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Goodies??? #inktober day 16 #lifewithsallydog
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Doing practical method requires more time, more energy & more budget. After long break we decided to finish the…
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey @calebandrew I don't get it!I spent all my allowance on manga though cause it was more bang for my bucksI'm amazed at what's available to stream for less than 10 bucks a month on either crunchyroll or funimation now whe…'t complain too much, cause the catalogue is a steal at $6 month thoughFinally figured out the right combo to switch language tracks, but some times it switches back between episodes. funimation app got me like body is probably sick of me tweeting about my bum ear, but it's wild to me that the horn in this song is a pi… @axl99 I didn't realize that was the name of the band! 😆 Gotta look them up!Watched the first few episodes of Michiko & Hatchin last night, and this is an OP I'm not going to be skipping
@chalkyheart my @ my ipad: GRIT THOSE TEETH @chalkyheart I have apple care, it'll be fine! @chalkyheart I keep hitting my iPad but it's not making this drawing any better. 😠I've been in a drawing slump lately and I gotta fight my way out of it!Living in Stereo again!!!!I'm at an open mic and a guy after making a graphic sex joke said "sorry mum" and then a quiet, slightly disappoint…
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey @NeilaK20 I think they're working!!If I had to quantify it, I'd say my hearing was 15% yesterday. Today it's 40% and gurgly? On the up and up! there! #inktober day 14 #lifewithsallydog
Retweeted by All-Rounder WillseyHoshiai no Sora's ED is FANTASTIC Not only is it great animated dancing, which is always fun on its own, but the w…
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@dmeconis @HelioscopePDX To be fair, raw honey at the foot of your desk is how you get antsno draw; only draw
Retweeted by All-Rounder WillseyNeed a boost. #realnancycomic #thenewnancy
Retweeted by All-Rounder WillseyI got to work on Usagi for a little under a decade. I scanned every board and colored the back covers (my first col…
Retweeted by All-Rounder WillseyHappy 26th Anniversary to Slam Dunk anime! ⭐️, First aired in Japan on October 16, 1993 on TV Asahi 📺.
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey @Cattifer Same!! Feeling a lot better about it now that there's some sound! It really is healing! @Cattifer But today I got underwater whispers! So progress!! @Cattifer Oh yeah, completely deaf on that side-- I adjusted my headphones at work so it's all going to the left ea… @OhColeman Might still need a little ear horn to amplify the sounds though!*functionalMy hearing is starting to come back. Still not super fictional, but could hear whispers of music this morning, and…! Kota Ibushi! A live draw of this is up on my IG for the next 24 hours:
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey @jeffparker What about red vines straws?
BREAKING NEWS! JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable was just added to the @shonenjump vault!! The fir…
Retweeted by All-Rounder WillseyOH MY GOD ?? STOP MOTION OPENING
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey @RonDanChan @SAghdashloo These are so gooooodInktober Day 16: Chrisjen Avasarala! 💖 #inktober #ExpanseInktober #TheExpanse @SAghdashloo
Retweeted by All-Rounder WillseyGot to hang out with a cute guy and @wastedwings tonight before they escape to Canada!! Gonna miss ya both! feckin annoying!!! @zurendesign I'm so ready 😭😭😭Say it with your whole chest once a day.
