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@WLWT Meteorologist in #Cincinnati. Grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. @msstate alum '15. Vegetarian 🌱 Rescue Dog Mom 🐶

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Wow! “Pair of studies confirm there is water on the moon.”
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I’d like to introduce you to my toothless pumpkin thanks to our neighborhood dentists/squirrels 🙄 I saw the squirr… up?? We are ON @WLWT now! See ya there 👋 @billgeraghty @mlairwlwt @CourtisWLWT @BrandonSaho Hey thanks for staying up with us!!! We appreciate you!Here is a sneak peek at Tomorrow, For more weather info join us, live streaming now: early Halloween forecast looks dry, cold (upper 40s) & clear! Don't forget about the blue moon & setting clocks… is going to look very similar compared to today. Chilly all day, cloudy and a little bit rainy (mainly in… @MissyB77774831 What’s the name??
This is the most Cincinnati ending to a game the Bengals should have won. Oof. #CLEvsCIN
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTNvm 😑 Bengals making impossible catches. You love to see it.Just getting around to watching @nbcsnl and nothing but CHILLS listening to Adele sing.Here is a sneak peek at Tomorrow, For more weather info join us, live streaming now:
Prettiest #sunset I’ve seen this year! #ohio #landenlake ##maineville #NatureisAmazing @JohnGumm @Cincywxman
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTOut of office 👋 @NanMuchmore Lol I saw one try to eat my fake one!!Squirrels are living their best lives apparently
We'll be dealing with the rain/storms through at least 10PM. Here's a general timeline taking us into the night.…
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTThe area of the Severe Thunderstorm Watch has been expanded through most of the area. #WLWT
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWT @kentuckyjoe624 Where’s this at? @AllisonWeather
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTA WATCH has been issed for our area #WLWT Radar: Weather alerts: IN EFFECT #WLWT Interactive radar: Weather alerts: Radar Check Scattered storms continue to move across the area well out ahead of the cold front. Plan on this…
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTA WATCH has been issed for our area #WLWT Radar: Weather alerts: @EmilyFirstGroup @BUnderwoodWKRC Oh my god 😂😂😂😭 @clark_dw Ah no I don’t want to hurt them lol!Officially very disappointed in the squirrels in my neighborhood are expected to develop across the area this afternoon continuing into the evening. Highest chances f…
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWT @GregNordstrom Okay but is it a Christmas movie or Halloween movie?? Probably the most important question I’ve ever asked you.#Cincinnati Not particularly impressed by tomorrow’s #severe threat. Not zero, but low. Wouldn’t rule out a warning…
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Please give @MianaMasseyWLWT a huge, warm welcome to Cincinnati! travel news ⬇️
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTIf you don't turn your pumpkin into a volcano (cc yesterday's Weather Wednesday), you can compost it! drought is slowly beginning to improve! The 'Moderate Drought' zone has been shaved back a little, as has the '…'s a lot of serious news and a lot of sad news tonight, but that's why it's even more important to…
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTThis dog adoption segment on @TODAYshow has me some type of way 😭😭😭😭How cool is this view, Cincy?! #CityCam #WLWT
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTA beautiful #sunrise while inspecting the rooftop units at work this morning! #dowork #ohio #mason @RandiRicoWLWT
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTMine hasn’t worked since September🙃 up on @WLWT News Five at 11, my one-on-one exclusive with VP @Mike_Pence during his stop in Cincinnati. Hear…
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The sun is finally coming out a bit. Plan on temps in the 60s through the evening. Front that has plagued us past few days clearly evident! Fog likely overnight w/ light winds & plenty o…
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTSmall showers are developing along I-71! Rain chances drop after 4 p.m. are going to be the warmest they've been in a week, but it still doesn't look great outside. I'm track… adds Ohio to travel quarantine amid virus spike
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@hazardkygov Airport GardensThe application for breweries, restaurants and bars will be available in the coming days at
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTOne year ago😭 Missing these gals so much❤️ Cannot wait for the day when we can get together again.😔hoping he caught it early
Is there anything else to eat when the weather is like this? @willouej Love it!Can someone tell me if Covington already has the Christmas decorations up? #LoveTheCov @JeffAckermann When my grandma moved to Mississippi from New Jersey she had to ask people how to pump gas 😂 @MJax0n It depends on where you live! There may be some breaks after noon. @the_hammer6 Happy birthday!Point at a blank wall while talking about the sky. @Mattr_Murray It’s not a true rainy day until Norah Jones plays in the background at some point.Let the lazy day begin 🥳😴 is a sneak peek at Tomorrow, For more weather info join us, live streaming now:'s an idea of what the radar will look like during Monday morning's commute. Leave early if you're heading out… next two days bring more rain to Cincinnati than the entire month of September did. Get ready for a gloomy, co…
A Pumpkin for Fall!
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTHeads up, we’re getting a round of rain a little early! Light rain moving thru the 275 loop. @brantschulz Remember remember... @JahanMirziaie Thank you!ALL NEW SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE TONIGHT! It's on after @WLWT at 11. @AllisonWeather has the change coming in your forec…
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTGloomy weather returns tomorrow but, other than a stray sprinkle in the afternoon, the rain holds off until midnigh… is a sneak peek at Tomorrow, For more weather info join us, live streaming now: chilly #fall walk around the lake tonight with a beautiful #sunset tonight! #ohio #autumn @local12paul @JohnGumm
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@WxStrong Your hair looks like it's getting long! I love it!Issa. Justin. TONIGHT
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTHi, the sun sets before 7 p.m. now. today while the weather's nice! Clouds return tomorrow ahead of rain Sunday night. That rain looks like it's… @JahanMirziaie Thank you!This is crazy! @ChristineComb19 He is okay! More than halfway finished with treatment 💪Today at Ault Park, 1st pic looking across river. @KevinWLWT @WeatherManCam_ @AllisonWeather @RandiRicoWLWT
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTCan confirm he’s grown a ton. He’s already as big as Oliver 😳 to get out for a hike early this morning!! It was gorgeous & felt so nice outside. Have a beautiful Saturda… @RennyV I’ll watch it this year @BillMcConnell1 Lol I’ll watch it! @guffey_sam I think so!I’ve never seen Die Hard @Jeffb2News @WLWT @WeatherManCam_ @megan1mitchell Yay!As predicted we’ve got #frost on this #SaturdayMorning Thanks to the @WLWT Weather Team - I still have tomatoes…
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWT @jrobinson__14 @HelenaWLWT YALL BE NICE
The Nightmare Before Christmas. Halloween or Christmas movie?Hey everyone! If anyone happens to know of a nursing home that has been allowing indoor visitation this week, pleas…
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTWhat a ~cool~ gorgeous day! Watch is out. Freeze Warning is in. Protect crops/vegetation/plants tonight! your plants. #WLWT @macoates I see that cowbell!Tonight will likely be the coldest night yet this season. Freeze Watch & Frost Advisory go in effect overnight. I'… @jsinghoff yes... @KellyRippin dude... same#NationalBossDay
Retweeted by Allison Rogers WLWTYou’re stronger than I am. Heat’s been on for weeks at my house. LOWS: Oxford: 30° Wilmington: 33° Cincinnati: 33° Loveland: 34°