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senior ixd consultant ✨ boy mom of 3 💙💙💙 ✨ lover of #uxresearch ✨ creator @uxframeworks ✨ left my ❤️ in 🇬🇧 #ux

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@hondanhon 😂😂😂 @ericmstoltz @joenatoli I totally feel you, but it is a constant give and take. Try to empathize and teach before going to battle over it. @cherthedev Wait hot sauce doesn’t have to be refrigerated when opened?! @mattiaswikman @joenatoli So true. 🙌 @robofunc I think I’ve officially aged out of this propaganda 🥴 @jmthecreative Take care of yourself, though. Those all nighters will catch up with you! 😌 @SHAWNHOSEA Love this ❤️I do my best thinking repotting plants or stirring dinner on the stove. I contribute this down time with helping to…’m a professional designer but an amateur gardener and decent cook. I’d rather be tending to my plants and experim…, I really like design & I’m good at it. But I also have no problem shutting off after 10 hours and doing other… do you think about the culture around design that expects us to be passionate about it? To live & breathe desi…
@imcatnoone @ItsEmaly Such a sister move 😂I know where my $5k to setup my home office is going. 🤤 to complain about it to my husband, walked around the corner and he was still here 😅 so close @intrepidleeloo @laurabeans675 But when you would have said no before COVID, too? LolHonestly how do you say no without sounding like a total asshole? I didn’t like this before, really don’t like it now.Random security installation dude in post COVID world: can I use your bathroom? Me: this is a bad look. What company? @eddiepearson Yeah I feel like screen time limits are just a small tiny part of the bigger problem with the way iOS and apps are designed @510home That would certainly be low sensory 🤓 experience that didn’t advertise in-app or profit off our children’s attention or engagement, discourages binge…’ve been thinking a lot about how addictive tablets/phones have become. How dangerous the internet is. Parental co… only one who has seen everything you’ve been through and knows exactly how it feels, is you. be a good friend to yourself. ❤️some replies have made me want to add that a follow up email: - won't fix a bad interview - can't create momentum i… have always hated touching menus, especially the big books that are sticky and stained after a million patrons fl…👀 looking for talented junior-mid product designers based in SF who want to work for a med tech startup. 🧠 retweets… @dorian_stewart Nick highlighted the most important part, it must be written succinctly or not at all. Short and di… @KateyParr @taliverse @dorian_stewart A short and direct message is the way to go, or none at all. I'm with you. An… @dorian_stewart Interesting perspective- though I don't see how a polite follow up email is controversial. It shoul…
The viral “inspirational” stories on LinkedIn about overcoming their hiring biases & giving people a chance are rea… @pixelactivist @axgdesign My immediate thought is there must be an emergency like someone diedme to your zoom invite which could easily be done over the phone is the year everyone just assumes you want to video call with them. long live the voice call.
@CKlutzke @SeanWebflow I think it’s important to cc the recruiter or initial contact & not try to back channel the… else would you add? Employers: what else would you hope to hear? @alischwanke y’all would fail.The ultimate user test: a mom with your product in one hand, a baby in the other, and another kid talking to her wh… @eddiepearson A great position to be in! Congrats. perfectly crafted follow up: directed to the interviewer, cc’s recruiter, subjects the role, thanks them for th…’t underestimate that follow up email after an interview, folks. Gotta send it.
Who are your favorite designers who build up and give back to the community?
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nothing in the world is more relaxing and comforting than the weight and warmth of a baby fast asleep on my chest 😌 @delcerebro So in other words I agree with your wife 😅 @delcerebro Ok specifically I’ve been limiting social media and other superfluous non essential type apps first. Baby steps.
@_evaschipper I’ll clarify specifics with the hiring manager though so I don’t tell you the wrong thing! @_evaschipper They’re hoping to fill it quickly but get the vibe there is some flexibility for the right candidate! @_evaschipper I might encourage Seattle folks to also send their info in if you’re super interested! 😏 @agisilaosts’ve recently been trying to follow the screen time rules I enforce with my kids and uh, it is hard. 😳One of my fav people is hiring a product designer with 2+ yrs experience, remote to start then SF based. Work with…
@AnandWrites This is so cringeworthyjust got a real bargain on literally the sum of all human knowledge at Waterstones
Retweeted by Allison Grayce @haysstanford Too many gray boxes get it together
@darumacreative younger generation will never know what it’s like to open a card from an elder with penmanship you can barely r…
@510home Remote until further notice essentially but based in Charlotte @ChrisSpalton Thanks! 🥰I literally have not worn real clothes since March @cobyalmond a journey this has been. I’m finally going back to work in a month after #covid & maternity leave 😳😅 #ama
@510home Yes! Honestly I wanted the robe so bought a matching onesie 😂 my hands have literally been too full to pee much less tweet lately. I still love u tho-
@cobyalmond 💔💔💔 it hurts a lot. I’m sorry 😢
@yjhuoh thank you so much! ☺️ @yjhuoh this time society taught me stay at home moms weren’t the ones in the house doing the hard work, but the past 6… going back to work in oct after mat & covid leave then, I’ll keep hopping.I can’t wait to work for or be that different kind of leader who actually makes people feel safe enough to communic… the best intentioned employers who flaunt their work/life balance will still squeeze as much out of you as the… didn’t learn how to properly set boundaries until I physically couldn’t handle it, so 2 kids in at 27. I was so f… I’ve worked would have, could have, and will continue to exploit people who let them. Even if you love… @nickf Sending lots of positivity your way ❤️
so quarantine is a whole lot easier, enjoyable even, with a newborn baby to snuggle up & admire all day long. yay…
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@lukeseavers I had a nanny for both my older boys when they were 3mo-2yrs so it’s about that time to begin the sear… @aymhrndz I *reallllly* hope so! Society as a whole should not hold 2020 against anyone 😂 @314UXHolly @sagoldschmidt Your friend is better than most! A good rule of thumb. @hotgirlintech I’ve had horrrrrrible nanny experiences and amazing ones- very few in between which is what’s terrifying 😂 @gruvdev Best nanny I ever had literally started nannying in the interview like she was Mary Poppins and I hired her on the spothands down hiring a nanny is the most stressful hire to make & most complex employee/employer relationship to navigate
@sagoldschmidt @earthabbey LinkedIn should add life events to include in resume. Mat/family leave, traveling the world, going to s… @moynihan @amfonte Nono, I start in October. But thinking about future conversations 😏 @dadmacho’t wait til the first recruiter or hiring manager asks about the 5mo gap in my resume in 2020
my relationship with twitter recently @tomjepsoncrtv Thanks Tom! Being kind, not sweating the process, & constantly educating 💯 describes my journey into consulting too. @DougCollinsUX Not “pushing back” for more research doesn’t mean you don’t have a backbone 🙄 Consulting has taught… @DougCollinsUX Ask for time to research & be transparent about the trade off. They’ll probably say no 🙂, so still d…
@DougCollinsUX A move ultimately forced it, but was actively looking before that. They had wildly inconsistent stan… @benadam11 Now I can finally join in on that! @benadam11
mrw I see someone’s nose and mouth for the first time @chill_phamm @DougCollinsUX Wow 😑 sadly not surprised