring Ayo, your game keeps looking bette… @LabsSkull Thanks Skull! I still think about your Etch-a-Sketch enemy, what a great idea and you executed it amazin… @armigueddon Really like the broom/cyclone concept Miguel, your work makes me want to finish Kiki's Delivery Servic… @BagarraoEduardo Looking good Eduardo, excited to see what you have planned for the level, please keep up the hard work. @abdeloliveira80 @FernandoRsRd @2ndBossGS Love the concepts and style Abdel! Gives me a Lost Vikings vibe, please k… @The_French_DJ @BenitaWinckler Amazing work Daniel, love all the charming effects, hope you do more with it. @dev_dwarf @LabsSkull Love the level design Dev_Dwarf , please keep up the hard work. @Kurisama91 Amazing gift, have you seen the No Face piggy bank before ? Maybe she’ll like that too haha , congrats . @ruru81376113 Love the sounds and style, each one feels perfect for the levels @KashdanMusic Sounds great Kashdan! Gives me Diablo 2 vibes, please keep up the hard work @SazdxHikari @PyxelEdit @Pixel_Dailies You’ve nailed the likeness 100% Andrea, loving the detail and colors @cSportDriving Loving all the environments you’re putting into the game CSD! I hope you include a few ⛄️ in the sno… @Udofiann Really cool designs and art Udofiann, I like the 2nd and 3rd images the most, please keep up the great work. @Udofiann Thanks Wiz, hoping for some time next month, still wanting to populate, optimize, and add more sounds to… @_andreschaaf @heideland_games Amazing work Andre! Loving the your sense of taste for the games you make, please keep up the hard work @ThiccmediaYT @WadeLadyTTV Hope it feels refreshing Nick! Best of health to you and your loved ones. @boghogooo beautiful colors and action effects Boghog, please keep up the great work.Working on the final level for the CC demo, it's more of a stress test for vehicles right now. Plan to add the "lav… @Dooder_ @UnrealEngine @SpaceGameStudio That looks awesome Omid, looking forward to seeing more. @UnrealEngine @SpaceGameStudio Hope you enjoy this splash screen for a 2.5D game made in 2019. Working with sprites… @dreamy_robot Love the innovations with the levels and controls DR! First time seeing a sidescrolling shooter with… @games_inu Your work in Anim BPs is inspiring Inu, I’m always a little more motivated to figure out animations when… @UnrealEngine @SpaceGameStudio Hope this counts, composition was made in UE4 and post-processed with Photoshop acti… can very easily bring the sound of real-life spaces to your game! Some of the features that were presented in…
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@dreamy_robot @eno_games1 @spicestudios1 @octomini @LabsSkull @PuddleheadC @duccduccgoos @wiskered @of_imperfect @chasebethea @eliassoftware @SteinbergMedia I agree with Null lol that was very pleasant to listen to Chase. Feels…
@SylphArcade Reminds me of the curtain mini game in Booster’s tower in Super Mario RPG lol. Please keep up the hard… @_Zstudios Gorgeous work Zstudios, makes me nostalgic for Metal Slug, please keep up the mind boggling work