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Management | Work(ed) w/@ZerqEBK @holyspg @wtfsaucy & MORE!

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@DelayDZN Goat @DelayDZN @ClixHimself Bro this is so good😍Getting bored of twitter @alqsyy W @TonzFN 14 @faisal4dirisu @FaZeSway @Yuldyy He wont rt bro @faisal4dirisu @cinnetics You not rocking with him ‼⁉️ @cinnetics Fifa is fireee, playin on late nights vibing, hit difff @cinnetics Fifa a W , wym
@LiquidDL @DanonDL @Rohanzyy LMFAOOOO @faisal4dirisu @FaZeSway bro.. @xqkr0 weirdo @xqkr0 So u just not gonna reply.. ight @xqkr0 YO @medzz W
@DelayDZN Ong @ClixHimself
@faisal4dirisu @LiquefyFN @Sceptic Bro.. @cinnetics U didnt need to put this on my tl @Qrei9 @Decyptos @Flokito_ @Clement_ttt @Crowntfup @PlanezSZN @Dyrvigx YOU'RE A GOAT DONT WORRY @DelayDZN THIS IS SOOO GOODOng epic doing Qrei dirty rn😭 @FaZeSway @Byzic W @benjyfishy WWW @opsqt ONG @SerpentAU Left with the people i fw with, right just idk depends @ZerqEBK stream mf @MackWood1x sorry bro thats me @cozzlol @shahh @FRChronic V
@cinnetics U too cinn❤Sometimes i say "huh?" then answer the question before they repeat themselves. Im not deaf , im just laggin bro @cubiqq @1xontop How u do thisU know ur self mfIf i like your tweets on a daily and you dont like mine when you see it on the tl ong ur weird.If yo homie send you a dik pic and you screenshot it who gay? @faisal4dirisu @ryswtf @itsJerian @Keyss @TakenedTV He dont know you bro @itschiFN follow me @itschiFN @adinross You fell off the hood watches Jake Paul now @adinross You're trash the hood watches jake paul now @ZerqEBK @DeyyFN Nahhhh i dont use those shi😭😭 @ZerqEBK @DeyyFN Bro @opsqt SHEEESH
@LiquefyFN On the side @wtfsaucy FLEXBeing a good person doesn’t get you loved, It gets you used. @DeliriumYvng @GhoulDL Im dumb @faisal4dirisu Bro gettin these straight from tiktok @SupaRovaa Imagine if one of the mods make a vlog "Day In A Life Of A Clix Mod..." @SupaRovaa Day in a life of being a clix mod💀 @alqsyy Allmizy @cinnetics Good guy cinn :) @cozzlol Faxuty tournaments
@opsqt @pizzahut Thats a W @cinnetics @cinnetics OH NAHHHHHH @ClixHimself Goat @FaZeSway @TheApeCris @adinross Noti @adinross @prxdshe Noti @adinross 🧙‍♂️ @cinnetics On god, he can do it when hes on his own, he cant be doing that shit around people that fw with it @tzstify @cinnetics Fr😭Blue face got pressed by his baby mama😭😭😭😭 @cinnetics Just imagine if he said blood @Gaga1xx @Slapiin Ong😭😭😭 Adin wishes Zias comes to save himImagine if he said blood😭 @Slapiin Blue face is thinking about something else rn @KeenySZN @DownloaderBotBlue face dont fw adin at all😭😭 @Xnetfn yo @ZerqEBK @itsfreddylol V @holyspg You'll be just fine , ur chillin @ZerqEBK @holyspg asked @TeamPoak @lxvishdrea Me and @YoStaLis
Retweeted by Allmizy @YoStaLis @CodeNataIie @ZerqEBK V @ScrubzFC @TSM LETS GOOOO @ZerqEBK @TeamPoak @lxvishdrea @YoStaLis V
@cinnetics U know u did it b4 @wtfsaucy Delete @ScrubzFC Resigned to Endless or signed to some other big org @ryswtf @jojiFN @jadekimberleyy rys @slumpwtf Ur comment section is too funnyHeadshot 🎯 (Fortnite Montage) *LINK IN REPLIES*
Retweeted by Allmizy @ZerqEBK InsaneSince when was Drake like this @ZerqEBK Gn @ScrubzFC You might resign to endless @ScrubzFC W @ZayhWTF @CodeNataIie @fnwebb Cracked 😭 @itschiFN @alqsyy @BHVannessa LMAO YEA @alqsyy Tell ur egirl to use a voice changer lol
@cinnetics @FaZeSway LMAO @cinnetics LMFAO @FaZeClan @K1 who is he.. @FaZeClan @K1 WWW @Veroxuk lol @cinnetics banger tweet @yukkiwya @cinnetics Just file a unspension thing or whatever its called and you'll get it back right away @knownasnoble ok