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I’m a artist fr but I left Universal cuz they suck! gemini singer songwriter parody account // joined 2009

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@RTV_Rijnmond Niet iedereen die mensen vermoord is een moordenaar dus, Ik weet genoegmet liefde gedraaid @nieniekidd_ yo maar echt man, sws bek klaphow you a darkskin man making a video dissing dark skin women, you sir are a moroneverybody has this US vs THEM mentality all the timehow we both black, disrespecting each other for no reason. ya’ll women supporting other black women being rude as hell to black men, I won’t understand that at all @fulltimeeediatt o.... ok yeah I get that but you’re promoting his stupidity. I respectfully hope you also share da… rEsPecT wOMeN YoU’rE NoT AtTracteD tO women: shut up you’re ugly @ThaHeads @fulltimeeediatt rudeOne of my fav artist ever drops a song with the one artist I just can’t stand and I don’t know how to feel 😂💀💀 if C… @fulltimeeediatt 1. Why did he make this? 2. Why are u posting this? @ThaHeads @fulltimeeediatt some women like ugly niggas @Pjay_nl @robvdhorst @SybrenKooistra @volkskrant Hahahaha het koloniaal verleden heeft niets achter gelaten dus tochey ik ben 8 minuten bezig met u solved mysteries en bro aliens are fucking real and they come here more than we think 😭 @Zercoo damn hahahahahBeef w me we gon beef
Retweeted by J. Franco🥤🇸🇷Walking on a dream. How can I explain? @naniandeloe Ja I know what it’s about, imma watch it finally @naniandeloe Thank you! Hidden Figures heb ik niet gezien, de rest wel 😅👊🏾❤️ @Makh0tso my goodness she so precious 🥺 @Iamdennisdarko @Pjay_nl @SybrenKooistra @volkskrant Hahahah bro je heb gelijk manHahahah @smokeyrobinson boy you can’t stop making them hits huh🔥🔥🔥😂 @keithVDFcooper @SomsManu @KeithCooperVDF Sellin that doohooopee @nieniekidd_ Hahahahah precies die Amang shit 💀💀💀 @SomsManu @KeithCooperVDF Smokin that smoooooke wllh @debesteste Trueee @gianocurrie Classssic @slytheriinspice yes girl @InSpacey HAHAHAHAH Imma go watch that movie @InSpacey Don’t worry bout it sweetheart 🥴😭 @InSpacey the Final BossThe way I’m impressed
Retweeted by J. Franco🥤🇸🇷 @GertJan_ Ooh ziet er interessant uit @23Stantje Classic, niet zo lang terug nog gekeken 🔥 @DctcMusic Hahah ayyy😂😂👊🏾🔥 @GertJan_ Seen it. Mind blowing. I was in edge the WHOLE movie. Ending fucked my soul up for a week. @DctcMusic Hahahaha my bad, big dawg. Some of my tweets definitely on the unfiltered spectrum 🤣 @Nutellaisleven @Kimmysweety Ja raar praten over je ex om zo iets is zeker a weirdo move. Maar los daarvan en al ho…’all got a good movie for me?? preferably not one where everyone is white. Thank you.heel die squad van de Sranan Demon moest ik muten, I get so tired of seeing y’all faces @Nutellaisleven @Kimmysweety I say, if staying makes you unhappy, why stay?ik werd beetje moe van dark modewhen you devour the coochie better than she thought you would @Zercoo ey wakti, mo bluf un @moni_collins Ik snap t’, he needs male role modelsWhen I used to sell cocaine, I would let fiends test my batch so I never had to 🤣 honestly kinda feel bad @moni_collins praat met em hr, ik moet ook praten met me broertje, even tho we experience the same fuckshit, he han… I was a little kid, I didn’t wanna go to friends houses cuz they all had dads 🤣 @debesteste ik geef ze liever de mogelijkheid die chilling te orga thuis bij ons dan ze op straat sturenI was hanging out with this kid Nico on a cruise for a week and I found out a year after the cruise that he’s Bob M… @iamdayanedias damn, that shit is beautifulThis is why as soon as I’m starting I ain’t stopping till I got a squad of mini me’s @vory777 broski, wanna hop on a feature?Random fact: I was in 🇺🇸 when Hurricane Katrina hit and we were stuck in our house for 3 days when a huge tree fell… dude really dm’d me a picture of my sister and asked if it was my girl I said nigga that’s my babysis and if y… I spoil you, please is so bad, it’s actually good 😭😭🔥 you’re black, you can only REALLY make it in NL if you coon or cheat your way to the top. Or you win soccer games. @AndyGuccierrez @No1likeTati gannng banginn
Retweeted by J. Franco🥤🇸🇷
Yo girl supposed to be yo princess, yo homie, and yo biggest flex.
