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Animator and AD in games! VP of @asifaportland. Mostly tweets about punching. (she/her)

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I want to believe, sooo fucking bad. I want to believe it
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Retweeted by Allyson Willsey @H2Ofaolain Yeah, started at 8 here. @DavidTalaski @MarioGraciotti @hoodratdiego @good_luckBryan @eightlegsright @21royalstreet @torcasm @Matt_Grigsby thread of bail funds across the country. Donate if you can!!!
Retweeted by Allyson Willseythinking about the allocation of money being given to cops to dress like iron man while our doctors are wearing gar…
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyRiot cops getting geared up at the station on Burnside. Be safe, buds. ACAB.
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That curfew alert just about killed me, overriding my navigation while I was driving, sheesh
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyLooking at photos from the last few days, it really looks like when cops wear riot gear to a protest it's because t…
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyAnimation/Comics/Illustration Fam, we raised approx 50,000 dollars in scholarship money for Black artists. 50k! We…
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About to hit 100 Schoolism scholarships for Black artists! Share, and continue to contribute if it is in your capac…
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyNot for your average Joe. Megalobox, Season 1 is now available on @Hulu! 🥊 Watch now:
Retweeted by Allyson Willsey @SarahWithTea My neighbors judged me for it! One was standing there going "someone left a turtle here???" @Jody_Houser Yeah! That visor is perfect! Thank you for that bow!!! @Ryanmb30 Thank you!! @backthatelfup Those fucking ruffles 😭I spent way too long on this 2b outfit for a joke, but I'm pretty proud of how it turned out so if you want it, hav… I haven't caught any sea bass in Nier... yet.I've been playing a lot of Nier and Animal Crossing and they're pretty much the same game.'s nice out today, so why do I feel this way?
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyBuying dinner for the roommates tonight to make up for an absolute cat-trastophe that happened last night.JAPAN SINKS: 2020 will be on Netflix from 9th July! #Netflix #ScienceSARU #JapanSinks #MasaakiYuasa
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyShiritori Animation Collab by @Glens_sou Pt 2: @kaisouafuro Pt 3: @kappanofuchico Pt 4: @yen_bm Pt 5:…
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Someone has been mulching trees outside all day. It’s quite a sound. I was getting annoyed about it until I peaked…
Retweeted by Allyson Willseyhere's the last thing I wrote about being black under white supremacy, which will hopefully be the last thing I wri…
Retweeted by Allyson Willseyyou can even donate directly to George Floyd's family:
Retweeted by Allyson Willseypeople apprehended for protesting can be locked in jail indefinitely with a bail that has to be paid for them to be…
Retweeted by Allyson Willseybail is immoral, but this reduces short-term harm to protestors working towards reparative racial justice. match me…
Retweeted by Allyson Willsey you’re looking for tangible ways to help protestors and organizers in Minneapolis who have been doing the work t…
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyThis "passive" behavior from powerful politicians who have been--for decades--in a direct position to do something…
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyI couldn’t possibly love this any more. Girls, bruh...
Retweeted by Allyson Willsey5am New Horizon music is so beautiful and calming. I wished that it played during day hours.
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Retweeted by Allyson Willsey @SarahWithTea I've seen someone post that someone made a starbucks ahaha! @SarahWithTea All I want for this other one is up to the back room...which I could probably drop bells for right now. I'm gonna think on it! @SarahWithTea Another friend mentioned that it doubles your custom design slots 🤔 @DavidTalaski I just need to get the house to back room status. That's easy. I could pay for it right now....someone stop me.I just had a horrible idea to make a second villager on my island so I can do something amazing with a second house..... @Comics212 If it's no trouble, I'll take you up on that!
People keep calling this one creepy and I just don't see that. 🤔 a late lunch Asuka today!
