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@vapokracker Don't you need an MBA for that?28 years ago, I graduated from #ShoreSchool - a fact I, frankly, don’t like to admit do. From the first day term 2…
Retweeted by allrite @BenjaminMillar This need to get down to single figures is going overboard! @jpwarren Do you know if the Girl Guides sell tracking cookies? @alexkidman @stilgherrian Oh, did you ever work at Microplex? @ozAntinnippon I was never anywhere else. @ozAntinnippon Wedgies? @erstkate But that would take all the fun of double entendres away. Sure nobody laughed at my post joke on Twitter… MADE THISS?!!!
Retweeted by allriteWondering if the reused condoms were sold under the Anresell label.
@dobes So what you are saying is that it is the cows who vote the Nationals in? @tfswebb But not to the person who actually did the work. @NewtonMark Yes, but Sweden?Hmmm. Pondering where to draw the should be recycled line?
Retweeted by allrite @stilgherrian @kels_316 If he doesn't have another gun in his front shirt pocket with a pocket protector then I am… @NeilJeram @dannolan You keeping a TAB on him or did his parents snort COKE?A male social media author walks into a bar, sidles up to an attractive person and says to them: "I have a very lo… anyone noticed how many video conferences we are doing now and how that could be shortened to "vidco"? Rearrang… @realCarrickRyan What about just Covo?The public image of Adani's "attack dog" lawyers 🤔 They are determined to make my family suffer as a message to oth…
Retweeted by allriteI'm certain that executives claim they deserve the big bucks because of their level of responsibility, but that lev… @oysta Different nurofen for Skype? Morphine for WebEx? I think they already use ecstasy for House Party. @dobes Does it say if the complaints all came from Tim Smith? @fabricebigot1 Ah, but if you pay the private company to buy it in return for some good media coverage/jobs/donations...The NBN's fiber rollout isn't delayed, it's just buffering.
Retweeted by allrite @dangolding Any good recipes for steamed goose? Yours truly, villager.
Option 1) An automated system to archive media releases in place. Option 2) Periodically copy a massive number of m… and business leaders on Jobseeker: People need to be paid less to make them work. Also: We need to be… @dannolan Totally cracked. Wait until they discover what the effect of eating adult eggs covered in the Colonel's 1… @erstkate Not surprising considering the number of activated nuts already serving.This would seem... not a great defence
Retweeted by allrite @oysta Imagine that a public school in Bankstown did this. They'd be blaming immigrants and Muslims with a lack of Australian values.Q: What do you call a person who hires out Hitler and Stalin? A: The lessor of two evils. @niubi Maybe he smokes weed? @dangolding God this was good to read. I have a more nuanced point than this, but the short story is that I believe…
Retweeted by allriteIn other words, job-specific skills might only last a week, but critical thinking, research, and communication last…
Retweeted by allriteI remember when I was 12 feeling so helpless that i wasn’t legally allowed to work. My family had no money and I wo…
Retweeted by allrite @GordyPls @dannolan The shit is taking some mental health leave and can't be disturbed.
@danilic Nailed it again!And you can bet that most of the "put the economy first" mob will be against support for those with long term healt… @NeilJeram Yuck, fungus. Need some magic ointment.Spelling matters! Water is a room temperature liquid that is required for life. Warter is a magical liquid that will turn you into a toad. @NewtonMark According to the headmaster, "We place a strong emphasis on character formation, challenging our studen… @annabelcrabb @ABCTV All they needed was some tax cuts for the rich to fix the depression! @erstkate How many renditions of "My way" can you take in one debate?"Students interested in diploma and trade courses should check national daily newspapers" Yep, I think that this c… @stilgherrian Unlike gas, which choses itself.Admittedly, this is a group that thought that 256 colour GIF images were acceptable for website photos back in 2002.It's 2020 and people in my organisation are only now waking up to the fact that Drupal is a royal pain to update, s… @Patrickavenell Hatching plans?
