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@helloangiedavis same but we lack like white marshmallow gator mouths. even the insides if there mouths are puffy!!! @ericjschuster I hope I am able to share in the coming year! sneak peek: they are rolly and floppy @meherinmn @alartton @stephpeppery So good!!! that rollie horse pal is everything. stunning work!iirc in gattica the protagonist finds a rock on a beach and used that to exfoliate. I feel like I should be able to… need/want to own/buy a pumice stone but I am so mad about it!!! like it is just a rock!!!!! I should not have to…
@Mike2600 @scottrainy @stewartsc was going to share this resource and tag u Mike! thanks for putting this together-… an alligator and they are so doughy and puffyI'm hiring for a new position on my team. We're looking for a designer/illustrator to create photo illustrations an…
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@sigadeldesign In case you want to invest/research: this is the one that we have and it's been great! @sigadeldesign honestly same!!! when left to my own devices, I'm not much of sandwich maker/haver, but this dang ol… parents sweetly sent me a panini press and life update: I am a panini press truther now.
@timokuilder ugh that ice pyramid level was TOPS. Diddy Kong racer is so underrated. I swear to god I got all of my…
@hellaeon I love this!!!We still have a while before Halloween but I am always in the mood for spooky~✴️✨🦇✨✴️
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰ @CheeseNolan ooooooo yeah yeah yeah!!!!!! I think your work would look amazing at a larger scale. excited for you!
Alternate reality where everything is the same but we spell bones like bowns @carolineroyce 100% behind this health plan and would also like the same thing for rashes (rash day!) @lilchickhat 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️
@nicycle noticed this too and it sneaks up on you! Find myself having to be more aware of it/not making a habit. P… @lizwelle we made roasted trout and I am a proud parent of this meal:
おでかけピンキーちゃん、はじめての東京駅!🗼 #マイクロブタ #マイクロブタのいるくらし #動物動画 #動物好きな人と繋がりたい
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@chrissycurtin I have now separate painting mural cloths and also an apron and it was a game-changer. Also, Miyazak… Day is the national holiday where people who are against raising the minimum wage get an extra day off to be…
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@AlliKoch ok why is this weird!!! I think it is endearing!!!!! @leckybang Apartment with wooden built-ins and I know I might be in my own camp on this, but I *loathe* them. Bulky… @lydializamusic fully recommend danner boots! I have a pair and they are amazing! (also they are cute) (also excited for you!)
@tristamariemcg because of this I will not recognize Indiana or Wisconsin as legal states I guess? @tristamariemcg it also does not exist in Indianna! I have had to travel through it 4 times this summer and zero ma… @asmaresists I am so sorry Asma. Thinking of you and your family ❤
@katiesisneros @joshnorthsouth ooooo girl if i get one i will let you know and u can have it! what a hunt
...*and* all that you do! (forgive the typo!) @Kristen_Arnett! I wanted to let you know that I just finished Mostly Dead Things and cannot stress how much I love… @lindsayinMPLS extreme mood/reality!!!holy shit. I am a) unfortunately unsurprised and surprised all at once and b) livid and going out of my gourd over… @katiesisneros @joshnorthsouth ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ it is true! in this world my biggest stress is making sure I pick an app… @katiesisneros NIGHTMARE FUEL x1000000000!!!! that sounds like the cruelest of fates!!basically: reiterating that this game surprises you in a very positive and friendly way!!! @katiesisneros thinking of you because I was *just* stung by a scorpion out of nowhere in ACNH! I had not seen one…
@Trungles Important info for you! @Potterpan13 mentioned your chickens during a zoom call today and from there we h… @brenface it's a gem through and through. that song/CD was the first CD ever owned-what a good one!Friends: Please consider donating to ZACAH; they are an org on the ground floor getting evicted encampment folks in…
@iteeth @larsleafblad (and will keep an ear to the ground too!) @iteeth @larsleafblad I am very bummed to hear this: so sorry about your job loss and I appreciated the Walker Read… Blake's family hosting community gathering. Includes comm. clean-up, voter reg. booth as well as food, 🎶, fre…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰They used Breonna Taylor’s image to sell Vanity Fair, now the NY Times produced a Hulu movie about her. America wil…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰“this is halloween” instrumental intensifies
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰Recent series with @thecreativeindp for @charmaine_li on the topic of dream journaling. Tapped into my inner Twin…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰With all the activities we have on our islands, we should already look like this. #AnimalCrossing
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰ @katiesisneros @lizwelle omg same! I legit got some adrenline sweats when I was sneaking/catching my first one! Oh… @katiesisneros @lizwelle Also ding dang it @katiesisneros I would like to visit your island sometime/vice versa hav… @katiesisneros @lizwelle Yeah, liking how you can't really 'win' the game? I mean I know you have to get a 5 star r… @katiesisneros @lizwelle SAME SAME SAME! @lizwelle Like I think the appeal is that you can customize SO MUCH and prioritize what you want to! Like right now… @lizwelle you can play with 2 people!!! And if it helps, there is no wrong way to play it!!!! Like there is a thi… @lizwelle get to have cute island visitors, decorate and customize your house, and you also can collect thin… @lizwelle a long running nintendo game, now currently available on the switch. For the latest (New Horizons) you ge…
@hollyheavy omg I need to get in there!!! also for fall/for life/for year round: I just made a graveyard and could not be more excited @dannyhengel ah, I assumed this partly but wasn't sure given our curfew has been lifted. my boyfriend also said tha… @fallinangelz21 @brenface Ah! my boyfriend also said this! he also said that there were 2 kids missing; one found a… @brenface omg I need to know more!!!ok what is the deal with all of these helicopters South Minneapolis? What am I missing???