Retweeted by Allyson Willsey @cegoudreau Yeeeeees! Also--we gotta exchange friend codes @teaberryblue Yes, please!“We gotta talk to each other about anti-black racism” is just an acceptable way to say “thoughts and prayers”
Retweeted by Allyson Willsey @teaberryblue Oh nooo, ahaha! I only have one jock right now, one of my starters Goose, who is a chicken, and I love him.Keep getting foiled on my quests for jock villagers by running into some really interesting ones of other types. Th… reminding you to stay inside enough still.
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyYesterday was the 40th anniversary of Mt. Saint Helens' eruption and I felt inspired to do a quick piece of my favo…
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyAfter watching a bunch of superhero shows, my main note is that we gotta move away from Jean Grey Migraine poses wh…
Retweeted by Allyson Willsey @hermanos I absolutely love Avatar for how they mix martial arts with bending
Done! Streets of Rage IV sequence, with Blaze, Floyd and Axel! Done with @TVPaint_Anim #sakuga #StreetsofRage4
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyFetal position on the couch sobbing, that one. @kellhound I haven't read it yet, but I believe it after what the film put me throughA Silent Voice, easy.
@H2Ofaolain It was very well done and sweet hahah!My neighbors threw me a very cute party! got mail!
Cloud goddesses
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyI would love to get a do-over of every conversation where someone tried to guilt me into being happy for having to…
Retweeted by Allyson Willsey @backthatelfup He's perfect. He's one of my faves along side Vesta and WaltNone of the wiki pics really capture how cute Monty is.
Let the party begin. A new season of Tuca and Bertie is coming to Adult Swim in 2021. @aliwong @TiffanyHaddish
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyI was so struck by this show that I commissioned the almighty @Sallataire for this Megalobox piece
Retweeted by Allyson Willseyif you're thirtysomething and need a little motivation, this may hit you hard. I loved it. "No man has ever died tw…
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyI am Sailor Moon! In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you.💕 #sailormoonredraw
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I gotta find a good cake.hey for once, an underdog I voted for pulled back ahead
Retweeted by Allyson Willseyme visiting my friends' animal crossing islands vs. me going back to my own
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyThis deal is stupid good. Princess Jellyfish and/or Space Brothers (no relation) is worth the price of admission al…
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Any currently unemployed IT/computer repair people in Portland/Beaverton looking for work? I know a place that's hiring.
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyI'm running a comic book coloring workshop on Saturday, June 6th from 3-6pm PST/ 6-9pm EST! Please come join me!…
Retweeted by Allyson Willsey @hermanos I goofed and forgot to preorder that!!This is an incredible amount of manga for a good cause. @wastedwings Mayoral race was disappointing tooJust announced! @humble and @KodanshaUSA have teamed up to support free expression! Get award winning manga like Pr…
Retweeted by Allyson Willsey @junghulee Definitely up there is this wonderful lady, Za, who taught me everything I know about color:
I can't believe this boxing kangaroo with the catch-phrase "punches" wouldn't come live at The Gym. Slow Jams technical themes and dates are now live for June, July, and August! Go to
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Once upon a time…
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyIt never gets old...
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@hermanos All these faces are great!! Zolo, esp!!If you are looking for validation.... Don't go to the BBC website, my whole career is a lie
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@hermanos Same!!"go find the best animation out of 1000+" is a tall order
my kingdom to make dirt patches on my islandGemini season is coming up, and I just need you to know that my birthday is from May the twenty-first through June…
Retweeted by Allyson WillseyOtomo GUNDAM
Retweeted by Allyson Willsey @hermanos Oh oops, the symbols I recognized were just the Lilith eyes from Eva 😅
@hermanos I'm not sure! It looks familiar, but I can't place it @hermanos !! @FlashFastBlack I'll save it for you! @FlashFastBlack If it's the dresser, I have an extra diy @FlashFastBlack Which one? @FlashFastBlack If I see it, I'll hit you up!Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn @backthatelfup This is definitely a long term goal, haha! @backthatelfup I have a diy for that :D