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3X Founder 2X exits #startups #finance #scifi #chronicdisease #retail 👫to @AlexLMiller. via CO & @Uchicago born in Silicon Valley

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@cullend @AdamSinger Move somewhere that will be on the union side of the boogaloo
@CliffordAsness @jposhaughnessy Praying for a speedy recovery 🙏🏻 @kevinroose @cwarzel My dearest @ Mary- it’s been two long *checks notes* days on the Twitter front, supplies are l… @dougboneparth @chrismohney Stop trying to make Kinja happen
@Mark_Kido @tweetertation I am so very lucky that it became a pathway towards a life I absolutely love filled with… The nice penguins on my cap table did exactly this @RickWebb @espiers @shadihamid A fan base so toxic that as much as I’m sure I’d enjoy the show I can’t bring myself… @espiers @shadihamid There are a few names on it that I deeply respect (Deidre McCloskey is one of the finest econo… @hydeordie I’d be surprised if she remembers and of this or was aware that her blogging and op-eds were viewed as b… @espiers @shadihamid Thanks to her I began blogging in an attempt to clear my name and that jumpstarts my whole car… @espiers @shadihamid One of the signers tried to cancel me. Or whatever we would have called it back then… @RaiNotWheat I haven’t actually followed her in the intervening years. @UrbanPat It was alas not. She began writing about me on her personal blog as well. Enough accumulated that a frien… @seanilling My college bully who tried to cancel me signed it 🤷🏻‍♀️ @jandersen Including a woman who bullied me in college so badly a friend set me up with a blog so I could fight bac… name is Phoebe Maltz and I haven’t thought of her in years. I didn’t realize she had made a career out of writi… @mims But because my friend was so insistent that I had to fight back I took to blogging like a fish to water and e… @mims I’m honestly not an easy target so it was a mystery to my friends why she picked me. It was literally over a… @rob_mcdan @hydeordie Oh I feel this! @rob_mcdan Oh man this is tough @hydeordie what say you? It’s your production @mims Phoebe Maltz . A friend of mine was so concerned about what she wrote in the school papers and on her own blo… @RobertaSchell @toxicologist12 As someone with ankylosing spondylitis oh boy howdy do I feel this one. The best and worst drug on the planetI’m actually quite grateful to her as without her attempts to belittle and silence me I never would have taken up f… ironically the girl who bullied me in college so badly I started a blog to fight back against her attempts to ca… @hydeordie Oh oh can we cast @thandienewton as Cordelia?! @rob_mcdan “Who is it that can tell me who I am?” Diesel is an artist. I need him as King Lear. @thecla923 He’s done more for inclusion and diversity in Hollywood than pretty much anyone imo. Fast & the Furious… @coketweet @hydeordie Booty and bbq are the two strongest forces in the worldShe’s 💯 right to @hydeordie I’m exploring an amazing artist that tackles accessibility. Moving work on how we deny cultura… @mattparlmer My family got priced out of boulder. That’s how I ended up in Manhattan 😂 @joshelman @hunterwalk Even if you don’t tag us we still see it 😜Decades of glorifying vigilante justice in comic book movies turns out to have been bad
@friedmandave I Might Destroy You on HBO - I haven’t seen it but this interview was arresting and personal. Best I’ve read this yearExquisite interview reminder of an earlier generation of virtual community. The WELL and Whole Earth having been the entry point for… @marionogueira Bold stance @cmigbear Ha the synopsis “sufficiently entertained” is some damning with faint praise @cmigbear Has anyone contended it was “good” 🤔 @JHScramble What about ranch ON sushi? Like one of those weird combo rolls with spicy mayo 😑 @caitlinbolnick1 Whoa 😳 are you even allowed to be a hip young person without avocado toast? 😂 @psantloki First opinion of the thread that genuinely merits canceling for real 😳