Retweeted by J. Franco🥤🇸🇷..... can’t wait to finally to ‘HOME’ got called ugly by a woman who’s nowhere near as pretty the women I’ve dated.... so I’ll take it 🤣Del - Ontspannen (Prod. by ya boy) Oe hor eng warang eve 🇸🇷
Retweeted by J. Franco🥤🇸🇷6 jaren later of langer en ik zing Bonnie van @Alphawolfjames_ nog steeds hor👌🏾
Retweeted by J. Franco🥤🇸🇷 @moni_collins Woww 🥺🥺🥺👉🏾👈🏾 dat waardeer ik echt heel erg❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Ik zit op de aux en me nichtje van 8 vraagt me om No Idea van Don Toliver af te draaien...... wow 8 🤣 @PushaThanos__ Thanks! @Moriedjah If you my best friend that’s your sibling too, no @AdrianXpression @SolidlyShaky LMAO Adrian 🤣🤣🤣 @kris333_ @AdrianXpression 1. You don’t know me and what I got/do LMAO. 2. You are nowhere near this man and your o… @kris333_ @AdrianXpression LMAOO Jesus Christ. I won’t even debate with you bc in order for you to actually have a… @AdrianXpression If u say so, doctor adrian 😂 @ADFyves nee dat zeg ik niet, heb het in heel die actie gewoon vermeid maar als ze met dr mond zou zeggen ‘eet me’… @AdrianXpression you still think he is??? Or are u not letting dude bounce back from his once psychosis. 🤨🤨 from my… @ADFyves Bro dat wist ik 10 jaar terug al hahahahaha. Ik heb het puur over het iets verwachten van iemand maar niet… @Christydfd not if he upgrades and offers more than dick 💀 @ADFyves Hahahahaha “jij moet doen wat Ik wil maar ik hoef niets te doen voor jou” bro dit is onder andere waarom z… @ADFyves Hmmm kinda unfair maja je hoeft niet te doen wat je niet wil doen @ADFyves ano dat mi aksi @BClazic HAHAHA maar echt manyou’d be surprised how a woman will start to act once a man actually takes the time to understand her body and what… @NabBnr HAHAHAHAH wow Nabila je doet echt iets met die jongens man 🤣🤣Trouwens, ik kan jullie nu al zeggen dat m’n kinderen Pop Smoke braids gaan hebben. N that’s on Pop.jullie houden ook niet ervan als zij jou pijpt noh???? komt sowieso uit de Schengen Staten want her dey ye giem syengBro MJ White Vs Mike Tyson, who would win??!!!!!!Michael Jai White playing the shit outta Mike Tyson bwoiiiiii😭😭😭 MJW the goat @7nney that’s why I can’t ignore when they say this shit @tiicasso @SomsManu @Leo1965Knokke @SimoneWeimans @JorgenRaymann @HumbertoTan @esdavids bro den mang dies ne komoto uit den dorp daarom @G_note01 Tyson @G_note01 Is van 1995! @tiicasso @SomsManu @Leo1965Knokke @SimoneWeimans @JorgenRaymann @HumbertoTan @esdavids Zo’n lelijkerd die nooit aandacht kreeg hahahahah @Leo1965Knokke @SimoneWeimans @JorgenRaymann @HumbertoTan @esdavids Hahahahaha weer een witte rat die er op uit is… @G_note01 ben al begonnen man, so far so good @G_note01 ik check t op YouTube man, Tyson @hvnlychncs yes please!Wow there’s movie about Mike Tyson with Michael Jai White as the lead 😭🔥🔥🔥