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Security Correspondent and columnist with The Irish News, political commentator. All views my own and not those of my employer

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@Rubberbandits That’s lifted from today’s @irish_news and we did credit the podcast @dvlfish @irish_news What age are you? Grow up, that's his name @dvlfish @irish_news I'm a journalist, that's his name, it's well known.Today's letter published in Irish News and Belfast Telegraph from figures across arts, sporting, community and acad…
Retweeted by Allison Morris @ciarwax1 @mickthehack @paddycosgrave Taxi drivers would make great journalists though, they know all the biz @dvlfish @irish_news Why?Well done to @PPR_Org for organising this very important initiative @jo_tickledpink @sarahecleland They last for life because they live in a cupboard in my kitchen unused, we have a l… @IRLPatricia @irish_news Thanks Patricia, of the hundreds of columns I've written over the years this had the bigge… @EvansTheCrime "And when he died we buried him there, right beside the vending machine". @mickthehack @paddycosgrave I mentioned this at a talk last week, there are fewer opportunities than ever for young…
‘Leo Varadkar needs to change minds if he is to win this election’
Retweeted by Allison MorrisThe southern candidates seem much better craic, Mark Ward with a bag a cans a karaoke machine and you’ve got yourse… @Highheeledlady The answer is always yes @SeanReid4 @mickthehack @paddycosgrave Journalism is under constant pressure, readers expect news to be free and in… @niassembly @RobbieButlerMLA @Kelmba @JBuckleyMLA @GerryKellyMLA @ColinSDLP @JimAllister That was quite shaping up… key points in Spad reforms: 🔸Spad pay capped at £85k (down from £90k+) 🔸Ministers responsible for management,…
Retweeted by Allison Morris @mickthehack @paddycosgrave I'm from west Belfast, raised in a council house, my mother scrubbed floors for a livin… @lordcarsonwest The Chief Con was appointed unanimously by a panel that comprised of Policing Board Chair Anne Conn… had applied for the Chief Con post last year, the PSNI's second in command DCC Steve Martin announces his plans… @MaryDram Billy Flynn in The Champ @ShelaghFogarty It's the worst kind of pain, I did mine in last year and would rather give birth than go through th… Hall is to step down as director general of the BBC in the summer, after seven years in the role
Retweeted by Allison Morris @JaneyGodley @MrsNickyClark @NeilKBrand Happy birthday Janey, make it a goodun x
@RobbieButlerMLA A large spoon and a quiet corner is all that needs @RobbieButlerMLA What’s everyone else having?Coming up later on #SundayPolitics with @MarkCarruthers7. 🔹Deputy First Minister @moneillsf - Live in studio. 🔹…
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@dukeofspice @jorisminne Shocking Ali, will give you a ring tomorrow @seanwebb87 @JonathanMcCusk3 @JonathanMcCusk3 @seanwebb87 Aye stop getting on like Bruce Willis in Die Hard, so did we all @seanwebb87 Sorry have to cancel dinner there’s been a shooting! @niallcarsonpa @Rubberbandits They made me have such mental dreams I stopped taking them, they’re savage and yes you definitely need to eat @seanwebb87 I’ve cancelled nights out because a bomb went off and I had to work, try and convince someone that’s not just an excuse! @ah241 Sorry for your loss love, glad he got to meet wee Oisin x @CaralNiChuilin That’s such a wonderful thing to do to keep his memory around always @GerryCarlile The substance abuse courts are piloting a scheme that treats the causes of criminality, addiction, ho…
@paddyraffcomedy Is that not a breach of the court order?This is a lovely idea, especially at a time when there is so much negativity around at times which children can pic… @dawnpurvis @dfatirl My favourite article from the time, beware the hordes of ‘topless lesbians’ office for today the stunning Royal College of Physicians of Ireland building for the @dfatirl Beijing +25 confe…
@Mountai92381069 @DebShoes72 @Colly_Corrigan Caring for the children of the island equally regardless of whether th… @Mountai92381069 @DebShoes72 @Colly_Corrigan Is the proclamation being fully abandoned in this new Ireland you aspi… @Colly_Corrigan @DebShoes72 Perfectly put Colin, maybe they should look at the societal causes of teenagers being e… @Kal_Leigh Turn all the lights on and leave a pair of hair straighteners burning their way through the bedroom carpet"not condoning but...." is one hell of a response to one of the most disgusting crimes to ever happen anywhere in t…
