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how you don’t know ice cream paint job this just pissed me off, where tf they live at?
Retweeted by adr💫Rice and gravy can never lose in my book
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ari and ima steal money out her purse
Retweeted by adr💫Dude slaps the hell out of someone for stealing at the Galleria in Dallas
Retweeted by adr💫I wish Houston had this weather all the time
Retweeted by adr💫Breaking news: @KingJames to leave the bubble to whoop Bronny's ass...
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Pumpkin spice anything is nasty! I SAID WHAT I SAID!
Retweeted by adr💫Harden for MVP, if anything Bron. but Giannis?? 🤔🥴y’all MVP & DPOY got exposed in the playoffs
Retweeted by adr💫Lets confuse the kids born after 2005
Retweeted by adr💫lol have lied but never have they lied like you
Retweeted by adr💫When She Gave You $500 But The Total Is $529.98
Retweeted by adr💫Do anybody else check their emails right when they wake up?
Retweeted by adr💫Bagg solidified 🤦🏽‍♂️🔥
Retweeted by adr💫Damn shit so fucked up cause it ain’t nun u can do in this situation
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wait your elementary school had a rumor that bloody mary haunted one of the bathrooms right ?
Retweeted by adr💫🤣🤣 @eljefepac talm bout sold out before 2nd period 😂 whole school was on that lmaoo @eljefepac couldn’t miss with that mf lolGo to school and get that bad ass burrito @almighty_adro
Retweeted by adr💫 @1lilbumbum @eljefepac @Sony that hoe look like a trash can 😂 @eljefepac @Sony I almost threw up @sotrendytho property taxes gone go up regardless, and that’s not always a bad thing because that’s how you provide…’all really don’t understand the difference of gentrification and making a neighborhood better. and it’s annoying. @UncleLeff That's not exactly how gentrification works. Building a newer/bigger house next to older smaller houses…
Retweeted by adr💫I just took my exam to get promoted with my company where if I pass I'll officially be making 6 figures 😭😭🙏🏼 PLEASE…
Retweeted by adr💫do not do this shit. It’s plenty other ways wtf does coming soon mean?!We stash money, not flash money. No points to prove..
Retweeted by adr💫y’all outtaline @Sony
*Laughs in ps4*
Retweeted by adr💫Niggaz really said 100k the new 10k 😂😂 y’all to rich 4 me
Retweeted by adr💫 @patbev21 I guess I should extend this Cancun invite since I haven’t made my arrangements yet 😂😂😂
Retweeted by adr💫Cardi B: i want a divorce Offset after cheating on her a billion times:
Retweeted by adr💫Murray got more points than Kawhi AND PG ?
Retweeted by adr💫Look good to me
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Retweeted by adr💫who ugly ass momma dat is ?
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lmao called that boy a dweeb 🤣🤣 @CallMe_Maxyy lmao trynna line it up just right 😂😂the places they find to put these bikes is wild 😂😂 @callmekingjoe1 well that’s just I’ve been pressing my face against the wall for no reason.. like much of any other drills pertain to them..just gotta kickidk maybe it’s me but I really don’t see how kickers be missing...
I swear it was a old man at prospect last night with this same fit, and a feather in his hand 😂😂😂 Wall in NYC LIVING LIFE
Retweeted by adr💫Top Tier
Retweeted by adr💫Austin Rivers when Bron turned around on him
Retweeted by adr💫 @Trey5ive7 Kodak a fool 😂lmaoo if I told you huge buckets weren’t the only Big B’s being thrown in Washington? ESPN 30 for 30 presents: 🅱️loo…
Retweeted by adr💫Definitely not Scholarships. “I rock Kentucky bluuuuu on these hoes” had me forget Future was on the song
Retweeted by adr💫🤣🤣 the comments even funnier @_briaan11 Happy birthday dawg 🔥rockets in 8
@Trey5ive7 lmao man watch outThe one on west road
Retweeted by adr💫it really dont matter to me. i take all forms of payment. i got zelle, cashapp, venmo, and apple pay.. ill lowkey t…
Retweeted by adr💫ima be real honest with ya, I’m tired of seeing these bed bugs on my timeline
Retweeted by adr💫 @_Prestonjames nigga don’t tweet my name @BriscofromLA 🗑🗑 @meagsss we still are lakers suckdamn I wish a lakers fan was sitting next to me so I can slap the shit outta somebody
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weather in Texas drops down to 60 degrees and y’all ready to hang Christmas decorations and throw on hoodies/sweats LMAOOOOmetooOOOOO
Retweeted by adr💫This lady tricked me she talked my mf head off then gone say “if I’m being annoying you can say it.. am i?” I said…
Retweeted by adr💫alright let’s face it. these are HIGHLY SLEPT ON
Retweeted by adr💫Tariq did not kill his daddy for Ghost to come back to life & ruin J.Cole song like this. I AM IN TEARS😂😂😭 LMAOOOOO…
Retweeted by adr💫Outgrew that “two can play this game” mindset... I’ll let you win, cause in the end you’ll lose.
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@NomoFruge 😭😭😭 @The0nlylamar_ you dribble head first, I’m not playing you. @pinkyleeee 🤣🤣🤣Playoff Royalty 👑
Retweeted by adr💫Still anybody’s series 💯
Retweeted by adr💫 @Whos_justo yeah yeah stick to football, you barely was good at that.Can never see James Harden hoop always getting double team 🤦🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by adr💫 @jb_yktv man ain’t nobody trynna hear that shit @jb_yktv you taking bets at game prolly can’t even dribblenone of y’all can hoopAnother day in the life of a Houston sports fan
Retweeted by adr💫damn I wish a lakers fan was sitting next to me so I can slap the shit outta somebodyLebron gone be Lebron
Retweeted by adr💫The obsession with celebrities is sickening. I hope y’all get it together.
Retweeted by adr💫When you see you’re subscribed to a local on Snapchat
Retweeted by adr💫🤣🤣 work. Just paychecks and vibes.
Retweeted by adr💫WELLL you said "money bring problems okay so what!" anytime you step outside, you’re guaranteed to spend at least $100 😭
Retweeted by adr💫That Xbox S really look like this #Sony #Xbox
Retweeted by adr💫Yall know what movie funny asf.... NORBIT
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@1lilbumbum lmao then got the nerve to ask for a plate @almighty_adro He’ll make a nigga whoop his ass 🤣🤣
Retweeted by adr💫 @almighty_adro Facts 😂😂😂
Retweeted by adr💫that one nigga outside the Breakfast Klub 🤣 @Whos_justo no, u a waste of time @_Prestonjames @Whos_justo pj what you want ?