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@HypnoticMilotic @EgoAlteria @QueenTamXO Nah I'm good completely reimagined Pokémon GO Fest experience is coming your way soon, Trainers! ☀️ July 25 ☀️ July 26 Sav…
Retweeted by Liz 🔜 Offline @EgoAlteria @HypnoticMilotic @QueenTamXO Yeah I need to know this too, dipping in milk?!
@grrooves awww thank you! ❤️ @Doctors__TARDIS Are you saying this is WRONG because her without bangs feels wrong 🤣 @chiaki415 @AmandaFarough Thank you! I miss the pink but it is a nice little break. @princessology Just change my last name! @ProfessorChime Why thank you, sir! ❤️ @kylemoncelle probably thinking about snacks.Here is me a VERY long time ago before pink hair with baby Periwinkle! @SeltzerPlease Take it! Please! I’ve been blonde my whole life. Chlorine is my enemy and my skin blends in with my hair 😭 @HolyOrderSeifer Hmm. I just think of it as default Liz now. @TontonYouTube We need to get you some eyeliner for your brows! Please tell me you didn’t use bleach so close to your eyes! @kittyrambles It’s been so long! Over 6 years pink!We will return to the normally scheduled pink haired Liz programming once shelter in place is lifted/I have a reaso… call her “Liz Classic” @_ZoeTwoDots Wholesome Duck @kylemoncelle @THEDHK @VeronicaSaron I’m just here because there are so many of my favorites in this thread. 😍
@DarkMatterWolf9 🤩🤩🤩 I can totally relate. @novemberalice Oh this whole thing has really made me keep boundaries and super proud of the progress I’ve made the… @calaeraa Any book suggestion? @CanDoThat2 I used to love baking. I think that you’ve reminded me of that! Thank you! @Ray_Scullz Oh yeah. Doggo walls have been great. I need to be outside sometimes and it is much needed. @HypnoticMilotic That sounds lovely! @LaurenJo8 Phone breaks have been so good for me and I have been making tea again and it’s been lovely! @Ray_Scullz Too close to work honestly. Sometimes you need a break from everything work related even if it is fun! @ZyoniK_ Ooooh will check it out!!Self care tips. Share them with meeeeee. What do you do, how do you relax, how do you disconnect?I got my Weedle! appreciate everyone who joined us for our #PokemonGOCommunityDay live stream featuring Seedot and who voted in o…
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@richardm88 Awesome! 🤩Me every time I see Seedot popup on the #PokemonGOCommunityDay stream.
Retweeted by Liz 🔜 Offline @thoffman01 That’s about standard for me otherwise 😅 @rankulus Yeah my shiny normally don’t have the best stats, so this was a nice surprise!Honestly. I’m having a lovely time playing and having this as a nice soothing outdoor background. Really makes not… heck yeah! @maguirenumber6 Oh good day to you sir! @risokichi You are so creative! I love it! 🤩 @shploofs Happening right now! @lulukohime HE IS BABY @THEDHKI hope you are having a beautiful day. ✨ @kessor814 @kwisdumb It’s actually the Pokémon Shirts pattern! I just nabbed it off the website and duplicated the… really. my son to the museum. #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons @amblingpanda @akhmourne Either one, just vote!Have you found the code hidden somewhere on in the livestream? It is valid for another 30 minutes!
Retweeted by Liz 🔜 Offline @doeiqts Yeah that whole thing is consoles 😅Weedle! Weedle! Weedle! 🎉💚 more minutes!#PokemonGOCommunityDay @LaeSnaps 6pm PDT @THEDHK @miltank211 This is over on Harv’s island.
@miltank211 @THEDHK @princessology Just the one! I’ll DM you to coordinate 😊 @princessology I’d take another teacup ride! I have 2 of the colors so would be done for another one! I’m looking f… @princessology You can have whatever you want! How many you need. Will order the limit today and keep a steady stre… @princessology Oh, hello. I has. @kateburning Real convo at my house @thecarefreebomb: That wouldn’t ruin it though, I’d actually be interested in seeing what that is @princessology Also, if you didn’t know this existed. @princessology I love how much you have come to love this game. It has given me so much happiness and it makes my h… @HexManiacKarina I’m totally ok with this and my shirt today is bright yellow 😂 @kwisdumb @THEDHK @laurawqf You asked me to convince her. Don’t shame her for listening. 😂 @THEDHK @laurawqf They don’t have too much but this account, you already know, has the quality content.… @laurawqf @THEDHK He is precious baby that needs your love and attention. Obviously.
@VeronicaSaron @reblavoie I’m... BEAUTIFUL 🤩 @Ghunnter Mortal Wombat made me actually lol. Thank you for your service. @AndyLunique lol thanks. My first attempt was breath of the mild and honestly, it couldn’t compare with the amount… @Keystone80435 Super Burger Lime!This is the content I’m looking for. I’m torn between Star Pox and Street Lighter for my submission. Honorable men… @InnerChildGamer @kohara_motoshi @happyonigiri oof. yup. @Matthewbabybaby want pasta. @JanneSkyttar @Lavelerina @LeekDuck Some places observe daylight saving time/summer time during the summer, and the… @laurawqf Got plenty of eggs from bunny day!Trainers, the @MYSTIC7 GO Battle League Event starts now! Celebrate the arrival of GO Battle League Season 2 with…
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This is a terrible idea, but I can't wait. Join my public Zoom Call at 5pm PT/8pm ET tonight to hang out while…
Retweeted by Liz 🔜 Offline @PokeProfNet @MYSTIC7 @TwitchEsports @kylemoncelle @laurawqf NOOOOOOOO!!!!Trainers! Kickoff #GOBattle League Season 2 with one of your favorite @PokemonGoApp streamers. Join us for the…
Retweeted by Liz 🔜 Offline @AwesomeAdamTV I appreciate your Shiftry reply @RambRabbitPoGo @GOStadiumPvP @MyMissMystic @JRHonda121 It truly does happen to the best of us. @RambRabbitPoGo I’m from Ohio! So it kinda works lolAll my sass and I spell acorn wrong. smh @THEDHK BE A SEE-DO NOT A SEE-DON’T, DANACan’t get away from my jokes in special research, y’all!’m nuts about this. Get it. Because it’s a nut. Like Seedot, the Acron Pokémon. I’ll expect your groans about my d…
My husband is a reserved man.'re looking to hire a community marketing coordinator to join our team. If you like the following, you should app…
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@PiousKnob Just. So much going on for one card. @ashketzchup Also another great German name! @rankulus So good. @Nerdmeetsyou THEY ARE!! @MattCaulder Totally, I also feel the same with in-game terms too. Research breakthrough in German is Forschungsdurchbruch. I love it.Part of my job requires me to see and know different things in the Pokémon world in different languages. Current f… @ZyoniK_ @GOStadiumPvP @smartplatypus 💙 @PokeGirll7 We can do it!