Retweeted by Allison Morris @DebShoes72 Quickly followed by, "it's no worse than... " some random point scoring tragedy @CiaranWhelan13 You deserve the insult and more, should be ashamed of yourself @CiaranWhelan13 So are you in favour of bypassing the justice system and just beheading all teenagers involved in c… @Stan_Leeeee You just did condone it with that tweetI've seen and reported on some brutal things but the videos circulating of 17 year old Keane Mulready Woods murder…í investigating the murder of Keane Mulready-Woods are appealing to the public for information to contact Drog…
Retweeted by Allison MorrisAllison Morris: It may have been a shotgun wedding but the executive has to make this marriage work via @irish_news Those responsible for barbaric murder of Keane Mulready (17) have lost all humanity via @irish_news remains are those of missing Drogheda teen (17) via @irish_news
In March I’ll have done 20 years as a crime reporter in Dublin. Have, conservatively, covered 600+ murders in that…
Retweeted by Allison Morris @terrifyinglogic A child is legally someone under the age of 18, you’ve little to be at if that’s what you have to say about the murderA criminal gang of grown men abducted, murdered and dismembered a child, think of the savagery involved in that, be… found in two locations in Dublin identified as that of 17-year-old Keane Mulready-Woods from Drogheda his m… @seanwebb87 Your name @seanwebb87 @clo13 @LaganDragons That should be your motto 😂 @roodog The baps are great though @AtownColm Barney Hughes' bread, sticks to your belly like leadBaps and a big boat human remains in burnt-out car could be linked to teen's disappearance via @irish_news arranging interviews Government press officers still appear to be working off ten year old ABC figures on news… background to the discovery of body parts on Coolock last night will terrify the public when the details emerge…
Retweeted by Allison MorrisThis is beyond shocking, the barbarity of feuding gangs in Drogheda defies comprehension, whatever happens in the F… @damiendoyle3 One day they’ll allow you to edit a tweet, one day!
@BBCRichardM @BBCgmu Relief, the thought of having to go to the country just to get a flight to London was filling me with dread @AmandaFBelfast Try @pizzaonthesq really good @DavidYoungPA @niallcarsonpa The long road from rookie to veteran is paved with disappointment - and you have been… @niallcarsonpa Use your imagination @Anguscurran This is the kind of quality content I come here for. @Anguscurran That can't be trueThis has everything, the drama, the music, the what the absolute ****"Safe staffing" plan being drawn up by Dept of Health. Robin Swann says "component parts" are in place to resolve p…
Retweeted by Allison Morris @dmcbfs @andreemurphy Been a fun few days for geeks @andreemurphy Caoimhe Archibald should be given far more prominent roles than she has currently @Tangi56 It will @CMallaghanSF I like your thinking Cathal 😂This by my colleague @BimpeIN is a must read: The day Storm Boris blew into Stormont via @irish_news Ministers must hope 'hand of future' comes outstretched with chequebook via @irish_news deal: Money offered by British government falls 'way short' via @irish_news
Accusing your own Crown prosecution service of pursuing ‘vexatious’ investigations against former soldiers is an in… @BimpeIN Lovely shot of the back of my headBoris Johnson says Stormont deal gives confidence to military veterans and those seeking truth
Retweeted by Allison Morris @OrangRuth @DebShoes72 @IRLPatricia @JaneyGodley @AmandaFBelfast @AineCarson1 Belfast bronzeWaiting on the arrival of @BorisJohnson in the Stormont great hall Belfast priest tells funeral of Deághlán Cole (22) of devastation caused by drugs via @irish_news of murdered Glenn Quinn ask people of Carrickfergus to help find killers
Retweeted by Allison MorrisToday's #frontpage: Your lives in their hands
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@Jamesy27050033 @AmandaFBelfast @JaneyGodley @DebShoes72 @AineCarson1 @IRLPatricia I’ve cavedLunch with the force of nature that is @JaneyGodley and this group of amazing women, haven’t laughed as much in ages @tim_brannigan Excellent filter though @Donnan_S It was the health care staff put fire to their feet, without them I’m not sure we’d be here now @MisssPatrice I’ve seen you do those exact same moves 😂 @MisssPatrice This explains so much Patrice, like mother like daughter 😂
DUP leader Arlene Foster wrote that public inquiry into Muckamore Abbey Hospital scandal was in “public interest”…
Retweeted by Allison Morris @timcairns @News_Letter @BenLowry2 @SJAMcBride @JamieBrysonCPNI What about the @irish_news Tim, what about our anal…