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Security Correspondent and columnist with The Irish News, commentator (politics/security). All views are my own

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If you missed our piece on @bbcnewsline tonight about the lack of stormont press conferences six weeks on, here it…
Retweeted by Allison MorrisGreat to see @BBCJayneMcC covering this on @bbcnewsline tonight. Great contributions from @StephenGrimason and…
Retweeted by Allison Morris @johnmurraymotor @moneillsf There's answers to most of that in here O'Neill backs family of Noah Donohoe in justice campaign
Retweeted by Allison Morris @BozoMedia @DermotCurran9 @Frank962739241 @moneillsf I imagine the PSNI will refer themselves to the ombudsman and… @DermotCurran9 @Frank962739241 @moneillsf Oh I understand what it says I just don't understand why it exists as the… @BozoMedia @DermotCurran9 @Frank962739241 @moneillsf He had no connection to the case of course they rejected it, b… @DermotCurran9 @BozoMedia @Frank962739241 @moneillsf I've covered this case responsibly from day one as have my col… @Frank962739241 @DermotCurran9 @moneillsf They don't need forced, they will investigate the complaint if and when i… @DermotCurran9 @Frank962739241 @moneillsf I've no idea @BozoMedia @Frank962739241 @DermotCurran9 @moneillsf Exactly, they just don't take complaints from random strangers… @slimemonkey @JamieBrysonCPNI There is no change of tune the Irish News has been consistent from the start, we take… @Frank962739241 @DermotCurran9 @moneillsf Yes deadly serious because you do realise the family's solicitor can make… @Frank962739241 @DermotCurran9 @moneillsf Why is there a petition? @CelticRhebel @moneillsf Yes I ave and had you looked anywhere other than social media you would know that @RosieCowanQUB They have a good team representing them Rosie, they will get the family the answers they need not a… @RosieCowanQUB How do you know what the email writer said Rosie? I haven't published it? The family need informatio…"I fully support Fiona and the Donohoe family in their search for the truth about the tragic death of Noah. I will…"I would further appeal for householders to take steps to ensure that any such CCTV does not overwrite itself, as t…"I would appeal to anyone with any evidence or information in respect of Noah’s disappearance to bring this immedia… first minister @moneillsf has called for anyone with information about the disappearance and death of school… @RosieCowanQUB And that's who I deal with, who I have dealt with and who will advise me if there are any future iss… @narod186 @MyNoah8 I have had no recent request to ask questions on the family's behalf, either from the family dir… @chrissavage82 It says emails why are you confused? @NikitaBadger That’s awful Nikita @belfastgem The media have contact with the family through an advocate and a solicitor and they can ask at anytime… @AllisonMorris1 Getting these emails now too. The people doing this need to stop right now. The family have a compe…
Retweeted by Allison Morris @KeersRussell I’ve heard there are members of my own profession not exactly covering themselves in glory either, I… @irishhhhhG They’re not haters, they’re ill informed ghouls, read the threadFinally I have asked questions of police as have my colleagues, we have also left the family alone when asked to do… you were considering sending me the chain email don’t, if you’re the person who originally penned it, you’re a g… I said from the very beginning I will take my lead from the family and their very able legal team and not from p… of yesterday I started to receive a chain email, written by someone who admits they do not know the family of No…
@SteBreen Thinking of you and yours today ginge, you’re very like him
@AlexKane221b Miss your craic mate, be glad when we can be back in the studio again disagreeing with each other!Killer dentist Colin Howell could face charge of raping co-defendant Hazel Stewart via @irish_news @BBCTalkback Michael who spoke to Talkback today features in this article, he’s trying his best to take a more posi… Killer dentist Colin Howell could face charge of raping co-defendant Hazel Stewart via @irish_news
Retweeted by Allison MorrisKiller dentist Colin Howell could face charge of raping co-defendant Hazel Stewart
Retweeted by Allison MorrisThe father of one of the teenagers who was with schoolboy Thomas Devlin on the night he was murdered has spoken for…
Retweeted by Allison Morris @Martivaldez17 @irish_news Why, because you’ve committed a crime does that mean you also can’t be a victim of one? Killer dentist Colin Howell could face charge of raping co-defendant Hazel Stewart via @irish_news
What a woman.
