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hi I like to rave, eat muffins, and drown myself in glitter

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Damn Bernie suspended his campaign...... I gotta vote for 1 of 2 sex offenders now.
Retweeted by :)No emoji will ever compare with “:/“....they just don’t have the range
Retweeted by :)Fuck your zodiac sign which Greek god did you think was your parent after reading the Percy Jackson series
Retweeted by :) @aimeealmen I love thisI’d rather date a call of duty man over a fortnite man
Retweeted by :)Dude my ass has been this fat since God said “let there be light “
I don’t think I should be so angry about what my president tweets. Like damn son. @FMUOASL At this point there won’t be a date for forest to even happen with all the other rescheduled festivals :( @monxxbeats I cannot wait. I want one really bad. @Seth_Anderson28 ❤️I changed over night. Nothing stops me
Retweeted by :)I really just want to kill myself
@LuciitheAlien I was here and you were incredible. Please come back to Minnesota 🥰 @VT_EdmCupid Minnesota!SOMEDAY ILL BE BETTER NOW THAT YOURE GONE ILL BURN ALL YOUR LETTERS AND RIGHT ALL YOUR WRONGS RIGHT NOW I AM BARELY…
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This is so distasteful. What is your reasoning @jamescharles ? There’s a lot of people in the world that see this a… @abbymarir022 dream is to smoke weed with @tanamongeaufuck it i’m starting an alison wonderland thread like ppl did for me, reply with her name i’ll start: alison wonderland
Retweeted by :)you ever think about the new girls dating your ex’s??????? like I hope she isn’t dealing with the same trauma I did... 🙃
wine makes me slutty and want to throw my ass in a circle
Retweeted by :)Wine absolutely goes straight to my clitoris
Retweeted by :)British ppl b like “are you kitten may”
Retweeted by :)never been with a girl but I BEEN thinking bout them
Retweeted by :)Do you ever crave corn dogs? I really want a corn dogAre you ever like “wow if I didn’t meet that guy at the peak of my hoe phase and completely annihilate all of his f…
Retweeted by :)check in on ur indie friends they haven’t gone thrifting in a while
Retweeted by :) @raachelbishop @cashewcas @hailyyy89🧚 FAIRY WING GIVEAWAY 🧚 Since these are by far my most-loved earrings, I'm giving a pair away for free as a 'thank…
Retweeted by :)I just thought this was funny. Nice one MGK 😅😅 @machinegunkelly @justinbieber @LayneLacanaria This would be amazing!:)Nintendo switch lite giveaway (coral) Retweet and tag a friend Winner will be announced in…
Retweeted by :) @Dirtysnatchauk @SaidTheSky well... @tanamongeau I miss u more :( @Dirtysnatchauk @pazpaz
Retweeted by :)Most people have like an aesthetic, something that sets them apart from the rest, and me? Well I have nothing. @riddim_clothing @monxxbeats plz? 😭I’m sorry, but if you tan really heavy, you just look like golden & crispy fried chicken
@JeffreeStar I love love love everything you do Jeffree Star. Thank you for helping those that need it.I’m gonna give away $5,000 to 3 random people who retweets this and follows me! ❤️ Quarantine is lasting way longer…
Retweeted by :) @hayliechriss @itzla___m Who is this celebrity?
