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If there’s no plan to roll out anti-body tests then it’s a moot point. Those immunisation certificates would only c… Germany create a two tier system for its citizens. Sometimes they have bad ideas and we don’t need to try and c… say they’ll be a rush to catch the disease is an understatement. Faced with the possibility of 18 months in conf… who followed the governments advice, especially those who aren’t in the big city hotspots, will find themsel…
Life comes at you fast...
Retweeted by Alex McNulty @SkyScottBeasley How did you talk your way out of that one?Being surrounded by greenery, people who say hello in the street, and air that doesn’t taste of soot has made me fe… delighted that the first thing you see on entering Scotland’s field hospital is an Irn Bru vending machi…
Retweeted by Alex McNultyA headline appropriate for any day of any year between 1171 and today.
Retweeted by Alex McNultyPeak North East everyone is doing ok @DJRM94 I have a sicknessOnly been in lockdown 10 days and I’ve never wanted someone to put their hands around my neck so badly want Priti Patel to do one of these conferences and just call Peston a wanker in the middle of itthese men are at large in YOUR community. be vigilant!
Retweeted by Alex McNultyEleanor of Aquitaine died #OnThisDay 1204. Mother of three kings, wife of two, and in her own right one of the grea…
Retweeted by Alex McNultyHave to admire the optimism of people thinking this country will adopt German healthcare practices. The German sy… @LukeDyks @TomHulme79 Every 3 weeks like clockwork it’s this bizarre boast “I was friends with loads of Tories for… @JamesJukes2 King of blackmail. He probably has loads of dirt on people The 4 biggest clubs have already given £20m to keep the smaller ones afloat. In the U.K.… @menzies_mr @MattScot24 No he’s not. Grifters are not cute @MattScot24 “I am leaving Twitter”DECEMBER
Retweeted by Alex McNultyTwice a year the sun rises directly behind the Brandenburg Gate. Today was one of these days - Berlin this morning.
Retweeted by Alex McNultywe’re getting it online bitch
Retweeted by Alex McNultyAs me and S live together, we were able to do a bit for you. Stay home #derrygirls
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Remarkable, a never before seen colour photo of the Maginot Line (1940) @sgibson_20 Could you imagine if I just started tagging people ahahaFirst flight: A 3 plane journey from Teesside to Orlando. Not fun. Last flight: Berlin to London Shortest flight… @Omnishambles94 1) Alexander by Robin Lane Fox 2) Berlin by Anthony Beevor 3) Fall of the Roman Empire by Peter Heather @sgibson_20 Me 1st obviously @sgibson_20 I haven’t been with enough x @menzies_mr No
Retweeted by Alex McNultyPubs should be allowed to operate extremely draconian laws for the first week of opening. Groups who order a roun… If Championship, Bundesliga, and rugby players are having to take pay cuts why is the Premier League a… @JedScottC @Rallen__ @joe_dunne96this is so niche but high key iconic
Retweeted by Alex McNultyFunny how GDP comes first when it’s about elderly people’s lives, but when Brexit reduces GDP it’s “all manageable” @StoryWonker I’d rather my cock fell off from gangreneBehold the perfect specimen of Aryan man. This is what peak genetic health looks like. i was toby young and wanted to distance myself from claims that i was a eugenicist, i would simply not write an…
Retweeted by Alex McNulty“I have no health conditions so I don’t have to worry, you only have to worry if you have a health condition that y… 500 Twitter, who have previously thought you could only die of Coronavirus if you have HIV and are on dialysis… has a “Mr Taoiseach” mug... played it! I really should. Will just go for Victoria 2 instead 1) Prussia 2) Sweden 3) Ethiopia @GarethLShelton Gavin Williamson looks evil"don't be silly, you being gay changes nothing"
Retweeted by Alex McNultyDesperately trying to keep your profile high even if it means standing on a mountain of corpses.
