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@roguefox413 I bet, my son is 16,it's still hard work 🙄😂 @CineStarFilms Yes 😂😂,I love them. Even travelled to florida just to see them, so I've seen them twice 😊
@roguefox413 Glad it worked out for you 💜 @CineStarFilms I bet. I'd love to go to a concert again, my last one was The Insane clown posse in 2003. @roguefox413 Hope you get back into it, what are you doing now? @CineStarFilms I've been to so many concerts but never seen them unfortunately 😞 @roguefox413 O gosh I bet lol. I love 28 days later, would have been intense enough. Bet its fun doing that though 😆 @Mac_206 I've been to many concerts but I've never seen them unfortunately @roguefox413 OMG 😂😂😂,loved to have been there 😏😂😂I remember queuing up outside HMV for their first album and VHS in the 90s. Great band ❤ @StevenHeynow Thank you 💜 one of the best songs ever ❤ @nrkfnk Very cool 😏😊 @nrkfnk What does that mean? Impressive? @nrkfnk O shit yeah, sorry I've had a few drinks 😂,bloody hell that's impressive 😊 @nrkfnk 😊😁💜 @CineStarFilms @CazzleBoos @AlIen_Springall @StephanieHorror @TheOverlookSC @Jimmyla11344026 @graeme_yard 😂😂😂 @CineStarFilms @CazzleBoos @AlIen_Springall @StephanieHorror @TheOverlookSC @Jimmyla11344026 @graeme_yard OMG 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @CazzleBoos @AlIen_Springall @StephanieHorror @TheOverlookSC @Jimmyla11344026 @CineStarFilms @graeme_yard 😂 @CazzleBoos @AlIen_Springall @StephanieHorror @TheOverlookSC @Jimmyla11344026 @CineStarFilms @graeme_yard 😂😂 @CazzleBoos @AlIen_Springall @StephanieHorror @TheOverlookSC @Jimmyla11344026 @CineStarFilms @graeme_yard I'm alrea… @AlIen_Springall @StephanieHorror @TheOverlookSC @CazzleBoos @Jimmyla11344026 @CineStarFilms @graeme_yard Thomas He… @madaboutHolly 😂😂 @CazzleBoos 🤭😂😂😂 @madaboutHolly I'm on a lot of vodka lol 😂😂 @StevenBrodie17 😂😂 @madaboutHolly Yes I'm drunk to post something like that 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @ViviannaVex 😂👍,enjoy your day 💜 @JordanS1800 Don't know the other movies he's been in @CallMeAussie69 😂 @dr_Obrero @CineStarFilms 😂😂😂😂😂😏 @dr_Obrero @CineStarFilms 😂 @dr_Obrero @CineStarFilms Couldn't think of more than 2 😆 @CineStarFilms 😁😆😂 @SEASiberts Perfect to me 😊😁Perfect 😍🥰🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 @Canesfan1966 😂 Yes it's brilliant, classic moment 😁 @CineStarFilms You have a nice evening too 😊💜 @TheWooChick He was talking inappropriately on one of my TCM posts a few days ago and now sent a dm, it would obvio… @TheWooChick I got a similar dm off this person @CineStarFilms I'm cold all the time at the moment 🥶 @malevolentdark1 Thank you 🤗,I absolutely love sharing the gifs and pics that I find 😊💜 @TommyDoyle47 @madaboutHolly @AlissaLaylax @Jloveshorrors @TheProwlerXl @SeanCrudden @craiglayton07 @1carolinagirl @LauraSensFan @MikeConnorsNJ Thank you 💜 @DukeLawndale Thank you, enjoy your day 🧡 @TheCinemaTicket A quiet place @dukefan1909 😊💜 @jimstockam Thank you @Deathsjoker Thank you 💜. Yeah I think everyone loves them especially when it's freezing,got mine on all the time at the moment 😁I ❤ Beanies 😊😁 @TheOverlookSC Have a lovely day Vanessa 😊💜❤ @scarletteshadow Thank you, enjoy your day 💜 @dukefan1909 Happy Friday, enjoy your day 😊💜 @AlIen_Springall @CazzleBoos @JordanS1800 That would be great 😊 @CazzleBoos @JordanS1800 Definitely 😁💜 @MatthewAMullins OMG LOL 🤣🤣 @JordanS1800 @CazzleBoos That's cool. I don't really know the NOES films that well, I've seen most of them but it w… @langis941 Thank you, enjoy your day 💜 @HalloweenUK4 Have a great day 💜 making of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 @LunaRedcoat33 😂 good one 😂😂👍💜 @HenryChivers 😏😂😂 @HorrorNHaunted @LAfromLINY Thank you, enjoy your day 💜💜 @MovieCollectorX @golla80s Awesome 😊👍 @golla80s @MovieCollectorX Certainly is 😁👍 @alpha_maz Happy Friday, and thanks. You have a fantastic day as well 😎💀
Retweeted by Texas Chainsaw Maz @Horror_Disciple Thank you 😊💜 @Cassianjpk96 Thank you and same to you 💜💜 @StephanieHorror 😂😂😂 @J_Voorhees1980 👍👍👍 @Lupus_Intus21 Thank you and same to you 💜 @CazzleBoos No,not at all 😏😂😂😂 @MVglittergirl 😂 @evil_toast916 Thank you 💜 @MVglittergirl Thank you 💜 @AlIen_Springall Good morning Allen 💜 @alpha_maz Happy Friday, Maz 😁😂😂🤤🤤🤤
Retweeted by Texas Chainsaw Maz @StephanieHorror Happy Friday Stephanie 😂😂😂 brilliant 🤤🤤🤤. Bet you could predict what picture I'd reply with 🤣🤣🤤🤤🤤🤤… @CazzleBoos 😂😂 Just glad I got that right, probably would have been banished from horror community if I hadn't 😂 @StevenBrodie17 Thank you 🧡 @JoshRHendricks Thank you 💜 @CazzleBoos Any game from saw as long as it's prolonged pain and suffering @CazzleBoos Was it Johnny Depps character in A Nightmare on elm Street? @Abney9George Thank you 🧡 @CheezGenx Thank you, enjoy your day 🧡 @CazzleBoos Thank you ❤💜💜 @beth_monje Good morning Beth, enjoy your day 💜💜 @CineStarFilms Good morning, enjoy your day 💜💜 @nrkfnk Thank you 💜 @CazzleBoos Well Thomas has got his happy face on anyway 🤤 Have a lovely day Caz ❤💜💜💜 Friday everyone #HorrorCommunity have a fantastic day 🖤💜🖤💜 @Haywire43601075 @beazyak033313 😂 @dkline1313 😂
@MadamSeraphina @TommyDoyle47 I love the remake more, they are both fantastic films and what's great is they are so… @CineStarFilms It sure is. OMG you absolutely crack me up with your gifs 😂😂😂 @CineStarFilms 😂😂😂😂