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News Features Producer, Good Morning Britain @GMB @ITV 📺 Previously: The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun 🗞

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@IanKearney Record ratings just two months after you hired me? Purely a coincidence IMO, but others may disagree.Why are we doing this to ourselves
@jamesgfarrell @BorisJohnson Oh right @SophLouiseHall @nickw84 omg @nickw84 Jungle Run. @calvin_charlton He was outstanding on Saturday.
It's a shame the Health Secretary couldn't bring himself to do the same when asked by @piersmorgan about 12 times o…
Absolutely desperate to hear Hancock hosting student radio.
@p_mcpartlin Mackie definitely the biggest positive for me. Strolled it.Note to everyone on Strictly: none of us watching at home care less about Blackpool. @DuncMcKay I think you mean Davey and Johnny. @hibee_girl I expect it every time now that I no longer get nervous. @beaverfridge Never heard of it. @seanmcdonald01 Told you we’d pump you 2-2.Told you!!! @HibernianFC I highly recommend attempting some “attacking” in the second half. Worth a try, at least. @lorrainecandy @4thEstateBooks Congrats LC! 👏🏻👏🏻 @GregMcEwan God I miss it.The Trafalgar Tavern pub in Greenwich isn’t too happy with the Prittster and her pals. @gracedent Nice ‘n’ Spicy Nik Naks, a bottle of Buxton and a free copy of The Telegraph.
Omg watch until the end @HannahHope_ Correct! @Dawn_Emery @GMB Happy birthday 🥳 @robert_grieve @MisterWindle 🥳🥳 @HannahHope_ It’s two strawberry sweets. 40p. Thought I was getting two bags. @AliOakley1 Literally two sweets.This cost me 40p. Thanks London. we live in Russia now?
@seanmcdonald01 @AndyBizarre You’re just a pair of tabloid wankers now. @seanmcdonald01 Congrats on the new gig mate, but I’m sorry to reveal you’re getting pumped this weekend. @GiuliaCrouch Can confirm they look stunning with a set of plaid pyjamas. @jamesgfarrell It’s not going to help you beat me I’m afraid. @GiuliaCrouch I feel sad for your feet. Definitely my finest lockdown purchase. @GiuliaCrouch These will change your life. @TomThorogood cc @BronaghMonahan @matt_dathan @thetimes Congrats Matt 👏🏻
@GarethIanW At least one of us won our group 😢Watching Scotland. @Willatkinson10 I’m still going. Tbh I think we are playing alright and if they up the tempo we should score 2 or 3. @Willatkinson10 I was thinking the very same. Problem is they have a world class goalie in nets.Matt Hancock must have a lot of fake email accounts. @chris_mandle @jessbrammar Also obvs meant *can @chris_mandle @jessbrammar If the playlist is made up of just one song (Chris Rea - Driving Home For Christmas), then yes. @chris_mandle @jessbrammar If I go up north I’ll be driving so I can’t drop you off on the motorway Chris.It was hard, but millions got through Diwali, Eid, Yom Kippur without family gatherings. I for one do not want to p…
Retweeted by Ally Farrell @DaveLeeFT That’s what us Scottish people were saying until a week ago.The risk of infecting your family with a deadly virus. @scottygb It gets better every time. @errongordon Did it this morning. Never looking back now.
I imagine this will be above average 😲
And yet Simon, I have just heard a caller to LBC saying how glad she was I asked Matt Hancock about care home testi…
Retweeted by Ally Farrell @calvin_charlton @HibernianFC @MallanStephen They played some lovely football yesterday.Wow. Fair play to my old chums at News UK and Virgin Radio. Soz @BBCRadio2. @PCSiBailey @EssexPoliceUK @EPRoadsPolicing @BronaghMonahanWhere is the #ad @UNILAD? Because this is literally a propaganda video.
@aislingiscool @nickw84 @MikeyC7How does Tommy Fury want people to answer this poll? The mind boggles
Retweeted by Ally Farrell @jamieeast I don’t understand what it has to do with buying a new phone @DavidChilds The campaign starts now.BREAKING: Just had a call from Downing Street. The 201-day Government boycott of @GMB is over & Health Secretary…
Retweeted by Ally Farrellsometimes you just have to watch alison hammond’s interview with ryan gosling and harrison ford to get through the…
Retweeted by Ally Farrell
I will never delete Instagram so long as Tim Key continues to post his poetry. @Chris_Stark @scott_mills Bamboléo on Strictly 🚨 @SamMcAlister1 Iconic. Congrats on your nomination! @chris_mandle It’s my favourite TikTok of all time. @RFBorthwick is every Kurtan and Kerry chat on This Country
Retweeted by Ally FarrellAn extraordinary - and extraordinarily depressing - read.
@piersmorgan Don't forget Scotland qualifying for the Euros! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @MJEvans812 The size of chatty cats!Is it not pretty obvious who the Chatty Rats were now? love speaking to MPs back home in their constituencies on a Friday, going about their days, doing their jobs,…
Retweeted by Ally Farrell @AndyBizarre This is a diabolical comeback even by your standards. @AndyBizarre 2016 called and wants its joke back m8
That’s the night ruined already @rebeccabanovic Very gracious in defeat! Commiserations 🙏🏻Cheers Christie’s crying
Retweeted by Ally Farrell @AnnaOwenss @rchlmcclln I will never doubt you again 💙Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 > Pfizer 💉Can you open the pubs please @NicolaSturgeon @BorisJohnson this actually real 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Hard to take breaths when you’re being sick all over the floor @Craigaang Just imagine me snogging you right now.Ryan Christie’s left foot = £200m 💰How John McGinn plays for Aston Villa and not Barcelona is beyond me. His arse alone is worth £100m. @sirpaddybaxter Feel like I’m playing FIFA 2014. @newgolddream3 @seanmcdonald01 But did he say when his album’s coming outMy dad is really looking forward to the game too. @seanmcdonald01 Given Paolo still isn’t returning your calls, you need to get Kyle on next. @seanmcdonald01 There better be some belting Kyle stories on there.Update: 🤢🤢🤢 @AndyBizarre You’ve got me confused with the Krankies. @ByLucyJones Church minister maybe. @jamieeast That would have been the HM sub-header.Me when I become Prime Minister.
No pressure @jmcginn7 but please don’t fuck it up.Scotland might actually qualify for a major football tournament tomorrow and I feel sick.🚨TV JOB ALERT🚨 How would you like to work with the fabulous @GMB & @lorraine teams as a freelance programme assist…
Retweeted by Ally Farrell @bbcpress @grahnort @BBCRadio2 ffsClearly Carrie is a big @GMB fan and disagrees with the government’s boycott.