Retweeted by Allison MorrisThis afternoon, we hear from Emma Shaw and Julie Anne Corr-Johnston who are women from Loyalist backgrounds. They…
Retweeted by Allison Morris @GarethMcGuigan @whaaaamy It's a stunning dish, zero syns on Slimming World 😂 @Mon_The_Hoops81 @AineCarson1 Can see your own shame in the reflective surfaces @AineCarson1 Been shopping in that shiny place in Castle Court @EDiamond136 @DeegallMckillen @irish_news Same Eugene, I love sitting down with a cup of tea and a newspaper to hav… @DeegallMckillen @irish_news It's a really good site, fair play, looks easy to read and navigateMe: I love pastry Person on Twitter: I see that you like pastry and that’s fine but also I wondered if you ever kne…
Retweeted by Allison Morris
@Jude0o0 Bundoran @texeltom It was lovely and had a great feed in Harry’s in Cushendall @martgalb 👍 @rabforlarnefc Oh you know that beach too wellCan you guess where I was today? @whaaaamy Looks delicious, glad you enjoyed and congratulations to you both @BenRosher @JKSimonds I met a dentist, a supermarket owner, a computer programmer and even a former Hugo Moss model… @profsiobhanon @irish_news Thanks much appreciated“We get called bad kids, but we’re not - you should see the kind of things they say about us on Facebook” Thought…
Retweeted by Allison MorrisI’ve muted the GAA post, there are people who have been up all night googling who need really a rest from arguing a… superb piece. Essential reading for anyone in NI genuinely interested in tackling educ. underachievement. The New…
Retweeted by Allison Morris @ELMQ86 I’m with you on this, hate them, dinner piled so high you’d need oxygen to reach the summit @KellyBonner Thanks Kelly, they’re great kids, full of banter, but have been let down and stigmatised simply because of where they live. @StaceyG38098536 Hope you’re going to do a Kim and Kanye on that decking 😂 @OMeiscill @irish_news Brilliant young people, who have been let down and stigmatisedThey’ve attended more funerals than youth clubs this year - the young people of the New Lodge who are the forgotten… after the lost boys and girls of north Belfast via @irish_news Lodge bonfire cancelled after agreement with young people via @irish_news
@Cheesewright3 I know it wasn’t Ian, was a fair point. @Cheesewright3 I don’t disagree with any of that Ian, but is that not what East Belfast GAA is trying to do? @SJTHolland @curiouskc1977 My Ma puts, mince, steak pieces and sausages in her stew - she thinks she’s rich showing… @McGurkEamonn He was bonkers @gerrymucker It was in Lá at the time @nichola_daly Honestly I can’t tell you what a good day this wasSuch a blast from the past, me and my mate Natalie, watching Madonna at Slane August 2004, Iggy Pop was her support… @BartLad69 No one is saying that, but defining an entire association that is at the centre of hundreds of communiti… @joelneill You may keep going now until you break a leg or you’ll look like a quitterIt's obvious there has been a false and destructive narrative about what the GAA stands for and what it means to co… @Ulster82019252 Honestly, wise up that's like saying all football is sectarian because of Celtic and Rangers, it's… @joelneill Listen, I'm just going to put this out there, but maybe, just maybe, you're a bit old for that carry on @joenawaz What's her position on people called Muhammad and hurls? @Ericthe08378950 @Thelytokous It’s just noise @Thelytokous I don’t like the Wolfe Tones#IrishNews are proud partners of @FeileBelfast Debates and Discussions. Why not tune in to #VirtualFeilé2020 this a…
Retweeted by Allison MorrisAnother highly impressive Féile line up today. The life and legacy of Mary Ann McCracken. Susan McKay at 3pm, Richa…
Retweeted by Allison Morris @joenawaz Flags, avoid flags @Mozzer2015 I thought his reason for being in full kit, swinging a bat on the beach was entirely plausible
@bobdebilde That was the same hospital visit 😆 and to be honest that didn’t hurt at all, looked shocking though @bobdebilde Oh here, I’d to go to A&E once and there was a hurler beside me with his thumb hanging off, not for the faint heartedIt’s a sport, that’s all just a sport, nothing to fear, it harms no one Hume: The miserable weather reflected the mood of a city, a place he loved so well and that equally loved him… Morris: John Hume a civil rights icon who changed lives for the better via @irish_news masks mandatory in shops and enclosed spaces from Monday via @irish_news this, Pamela Anderson didn't even get her hair wet 😂 Morris: Ian Paisley was best known for saying 'No', John Hume for never taking no for an answer #premium
Retweeted by Allison Morris @jamesmadiba2 @ElenaEtchemendy @molloy1916 James you’re very purposely missing the point, gender is relevant becaus… Two men to be prosecuted over Project Eagle sale of property loans
Retweeted by Allison MorrisFrank Cushnahan (78) and former Tughans director Ian Coulter (49) to be charged with fraud in relation to Nama’s sa…
Retweeted by Allison Morris @jamesmadiba2 @ElenaEtchemendy @molloy1916 I say four women have been killed in NI since lockdown and your response…