@tanamongeau $alexandriamartin11 I have no money for rent:( @vibethotx @k_wubzzI feel like doing something nice for the people in this community that I love so much soOo I'm going to give away t…
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@wiseknowsall $alexandriamartin11 @ILLENIUMMUSIC I’m so excited for the release!! Love you stay safe!! 🥰🥰 @G7javii @monxxbeats I love your music. You’re attractive asf and your tweets are hilarious. 😂 @MaskedSingerFOX An armadillothis whole quarantine thing is either turning everyone into 1) emotional bitches, 2) alcoholics, 3) stay in bed all…
Retweeted by :)I haven’t had a genuine connection with someone in so long. I miss having someone to look forward to talking to. I’…
Retweeted by :)guys be like I know I’m a piece of shit and a terrible person but I hate myself too so it doesn’t count
Retweeted by :) @wiseknowsall @ohiohippie $alexandriamartin11Everyone who Retweets this will receiving one of the following gifts: $0.25 $0.50 $1.00 $2.50 $10.00 $20.00 $50.00…
Retweeted by :) @pulte I need it because I just started having to pay off my student loans, and I can’t afford my payments because… @genmnz Sagittarius! But nobody ever talks about a Sag :-(If you still have a job rn, even if you’re pissed you have to go in, be grateful. People are losing their jobs left…
Retweeted by :)Working on an acid trip playlist for the next stream
Retweeted by :)Gas is $1.79. I’m gonna put some in the freezer
Retweeted by :):( be like “You tryna smoke?” Whole time they offering you to smoke yo own weed😭
Retweeted by :)ASDFGHJJKL YUP“are u a top or a bottom?” Well.. ACTUALLY I’m a burden
Retweeted by :) @DavidDobrik you’re my dream guyI complain about work a lot but the truth is I wouldn't know what to do without it.
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has anyone told the Amish what’s going on
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I’m going give $3,000 to someone random who retweets this tweet in the next 72 hours (must be following me so I can…
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Depression speaks to you in the back of your mind, speaking to you about how horrible you are... it’s fucking garbage.Check out arrie's video! #TikTok plz check it out guys :)
I'm not here to get shit on by anybody lmao I'm too good for thatday whatever of quarantine: squirted a toaster strudel icing packet in my pussy to remind me of him
Retweeted by :) @monxxbeats $alexandriamartin11 this would be amazing!! :)I can promise you @Apple more people say fuck than duck on a daily basis. FIXYOURAUTOCORRECTStay inside mane shit finna get extra crazy this week
Retweeted by :)At least we’re under the same sky
summoning circle, hope this works 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯…
Retweeted by :)Stopping ppl’s income but not stopping their bills is evil af.
Retweeted by :)If you’ve ever taken a cookie out of the cookie jar at Henson’s, you’re immune to the corona virus
Retweeted by :)Feels like we’re living out a chapter from a school history book.
Retweeted by :)classic chainsmokers remixes that were absolute fuckin BOPS: - jonsi- around us - chromeo- jealous - daughter- med…
Retweeted by :) @monxxbeats @verified @verified
Retweeted by :) @JeffreeStar @pulte I can pay off my student loans and buy a new car so I can get back and forth to work :,)I’m going to give away $30,000 to 1 random person who retweets this tweet AND follows Twitter Philanthropist @Pulte
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Don’t do this to yourself. Unless you’re like me and you can’t help it because you have such bad anxiety 😞 @xiauts @CashApp $alexandriamartin11 @CashApp $alexandriamartin11 I’m so broke rn ugh @pelles_kevin SURVIVED!!!
Retweeted by :) @Seth_Anderson28 Yes you did. We both did.Can anyone guess the perfect day to have a margarita? Hint: It ends in Y.
Retweeted by :) @itsbeargrillz I’ll sing for you ☺️🎶My Quarantine Routine: 8-9 AM: pour up 9-10: drank 10-11: headshot 11-12 PM: drank 12-1: sit down 1-2: drank…
Retweeted by :)Dude my heart broke [pouring a can of baked beans into a wine glass]: I wouldn’t say quarantine has changed me, no
Retweeted by :)Like and rt if you love Nick Miller as much as I do 🥺
Retweeted by :)pockets are so strange like we're just putting objects in our pants... we are our own bag
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“coronavirus aint shit my ex was more toxic”
Retweeted by :)10 Shows I HIGHLY suggest bingeing if you’re bored :) 1. Breaking Bad 2. Peaky Blinders 3. The Office 4. Money Hei…
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