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alone LFT @aloneswrld Oklahoma, USA

VALORANT F/A LFT @alonesbrain

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@wolfyval went from .4 800 to .3 800 @wolfyval lowering sens is what i did and my consistency with the lower sens + artisan pad has been insane @mleQT_ 😩😩😩 @ReDoFPS @ChippoVal @renaiVAL put me in @FuckBowlCut @_Od26 bro got me fucked up @sfX_x1 on godLFT with CF future unknown - GC/Coed - Chamber(OP), Senti, Controller, Sova/Fade - Rad peak | Top 7th player April…
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@keaIani @1kotaaa dommy daddies > @dialsdue to inflation 6 inches is now 9 inches
Retweeted by alone LFT @Bamb1y aerial @AerialUnit the worst org in existence alongside with @Burqes btw when am i getting paid?
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@westjett1 @yungcalc op a day keeps the women away 😌 @westjett1 #MethEnjoyerStanSpent two days in a tourney playin bo3s just to find out the org running it doesn’t have the money and can’t pay nobody 😃 @N8Vgg @Apidaez @ARIANARCHIST @scourge_val @Luna__Fox @valslaze actual demon roster @OfficiaIDevour i wanna join devour because you @seshiriaa_ ghost gamingwas in a pearl match and was talking to someone about ranked. My chamber then types “so u played against pros befo… @mrfunhaver u like the pillow i use for lumbar support 🙂 giveaway, this is going to be fun. Herman Miller x Logitech Embody. Ends July 15th. Rules: Comment on this…
Retweeted by alone LFT @ARES64x @refresh1k The fucking chamber from yesterday 😂😂😂😂 @refresh1k @ARES64xfree#khan dodge at all costsYour loved*alone#3393
2022 EON TWITCH LINK IN COMMENTS OMG OMGold but still gold @florscnt @MisfitsGG yep @cryptXVAL dudes will be 5 stacked long next to tp and act mad when someone is holding the tp rotate 😁fuck ur duos im bettter @tokibbi use my clips! @faintheartsu @faintheartsu unluck @faintheartsu im imm1 currently
@AeroValorant @Hitbox_NA @ValorCentral THANK YOUI am completely dedicated myself and everything I have into valorant. I am willing to do whatever it takes to push… FOR TEAM Main jett op/ flex but can play any role. Willing to learn any other agent for the right team. Av… @Rickabonkers Common rickabonkers W @bungeecsgo @Cuten00bCasts @akaL4CE :D @Cuten00bCasts @akaL4CE @bungeecsgoy’all some bitches
remaking my lft post I forget where the other went so LFT Controller/Senti main T2/T3 exp schedule very open look…
Retweeted by alone LFT @ReboVAL deserved ❤️ @TroIIman_ hey i have like 2 famous followers hmu @cwaudiia il sauce u up i gotchu
@g1izzy123 u just gotta figure out the timing it’s not that bad once u get it down
@aleksandarosa u da best @902Creed vouch @BaFractured ily @katriggered keenc moment @cwaudiia xnxx so mid thoGive #Pholovers a warm welcome as they are now representing ZMM Black! Catch ZMM Black in @KnightsArena this Monda…
Retweeted by alone LFTcrispy these T2/3 teams don’t realize that you actually have to practice and put time in. And when I mean practice t…
Retweeted by alone LFT @cwaudiia L take @TomZufps idk i’ve had anne pro 2 for like 2 3 years n it does me goodI was thinking about collegiate recently anyone know where to look¿! @shoVLRT @nico1wnl bruh everytime i fill for something i always go on twitter man i’m cursed @LBuddyWasTaken @nico1wnl @reignvlr nokE misclicked @LBuddyWasTaken @nico1wnl @reignvlr we had just said lets call a time out and yk how whenever u call for a timeout… @Bobbert_VAL @nico1wnl LOL @ctrrlz ayoIts 2077 Xset x Faze Match is still under tech pause. I had 4 children, 2 of them had a stroke while waiting for th… @Social_Val @tarik LMFAO @tarik is about to make 40k+ people cry watching his stream with this music @fairyfps ur fucking nuts watched live #SanriosWin
@OfficiaIDevour @Saulsrevenge pogmid finals down 1 map 4-9 second half and this dude @realnokE hit surrender on accident LOLOnto the Finals of the @AerialUnit Series X 1k tune in and support your boy @aloneswrld
Retweeted by alone LFT @FireKnightVAL with the brains behind it allGoing to try and clean up my account and use @alonesbrain for my personal. @Saulsrevenge i liked it (;2-0 vs @DesireRising_ Map 1 13-8 Map 2 13-8 Onto finals
Retweeted by alone LFT2-0 desire , onto finals with @realnokE @reignvlr @TimeVlr @RenjiVali am the kid who drops 3 kills in the game with you and then next game against you drop 40 @MadySmacks nice @kevsarcade @kazufIwr what about me /: @badisafk took a mental reset for me and a small break to find what i really want. + Just working on my mental over… @xvrVAL @LittleSnackie ur short @jessmitter “Some people don’t HAVE the money to make it to an abortion state!!” Okay then tell them to get a job a…
Retweeted by alone LFTWhy is this country going to shit as soon as we become adults 😭
Retweeted by alone LFT @CoachJoe__ @Virtyyyy @RoompaTV @_Kouf @charlie_val_ bro what
My pc makes my room so hot fuck man its already 100+ everyday outside likeGiving away a custom keyboard ($500 value) for free. All you have to do: Follow my twitch & RT this Reply to this p…
Retweeted by alone LFT @rickyeffps rank @FateHeyo 😩😩😩😩 @xvrVAL @sw1ndal genuinely, coming from a friend u gotta fix ur mental bro ur so talented and capable of many thing… you know me and truely believe that I am good at what I do all support is appreciated ❣️
Retweeted by alone LFT @TrickAIM w take @PowerPixele pogcan’t wait until i find a set home /: been too long @ProfessorSoop @sw1ndal no u wouldn’t i suck @rickyeffps i had the funniest game against someone named ricky early jc🤣 @rickyeffps wait ricky did i play u earlier @dials dat man put too much work in to be cheating