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#alpharad : society has moved past the need for gender (they/them)

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@alphalvbt waht is a flick @ventibffs malewife @ventibffs tohma. pixels over photocards @ventibffs think of TOHMA @ventibffs no !!every server im in is talking about the skins . must AVOID no genshin leaks for 1.6 for me !!!
i kissed someone (it wasn't you) is genuinely . hhh art art artI LOVE DODIE SO MUCH PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE LISTEN you just opened the new nct hollywood album
Retweeted by taylor tay taylor @raemoond mea thread of t3️⃣®️f dogwhistles to look out for (trans ppl protect urselves!!)
Retweeted by taylor tay taylorreminder for pride coming up to not spread that fearmongering message yall post every year
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@raemoond uh oh @raemoond oras.. i don’t have anything jailbroken TT @raemoond well now i am worried @ventibffs Ohhh @ventibffs there’s DAILOGUE?? @jngstar .. fml @jngstar i mean he’s made songs before so i wouldn’t put it past him ?? young audience and all that maybe
@raemoond huhray . u had such a good streak going movedready to sit in the same location for the next 6 hours 🥰🥰🥰 love the educational systemmy mask is HURTING my ears and i don’t want to be in this hellish institutionhm. today i will have issues with everything for no reasonI HAVE THEM FINALLY
i still wish they could improve the load limit in some way bc i cant get over like 6.3k adeptal energy bc you get w…
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@ventibffs it is literally one of the MANY reasons why i changed my name in the first place!!!! @ventibffs tay . @alphalvbt 2 piece is nice but 4 piece is silly for her cause u wont be doin much killing as diona PLUS there's no 5* option @alphalvbt noa
@ventibffs 1. 4 million mora wtf 2, what weapon? @crappyama can i take her song out of the shiru playlistlet’s try and be a bit more intersectional with our feminism next time okay @aIpharads lemme help soupie then i’ll be there, okay? @aIpharads if u need help let me know, yanfei is a BEAST @ventibffs who
Retweeted by taylor tay taylorits ok textures u can do it i believe in u
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Sonic says #segaplsstop
Retweeted by taylor tay taylori have played genshin impact for 14 out of the past 48 hours and you know what? it has made me so happy .maybe . we don’t knowBABS IS GETTING BENNETTcat @raemaand you paid that much money ....... for that @ventibffs that’s why you break the rocks . @ventibffs i did not bully the cat .taylor came in,to my teapot bullied my pets, and then left
Retweeted by taylor tay taylor"my genshin house is so cute omg" the genshin house:
Retweeted by taylor tay taylorwant this gam,e so bad even though i already have it .. advertised Miitopia Switch as having "new wig and makeup options" when really it's better than the Adobe Suite
Retweeted by taylor tay taylorfirst gacha known to mankind was fishing
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this is so performative pls dont do shit like this
Retweeted by taylor tay taylorbig finch #原神 #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by taylor tay taylorwe get it you're a war criminal it's not quirky
Retweeted by taylor tay taylorYOU CANT BE HOMOPHOBIC TO ME IN THE POT !!!!!!!!!!!
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straight people complaining about being straight is so. scummy. @AMehta_
Retweeted by taylor tay taylorBasically Genshin 1.5 banner #GenshinImpact #Zhongli #Yanfei
Retweeted by taylor tay taylorYANFUEUSHI
@ventibffs first 10 pull beti have so many treats for after this exam is over tomorrow,, genshin + eurovision film (yes i'm forcing myself to w… @ventibffs almost yanfei timeas a literal victim, i don't think these people understand how triggering it is for people's stories to be branded as fake every other dayshut up about michelle jacksom, he's dead and not coming back @raemaand HI DO U WANT ESSAY DONE?Super Mario Party really just got a big ass update after 2 years of radio silence huh Instant classic Nintendo mom…
Retweeted by taylor tay taylorLooks like Super Mario Party is hype as hell now
Retweeted by taylor tay taylori need to stop looking at genshin leaks oh my GODHey, the #IStandWithMaya crowd;
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"mom said it's my turn to be on the limited banner"
Retweeted by taylor tay taylor @ventibffs OH YEAH HOMESMY FUCKIN CAT BRO
Retweeted by taylor tay taylor0 Days Remain, Wind Waker Memes Day 130. Today marks my one year anniversary of becoming a gimmick account. This is…
Retweeted by taylor tay taylorno bc it’s so disrespectful that they put the best actor category dead last, made his likeness into an nft, and the…
Retweeted by taylor tay tayloralready finished with school for the day 😼😼It is perfectly fine to want West Side Story to succeed for all the people who worked on it not named Ansel Elgort
Retweeted by taylor tay taylor @ventibffs now where are the prunes i don’t want to be late to bingo @ventibffs Stop copying my TWEETSi think i’m gonna have to unpin my genshin list TT i don’t wanna be spoiled for everything in inazuma @ventibffs if anyone found our genshin dms we would get k worded i thinkme and babs chatter like two people in the retirement homegod i feel so elderly today
Retweeted by taylor tay taylor @imjustviibin @lileryys @TheRetroWiz MEIn case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in. And I don’t want to fit in. Have you ever see…
Retweeted by taylor tay taylor @imjustviibin semi colon @imjustviibin @Volcanron YAAAAY @imjustviibin @Volcanron this is what i was saying just do it now and use world edit to transfer any significant bu… my teammates will know what slur to call me
Retweeted by taylor tay taylorforgot to plant a tree yesterday in forest . wanna CRY @ventibffs well better get hoping for weapons!! @ventibffs watch the may shop be him @ventibffs AND I HAVE HIM AT C5 I DO NOT WANT ANYMORE @ventibffs no actually mihoyo i don’t want this @Alpharad thank you for the primogems