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Well done Leavers! 👏 You WON! 🏆 But what have you won? 🤔 You'll learn... 😉

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@PaulbernalUK @HRemainer @NumbersMan3 @rozzleberry @hawkins_carole @Pamaro25 @Jayrgoodall @earthygirl011 @edwardpoole1975 @pimlicat "I wasn't engaged enough in this interview..." Incredible euphemism for, "nodding in agreement throughout" @BrexitBlocklist (@)NumbersMan3 @BrexitBlocklist (@)HRemainer @HRemainer @rozzleberry @hawkins_carole @NumbersMan3 @Pamaro25 @Jayrgoodall @earthygirl011 @edwardpoole1975 @mal_downie @jrc1921 @britainelects @RedfieldWilton You do realise that this defence of Starmer applies to Corbyn? @graham_budden @MPHarrison93 @britainelects @RedfieldWilton 👏 @jlz0z Every Little Helps™ @HRemainer @NumbersMan3 @rozzleberry @hawkins_carole @Pamaro25 @Jayrgoodall @earthygirl011 @edwardpoole1975 @NumbersMan3 @HRemainer @rozzleberry @hawkins_carole @Pamaro25 @Jayrgoodall @earthygirl011 @edwardpoole1975 @HRemainer @rozzleberry @hawkins_carole @NumbersMan3 @Pamaro25 @Jayrgoodall @earthygirl011 @edwardpoole1975 @NumbersMan3 @rozzleberry @hawkins_carole @HRemainer @Pamaro25 @Jayrgoodall @earthygirl011 @edwardpoole1975 @NumbersMan3 @rozzleberry @hawkins_carole @HRemainer @Pamaro25 @Jayrgoodall @earthygirl011 @edwardpoole1975 @BrexitBin How Britain sees itself in EU negotiations: [A♦️] [K♦️] [Q♦️] [J♦️] [10♦️] The reality: [4♠️] [ 6♦️] [ 5♣️] [3♦️ ] [🃏] @rozzleberry @hawkins_carole @HRemainer @NumbersMan3 @Pamaro25 @Jayrgoodall @earthygirl011 @edwardpoole1975 @rozzleberry @hawkins_carole @HRemainer @NumbersMan3 @Pamaro25 @Jayrgoodall @earthygirl011 @edwardpoole1975⬇️ Please vote and RT ⬇️ @jlz0z It's so basic it's incredible tories have successfully gaslit population Problem: Exponentially spreading v… the pleasure of meeting Ghislaine Maxwell at a charity do once. She was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY fu… on, mate, we all know the chances of her imminent "apparent suicide" or "unexplained death" are as close to un… @johnnyrsj @archer_rs @johnnyrsj @archer_rs @EddieHenryJames Does a dead man sweat? 🤔 @johnnyrsj @archer_rs 'No tweets' but non-zero Following and Followers indicative of suspended account... Also, DM… What uptick? @johnnyrsj @archer_rs 🤔 @miffythegamer "Slavery was not genocide, otherwise there wouldn't be so many damn blacks in Africa" Would Starkey… @NHSVolResponder Thank you for responding. Are you referring to 'check-in and chat' alerts? gaslighting stinks of methane 🤢 Responder app working seamlessly, I see. 'The alert is 458377 meters* away' *American spelling 🤷🏻‍♂️ Hmmm...… @Johnnypapa64 "Foxy"Which news do you trust most? Please RT 👍
Retweeted by almostonewordOn Dec 12th 2019, the UK signed a DNR.
Retweeted by almostoneword @PeterMatza @ruskin147 @BBCr4today Furthermore, those 20% being informed to self-isolate has an associated - and no… @PeterMatza @ruskin147 @BBCr4today The argument that it won't work unless close to 100% use the app is utterly fall… @PeterMatza @ruskin147 @BBCr4today That's OK. Mathematics is conceptually difficult. @PeterMatza @ruskin147 @BBCr4today You clearly don't understand the mathematics behind the statistical sampling of very large populations. @PeterMatza @ruskin147 @BBCr4today Sure. Having location-based information on the spread of symptomatic cases from… Happened Here has worrying implications for the national mustard stockpile 🐝📉 @robertpopper @EddieHenryJames @pennyb Is this the one? 'Black Lives Matter Protests, Social Distancing, and COVID-19' "We conc… @RandomThawt Do tell us, Crispin, what flavour of government do you want? @RandomThawt The reality is that the UK has not had a socialist government since 1979 and now likely never will. N… @RandomThawt Labour could have won in 2017 if *all* party members had worked together for the current leader. You… and offensive. Can you imagine having to work with these truth twisters?
