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allie volume ? @allie02322335 any pronouns. 20. bi.

i’m insane welcome to my mind

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whyd he tell me i’m sexy crazy and not scary crazy @camkard @hung_cletus yupi might have an issue only have him for 3 more days imma crymy bestie knocked out @professorthanos fr i’m crying on my dog @shewannabefrans damn @shewannabefrans r u okcant sleep @SonKilMoon ihuu gotta b in america tho i’m not getting a passport for some dickWould you ever do a long distance relationship? — sure how are you besides being unhinged? Like you doin good? — yeah ngl i’m doin better i’m learning to control mys… @GFthatfixates bae so hot @GFthatfixates hi angel @mrpotatohaed love uheadboards r for pussies @notbbysia so gorgeous
Retweeted by allie volume ?weezer so good idc @stoneregirl crying
Retweeted by allie volume ? @BassPatrickson BANJO LMFAOtwerking to nirvana @not_wojak so real @LIDTHEGUY they gonna expect ur meat to b 3inches now @LIDTHEGUY stop fucking lying to the tl @SonKilMoon dude @DeadassFren it’s not my thing i find it annoying and i cant danceIs a small dick a dealbreaker for you? — no idc @not_wojak ihu @DeadassFren nahwill you start streaming on twitch/periscope again? i miss that — so do i lol idk i dont have the set up for it but… or pass mitch mcconnell — sucking and fucking just kidding fuck no tall are you — 5’5 @not_wojak dudewould u ever make content — NO NO NO NO NO NO NO that is mei’ve gotten sent this 3 times today you date someone who is 24? — yeah tht my limit unanswered questions they just look like this Allie - peake — hi angel will regret this so much again @belatweets2u my bosses follow me but i work retailthis has more than 20M of views, nicki minaj’s impact is unbelievable.
Retweeted by allie volume ?Happy birthday Mac.
Retweeted by allie volume ?when he invites me over
Retweeted by allie volume ? @peekellz @fandomhuub yes i know these things and she is doing heroin @fandomhuub good job bro @fandomhuub u literally spelt it wrong @iamnotcia ? @not_wojak WHATlol i’m so silly @not_wojak u texted me at 6am to continue connect 4 i don’t wanna hear it @professorthanos does this mean @professorthanos what @nextleveladam she’s my favorite singer @yasminesummanx @GFthatfixates
@subtleferret WE NEED CRAZY FROG JOKER BABY @subtleferret can i b crazy frog @subtleferret annika... @MagicEightBal COME ONwill i ever get better @frankquaranta_ beard game strong @couribruv my big bro lookin good !I haven’t had Five Guys (the burger joint founded by Jerry Murrell & Janie Murrell in Arlington, VA in 1986) in months
Retweeted by allie volume ? @cleveprotecc i know it’s just annoying
Retweeted by allie volume ?there are two wolves inside of you one is a gay son one is a thot daughter @chappylovessky what about leg extensions do they have those yet @chappylovessky DUDEEERhappy birthday & rest in peace legend.
Retweeted by allie volume ?3 years ago today, Fredo Santana passed away. Rest in peace 🕊🙏🏽
Retweeted by allie volume ? @GFthatfixates i’m going to hurt u if u keep saying ur ugly i am going to snap and find u and make u think ur pretty @sharktreess a bear but cuddly i think that’s accurate @GFthatfixates fake ur ego until it becomes reality that’s what i did @ryluhee they made a countdown i’m cryingggguy who is 24 hours from getting fired
Retweeted by allie volume ? @sharktreess hiiNEW MEAT RATING 1. mine [CLOSED]
Retweeted by allie volume ? @feragamohussein LMFAO @sonicthehehhog u win male bisexual i win women bisexual @MageypooMage yeah u got no bitches @GFthatfixates yes
Retweeted by allie volume ? @ANGELDEFENCLESS @vertigodazeive decided "Tōge" isnt going on the album so here u guys go
Retweeted by allie volume ? @SagemodeTyy @ongodshutup no not at all go away @SagemodeTyy @ongodshutup seek help please @SagemodeTyy @ongodshutup what no i don’t the fuck“I am Mac miller. I once lived now I am dead. My soul remains here. Enjoy.... p.s. I sold this place out 3 times”
Retweeted by allie volume ?that octapussy stanky mom
Retweeted by allie volume ?Twitter this is my cry for help I been homeless going on three days. I don’t have any money to my name, I haven’t b…
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