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#alpharad : i think kpop is Neat (they/them)

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@Alpharad wait ... i was mean to get a plaque in the mail,,, i think it must have gotten mixed up
girl try discord
Retweeted by taytayscorpion queen man . i’m ecstatic. @johnnymanchild YESSS
Retweeted by taytayace of hearts no more announcements for the next twenty mins please i am watching bake off i can’t cope with two bi… @aceofhearts . 😯*screams can be heard from across the atlantic* @aceofhearts waiti’m watching bake off please don’t subtweet me for not knowing the wordsI MAY HAVE MADE UP ONE TOO MANY LIES WHEN I SAID I KNEW YOUR NAAAAME @aceofhearts i’m trying not to cry tbfh this is good news @Alpharad at the same time?? @petitjaems what happen @imjustviibin what’s with the little disclaimer @_ActualKuma thank you !! i’m . stressing out of my head rn but i will look into it !!! <3chungha will make it betteri am gonna leave my pc for the night and then panic tomorrow . sorry i use twitter as a public venting tool but GRR… have tried looking on the line and there’s nothing about three long beeps and four short ones . panik @Volcanron no jokes !! cause i am actually shakingit was completely fine before hand, i turned it off then i thought ‘huh. i need to do that essay...’ so i went to t… peep my cool ass bts shadow boxuhh .. help. why is my computer AGRESSIVELY beeping at me ??
can we get ace of hearts photocards
Retweeted by taytayi made this meme when i was crying in computer science class four years ago fun fact @Volcanron she is okay thank god @VCosmoz yesTHE SCORPION QUEEN PFP AAAA @aceofhearts i jumped so hard when i got the notification my 3ds fell on the ground . ye s please @TTSquackkiller wow... knowledge i never knew i could havemy thumb has never hurt so MUCH also i sound very british here lolpsa @jngstar am SICK of being a carpenter @TTSquackkiller wtafdoes anyone have any advice on how to do single button mashing on a 3ds @imjustviibin i disagree but okayno paintball ?? don’t touch me. @Luna81616016 well i don’t have one yet also i’m infertile @imjustviibin where is the musi c
SHES BACK r people crying about their offices having a gen one motif... they won’t ever go there so why are they bothered not knowing what a transcriber does is now my lifeblood - this is the 3rd time this has happened, lmfao
Retweeted by taytayhe looks like a villain and i love it Rabbit from We Love Katamari
Retweeted by taytay
@jngstar now how do i get my lastfm to do thisi think i’m gonna get a lil smile tattoo on my pinky
@bucciar4ti no it just reminded mei am getting a fringe on thursday @aceofhearts tell the cellist i like her fringeOKAY FINE MAYBE 💯💯
Retweeted by taytay @aceofhearts pLEASE PLEASE I WILL SELL MY FIRSTBORN @Alpharad the true king came home :D @Alpharad i’m so glad he’s okay <3 give him all the cuddlesstarlight, starlight #JANGJUN
Retweeted by taytaywhat was i GOING through on the 29th of spetember 2019 YAGAMI - BAY CITY (1983)
Retweeted by taytaymy brain in full time armycaratbit mode for the past few weeks @raemaand 4 walls is in my top 10 songs played ever i thinkMemento Mudkip, PIKACHU Pikachu
Retweeted by taytay @HooverTwover i guess !my voice tweet/lil silver lining thing is missing?? and i have. no reason why
Retweeted by taytaytest..? @Alpharad this is a top tier selfie also i’m not good at 8ball i’m better at darts @Alpharad thank you 🥺yes i realised that i messed up at the end and u can hear me walking away from da phone at the start but. i am still happy with it :)may i offer you a speedy silver lining cover ? @crappyama thank u oomf @Alpharad so nice of you to promote smaller creators on the platform!! in literally the *SAME DAY*, the government have enough money for a 16 BILLION POUND INCREASE in resources for b…
Retweeted by taytay#JANGJUN: pull the trigger
Retweeted by taytay @imjustviibin yea :) @imjustviibin can i watch it with u
@haikosae thank you. so much. genuinely cried when i heard itif you know anime or just songs in general. PLEASE HELP me. overwhelmed by what’s going on in kpop land who play genshin, is it possible to get though the game without using the gatcha stuff ?? that sort of mechan…
@crappyama fiver @jngstar its not the best debut of the year @raemaand omg thatd b godlyastral projecting
dont know why i said incredible twice . it is kinda true though ngl probs be back in jan so >:3if you do wanna support jacob in some way i recommend this. even the perks of the discord server are enough to be p… i will be back when i have more money to my name @themanbspn are u gonna look at me and tell me i’m wrongit comes with the POSITION stop holding people to high standards and stop pretending that you know them so so well... idioticmcyt drama is so funny to me. like you stan white men what do you expect ? chungha go on it
@petitjaems @jungooahhray i know u have my tweet notifs on can we play @raemaand okie :( feel better @raemaand oh how lon g will u beeray forgot to hit next day on stardew so im just listening to izone whilst hearing an occassional fire crackleBLM and Antifa are trending This should go without saying but wanting black people to be treated better and being…
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@imjustviibin it was actually really interesting! gave a bit more of some emotion back to youtube content, knowing… @imjustviibin was a daily video channel that only lasted for one year - whole concept is that everything got deleted