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willseytfw u create a 40 years long (and counting) globally beloved multimedia sensation but then u decide to love it anyw…
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Btw re: that ping pong illustration I posted yesterday, I actually made a full version for people who haven’t seen…
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey @nokmiet @DanSchkade @BenjaminPFisher 👀👀👀 see, we got a team already. @DanSchkade @BenjaminPFisher There are no jokes here! This would actually be really neat! @NeilaK20 Thank you!Good news-- the hole in my ear is healed! Bad news-- still can't hear, hopefully soon though! Best news-- doc ok'ed training again! @DanSchkade @BenjaminPFisher I played a lot of these as a kid and really think point and click games would work rea… @DanSchkade @BenjaminPFisher You joke, but I like, I would 100% play that.... or heck, help make that!!can marvel do this
Retweeted by All-Rounder WillseyKey Animation: ??? Series: The Legend of Korra: Book Three (2014)
Retweeted by All-Rounder WillseyWe've all tried to ctrl+z our traditional drawing, but getting older has unlocked a new "no photoshop irl" reaction…
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Been posting #inktober on my new art instagram @heddarsketch! Will be adding them to thread here as well. Sticking…
Retweeted by All-Rounder WillseyIt's real annoying!Noticed that I could feel my heartbeat throbbing in my bad ear today when I was going up stairs, and been kinda jus… @wastedwings @thekevinwilson @Guthfana @ErykDonovan @kellhound @Cattifer @RonDanChan @Elisabethf @ScottAllie @wastedwings @thekevinwilson @Guthfana @ErykDonovan @kellhound @Cattifer @RonDanChan @Elisabethf @ScottAllie @Cattifer A pretty lady!
Tokyo, minus people. Photos taken immediately post-typhoon.
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Key Animation: Takuji Miyamoto (宮本 託自) CM: Nissin - HUNGRY TO WIN (2019)
Retweeted by All-Rounder WillseyLewd and rude for #inktober day 10! This is the most I have challenged myself with extreme foreshortening since art…
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey @Cattifer Buuuummer!Found this list from Japan that ranks people from most to least lucky based on their birthday. I'm rank 305, this…
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey @marissadraws Dang, 24 years! Met in the first grade. @conleydraws Sweetie! Hope they're alright!!
me with my ear right now @Cattifer The day before! you're working on Mac and you're a writer, publisher, freelancer, artist: do NOT upgrade to Catalina (10.15) it…
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey(k)inktober day 11: Phantom Butterfly
Retweeted by All-Rounder WillseyHello! So... I'm opening pitches for @Short_Box for the very first time: cartoonists only (no writer/artist teams).…
Retweeted by All-Rounder WillseyHUGE LIST OF SLIDING SCALE THERAPY AROUND THE US! If you don't see your city or options on this list then, call a t…
Retweeted by All-Rounder WillseyOmg they downloaded a car
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey @Cattifer ....not announced yet, but we'll have to keep an eye out for one? (I guess I kinda just assumed a seattle… Animation: Atsushi Wakabayashi (若林 厚史) (?) Anime: Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho (幽☆遊☆白書) (1993)
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey @Cattifer What about the Seattle show 👀 @Cattifer Aw dang!!!!! @Cattifer Yeeeeessss
(life before monster hunter)Ruptured Ear Drum Day 4 thought: once upon a time I would have been real bummed to miss a couple weeks of training, but that was LBMHInktober 9/31 Ping Pong: The Hero appears! #inktober #inktober2019 #sketchbook #ink #draw #art
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey#Inktober Day 9: When @Cattifer recommended Dessa’s collection of essays (My Own Devices) I wasn’t sure what to exp…
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey @NeilaK20 Thank you! My doc says it should heal pretty quick!I wrote it off as sinus pressure after the cold, but probably should have just made the time to see a doc.Ruptured ear drum day 3 thought: In hindsight, maybe I should have gone to the doc on like day 4 or 5 of my ears fe… JUST a ringing endorsement of myself (and @chizicus, production magician) but also a good rundown of the hidden…
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey @ArtOfGryphon_ Same, but G GundamOther artists: Totally rad action pose. Incredible lighting. Badass composition, probably. Me: I dunno what if Bru…
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willseyand then by cat is harassing me for treats. He has had his treats. he just nibbled my elbow. He has no other desire but the…
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Alex Wong at Yahoo! Sports covered Slam Dunk and got some quotes from some incredibly handsome manga editors! Check…
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey @hermanos I love that this is on your desk!
Retweeted by All-Rounder WillseyAgain... I love my local zoo.
Retweeted by All-Rounder Willsey @backthatelfup But what does that meeeannn hahaPROMARE (redux) Event in theaters! ✨ DECEMBER 8 ✨ USA and Canada Encore screening of PROMARE (subtitled), with bran…
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