godammit Charles Booker just gets me fired up! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥The marchers are now headed toward the Martin Luther King Jr monument #MarchonWashington
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰As the Bucks players returned to the locker room, they turned to their owner for help to take action. He called the…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰ @thetzechun @TKOpresents @DTNart is your person!!!!!!!!!!! @nicycle thank you for this update!A motion to send this proposal back to whatever committee it came from to allow for more community engagement has p…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰ @anotherglassbox i will be ready! please also review the fresh to death macadamia summer pattern on the can-it's my… council will vote today on a proposal to relocate the 3rd police precinct to 26th and Minnehaha in Seward. It’…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰ @anotherglassbox that macadamia one is top tier and this is the hill I will die on.Emmett Till, a 14-year-old black kid, was falsely accused of grabbing a white lady’s skirt. He was lynched by an an…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰Trump’s DC fireworks display. One woman commented “it looks like the end of the world.” #DCProtests #RNC2020
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Wear your hair in a different style, no makeup/piercings/jewelry, reliable boots that can withstand heat, glass sha…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰ @colocha_rachel I appreciate you so much!!!!!!!!Alright folks. @bymyelf is willing to make a run for jail support. I’ve sent her $100 as some starter funds. If yo…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰ @colocha_rachel THANK YOU! @colocha_rachel @elise____marie If you get any funding going on this please lmk! wanna contribute!There will be a curfew again tonight in Minneapolis from 8pm-6am if you haven’t been made aware yet. If you’re goin…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰Releasing video of a Black man’s violent suicide after being cornered by cops does not prevent protest. It’s a scar…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰ @brenface yes this is the right response to today. depending on where you land with black licorice, I had a pile o…'m thinking (personally) that capitalism will come out of the uprisings just fine, unlike all of the murdered peop…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰Small update from @mplsallison / B Resale (thank you for this!) a good reminder to donate to @UR_Ninja: thank you so much for your ongoing coverage one for B Resale (thanks for posting this Gigi-appreciate the chance to support them!) @colocha_rachel hang in there and please be gentle with yourself today where you can! 💕Their prevailing thought yesterday was that exonerating the police would quell unrest. But as it turns out, them an…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰ @colocha_rachel i see you and same same sameIs there a thread of funding local business that got hit last night? Can someone point me this and/or funds that ha… @heymolls Love this feature and how amazing to have it tied with your grandfather too. Congrats Molly on the featur… posted about it immediately on FB and has been downtown showing the video to calm folks, and was just on a l…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰MPD and the city didn't just make the footage available, they tweeted it on their BOTH official accounts. Had I not…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰Curfew now in effect for the City of #Minneapolis as of 10:00pm. National Guard has been called in/requested. Remai…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰Minneapolis friends, Black friends, friends who suffer with suicidal thoughts, everyone, please don’t watch the sec…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰shots were just fired downtown please get somewhere safe if you're not in proper gear
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰ @nicycle @pahoua @AliLozoff double up and I am so sorry too.I stand in solidarity with those who have been impacted by suicide. The @CityMinneapolis unethically shared a video…
Retweeted by ⚰Allegra Lockstadt ⚰Immediate curfew in Minneapolis, National Guard called in by Jacob Frey
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