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AlOverdrive @AlOverdrive Los Angeles, CA

Photographer / Storyteller. Ex-forensic analyst. Pro-equality. LA / London. 🖤 Atmospheric music, folklore, movies & Twin Peaks.

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If anyone should wish to ask Mr. DeJoy where their mail is, here's a handy place to send a card!
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@WitchOfLeeds 🤞 for good results @WitchOfLeeds Does it taste good tho?After a refreshing webchat with @MelanieKKing about artistic practice & using technology as the medium not the mess… @WendyCityVideo @luciaxdaniella As a fresh transplant here, that's good to know... as its practically my street. @StuffFromSam Usually they have an air of superiority as if left vs right is arguing about tea/coffee not arguing a… @gonzales4545 @THR Here’s her imdb - chances are you’ve seen her in films already and didn’t realize:) is so true. Also applies to black metal and punk rock too. September sounds....
Counterpoint: IMO, launching an homage video to a lens that has an 8-yr track record of producing gorgeous images m…
Retweeted by AlOverdrive @SouthpawPod Digging the range... and glad to see there are some dark color options (Thanks for listening Sam). Will order later today!“I’m thinking of ending things”- the new Charlie Kaufman looks amazing. This trailer is 👌 is about trees? Here are some tree based Mari Lwyd’s. I find Ash trees and the way they spiral ve…
Retweeted by AlOverdriveThe United States Postal Service is vital to ensuring that people have access to essential goods like medicine, toi…
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Well, this is scary af
Retweeted by AlOverdriveHot take: Italian Renaissance is trash. Northern renaissance extremely kvlt.
Retweeted by AlOverdriveBrb going to spend the day tracking down this cd production tip: If you’re recording a vampire, go straight to tape. Their voices don’t show up on digital for…
Retweeted by AlOverdriveThe comments on this... seems a lot of ‘fans’ don’t realize Who Lily is. #TransPeopleAreRealPeople @OloughlinIan @EW Lily is trans herself so 💁 @mitch_hard @EW Lily is trans herself, so...... no not at all. @Nin_Ten_96 @EW Since lily is trans herself, your comment could not be more inaccurate if you tried.
I’d forgotten about the Snettisham #torc until it was subtly referenced in @CursedNetflix with #Boudicca #boudica n… know it ! @Convergecult @KnarkyBadger @TheGoodDeath Count me in for joining that club too ! @MelanieKKing Ill dm @MelanieKKing I’m getting tempted tbh... as I’m looking to start reshooting projector conceptual portraits (using video chat too)Wilford Brimley did so much in his long career, but I'll always remember him best for adding gravitas to a made-for…
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I really hope this “voice actor” is a real person....
92 days until Halloween!! 👻🎃
Retweeted by AlOverdrive @StuffFromSam It’s almost like one group is out in the open, and the other group uses clandestine methods to try to…
"Cries for help are frequently inaudible." — Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Photo by @AlOverdrive
Retweeted by AlOverdrive @bullfrog527 @StuffFromSam Lol. Went for the discourse on training & technique. Stayed for the never ending soap op… @larrywright @strobist I sincerely believe now that (the majority of) people are only going to take masks seriously…"Artists have to recognise that they cannot abstract themselves from the political organisation of this world. It m…
Retweeted by AlOverdriveGot woke up by my first #earthquake In the valley this morning. Happy to report that the only casualty was this w…
Wouldn’t it be fun if you approached people in the street as if they’re you’re twitter followers and started shouti…
Retweeted by AlOverdrive @mynameisnotheyu @GingerGeorgiana Probably isn't if its in a book - 75 years after death of author usually, and lot… this one up loud ! It's like a shot of coffee BLACK FLAG 'RISE ABOVE' COVER - TIM MCILRATH, MOBY, MIKE HERRER… photos of Marilyn Monroe from GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES (1953).
