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"A man who goes by Rivelino has dedicated his Twitter account to lecturing on how men and women should behave" –Daily Mail UK

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STEP 1 Start with cocky funny and push pull. Practice being audacious, irreverent, arrogant, unfiltered, unstifled… the shy girls want to be facefucked. Even the shy girlsYou give your heart away too easily = she gives her pussy away too easilyDon't fall in love with an impatient woman, no matter how big her tits, now matter how tight her pussy"In times of stress, write down what is bothering you" –Roosh VYou like her tits and ass. She likes your courage and confidence"We will increasingly be defined by what we say no to" –Paul Graham"The girl is your mirror" –Tom Torero"Stop listening to all the pompous fools in the comment sections of manosphere blogs. If you have a question about… awkward men get low quality pussySocially awkward men get low quality pussy. Being socially awkward held me back for years. Now, after learning game… girls are better than others
Retweeted by Rivelino"Don't lean into her world. Pull her into your world" –Rivelino
Retweeted by RivelinoASK RIVELINO "What's wrong with licking pussy?" Most beginners lick pussy because they don't trust their cocks. S… you still eat breakfast or are you OMAD🔥?
Retweeted by RivelinoEvery new cock ages her 3-6 monthsShe is attracted to dangerYou will lose more girls by being too nice than by being too much of an assholeBy 35, she has lost half her value. Unless she's married with children, of courseGood girls are hard to find. Whores with OnlyFans accounts are everywhere
Retweeted by Rivelino"Accuse her. It's the ultimate frame for not putting her on a pedestal, not taking her seriously, not kissing her a…"Humans don’t mind hardship, in fact they thrive on it. What they mind is not feeling necessary. Modern society has… love her beauty, style and grace. She wants me to fuck her faceLeading a woman is NOT controlling a woman. Leadership is service. Control is abuse. A leader shows his woman wha…
Retweeted by RivelinoIdealizing her is a fantastic way to lose herIdealizing her is a fantastic way to lose her. Instead of idealizing her, don't be timid and remember to facefuck h…
Retweeted by RivelinoMen who don't facefuck think I'm joking. Men who facefuck know I speak the truthHOW TO FACEFUCK HER 1-She is sucking you as normal 2-Grab her head with both your hands. Take control of her head…'t lean in, Oates!
Retweeted by RivelinoHer pussy conceals her past. Her feet reveal her past. Look at her feet!The ideal tits are juicy and firm –– and with dark nipples 🔥The human body did not evolve over thousands of years to sit on the sofa and lick dirty pussyASK RIVELINO "Why are you such a strong advocate for facefucking?" Men who don't facefuck ask this question all the timeDark nipples are hot. Pink nipples are also sexy. Just not quite as sexy, you know?If you knew how much girls love cock you would be more proud of having a cockCan't trust slutsASK RIVELINO "What's wrong with sluts?" There are two types of men on here: men who are looking for the mother of… Qualities I Look For in a Girl by Rivelino 1-No tattoos 2-Natural hair color 3-Natural tits 4-Very little… girls are hard to find. Sluts are everywhereGirl with long index fingers? Give her a 🌷 Girl with regular index fingers? Give her a 🍺 Girl with short index fingers? Give her the 🥾Your heart is a challenge. You don't just give your heart away to any pretty girl. She must prove herself to you. S… cares if you look needy in pictures Rivelino tells you not to lean in Nobody cares if you're sexually inexp…"Women are beautiful and inspiring" –@alpharivelino "Women are stupid and annoying" –@tellyoursonthis Choose your gurus wisely!Next time you meet a female lawyer, check her index fingersASK RIVELINO "What's wrong with fucking sluts?" Nothing, if you have no dignityAs men, we start with nothing and we have to buildPursue her pussy but don't chase her pussyThe minute you start chasing her heart is the minute she stops respecting youSometimes she needs to be punished. And if you don't punish her, she will lose respect for you. She is like a childYour anger is fuel. Your lust is fuel. Your fear is fuelLove her. Guide her. Protect her. Listen to her. Hold her close. Understand her worries. Understand her fears. Kiss… would rather be
Retweeted by RivelinoPursue her pussy. Don't chase her heartDon't chase her heart. Don't chase her emotional intimacy. Chasing her heart is female behavior. She will lose resp… APPROACHES Before you build immunity to rejection, you will come off as too nervous, so you will get rejected… you want to lose her, just tell her your fearsIf she doesn’t obey you, she’s not your girlGREAT BOOKS FOR MEN 1-The Art of Loving, E Fromm, 1956 2-The Way of Superior Man, D Deida, 1997 3-No More Mr Nic… bossed around excites her. Being dominated excites her. Being facefucked excites her. Being cum on excites he…"Sad songs say so much" –Elton John "Head tilts say so much" –Rivelino @realBillyMurga Con mucha alegría y con my lápiz verde"Talking to girls is easy. Just say hi" –Fake Guru "Talking to girls is hard, but it's a skill you can learn" –RivelinoShe looks up to you when you're strong, she looks down on you when you're weakEvery morning when I wake up, I experience an exquisite joy, the joy of being Rivelino, and I ask myself in rapture… @DimitryTheOne @YordenisUgas Hmmmmmm @Hormetik Haha 😂😂 exactlyBy the way, I have zero experience with dating apps, I hate them. I only approach women in real life (mostly at ni…
Retweeted by RivelinoIf she shows her tongue on Instagram, she probably isn't girlfriend material 😂Be strong. Be patient. Be loving. She is like a child1-Thin 2-Pretty smile 3-Long dark hair 4-Tight clean pussy 5-Kind and obedient The rest is detailsPathetic
The Girl with the Neck Tattoo has something she wants to give you 😂Beware the short index fingered girlASK RIVELINO “Can you explain the index finger thing?” If her index finger is shorter than her ring finger, she h… doesn't want easy love She doesn't want simple love She doesn't want obvious love She doesn't want painless… is some gold 🤣
Retweeted by RivelinoAsk why five timesSome girls are better than others TASTE is clean, simple, balanced, graceful, harmonious, poetic BAD TASTE is loud, excessive, fake, heavy, cru…
Retweeted by RivelinoGOOD TASTE is clean, simple, natural, balanced, graceful, harmonious, poetic 1958 Porsche 356A Speedster
Retweeted by RivelinoRed pill explains some behaviours and evolutionary traits. Red pill is not a strategy. Strategy is what you chose…
Retweeted by RivelinoPussylickers, repent!Wake up, pussylickers!LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL Don’t listen to the bitter gurus who put down love and put down women. It’s normal to want to fi… IS A DREAM KILLER A huge part of growth is getting over your insecurities. I used to feel really insecure ab… Women Shit Test by Susan Walsh "He had leaned on me hard and signaled weakness. I had completely lost attracti… tattoo represents ten cocksDON'T GIVE AWAY YOUR POWER Your girl will try to steal your power. Don't get angry at her, it's just part of her p… more of your power you give her, the more of your power she wantsLove is not real if she doesn't have to suffer for it @learnnnnnnnnnnn Getting the man of her dreams doesn't come easily. Real love comes with drama, conflict, jealousy,… RIVELINO "'She wants to suffer for your love' – what do you mean?" Getting the man of her dreams isn't suppos… WHAT MATTERS Never forget the most important step in lovemaking. With the Rivelino "Remember to facefuck h…'ve learned that girls will forget what you said, girls will forget what you did, but girls will never forget how…"Damaged feet, damaged pussy" –Rivelino
Retweeted by Rivelino @jmuns22 😂😂 @nrdgrl007 Slut inflation 😂 @JohannSchultz7 mini skirts?