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@AdrianaFigueroa IM HERE!!! @Octopimp @kwehzy @KingVigors @JaidenAnimation LOOOOOOL
i didn’t mean to shill, i just thought it was a nice picture :) @TTSquackkiller @PoolHallCo carson just sent me a sweater and tweeting about it is the cool thing to do @Jarrettt20 @PoolHallCo Goku!i was cold but then i got a @PoolHallCo sweater so i was not cold anymore @RubberNinja IM THERE!!!!thanks youtube but i think you sent this to the wrong person? @SamuelDeats @_tamlu can’t wait to see :) @McLeodGaming this sounds like content to meGyaaa!! "Goonya Fighter JigglyHaptic Edition" is now available as a launch title on #PS5. Gyaaa! Supports PS5 con…
Retweeted by alpha @GoonyaFighterEN Instant classic 10/10 @GoonyaFighterEN Watch out!GOTY 👑 @lovejinkles let’s play 8 ball pool! @CaptainKiddYT i will be honest and say i bought an iphone to play 8ballwho wants to play 8ball (i have a million wins)
@ConnorEatsPants @CallMeCarsonYT connor, we can fight them all together @MatPatGT @MKBHD @pokimanelol @JaidenAnimation @GameGrumps WOOOOOOOOOOO @TheTierZoo why would you impersonate someone on twitter lol @Deanna_Gowland @aceofhearts wait this is spoilers!!!!!!!! @johnnymanchild wow!! so many spoilers today!!! @AdrianaFigueroa spoilers!!!!i have eaten mac n cheese for the past two weeks @CordyPatrick @StJude @safiyajn @MrBeastYT @Dream @ColleenB123 @tryguys @Mythical @BingingWBabish @pokimanelol scorpion queen 2. your name 3. all the rain
Retweeted by alpha @ScottFalco this is a weak mentality @egoraptor you would lose to a bidoof @CallMeCarsonYT @MaxKetchum_ i’m simply built different @CallMeCarsonYT i have tried so hard to avoid it, but altrive keeps bringing it up @LegalizeWuhu climb them @Diamond_Aura_ self ladderi could fight every pokemon AND a billion lions @Light_S21 @PG_ESAM @imhyperflame can confirmgirl runs with scissors Nintendo Has Hurt the Smash Community Read:
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@keelyclove @SunflowerPillar talkin shit over here?was gonna release a single, but how about a 3 song ep for the holidays? 💕
Retweeted by alpha @PeachJars this is the most Texas tweet I’ve ever seen @play_on_sunday Chess Matthew @gsmVoiD Okay :3BEEN WANTING TO FOR A WHILE BUT NOW ALL OF MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING INTO IT BECAUSE OF QUEENS GAMBIT @inpainworld @Virum_SD I agree that those are his four favorite RPGsI WANT TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY CHESS @Virum_SD Ooooooo, sell me on Chrono Trigger 👀
@PJiggles_ NOTHING BUT FACTS HERE @athenawyrm me from this hellscape
They constantly dance with my favorite form of selling out: being shamelessly self-aware :^) new Animaniacs is shockingly good and full of solid bits!! Happy to see that my childhood wasn’t bastardized wi… @McLeodGaming Hat Kid :) @SunflowerPillar @deltanuk @DiegoLazyboi @Kizitosan @lovejinkles That’s what I’m saying @lovejinkles GOOD CHOICE BUT MUDKIP WINS IN A 1V1 @mosquito_png Sorry, Yakko @EdgierName Ohthis one should go without saying mudkip finale :) live on youtube right nOW!!!!! @apathycreates Subtle transition at 0:16 👌
@JaidenAnimation who are youdeleted my Frasier tweets because I don’t want people to retweet it and think he’s still lost or anything so just k… am so glad you are safe oh my god 20 questions with Altrive @SunflowerPillar @TaliaMar me but with 8ball @god_of_warares I’ve been playing 8ball all dayDISAPPOINTED BUT NOT SURPRISED LET MELEE FANS PLAY MELEE SMH #FREEMELEE @CallMeCarsonYT @AltriveEpic N @CallMeCarsonYT I haven’t won another game since
2020 @AltriveEpic an iPhone just to do this @alphafancam very pretty :)i am so fastMemento Mudkip, PIKACHU Pikachu
Retweeted by alpha are you? 🔪🩸 #amongusfanart
Retweeted by alpha @EllieDrumm I'm so sorry @Alpharad I’m terribly sorry for your loss of PIKACHU. Hopefully this sketch of Mudkid and Mudkip helps ease the pa…
Retweeted by alphagenuinely emotional over mudkipit's a terrible day for rain
Listen to "Man's World" on all platforms.
Retweeted by alpha @AltriveEpic @Alpharad @RubberNinja @JaidenAnimation Your pokemon trainers are all really neat so I wanted to…
Retweeted by alpha @AmongUsGame cool! @BlooVII Be kind 🌻 @alpharadplus since he's an assist, you get to have him no matter who you play :)If ANYONE is gonna make a good platform fighter, it's gotta be the devs from Smash Flash 100% support this kicksta… @AdrianaFigueroa @makeupaguy wait until this one song @kujoriot TRUE!!!!!!!gonna get a billion subscribers this year @TheClobbahKing GARANTEED!!! @JaidenAnimation You have such a way with words @gsmVoiD BANGER GAME @CallMeCarsonYT What About them @WolfeyGlick he fears me @kujoriot I don't think I will probably not