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@moodybitch68 Such a great band. @drivet1411 @Airsculpture Macca invented it on this album cover. But to be fair he does also look confused by it.
@BJreceiver1 The version on this is over 10 mins instead of the 4 minute “cut” from the original release. @quicksanddream Yeh the original is great. This release is alternate versions of each track. @enomayjones Haha I have listened to Deja Vu yes, but this is a recent release of alternate versions of the original album.
Another on the ‘bought but haven’t listened to yet’ list. #crosbystillsnashyoung #dejavualternates #DejaVu
Hey #vinylcommunity , you all got one of these, yeh? 😂 so close… and looks great in violet pressing too! @biggs_graham It sounds great.1 of 3 purchases from this weekends #RSD21 Only 1500 pressed so think I did well getting this one! #annpeebles
@jakedavey_ Yeh I see this disco album mentioned a little while back and thought it was an April’s Fools at first 😂 @jakedavey_ Ah what a bonus!One of a few newies from this week. #MC5 @jakedavey_ All I wanna know is did you get the Customs charge sting? 😅 @BigChas1981 Are you going to try get this then? @biggs_graham Deserve it for queuing since 5:15! Good luck mate. @vinylvanity1 You might get lucky online after the flight?What’s on your Record Store Day 2 list for today then?
Kuyt stealing this goal right on the line was absolutely criminal! 😂
@McPineapple2020 Yeh I’m reluctant to say anything negative about his playing cos it’ll probably backfire on me and… @McPineapple2020 Just see this. He wasn’t injured as I’d first thought. As per the rest of the tournament Southgat…
@McPineapple2020 I read that Grealish was suffering from the studs that were implanted into his thigh by that lovel… half English / half Italian and not really caring for international footy, that all felt a little bit like I…
@biiilyedwards Last track on that album (Everytime I Look At You) is so good. Goes from a funk style tune into a Be… @cameron_crease @Twitter @BekiGarside Twitter should employ me 😂 @cameron_crease @Twitter @Rich_Killeavy Genuinely was one my best finds. 👌🏼If you like stuff like The Band, Tony Joe White, and Country Funk n Soul I recommend you go buy this record. It w… @anti_macassar Yep. It’s Seven Nation Army 👌🏼Anyone translate what Gudis means that a pre-owner inked onto my Beatles Rock N Roll music compilation sleeve. Al…
@Rich_Killeavy Can’t beat that opening piano hook on this tune. @jakedavey_ Yeh I spent about £50 on a record from America and it took about 3 months to get here so it didn’t feel… @jakedavey_ Ooh you might get a customs charge on that Canada one right? Always a bummer. @jakedavey_ I got 5 newies that arrived this week. And I won a batch of 5 last night to arrive next week. A nice… @jakedavey_ Heavy Stereo? @___kirst @jakedavey_ I was gonna put: “Stop buying records. From @___kirst “ in that initial tweet 😂 @jakedavey_ Stop buying records.A trip down… #ronnielane off the weekend with The Meters. @Jolly1975 @Regmanator Haha first thing I thought too! @jenbren1976 Is that what the coolcats are singing instead? It’s still got the same melody so it’s not helped 😂 @james_houston Whenever I see this, I can’t help but click it and watch it all again. One of the best tv moments ever made. @JamieDenvers80 Ah that just reminded me! I’ve got 2 x U2 records stored in my 60-70s section for some reason! The… @BrendanLoughre2 @Regmanator But if I fill the shelf up right to the wall like my other shelves then problem solved… @Regmanator @BrendanLoughre2 Just realised, Young would still be the visible back record as I’d stick Yazoo before it. 😂 @Nowhereman91 3 for Yazoo straight away. Paul Young would still be the visible back record though 😩 @De_Raff I got a little collection of ZZ, but they’re all 70s (apart from 1), so they’re in my 60s/70s section. @Regmanator @BrendanLoughre2 Must be a Good Connection. @BrendanLoughre2 2 yazoo’s! Must be a sign. @Regmanator That’s 2 for Yazoo, right off the bat. @anti_macassar Isn’t their best album considered to be Drums & Wires tho? Released in 1979. That being said, most… are your essential 80s album? I need to work on my 80s collection. And I especially need some artists that st…, I’ve not yet actually heard Southgate You’re The One, however I have somehow woken up with it stuck in…