Retweeted by almostoneword @RandomThawt Your simplistic league table analogy is convenient for you as it fails to address any of the detail of… @RandomThawt "Labour within 2,500 votes of government in GE2017 gaining 3.5 million votes from ‘Corbyn surge’, seni… @RandomThawt Are you always right, Crispin? One gets the impression you believe you are. @RandomThawt You already did give me "if" in your previous tweet. "If he'd stepped down a YEAR ago, we'd have a La…
@RandomThawt Your football league image was a cheap insult to intelligence. @RandomThawt The view from a (now ex-) Labour Jew: @RandomThawt If centrists hadn't worked against the left, then things would also have been quite different. The an… @RandomThawt Crispin, simplistic football league table analogies are what one expects from tory sockpuppet accounts. Disappointing. @RandomThawt 12.9 million then 10.2 million people disagree with the "unelectable" schtick. That's quite a fan club. @JayMitchinson Don't you mean 100,000 ? Excess deaths are already at 65,000Think. Logically. Even if Corbyn had turned out to be a communist psychopath, how much damage could he have really… @AdsCherrington @KarenStopHate The Labour left do not hate Starmer The Labour left are saddened that for 4 years m… Labour left do not hate Starmer The Labour left are saddened that for 4 years many centrists actively worked a… @DeborahMeaden Let 'em 'ave it 📉 @cwghost1 @Royceyraa @scottygb In his head, in the secure unit, Royce has sent all of his children to 'Oxbridge Uni… @lobbe321 @kevsrabbit @Spudfish83 @simplefasting It is likely due to some inadequacies or deficiencies in other areas of his life. @kevsrabbit @Spudfish83 @simplefasting Henry VIII was a fabulously wealthy man. The peasants, the 99%, were not ob… @jacquep 2.4 children 2.7 Hong Kong residents @Baznut @PointlessBrexit HOUSE! @Spudfish83 @simplefasting Except for the fact that modern humans have been around for over 100,000 years: - befor…, I did not expect this. Credit where credit is due. @miffythegamer @billedm @AndrewBoff No change there then. This has been the raison d'être of the tory party for literally hundred… @vespalien @sally_steel_ @JohnWest_JAWS @LindsayHoyle_MP @BorisJohnson If Hoyle had anything about him, he would do as above. @vespalien @sally_steel_ @JohnWest_JAWS @LindsayHoyle_MP @BorisJohnson He could easily, and impartially, before the… @PeterMatza @ruskin147 @BBCr4today 18% of the population is still *extremely* statistically significant to clamp do… @EdwardHoward11 @Lord_Selby 3 million soon-to-be-sacked brits 3 million hard-working HKers Perfect symmetry to th…
Retweeted by almostoneword @DeborahMeaden It's what 14 million voters wanted. Let them have it. @EdwardHoward11 @Lord_Selby 3 million soon-to-be-sacked brits 3 million hard-working HKers Perfect symmetry to th… @daniel_swensen (I don't really hate it, your OP is bang on) @adamboultonSKY @BorisJohnson Yet. @daniel_swensen I really hate the "I really hate the [thing that most decent folk really hate]" tweet construction. @sally_steel_ @JohnWest_JAWS @LindsayHoyle_MP @BorisJohnson Perhaps he means in his capacity as an MP he cannot act… @Calmeilles @TheNewEuropean Absolute fucking mockery of democracy and decency. @Calmeilles @TheNewEuropean Phillips brands Boris Johnson a ‘liar’ after PMQs answer
Retweeted by almostoneword @allinsonm660 @jmshrrsn @JohnWest_JAWS @LindsayHoyle_MP tories love him tories hate Bercow et la @jimhatfield @mitchellvii @JohnWest_JAWS Do your job @LindsayHoyle_MP @ruskin147 @BBCr4today 50% of the German population. Incredible uptake. Germany is quite simply a better country. @Iain_h326 @janeturnbull17 @AdsCherrington @KarenStopHate @AdsCherrington @KarenStopHate People were appalled at Brown's treatment. Probably the most intelligent Labour lead… @AdsCherrington @KarenStopHate It is a very straightforward and self-explanatory sentence. Why not try again when you've had a lie down? @MXOFO @Conservatives It plays extremely well with their minority voter base that swept them to an unrepresentative… @JuliaHB1 @archer_rs @johnnyrsj Rick Masters owns Magnum's ass @KarenStopHate @AdsCherrington Gordon Brown suffered from much the same issue. Not so much, Miliband, but then he a… @AdsCherrington @KarenStopHate This entire discussion is moot. The UK now has the government it deserves. @AdsCherrington @KarenStopHate Parsing English sentences is not a service I provide. @JackieKane @jongoulding @GrayWolfBG1 ...and, finally, stop using FB and Delete your account 😉