Retweeted by AlOverdriveLoving how this shot of Sadie came out - shot on @FujifilmX_US xt3 maximizing lens flare with a vintage uncoated 13… @RGarcia_Sports @StuffFromSam Don’t forget the alien DNA in vaccines to innoculate you against religion, and that t… anyone else want to hear the duo’s in the red photo new album? Bet it’s killer Nordic folklore, a Gjenganger was an unquiet spirit that returned from the grave to torment family and friends,…
Retweeted by AlOverdrive @BlackEntity_2 @AdvocacyAcademy @SpecialPatrols @legallyblackuk Glad someone read the actual poster :) 👍Giving myself over to my guides for the night: @hawthonn and their magickal folk drone classic from a few years: 'R…
Retweeted by AlOverdriveAnother white supremacist caught smashing things trying to pin it on peaceful #blm supporters. 💁
This is really awesome news. Pleased for the Esselen @Drewjbeckett Little know fact that this is the only film they haven’t had to spend budget for cgi to clone out her wings. @churchofsanctus a LA sandscape collaboration and lookbook calls your name ;) @churchofsanctus Looks as suited to London summer as it does to LA ! 👍A little Acting 101 ICE style…
Retweeted by AlOverdriveThis owl is not what it seems #TwinPeaks #notactuallytwinpeaks the lead image for a newstory is an artform... and having done this as a picture editor it really improved… vom Haisswolff ? Instrumental angry & tense organ album ? YES PLEASE
🐺 🐺 California's only known wolf pack produces new litter of pups | Environment | The Guardian @bwpachinger @sargenthouse Already did 😂(tho I got into CW years before I got into TS). The new tape artwork sits q… YOU TO EVERYONE THAT PARTICIPATED
Retweeted by AlOverdrive @FINALLEVEL Speaking as an ex-forensic imaging expert and now as a pro photographer - these are images are not of t… @OdedRechavi @HoxInSocks @tschonberg Tho laughable (especially their diss lyrics on scientists), ICP have evolved t… @StuffFromSam think this is a beautiful summary of the issue. sculptures made of mud and algae by French sculptor Sophie Prestigiacomo. Imagine coming across these on a wa… @bradleygallo I’m fresh to van nuys, hoping to explore sherman soon ! Welcome :) @stevewatts Im send u a dm btwDavid Lynch accidentally summing up why all us #ADHDheroes see noise-cancelling headphones as a gift from the gods… @WiredUK @graceharrison55 I was totally gonna send this to you grace 😂 @SouthpawPod If you had one in a black metal font 👌👍. It’s far to bright for me 😂Is it a good or a bad thing to walk out your door and this be the first thing you spot ? #umbrellacorporation @UnaOsLondon Ohhh, I like kin. Also fits in with an earth-eccentric practise too 👍 @SteveSnooker @RocketRecording Nice one. Looking forward to the showMy mother’s sister’s girl has a Twin Peaks joke but I can't tell you about that.
Retweeted by AlOverdrive @EllenJRogers As an ex-norfolker I am legally obligated to say “heyya u got a lite boi?” #sorryish @EllenJRogers There was an album review on the Quietus that I swore was this. It was not. Enjoying the album tbh, b…
@stevewatts Rats v rats. Eagles v man. You and I duking it out shatner era star trek style ! 😂👍 @stevewatts I’m staying outdoors, or in a barn, or starting on top of the hill that I’m willing to die on ;) @stevewatts Rats and Eagles for me.Look at this John Saxon (RIP) movie - THE GLOVE. Thanks to Mike of @TeethoftheSea & @Hirvikolariband for discoverin… #JohnSaxon . A great gallery showing his movie life :) @StuffFromSam Think that sums up the lack of critical though thats a big part of the problem - If everyone else doe… have a joke about Q&As. Actually, it’s more of a comment.
Retweeted by AlOverdriveAm I the only person who had to do a doubletake as to which album this is ? #folklore #almostsameartwork 🖤 @LukeTurnerEsq And yet none of these people understand or care for the importance of preserving or defending nature… @carpenterisgod “Respect is a word that I live by, whether chilling or illing” that lyric (the whole somg tbh) is a guilty pleasure#GothicHorror "The nightmare" By Swiss English Henry Fuseli 1781 it is widely considered one of the greatest gothic…
Retweeted by AlOverdriveThe original UK quad poster for THE EVIL DEAD (1981) by Graham Humphreys still looks absolutely amazing.
Retweeted by AlOverdriveThis is wild - the ‘Stockholm syndrome’ origin story isn’t quite what we thought it was... this old shot of @Drewjbeckett wearing #rickowens .It's not my usual style of work, but I'm liking it. Any th…
@origamikid It beats people screaming about their right not to wear a mask. Also, who are they disputing in the line of succession? @allangravesart @mikiedgeposters @nailofgilead I’m to punk to do a quiz like the system wants me to Allan ;) @eleanorgoodman @MetalHammer @gwar Sounds like the one to me. Wow a decade ago tho !🍃💙🦢Me & my son🦢💙🌿 . . . . #nikonphoto #lightroom #selfportrait #anxiousmother #portraitphotography #bodypositive
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@MelanieKKing Snap!Since horror is a male dominated arena, this book should be a compelling read. Adding it to my list.
How adorable and awesome is this photo of #KeanuReeves and #alexandragrant ? #couplegoals anyone tell me what year this photo was taken? @MetalHammer maybe? The ponchos were handed out just before… @StuffFromSam After a record breaking day when we surpass ny for cases you’d think health obsessives would finally mask up. Drives me mad.And badly cut out ! is even a TAPE edition.... this looks like something half my friends would buy at a basement show. Loving it… @hawthonn @WitchOfLeeds You have no idea how happy I’d be if her new record is heavily influenced by you :)The aesthetic on this is 100% something I’m diwn with. Reminds me of @mcoverley in #thewick #shortfilm