@biiilyedwards Ah sweet! @MakerzMark 😂😂 @MakerzMark Left a space for FREE TOMMY ROBINSON text 😂 @jakedavey_ Might look quite nice in just white though.Naaaaaaaa. @joefinegan1 Let me know the verdict.Friday pop quiz. Can you name this sweet funked up version of chantalong classic? Think the biggest clue for the a… @JA_Maker @Theatre_Royal_ Surely you must have a bag/box somewhere with various random leads in and amongst them a… @JA_Maker @Theatre_Royal_ Naaa mate you don’t. @Theatre_Royal_ They did a few random shows when they supported The Zutons. Even ended up playing the Beacon Court… @Theatre_Royal_ Yeh believe so.The Redwalls made 2 of my fave albums in the early 2000s. Very British Invasion in sound, unashamedly Beatles ins…
@electric_tees Love the “Do we have to be here?” look on their faces. 😂 @jakedavey_ Yeh that swimming pool one was a mess. @liam282017 Weren’t far off. That’s mad.Can’t remember the last time I bought a Liverpool top (mainly cos they are like 77 million pounds), but this newie… like there should be a Netflix ‘where are they now’ style documentary on this madness. 😂’t stop watching this bass playing. That ping on the bottom string. Love it. @jakedavey_ @AmazonUK Ooh jeez that could have been troublesome! I think there’s a tick option during the checkout… @Brighterdayvnl Colorful Revolution. One of the many Redwalls songs that sounds Beatlesesque. game of, Guess the album I just bought from the blurry top corner of the artwork? 😂 Winner gets a slice of h…
@jakedavey_ how bout this one too? 😂 @jakedavey_ If anything I’m saving you at least a fiver cos if you wait til when the time comes that you actually w… fans who haven’t got this on vinyl 👇🏻 @The_Telf They used the word “all” suggesting someone made it go from full container to empty?! Did someone have a… @The_Telf @LeeFordMusic Congratulations. You’re now known as Fish Soup Guy to your colleagues. @VinylCarBooty @vinylnuggets Haha first thing I look for when I see vinyl packaged. Is there any potential damage…
@bilton_lucy If there’s something that’s making life a struggle and an op can help make it better then getting exci… @bilton_lucy Hope it all goes well! @musicloverlou Haha soz @PeteKMusician Long hair is free for those that can afford it.Sorry to be the one to bring this up but it’s only Tuesday.
@Wyvillian @jendixonmusic Well I obvs got a good price! £77 is a good price, right? @jendixonmusic The most random drunk purchase I made was a vinyl of the Grease soundtrack. It was a big surprise*…
@AntoHolland10 Haha love it. 😂 @georgiamoore93 Any good? @PKA_1979 Ooh yes it is!! Nice one, cheers.We live in a world where THIS ice cream exists but I can’t find a bloody Maxibon anywhere! hasn’t yet confirmed if this is the only Oasis cover he’s ever heard 😂 Either way, this wins at comments for… @kazkat007 @JHenderson @masonmount_10 @England @EURO2020 What a bloomin nice tweet @kazkat007 ! 👏🏼 @Dougthemoog Got quite lucky with this one. Seller had it as buy it now £15 on eBay and I thought I’d just throw in… @Dougthemoog This record could probably be a Band record. It’s pretty good. @jakedavey_ Just made me miss getting to watch Liverpool at the weekends.You know when you buy a record off eBay and the seller basically gives you some free records to help keep your purc… @ajjamil 🏆 winnerGot a bunch of new records this week. These 2 will form the sonic shape of things this morning. Name the musician…