@danilic Not sure I have enough space in my living room to fit the West Coast of Tasmania in. Is it some sort of ho… @danilic Scotty has got really ambitious about opening up the borders. @stilgherrian First they came for Coon and then they came for Cheddar. Does anyone give Edam? @NeilJeram @chaser Angus Taylor has already taken the Czechs.Both ABC News Breakfast and Seven Sunrise leading with the same "Pressure is mounting in the Victorian government t… @stilgherrian Watched a fantasy movie instead and I bet it was more sensible, even if George Lucas wrote it.Watched 1988's Willow for the first time in ages. James Horner's score, the New Zealand scenery and Warwick Davis's…'s a storm to the west. #sydney #storm @dangolding @ABCClassic I'm beginning to have my doubts about your commitment to JW. 😆 Not that I mind hearing som… @dangolding @ABCClassic The Cowboys or Missouri Breaks? @swearyanthony A new take on f'ing up. @noplaceforsheep I fear that they cannot be the centrist party they seek to be. Those that believe that Labor and t… @TasteyFlav Get me some pear flavoured chocolate, okay?
@ItsBouquet Yes, but hot air is a gas. It's not the Australian people's fault. The gas chose itself. @cameronwilson @NewtonMark There's a dude up the street with a blue Lamborghini with the number plate CH4N and I fe… reminder that it's still 2020. the revolution comes and I am made dictator for life I will declare Rupert Murdoch an Enema of the People for… Australia threats of defunding and losing access to the PM seem to do the trick. always thought my dog was half Finnish Lapphund, half Japanese Spitz, but in his waning years he seems to be part… @stilgherrian But that's every day of the week! @erstkate That's a tired, not wired, trope. 😎 @GrogsGamut I must use that excuse next time I fart in public.
@RonniSalt Engadine Maccas.
@slamup I'll take that as red, then. @p_hannam We've been doing that (and feeling bad about the emissions from the car), but I still feel a deep longing…'mon @billbirtles, surely you had to flee China because you discovered an EVIL COMMUNIST PLOT to take over the wor… @ItsBouquet Amazing doctor, with the ability to rule out any conditions you don't want to have. @p_hannam I didn't try to book this flight and I am troubled by it, but I do understand the allure. After months of… @_shiawase_ @tkasasagi @grhwatson Maybe a calibration step? @rzhongnotes Maybe they think it is actually WeeChat™, an app for men to have a conversation at a urinal (except if… craziness of English as demonstrated by a spoonerism: Dishwasher becomes wish dasher.Listening to recent portrayals of fictional Belgian detective Hercule Poirot and their accents are so different to… @NeilJeram @BelindaJones68 When you don't have many brain cells it's important to take care of what's there.I urge the Queensland premier to stay strong and delay any border opening with NSW until at least the middle of nex…
@TasteyFlav So Aristotle isn't a big fan of Twitter then? @JamColley Better pic of that guy. @danilic Time to fail all students who are members of the Young Liberals. It's not like they consider their degrees worthwhile. @GrogsGamut Hell is where the publicists spawn from anyway. @jpwarren @dannolan Then you deserve to get covid. It's that simple.Hey, this movie was on TV the other night. I think it was called "Dumb and Dumber".'s not just humans and dogs that get swooped by magpies. Today I saw one harassing a big blue tongued lizard in my front yard. @JamColley Only between 5.27pm and 7.15pm on a Wednesday. DETAILS ARE IMPORTANT!SQ281 from Singapore to Auckland leaving a contrail above Sydney. #singaporeairlines #contrails #clouds #sunset @NewtonMark I thought bullshit was the national language of Australia and new immigrants should learn it during the… somebody please tell me why anyone would want to get a mullet haircut in this day and age? Anyone??? Apparently… decent computer plus MS Flight Simulator 2020 isn't *that* expensive. understand the "Leading from the front" leadership aphorisms now. They mean "Putting yourself first."
@JamColley Only if you require it for your school homework. @ozAntinnippon