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It's the 1985 version.Viewing King Solomon's Mines on TV tonight and I can't believe we watched this at school at the end of year bludge.… did the puppies stop playing? Somebody hit the paws button. @slamup When my son was 4 months old and I had to fly internationally for work it was the first opportunity I'd had… @yun_aus 1984. But both are scarily true in so many aspects. @SariArhoHavren Meanwhile in Korea and Singapore it was transmitted through churches.
@BigV2011WCE @speedbird020 Yep, VapourTrails is one of my favourites! I already commented on it. @evcricket Did it have a sticker: "My other scooter is a luxury SUV"?Australia. Where you try watch a bit of Doctor Who horror over lunch and just as you get to a spooky bit the kookaburras start laughing. @JohnBirmingham @JetstarAirways Admit it, you bearly care. @JohnBirmingham @JetstarAirways We can't bear it!
Some people are folders, others are scrunchers. I propose that we extend this concept to file directories and phones. @stilgherrian Facebook: The armpit of the Internet with lots of blow hards. @jommy_tee Wouldn't work in Australia as the department names and responsibilities keep changing, although an amoeba might work.I really like the Japanese noren which I've repurposed into a wall hanging. @oysta It really works! "Banks engage in criminal behaviour" comes out as ✅A thread. When those around you and those who lead continually make selfish decisions it's difficult not to do the… should form a partnership with the insurance industry and give all their remaining stock to Canberrans.
Looking at illegally parked cars in the local area I deduce that two things they feel are more important than the l… @phbarratt With the current LNP, the economy would then turn around and kick the homeless person lying sick in the… @phbarratt Oh, don't know. Sometimes it turns the corner into a dark alleyway where it gets mugged because it wasn'… @jt_mag_os @jakeadelstein The coast off the reactor is certainly a great spot for all the Olympic ocean sports like… @Toky02 Introverts? @Toky02 He was never going to protect you from the Coronavirus. @Toky02 Yes, but who is he going down on? @sanverde @stegersaurus Maybe they should try calling China the Fully Sick Man of Asia. don't understand this. Surely millennials want to see endless ads of blonde ladies nodding sagely at how wonderfu… @oysta Up with the chemtrails! @craigreucassel I reject the premise of your question. @BaldingsWorld I thought Singaporean Coronavirus only affected churchgoers. @railmaps Baked and FIRED. @jprailcom I just hope they don't start doing yield management like with the Eurail pass. @Toky02 Cruising off to Mexico to drink Coronas?
This is Piterson, and the story is funny Thread👇
Retweeted by allrite @realCarrickRyan They've seen a PM in budgie smugglers. I think they can cope. @huge_roo @iTnews_au @jpwarren AI reckons 1+1=1 @oysta These days background processes are more like "comorbidities". @BaldingsWorld It's frustrating for Nokia and Ericsson. They have to run lean workforces and can't employee all the… @stilgherrian @dobes The alternative is the Bob Carr? @oysta It comes with a range of bullshit sauces. @dobes Paleo wine should just be rotten grapes eaten off the ground.
@adam_ni I don't think most people consider how much ordinary Chinese citizens are suffering, not only due to the d… @ozAntinnippon All losing athletes expected to participate. @railmaps Hmm, well I feel that we kind of had a qanats reward in Sydney with lots of flooded tunnels from the rains! @railmaps You been playing Prince of Persia?BREAKING: Scott Morrison impressed by yesterday’s Fire Fight concert, implements policy to guarantee it becomes an annual event
Retweeted by allriteMy dog has been asleep all day after going for a walk this morning. I bet he's planning to make my night hell again.When I was maybe five or six we replaced the blue Ford stationwagon with a bright orange Holden Kingswood that must…
@phbarratt Paul, modern organisational practice holds that it's not an employee's job to bring an organisation into… who woke me up at a quarter past six this morning?I reckon my dog is on Twitter and just waits for me to post before sounding out again.No, you cannot go upstairs to drink from the ensuite shower. They are asleep! Unlike you, BAD DOG!I think he's just obsessed with drinking water from the swimming pool and shower. Which makes him want to pee again.Nope. Dog's started crying again.It's past midnight, I just brought the washing in because it had started raining and the dog trotted off straight t… then there's the fact that the world has gone to shit and that those who are supposed to be managing it are too… am sick of children, adults and animals demanding stuff!Part of the reason I can't figure out why is that I can't focus on the problem because internal clients keep demanding stuff.Meanwhile the stats plugin upgraded last week and broke the trivial and statistically useless (I proved this) that…'m not reading the email, I just noticed it arrived in my inbox.It's Sunday night and a client just sent an email asking for progress on their domain name. It's not my job. In fac… my elderly, somewhat incontinent dog refuses to sleep and keeps yapping for me to let him out and about.My kid has kicked me out of my bed and into the study again.I'd like to be asleep now.Right, that's it, I've had enough! @BucNicholas @QSOrchestra Then they're gonna take yer freedom! @evcricket Enjoy the speed and comfort of the Shinkansen and the adventure and window into Japan of the slow local lines.
Japanese language tweeps: What's a good Japanese word/phrase for "bounce, bounce" or "boing" as in bouncing forward… @BucNicholas @QSOrchestra Composer, conductor, arranger and, now. wrapper. Is there anything musical that Nicholas Buc can't do? @JohnBirmingham Coke Zero = No cocaine? I guess pigs can't fly so they can't be high.If 8th and 6th Dan karate parents can't get their kids of the Internet, what hope is there for the rest of us? @Asher_Wolf Yes, but you won't be able to eat any of the results because they will be out of date! 😜 @railmaps You really must visit Japan. :)
@phbarratt Often called government servants, so it's clear that they are in the service of the government, not the public. @oysta To the pandas that eat the underwear. @tkasasagi If you want to recruit a date like that at least use industry standards: 1. Should be under 35 years ol… @stilgherrian Those with trout pouts have extra collagen, which may come in handy if making a tonkotsu broth.Why is everyone boycotting Chinese restaurants when I just had a meal in a Greek oneand somebody ordered a Corona! @stilgherrian @dobes @rohan_p "Can 5G affect your mood? We have the evidence it can!"
I'm not sure that serving bat on the menu is such a good idea right now. @jakeadelstein I dunno, are you still infectious *after* dying from the disease? @dobes You really want the IPA to breed?To introduce non-Singaporean followers to a local term, what the Chinese people are doing here is “eye power”. Gett…
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MPs flee as Keith Pitt brings lump of uranium into parliament #auspol
Retweeted by allrite @Toky02 I recommend trying not to breathe for 3 minutes plus just to ensure that you won't die from the coronavirus… @railmaps @danielbowen I thought there were some near Central Station in Sydney, or perhaps they just cross two tra… @BaldingsWorld Not sure how good batches 1 - 10 of the Gin Piss are. @rabbitandcoffee Err thonged. Silly autocorrect. @rabbitandcoffee She's been thronged! @BaldingsWorld Somebody check to see if the dolphins are still here. @tkasasagi That looks like fun! What is it? @BaldingsWorld Better link: @mgerrydoyle Look, I know that less than $5pp isn't much for sending almost everyone else into space, but it's not… @mgerrydoyle Putting The Force in Air Force.I'm seeing a future Batman movie where he sneezes and everyone in Gotham City dies of a virus.
Cursed knife that turns anything it cuts into cake
Retweeted by allrite @evcricket It has moved to a lower plane of existence. @danilic Try dancing now.I believe eigen fly.
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