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@loughtv I’m taking that tooNo stream tonight :( traveling home earlyyy @RealAndyy IM TOO SCARED TO INTERACT W PPL LMFAO but you will be the first to know the tea 😤 @RealAndyy ppl in the comment section 🥲 @SwaggyTav Retail therapyJust cleaned out 4 bags of clothes from my closet and it feels so good!!! Now time to buy more @SwaggyTav I’m just tryna go back to happier timesI wanna stream Mario kart games and Pokémon and animal crossing and etc but I really bought a mf switch LITE BEFORE I STREAMED MAN WHY @argenoil WHAT THE HECKKKK YOUR VOICE IS SO SOOTHINGTiktok ppl mean for no reason bruh 😭😭😭😭😭 @JackHut67961050 @lyekuu HuhI hate when my mom drinks my drink, says it’s gross and asks why’d I get it LMFAO BECAUSE I LIKE ITI been dealing with the pain this whole timeGuys I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to feel anything at the dentist this was the first time they numbed me 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 @loughtv Can I have one to edit @mavixchairs THAT DUDE LOOKS COOL AS HECK!!can I just buy clothes and worry about money another time... 🧐 @yoojpls brb booking a flight real quick @laettnerr @ba6 I thought of canes too… @JoshiAliAndres I’ve been waiting for this vlog 😵‍💫 @JoshiAliAndres HAHHA
@loughtv A cute boy named lough 🙂
@SwaggyTav Making demarcus proudHAPPY THANKSGIVING MY LOVES THANKFUL FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED ME GET TO WHERE I AM TODAY 🥳🥳🥳 have a safe day and eat well <3stressed and frustrated
Man where the hell my self confidence go. I need it back 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 @1dianazzz happy birthday my queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!finally decided to play genshin again... was hit with the serve maintenance screen...
can we talk about how I graduate in 2 weeks and I'm scared as heck @katlienteee MOMMY @yoojpls m’lady i think you’re super cool ;-;so overwhelmed with love. W stream W community thank you so much ;-; @qaycence I love following cute girls @QuarterJade @ItzMasayoshi @current you are adorable @ba6 down
@qaycence im like ar 50 LOLI need to learn how to have fun again when playing games and streamingIM DESPERATE IM DOWNLOADING GENSHIN @cupkatez @loughtv I will gladly simpgood morning @SwaggyTav @jvkesLV Bring her @Sup4hMan Scary games be scary @VastGG 😭😭😭 @Sup4hMan Oh hell nahWhat else can I play on stream? valorant hurts too much @xvirxhalx You rightLMFAOOOOO people commenting and getting mad over the way I act when drunk… fan behavior. Thanks for the algorithm boost c:“I’m sorry for cheating on you in your dream, I’ll make it up to you, I’ll get you boba” @loughtvWe just launched a new drama lash collection! And to celebrate the holidays, we have an early black friday sale st…
Retweeted by alisonHEY GUYS MY CUTE GF @lystens RELEASED NEW LASHES TODAY @daintykae @daintykae @daintykae
Been sick all DAYNo more drunk streams 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫DRUNK STREAM LATER is the face so wonky ;-;it's me and pepcid against the world (my asian glow buddies will understand ;-;)
@SwaggyTav BROOOO @SwaggyTav Are you saying Asians are dogs @SwaggyTav Huh 😭😭😭ekko looks different stream tonight, let's talk about our feelings and cry away our sorrows together @yungkyleo I dont deserve himidk how lo calculated this but he ordered food and it arrived when I woke up ;-; he said I was hungry last night so… feeling like I'm not doing enough 🥲 @apexheda OMG APEX WITH THE HEDA :0 @rzn_mike bro I suck at that too 😭😭😭uninstalling val and moving to apex im tired
@loughtv his head be hurting @Sydeon @OfflineTV LETS GOOO 🥳🥳🥳 @QuarterJade @OfflineTV HOLY SHAJJAJ YESi can’t even believe i’m writing this but as of today, I AM OFFICIALLY A MEMBER OF @OfflineTV!! i am SO excited t…
Retweeted by alison48 HOUR CAP see you at 4pm PST :)
Retweeted by alison @umgdylan_ @loughtv 😭😭😭 @loughtv It’s only been a daySORRY FOR SLACKING I was moving yesterday and today I’m moving my setup to my parents for the week ;-; stream tonig… @KrystalogyTV @thegamehers WOOOOO LETS GO KRYSTA @loughtv @SwaggyTav HeyIM IN LOVEEEE BIG THANK YOU’S TO @xtamago_ 🥺🥺🥺 @yungkyleo Homeman said I’m coming with you FREAK I am failing this python class I'm gonna cry
@itsjawhn SHEESHHH @keshimusic @mindset_dive This is so cool @oTesqa WOOOO @Sup4hMan IT WAS ALL BLANK LMFAO I EMAILED HIMguys I got a 0/10 @jvkesLV you're just addicted to streaming huh @SwaggyTav your brothermy prof gave us a quiz with blank answer choices do you guys think its a, b, c, or d @loughtv @Tuont0 wtf @Tuont0 let's go jake!!LO GOING SHOPPING RN AND RUINING ALL MY MF CHRISTMAS SURPRISES BRUH @yoojpls she makes me wanna be a little independent womanMICHELLE CHOI IS RELEASING A NEW COLLECTION FOR LITTLE PUFFY AHHHHHHHHHHH @yoojpls WOOO welcome back bb @BenevolenceFPS you really are nocturnalW STREAM THANK YOU @Thcczy AND EVERYONE WHO GIFTED OMGGGcant escape valorant @yungkyleo @loughtv @Thcczy damn he pulled up the receipts fast @loughtv @Thcczy he doesn't say that to me ;-;