@Foone @_danilo This will sound super trivial and silly but a vin diesel Pitch Black has a whole subplot point anch… @utekkare I mean you did tweet this to someone that dedicated a not insignificant portion of their life to makeup 🤷🏻‍♀️ @utekkare Have you ever worn makeup? 😂 @russellmolimock @jbaksht We both live in New York 🤷🏻‍♀️ @cullend And somehow they managed not to shoot her @HellaMini @pitdesi I was under the impression Americans had been mandated to eat corn flakes by law 😜 @PastorDerekT Pizza pot pie! @JoeR42 I truly despair that we seem to be going backwards on our attitudes towards science and medicine @JoeR42 We do this for other diseases sadly as well. For metabolic conditions we say “eat less, move more” which ye… @Andy__Hawks Rocky Mountain High! @blairmacgregor What makes the 10% cut?For no reason at all I’d like to say that medication for any disease is never a last resort and anyone who tells yo… in honor of Netflix's new Baby-Sitters Club series... #babysittersclub #bscremixed
Retweeted by Julie Fredrickson @ericmbudd And we rented out the basement at one point. Which meant we had more than three people living in the hou… @ericmbudd My childhood home in north Boulder was $265,000 when we bought it in the late nineties and is now worth… @ericmbudd As if Niwot and the L towns surrounding Boulder haven’t been prohibitively expensive for decades 🤷🏻‍♀️“There’s nothing extreme about not wanting your life recorded from multiple angles.” Finally reading ⁦@m_older⁩’s…
Retweeted by Julie Fredrickson @mattlarraz @DrSepah @philherner Apocalypse wow! @zebulgar Hopefully you are still in SF where shoplifting isn’t criminally prosecuted 😂 @DrSepah @philherner I once went on a retreat where there wasn’t any caffeine available and phew I felt awful for t… @cogsciguy This is such a nice one! @sonyasupposedly Concur it does seem like a dominant ethos or at least a widely popular status game @sonyasupposedly @gtank__ Oh man these look amazing and cover a LOT of off the beaten path topics. @mouthofmorrison @AndyGCook Now this is in the spirit of the post! Controversial alcohol opinions pleaseAre there any Girlbosses left? @ejandrj With great power comes great responsibility! @Lost_Signal The only wrong opinion Lesley Knope ever had @evabeylin Beginning to understand the whole bra burning thing after months of being rid of them. @sonyasupposedly Phew that thread was a bummer. That we view rural living as a social stasis or demotion is so sad… @evabeylin I haven’t worn a bra since March and honestly now I’m sort of like what’s the point unless I’m exercisin… @jbaksht The most unexpected part of living outside of NYC is just how bad the baked good are. It’s all enriched fl… @jbaksht But cheese is delicious! And I guess some breads are good. @dannyabas Oh boy I do not look fondly back on learning how to navigate snowy hills with a stick shift @DrSepah I mean it is an addictive stimulant @Sameer_Rashid Hehehehehe but ketchup makes you normal (old prairie home companion joke) @pitdesi True! Oh man the best breakfasts I ever had were at the Park Hyatt in Hong Kong @jefficit Heretic! Burn the non-lunchtime unbelievers 😜 or wait is that a double negative and now I’ve confused myself @heyitsalexP This is true. It’s so mysterious how they always add up @JasonxMcFarlane I hope no one puts that in the silly bucket @dickc @senatorshoshana Wisdom for the ages @JALoughney I mean as long as it’s not a tub someone uses for baths @lizasperling @hunterwalk Hang loose 🤙 @lizasperling We basically concede to having a burger. Which is fine burgers are delicious. But let’s not pretend… @lizasperling Proving that we are flexible and willing to compromise with the breakfast fanatics @tracknumber06 Do you roast your own beans? @can That sounds like paradise @Mqsley Another victim of the dangerous fanatics of “big breakfast” attempting to limit the freedom of lunch lovers! We will fight back 🤪 @can Ever?! @bennessb Ohh downloading now @lizasperling It just doesn’t hold a candle to lunch or dinner! Brunch is only good because you can get lunch at it. @alexlmiller @senatorshoshana Mmmmm pastrami @hunterwalk Oh this is a good one. People love their athleisure. But also sometimes it’s maybe just being naked and… @abulkreek Ha! My husband @alexlmiller also believes this and I think he is a heathen for this. But once someone ma… @arshimbo Breakfast tacos are a clearly excellent development. I’d also happily just eat a taco for breakfast. Mmmm carnitas for breakfast @bennessb I used to feel the same way. Why would I waste time on virtual chores when I could do real ones? Now that… @free_shilling That’s actually true! The weird cereal sanitarium dude is legit the stuff of conspiracies