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music twitter’s dad | BLM

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@poetryndarkness Hello @ImBannedInDC fuck“Tyga be nice to Satan Illuminati” @DebatingHipHop_ Where are you💀💀💀 are you okay? you didn’t say ‘big stretch’ when your cat did a big stretch
Retweeted by gröøvy @orvo99 yeah @CilviaDemoisa10 Thank you I’ll take my Grammy nowMovie idea: vapes on a plane (like snakes on a plane but vapes)I can’t fucking believe they let me post this 😂😂 this is in my very conservative Bible Belt county’s Facebook forum. should gaslight Trump and say he was never president
Retweeted by gröøvy @reviewryan_ YES CORREXT BAASED @poetryndarkness W for having sex with me imo ngl @take_sucks wait is this something someone actually said or did u just come up with this 💀 @cwrm4 Tell her I said thanks for asking but that information must remain private and anonymous @monoamineqveen Nice @denzelcurry Denzel x Jay Z collab????J cole took the biggest (and most unnecessary) loss of the year by first attacking a wildly popular and talented ra…
Retweeted by gröøvyglad ppl r realizing elliot is just not a good person
Retweeted by gröøvyif you’re referring to the accusations of them threatening to blackmail a minor (me), they’re not baseless at all…
Retweeted by gröøvy @peteshin3 @margotsIave @GabeDontMiss That is beyond pathetic, christ. @take_sucks I like Sam but that’s sort of the narrative rn as if it’s justification and I think that’s ridiculous.And if you don’t understand the situation I’m not gonna elaborate cause I’m not going to name names or spread this…’m sorry I don’t like getting involved w twitter drama but a point needs to be made that, at least from my perspec… grown adult on twitter stalked and then tried to blackmail a teenager and then made baseless but serious accusati… @deanyyboy @MonkeyMaker @kaihighs From what I’ve read, one of these people is a grown adult who stalked and then tr… @peteshin3 @lcdsoundswensen alcoholism is no joke, especially for dads @lcdsoundswensen if someone prayed on me i would ask them to get off and go do it in church like everyone elselegendary writing
Retweeted by gröøvy @amdoesmusic 7 slander blocked and reported @poetryndarkness 7 top 2 based @amdoesmusic boring !! @bookofpedro Bc boring @Bryan_Infiniti is with a heavy heart I must announce that I am officially racist. As a result I will now be euthanizing myself. @Bryan_Infiniti Brand New is just emo post grunge @strawbetti FUCK @poetryndarkness it’s ok ur so close @jpegcarlos @Bryan_Infiniti Uhhhh WHAT @lachlantula What the hell is that second pic lmaoImagine being too young to purchase alcohol cbm @Bryan_Infiniti MCR is better in every way imo but it’s okay ur entitled to ur wrong opinion 💕 @Bryan_Infiniti No I like them but they’re not better than MCR!!!!! @Bryan_Infiniti 😐 @Bryan_Infiniti Super innacurate take smh @snoopytears Partners in Crime is one of the best songs.... @HopHeroes putting bad takes before your bad takes doesn’t cancel out the badness of your bad takes lol @snoopytears okay while I think it’s a damn good album yeah I’m not surprised that wouldn’t win lolEvery album by The Strokes @poetryndarkness heyOH SOMEDAY... NO, I AINT WASTING NO MORE: TIIIiiiIIIIiiiIIIME *bass guitar noises*OHHH, MAYA SAYS IM LACKING IN DEPTH I WILL DO MY BEST YOU SAY YOU WANT TO STAND BY MY SIDE DARLING, YOUR HEADS N… @Eminem @SamanthaBowes81 wdym this is just your music video @hermitpharaoh LMFAO HONESTLY @allgroovybro
Retweeted by gröøvy @bookofpedro bro 😂😂 it’s a joke lol @bookofpedro Kanye makes albums not numbers @mubblin 7 bottom???? LLLLLLLL @orvo99 boring! @charliejorrdan I love it’s versatility and uniqueness I won’t lie but 7 is just a personal favorite and 0 is too g… @REcstaticIsA10 mathematically? W. artistically? L. @yonkozuyamalek dw remember some STIs are completely curableoh shit we ranking numbers? hell yeah 7 0 5 2 8 1 4 3 6 9 imo based on personal enjoyment @yonkozuyamalek If you’re serious you should probably get yourself checked out bro.
@DonAman391 LETS FUCKIN GO, happy for you, issa 10 for me @allgroovybro thanks for giving me the inspiration to listen to this album, now it's a 8.5 instead of a 6 lol.…
Retweeted by gröøvy @inRaixbows Yeah it’s extremely wild how unique and versatile she is. I will say however I didn’t care for Vesperti… @FrogChampBM that’s WHY I’m putting them up against each other lol @inRaixbows I def get that, I’m still exploring them both, atm I prefer Radiohead but I’m listening to Post rn and fuck Björk is firePick one Christ this is good music human body evolved over hundreds of thousands of years so u can sit at a desk in a sterile cubicle and look at…
Retweeted by gröøvy @realIydoe he’s trying his best @loh_glow LMAOthat sure is one big red dog i cannot lie @Nterin As per @dmonty_python Always @mikaylalicia Based actually, I haven’t returned to them but they used to be my favorite @KankatoRYM Yeah true, I’m mainly exaggerating but MCR still stands out quite a bit @745godstar FairCrazy how My Chemical Romance aged like fine wine while almost the entire rest of the pop punk genre aged like milk. @virtualgarbage_ So true @t0mmysroom Plot twist they’re all misses @JellyRiq 💀💀💀 pls breatheI'M LITERALLY FUCKING SCREAAAAAMIIIINNG
Retweeted by gröøvy @JellyRiq LMFAO @imstonedagainnn Yeah I won’t lie nominating Alfredo was based as fuck @peteshin3 💯 @Fourgoblin jesus don’t got nothing on meGrammy’s: *fucks everything up every year* Also Grammy’s: *fucks everything up again* Everyone: @VikZolka I shall not ! @MonkeyMaker helloThis is actually difficult as hell to determine and i don’t really think there’s a wrong answer but 50 Cent would p… in iceland be like “björk” @poetryndarkness It’s sad honestlyLap dance? Fuck that I want a girl who can tap dance 🥴💯 (on my balls) @KuriKohiYa Yooo that sounds like a crazy ass job lol