Retweeted by Alex McNulty @the_old_block Surely it won’t really make a difference since everyone should be staying home and not shagging at a… @MattRedmore The advisers have all said paying too close attention to 2 days worth of data is the wrong thing to do… the danger posed by Covid to the elderly, this video seems like it’ll be quite dark the rain keeps all the other dog walkers away
@B1GMAC_ 1) Conor 2) Noah 3) The twin I killed in the womb🤹‍♂️"Why isn't the media broadcasting transparent Chinese Communist Party propaganda?", complained an idiot
Retweeted by Alex McNultyA few people on here are having fun communicating with their neighbours using messages placed in windows, so I’m jo…
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Retweeted by Alex McNulty @InTheLionsDen_ Historical states @stephenhksn ❤️There is nothing in the legislation that prohibits multiple people from the same household going to the shops. Nor…
Retweeted by Alex McNulty @stephenhksn London Tube lines @menzies_mr Given that Scotland is the most authoritarian nanny state in the West thanks to Chief Mammy, it won’t be long @MattScot24 Obesity seems to be the medical condition most likely to get you sent to the ICU with CV right now. Obv… days ago Putin was mocking the West and saying Russia had it all under control with no restrictions needed @Zacnaloen Mine are usually crap but looking at their social media and how many notices they’ve handed out they see… @Zacnaloen It’s a comple postcode lottery in how they’re acting. The Met are probably genuinely overwhelmed but oth… forces seem to be trying to look through people’s shopping bags to find an item they deem unessential.The legislation classes food as essential. It doesn’t delve into what is and what isn’t an essential food. The poli… @DavidDPaxton English countiesA driver has travelled from Coventry to Salford to collect a £15 EBay purchase of windows. His wife could not fit i…
Retweeted by Alex McNultyDeserted London - March 2020
Retweeted by Alex McNultyThere’s a family of pheasants in the nearby woods that I am set on befriending before this is all over @the_old_block Fuck. Sake.Impressed by the WHO’s ability to plumb new depthsIs this why you’re all too busy to listen to Taiwan?
@leonardocarella He’s more obsessed with Macron lately, although his followers have a weird hatred of GermanyAll the famous Nazi death camps had comfortable beds, ventilators, antibiotics, critical care nurses, and allowed t… need your hospital bed.
Retweeted by Alex McNultyWhy is there so much boozeShould be arrested for that spread and the state of the house. That radiator is fucking vile. @StoryWonker Amazed at some of the comments from otherwise left/liberal people using daily mail rhetoric like “work… @GarethLShelton Anne Boleyn’s ideas for what the monasteries wealth should have been used for would have been the o… I’d stay away from Harry Potter comparisons, but “festering abscess on the body politic” is just art @LukeDyks Believes his own hypePerhaps being unable to spell me plays a part tooMe after my lecturer claims my “idiotic blind trust of all Prussian accounts” and my “unsourced, unhinged, anti-Hap… @juliothesquare
Retweeted by Alex McNultyI’ll never get my letter because the surgery has no record of me ever being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and inst… Lib-Dems have largely been forgotten about during this crisis but that doesn't mean that they are not making th…
Retweeted by Alex McNultyGrindr closet cases demanding your ‘SC’
Retweeted by Alex McNultyBeing allowed out only for necessities and exercise, being banned from seeing your boy/girlfriend, and having all t… might be my favorite one
Retweeted by Alex McNultyIt is cool and good that the two most powerful humans on the planet are a narcissistic low IQ reality TV host and a…
Retweeted by Alex McNultyWhy else would a recruitment campaign in the U.K. be mainly aimed at Eastern Europeans living here? You can see it… about Western European countries bussing in 10,000s of Eastern European’s to work on farms in “reasonable…
@B1GMAC_ Erm I think the base MCC is like £29.99 with Reach and ODST at £6.99 each @JamesMcMordie I'm pretty sure the head of PSNI said today or yesterday that he hadn't even read the legislation...… @johnnieaustrian Metternich is a good choiceSWAT is such a good game type but nothing beats the chaos of a big team battle